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IKEA Introduces TRÅDFRI Smart Lighting System, Bulbs as Low as $11.99

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If you have yet to jump into the world of smart lights, I certainly can understand. After all, these things (Philips products in particular) are pretty damn expensive. But what if IKEA offered up a solution that wasn’t cheap, but also wasn’t ridiculously expensive? Hopefully, that sounds appealing, because their new TRÅDFRI smart lighting system is on the way! 

The TRÅDFRI line will be available outside of the US in select countries on March 31, from what we can tell, but the US stores are gearing up for release too it seems. If you hit up that link below, you’ll find all of the TRÅDFRI products already listed on the US IKEA site, with pricing, descriptions, manuals, etc. You can’t buy them just yet, but I doubt the launch is far off.

So far, TRÅDFRI products include a gateway kit for $79.99 that includes two smart lights, a dimmer switch, and the hub that all of your lights attach to. Single lights (E26) cost just $11.99, plus there are additional light options, remote control switches, motion sensor kits, etc. on the way.

This new line works with ZigBee Light Link (ZLL), which is the same technology behind Philips Hue.

Android and iOS apps will allow you to control the system.


Cheers Anon!
  • Richard

    Hello all,

    Hope you don’t mind me posting here, I’d love your feedback and hopefully this is a product you’ll be interested to talk about.

    I have Hue and Sonos in my home, both quite expensive smart home appliances, but found it frustrating to keep unlocking my phone to turn lights/speakers on and off all the time. I have been working hard (on my own) over the last year to create a system which uses radio frequency sensors (£7) to control all of my smart devices.

    You can check it out here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1109816630/trajectio-motion-powered-hue-and-sonos-smart-home

    Would love to hear your feedback.

  • Grayson

    Only slightly cheaper than a Philips Hue system. The Hue White starter kit with hub and 2 bulbs is $69 and additional Hue White bulbs are only $14.99. Only the Hue color bulbs are expensive.

    • Michael

      And they are about $13 if you buy in sets of 3.

  • Murphy’s Magnet

    You can buy the white Phillips Hue bulbs for $15 at most stores.

  • calculatorwatch

    How the f**k are you supposed to say that? “Trade-free”?

  • needa

    Speaking of Xiaomi, you can buy their YeeLights on aliexpress for $12.67 ea in two days. $14 now. No need for hubs and dimmers. It all works off of your phone. https://goo.gl/0G2LEn

    • PerhapsNever

      The problem with no hub is that you need some way of being able to control the lights (and other devices) remotely. It’s fine to be able to control lighting from inside your home on your mobile device, but if I leave and forget to turn on or off a light, I don’t want to have to run back home just to interact with it. At least with a hub system, I can control everything remotely.

      • needa

        You don’t need to be home to control it. It works with any internet connection and wifi router.

        • PerhapsNever

          Through port forwarding? I guess I better do some research. You do know you are totally feeding my smart home addiction, right? LOL

          • needa

            Xiaomi is the best. No doubt about it. I have several of their products. None of the lights though. But the lights work the same way as their cams. The app takes care of everything. And they update their products and apps more often than anyone else. They really are impressive.

          • needa

            I should add that I would make sure to get e27 (usa) and not e26 (everywhere else). With e26 you will probably have to get the app from their app store in China. Which isn’t a biggy, they do an excellent job with the English version of their China app, it’s just a bit more trouble to get.
            I have been buying their products for a while, so have some using china and some using play store. Used to be china was all you could get. Sites like geekbuying and gearbest will usually have usa products. But aliexpress is almost always cheaper.
            Can confirm that their cams, bt scales, miband2, wifi routers, and vacuums are legit.

          • Bill_Surowiecki

            Simple Fix for your Port Forwarding fears.
            Take a spare old PC or get a RasPi.
            Now install Home-Assistant.io on it
            Now install LetsEncrypt
            Setup LetsEncrypt to act as a port Proxy (this basically makes the software handle port-forwarding from the outside world)

            Now get your lights, switches and LetsEncrypt setup in Home-Assistant.io

            There you go, you now have an interface for all your home smart stuff, and the only port open to the outside is an encrypted HTTPS 443 port.

  • Vikinglifeguard

    If it works with Home I may be down. I put in a switch for my outdoor lights that I have to go based off sunset-sunrise and it’s great to not have to worry about it ever.

  • marcusmarcus2

    Will the bulb work with my single pole wall switch?

    Sorry. Everyone else was asking if it would work with something and I didn’t want to be left out.

  • Daniel Thomas

    Q: How many pages of IKEA instructions does it take to show you how to screw in a light bulb?
    A: 18


    • nuchaclupr

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    • marcusmarcus2

      https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/11938fbd6cee7ba91226b28378eb6baab7f00a1c03df0a527fb1886ce993a897.png I know that was a joke, but the instructions literally take 1 page about screwing in a light bulb. All the other pages are for what looks like a wireless base and controller and have nothing to do with screwing in a light bulb.

      • Daniel Thomas

        Yes, it was a joke. And it take 18 pages to show how to screw in a light bulb, mount the bases/switches, and connect an ethernet cable.

        Let’s at least agree that IKEA is not known for their great, efficient, easy to understand instructions

        • sc0rch3d

          I beg to differ, I bought a YUUUGE dresser for my daughter with like 100 parts…and it wasn’t until page 20 when I had it flipping on every axis per part to truly appreciate the level of care and engineering that went into the instruction design.

          I have to believe that part of loving IKEA is getting back to our lego roots. 🙂

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        • EricMayBell

          I think you have that backwards. Let’s agree that it’s usually the USER that doesn’t know what they are doing. The creativity, ingenuity and innovation that IKEA has been able to generate cannot be understated.

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  • Deeco

    Anyone know what technology they use? Would be great if there are compatible with Hue and SmartThings

  • Daniel Thomas

    79.99 for the starter kit? good deal?

  • Josh Oberg

    Will it work with Google home and assistant?

  • Will Rehse

    will the bulb work with Alexa?

    • Richard

      Doesn’t currently work with Alexa but will work with Trajectio shortly.

  • Will the bulb work with hue bridges??