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Video: First Look at Super Mario Run for Android

Well, the wait is over and Super Mario Run is finally available for Android devices. Will it be as big as Pokémon GO? Unlikely, but it’s Mario, so it’ll definitely hit the charts very nicely. 

In the below video, I try my hand at the game, but don’t judge, it’s my first time. You know, I’m not one of those fancy iPhone owners who has the luxury of playing games months before they’re available on Android.

As we now know, the complete game will run $9.99, just like on iOS. Is that expensive? Absolutely, but hey, it’s Mario! Nintendo can likely charge whatever they want, and from the 5 minutes I have played, it does seem to be quite polished.

Have at it, gamers.

Play Link

Super Mario Run for Android

  • BoFiS

    I’d be more than happy to pay for it if I could play OFFLINE >:o

  • john lens

    Time to redeem that Google credit!

  • googlyeyedfrog

    Is this app compatible with family sharing?

  • editorinchimp

    Soon Android users will have the experience of playing the three minutes of free levels before getting hit with the “unlock for $9.99” message and then uninstalling the app.

  • Christopher W. Sanders

    Wow! A Super Mario game.

  • BobButtons

    No offline mode even after paying? Yeah, f off.

    • MaryWalker111


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  • stetsonaw

    This looks bad and the developers should feel bad.

  • Logic says…

    You must be new to Mario…. You thought you blew up the castle. 😂😂😂

    • But but but, the explosions! The celebratory sounds! Figured I beat the game and I was GOAT 🙁

      • Logic says…

        Haha, nope, just our favorite child hood kidnapper doing what he does best.