Android Device Manager Application Lands On Google Play

When Google first announced Android Device Manager to help Android users find our lost phones, we were pretty excited. The one downside to the service was that part of it was a hard-to-find setting baked into Android itself, while the actual interface piece required you to open a web browser. Today, Google announced that Device Manager is being moved to its own application in your app drawer for ease of use.  (more…)

Android Device Manager Now Allows Users to Change Passwords Remotely

android device manager

Not too long ago, Google introduced Android Device Manager, a service that allows Android device owners to remotely track and secure their devices. Google continues to develop the service, and this week, Google added in the ability to change your device’s pin/password or even set a new password from a desktop remotely. Even if a password is not set on your device, you can set one if you think your device is in trouble. Pretty good looking out, Google. (more…)

Android Device Manager Starts Rolling Out, Still No App to Control it Though

Device Manager

Last week, Google introduced Android Device Manager, a service that would help Android device owners locate their lost/stolen devices, and also remotely wipe their data incase of theft. In Google’s blog post that announced the service, Mountain View mentioned that Device Manager would go live sometime later this month, but over the weekend, some folks are already seeing it appear via a new Google Play Services app, version 3.2.25. Although, an app to control Device Manager is still unavailable, so in essence, this doesn’t do anybody much good.  (more…)

Google Announces Android Device Manager, a Tool to Help Find Your Lost Device

Device Manager

The Android team took to the official blog today to announce a feature that all Android users need, whether they want to admit it or not. If your Android device gets lost/misplaced, you can now use Android Device Manager to locate its exact position or you can “ring” your device. If your phone has been stolen, you can also use the service to remotely wipe your device, ensuring that your info and its private contents are safe.  (more…)