Android Device Manager Just Became “Find My Device”

Remember Android Device Manager, Google’s app for finding lost or stolen Android devices? It’s now called “Find My Device” and will change on your phone, thanks to an update that just rolled out.

The functionality of the app doesn’t appear to be changing much. It still locates your phones, can ask them to play a sound, and also remotely lock, erase, or show a message on them.

To get the newly named app, hit that link below.  (more…)

Tip: You Can Now Find Your Lost Phone by Typing “Find My Phone” in Google Search

You can now go to in a web browser and type “Find my phone” to see the exact location of your potentially-lost device. How cool is that?

Google will now locate your phone through Google Search, just like it does in the Android Device Manager app. All you need is the latest version of the Google (Search) app installed and this should work. It may ask that you sign-in to your Google account before it completes the task, but seriously, that’s it, at least according to a G+ post today from the search giant.  (more…)

YouTube, Android Device Manager, and Google+ Receive Minor Updates

Over the last couple of days, Google issued updates to YouTube, Android Device Manager, and Google+. In tow with the new versions are little more than minor usability improvements and minor stylistic enhancements. Complete design transformations are probably a ways off – closer to Android L’s finalization, most likely – and there aren’t any overt signs that certain highly anticipated features are nearing the implementation stage. Still, we’ll take what we can get. (more…)

Next Version of Android Will Include “Kill Switch” Functionality

Google is becoming more serious about security on Android. The search giant issued a statement yesterday confirming it will introduce a so-called kill switch into the next version of Android, a feature that will enable owners to prevent thieves from factory resetting stolen phones. That follows Apple’s implementation of a similar technology in iOS 7, which one consumer advocacy group said helped to reduce iPhone thefts in San Francisco by 38 percent. (more…)

Download: Android Device Manager Version 1.2 with Guest Mode

I would argue that Android Device Manager is not quite as seamless or pretty as its iOS equivalent, but it is getting better. Google debuted the app form of ADM late last year, but for people without a second Android device, it was not of much use if their one device was ever lost or stolen. Today, the company has made Android Device Manager a little more practical with the addition of a guest mode. (more…)

Android Device Manager Application Lands On Google Play

When Google first announced Android Device Manager to help Android users find our lost phones, we were pretty excited. The one downside to the service was that part of it was a hard-to-find setting baked into Android itself, while the actual interface piece required you to open a web browser. Today, Google announced that Device Manager is being moved to its own application in your app drawer for ease of use.  (more…)