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OnePlus Teams Up With DxOMark for OnePlus 5 Camera

oneplus 3t colette

When the OnePlus 5 is released in the coming months, expect its camera score from DxOMark to be alongside it. OnePlus announced this morning that they are working with the photography benchmarker to “enhance your photography experience.” 

Will you get a better photography experience on the OnePlus 5 with DxOMark helping out? Probably. This likely means that DxO will help OnePlus to fine-tune the camera on the 5 to produce images that will compete with some of the other highly rated DxO-approved phone makers. I don’t know that you should get overly excited about the DxO score that is created, though, since OnePlus is obviously hiring them to help create a high DxO score. But yeah, it’s something.

We’re all for better photography in phones and if working with DxO will get OnePlus there, good for them.

Via: OnePlus
  • Killsmetosay

    No shade but they are about to come out with the 5 gen and I have never seen anyone with the OnePlus phones atleast here in Miami who are buying these phones.

  • William_Morris

    Too bad they can’t team up with someone to bring their models over to Verizon. Would make looking for a phone a little more interesting.

  • RiceCake

    Yeah instantly read this as “we are going to pay them money to rank us #1”

  • I’m I the only one who doesn’t care about DxO mark ratings? They seem to be just another meaningless chart.

  • Chris_K

    it’s all good.. as long as One Plus realizes that the only reason people want to buy their phones is the price point. There was a recent article about the OP5 may be just a hundred or so dollar cheaper than the S8. If that is the case, OP will set itself on a downward spiral. Because one your price point is in the flagship range of Apple, Samsung & Pixel, people would rather buy those instead.

    • h4rr4r

      Yup I am considering an OP5 to replace my Pure. I won’t pay more than I paid for the Pure.

    • Boomdizzle

      Would be nice if it worked on VZW as well. I know that’s my problem for being on VZW but I can’t even consider it because of that.

    • KleenDroid

      Because of the OP price it is on the short list of my next phone later this year.

      Note 8
      Pixel 2

      The OP is only on the list because it is a top phone with a very attractive price. If I have to pay Note 8 or Pixel prices then I’ll be getting one of those.

  • NooSH

    great, now that we are getting all these DxOMARK articles, the comments are going to be filled with nothing but hate for them lol..

    the reality is, DxO is a HIGHLY credible and respected site for camera sensor reviews.. if anyone has read their reviews, it is rich in detail and specs .. it’s the place to go too when researching for a camera, weather it be for professional use or casual use.. DxO has all the bases covered when it comes to reviewing cameras..
    There are plenty of other great sites, but DxO is at the top and when the first article popped up about DxOMark , i remember people praising it and having nothing but positive things to say.. now that they are more well known within the android community and the OEMs.. people are getting tired of it .

    imo i’m all for this.. means the camera is going to be amazing this time around.. the OP3/3T camera wasn’t that bad, but just ok.. can’t wait for this to release.

    • disastrousrainbow

      This is absolutely true, but you have to admit it still brings up quite the conflict of interest. I mean, it’s kind of like partnering with a tech blog like CNET or The Verge in the development of a phone for whatever reason. The integrity of that review would be immediately compromised for the fact they had a hand in developing some part of it.

  • steadymobb

    Some disqus user tried getting in an argument the other day with me (I don’t play that though) about DxO and how the HTC 11 received the highest results ever lol. I said I wanted to wait for a real review and he went off. $ounded fi$hy to me

    • illregal

      Have you seen the comparisons that are out so far.. It’s crushing everything. Bye pixel, bye g6, bye s8

      • steadymobb

        lol! Does that equal sales? No carrier selling, this thing will fail hard in the US

        • illregal

          Yeah because sales and sheep means the device is good… Not.

    • MJ

      What’s fishy? There are trolls and stupid people on the Internet?

      • steadymobb

        No – that I’ve always found certain DxO mark ‘reviews’ fi$hy…meaning monetary bias.

        • MJ

          I don’t know… Looking at their mobile rankings right now and they seem about right to me compared to actual reviews. Which cameras suck? The ones in the Pixel, S7/S8, or the iPhone?

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    PAY TO PLAY. DxO is a DxJOKE!

  • Pootis Man

    Anything less than a score of 100 makes this camera a complete failure in my opinion.


  • seattle tech

    This is why DXOmark lost credibility. Companies pay DXo mark to “tune” their cameras and then DXo mark scores it. Sounds like a conflict of interests.

    • illregal

      wow you mean like displaymate.

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    • manattan

      Not necessarily. Remember that DxO also put out a hardware camera that is compatible with the iPhone. It had its own flaws, but they did do some decent engineering optically with special elements attached to the sensor to allow for correction of CA, vignetting, etc. If DxO was able to help design special lens elements and assist in RAW processing from the camera, I think it would be a huge win for OnePlus and the Android market in general.

      • athom07

        How is what you stated even remotely a response to what he said? He is saying that they are helping “tune” the camera, and then turn around and rate it. That is a conflict of interest. What you replied has no bearings at all on this.

    • Marievcrowe

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  • Suicide_Note

    This means the OP5 camera will be rated the bestest ever when it’s released, even though it won’t actually be the bestest ever.

    • MJ

      This is based on? The Pixel, S8/S7, and iPhone cameras all suck?

      • Suicide_Note

        No, those phones all have great cameras. I was trying to imply that even if the OP5 camera isn’t actually the best, they may have bought the best score from DxO.

        • MJ

          Oh, so you are making stuff up…

          • dustin h.

            such a doucher.

          • MJ

            You are so BLOCKED.

          • athom07

            LMAO so BLOCKED

          • MJ


      • Based on the article? That they are partnering with DxO to figure out how to get the best scoring camera. This could mean making changes that benchmark well, but don’t translate to the real world.

        • MJ

          Were does it say they are changing the benchmark or scoring system? OPO is trying to optimize THEIR software which you must know is half the equation in getting good pictures on a smartphone.

          • It says it right in the title of the article… They are teaming up with the group that will be scoring their phone, which is a huge conflict of interest. This means OP will be able to fine tune their software for the best score, but DxO has an incentive to give it a high score because they are being payed by OP.

          • MJ

            OEMs pay DxOmark to use their software to tune THEIR cameras so they perform better (which result in higher scores). OnePlus is doing NOTHING different than any other OEM. DxOMark is just ONE tool to compare camera on phones.

      • “suck”? Lol so what phone camera doesn’t “suck” in your opinion?

        • MJ

          I guess you didn’t read the OP’s comment and missed my statement was a question.

      • alex drum

        Is this a question or a statement? Are you being sarcastic? do you not actually like those cameras? do you like the OP cams? I’m beyond lost on what you are trying to get at.

        • MJ

          I am lost by what you are confused by? The OP implied DxOmark needs to get paid for a good ranking so I am asking which of the top ranked camera phones actually suck.

  • John Smith

    Sounds fi$hy to me.