Friday App Sales: SkySafari 4, n7player, Vignette, and More

The best way to start your weekend off on a good note is to grab some discounted apps and games, so we have got you covered on that front. Great apps like the n7player unlocker, the various versions of SkySafari 4, and Vignette (the ad-free version) have all been price-slashed, much to the benefit of us.

Take a look at your full list of this weekend’s options right down below. (more…)

9 Cards is a Beautiful New Launcher, Organizing Apps Based on Usage Patterns

Most of us have already settled on one Android launcher for use, but that doesn’t mean that new ones won’t wow us. 9 Cards looks to “enhance your Android experience,” and it does so in an almost undoubtedly beautiful manner. The look, which reminds us a bit of what’s found in the Timely alarm clock app, presents the interface in an easy-to-use manner centered around collections of apps. It takes information from how you use 9 Cards and your device, and intelligently sorts your apps into categories. (more…)

Facebook Messenger Updated to Version 5.0, Brings New Multimedia Features

If you are big into chatting with your friends over an instant messaging service, but prefer the non-textual aspect of things, this new Facebook Messenger update will please you. The update to version 5.0 of the app includes a new selfie mode built right in, video upload support, and much more.

First and foremost, sharing “photos, voice messages, and more” has been made simpler by the Facebook team in the new update. You can also now send videos straight from the gallery on Android 4.3 and above, and play it them without moving to another app.  (more…)

Top 5 Android Apps: April 2014

A number of quality apps have come our way this past month, including new offerings from giants Google and Dropbox. We also saw a bunch of hot new icon packs, a couple of which that hit our personal Halls of Fame. Overall, though, this month has been a great one in the regard of apps, with some even being called must-installs.

With that said, we always narrow them down to our top 5. Here are the best apps of April 2014.  (more…)