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Google Voice Update Includes Conversation Delete Function, Web Calling for Desktop

new google voice download apk

Now that Google Voice is all new and cool, it seems that Google might stick to updating it and improving the experience. That’s a good thing. In line with that, an update is rolling out today, bringing a few new features for desktop and Android users.

According to the changelog, users on both desktop and mobile can delete entire conversations, while Android users specifically can apply a Do Not Disturb function, disable app notifications for text messages, plus archive a conversation quickly with an added shortcut function.

Google details the changes more thoroughly on its product forum, so feel free to check that out by following the link below. In the meantime, go grab the update from Google Play.

What’s New

  • Delete Conversations
  • Calling on Web
  • Do Not disturb
  • Disable app notifications for text messages (Android Only)
  • Conversation archive shortcut (Android Only)
  • Gif image search (Gboard users only)

Play Link

Via: Google

  • Charley Birkner

    Still waiting for selective outgoing messages, selective call blocking, forwarding, and the ability to transcribe/send/forward/email voicemails like the legacy version of Google Voice (GrandCentral).

  • Daniel Thomas

    it’s been awhile since i used google Voice.

    I’m able to see my mobile carrier number’s missed calls and voice messages in the Google Voice desktop and mobile apps, however how can i see my mobile carrier’s text messages in Google voice?

    Do i need to port my carrier number to google voice?

  • Kaio Henrique Nhyphk

    When will they release both Google Voice and Phone worldwide?

  • jim

    never used this,,,, some one tell me why I should ??

    • atc-tech

      You would only use this if you have a Google Voice number/account and would like to use that Google Voice on your mobile device.

      • jim


    • Paul Craven

      I use it to handle my missed calls and voicemails for my Verizon number. It provides such great logging and gives you visual voice mail and transcription services and sends you an e-mail with the details of any missed calls and voicemails – all for your regular mobile number.

    • drcaveman

      Do you have more than one number, work, home, mobile, and want them all IE SMS MMS, Voice routed and handled via one number avaible on mobile, tablets computers ipads etc, does you carrier have awful voicemail, with visual voicemail costing extra. Then you want Google Voice it make managing multiple number a treat, and even if you have only one number the ability to get great transcribed voice mail is awesome. Also if you make a lot of calls to or from foreign numbers from your device ti make calling much cheaper.

  • Fred Walker

    Does it work if someone sends you a video file? Whenever a family member sends me a video it will not show up.

    • Victor Stuber

      I doubt it. It’s 2017 and I’m still unable to send pictures to people. (I’m on verizon)

  • mokuburuph

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  • Cory S

    they desperately need to update the chrome extension.

  • admmck

    Yeah, but did they bring back a GV widget?? So dumb they got rid of that in the last update…

  • mlm5em

    Uh, as a project Fi user, why can’t I use this app + the desktop voice website for SMS messages. The hangouts app is wonky and the desktop site doesn’t show contact pictures for Project Fi SMS messages.

    • [email protected]

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  • Reedme

    Now if they would just update Project Fi . . .

  • DanSan

    still unable to make the voicemails show up in the stock dialer. i cant find the setting anywhere.

  • Gekko

    expanded settings in the app. lots more granular control than before.

  • kingsclear

    Very disappointed that MagicJack can be in Canada for years yet Google has yet to show us Google Voice.

    • Gekko

      blame canada not Google.

      • Graham Neill

        If MagicJack can do it so can Google

  • trixnkix637

    Is anyone else having issues setting google Voice as the preferred voicemail setting on their Verizon Pixel XL?

    • tyguy829

      same on Nexus 6P. been this way since the big update unfortunately

    • Gekko

      no problem on my Nexus 6P but i’m on AT&T and i’ve been using GV Lite for Voicemail since day 1.

      • Gaylesventers

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    • bulldoggolfer74

      I had to use the Legacy Google Voice Web interface to activate it, change greeting, etc.

      • trixnkix637

        That did it!! Thank you! I was pulling my hair out over what was going wrong.

    • slepistepr

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  • Jason Berek-Lewis

    Why isn’t Google Voice available in Australia?

    • Gekko

      blame Australia not Google.

      • Jason Berek-Lewis

        I’m not really sure what you mean by ‘blame Australia not Google.’

        There are many Google and other internet services that are US exclusive. A key point of the Internet is to break down geographical barriers, but not in the case of Google Voice..

        • Gekko

          my point is – your country’s anti-capitalistic telecom laws are probably to blame.

          • James_75

            Are there actually countries out there that have pro-capitalistic telecom laws??

          • Gordon Spurgeon Spooner


  • tmmacara

    The crazy thing (or at least one of the crazy things) is that when you try to make a phone call from the desktop web interface, it only allows ringing the call on one of your linked numbers or web calling via Hangouts. You can’t actually make a call on the Voice desktop web interface.

    • Gekko

      I think you can make calls from Gmail site.

  • Ivan92116

    still no update to the Chrome extension 🙁

    • Gekko

      yup. desperately needed.

    • Victor Stuber

      This is the only thing holding me back from switching back to GV from hangouts

  • ddevito

    Web calling was already available…???

    • tmmacara

      I’m not sure if you are making a statement or asking a question. I will guess that you are asking, “Wasn’t web calling already available?” If I remember correctly, it was already available (and still is) on the legacy Google Voice desktop web interface but not the new desktop web interface. Now with this update, it is. And, more specifically, what Google is calling, “Calling on the web”, means initiate the call from the new desktop web interface and then actually complete the call on one of your linked numbers or Hangouts.

      • ddevito

        I’m pretty sure it was already in the refreshed UI version already, I used it a few times. It just wasn’t obvious to find, you had to initiate it by searching a contact than hitting the phone icon from the results list