“Babel” Chat Name Confirmed Again, New Google Play 4.0 Makes Another Appearance

new google play

This afternoon, we’re getting what appears to be a second confirmation that Google’s new unified chat will be called Babel. We first reported the name as being “Babel and not the previously rumored “Babble,” but a user on G+ (Patric Dhawaan) noticed the name pop up today while “pruning” his inbox. The message (pictured below) says that recent conversations of his have been moved to the trash because one or more are a part of “Babel chat.” According to our sources, Babel is being tested internally with employees of Google and that the service will span across Android, iOS, Chrome, Google+ and Gmail.  (more…)

PSA: Google Voice Chrome Extension Updated Yesterday With Desktop Notifications, It’s Not Babel


Yesterday, the official Google Voice extension for Chrome received an update that introduced experimental desktop notifications. To our knowledge, this update has nothing to do with a unified Google chat service (internally called Babel) and is simply a stand-alone update and feature for the Google Voice extension. The notifications, if you are on a Windows machine, will look just like the picture we have included above. Again, to our knowledge, this has nothing to do with Google’s new unified chat service that is currently being dogfooded to employees.  (more…)

Google’s Unified Chat Actually Named “Babel” – Coming to Android, iOS, Chrome, G+ and Gmail


Over the last couple of weeks, we have seen a handful of reports suggesting that Google is on the verge of releasing a unified chat service called “Babble.” This new service was rumored to have merged services  like Voice, Talk, and Google+ Messenger into a cross-platform chat solution, hopefully ending the siloed and independent chat experiences that we all currently experience. While most of those reports were on the right track, we believe that the actual name of the new Google messenger service is called “Babel” rather than “Babble,” at least internally.  (more…)