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Google May Have Third, Larger Phone in the Works Under Codename “Taimen”

google taimen device

Yesterday, a report suggested that Google has codenamed the upcoming 2017 Pixel devices “muskie” and “walleye.” Today, I’d like to expand that conversation by tossing out a third device under codename “taimen.” The existence of the name and device comes to us via multiple sources, though the exact details of it are scarce.

Here is what we know. 

First of all, our sources have confirmed “muskie” and “walleye” are correct internal codenames for upcoming devices. In fact, one pinged us in September of last year (just before the Pixel launch) with the name “muskie,” which we of course sat on at the time. (Whoops.)

As for the name “taimen,” this is yet another fish or aquatic animal, just like the others and like almost all Google products that have arrived over the past 6 or 7 years that we’ve been keeping track of. It is a large, large fish in the trout/salmon family. The size is noteworthy (like “shamu” was) because one source tells us that the phone will have a bigger screen than “muskie” and “walleye.”

What does that mean? How big? We were told that “taimen” is a phone, specifically, so I’m not sure that we should jump to the idea of it being a tablet or hybrid notebook-like device. With that in mind, we are also under the impression that “taimen” is separate from “muskie” and “walleye” internally, which could be a sign that “muskie” and “walleye” are Pixel and Pixel XL follow-ups, while “taimen” is on its own. That’s all pretty vague, I know.

We are digging into some info on Android O at the moment, but wanted to share this bit first.

Interested in an even bigger phone than a Pixel XL?

  • MIKE

    I LOVE A 6″ screen. Ditch the tablets all together. Best size for business phones (especially if you are over 40+).

  • axlaxl

    hey google, phones became media devices! give me around 6 1/2 display, 5k+ battery and front stereo solid speakers and take my money….

  • aovne

    You know that taimen is Finnish and means brown trout in English, which is also a fish. Sooooo. Could this mean that Nokia would be making one of the Pixels? You know Finnish codename and Nokia is Finnish company.

  • NSAfilter_inc9

    6″ or bigger….and eligible for Google Project Fi.
    That would get me away from my Shamu N6.
    I love that machine….but a faster processor would be sweet.
    (I run a bunch of widgets.)

    If I had one complaint about N6 its the camera…..it’s just ok…and loads slow
    so I run proshot.

  • Bob Matteson

    Since introduction in 2014, the Nexus 6 has enjoyed a relatively small, but almost religious following. If the ever-secretive Taimen is the second coming of Shamu, then we ignorant N6 fans might finally be able to give up our much-beloved devices.

  • Bob Matteson

    Everything that was right about Shamu (great speakers, remarkable display, correct size, leading-edge specs) is what I hope for in Taimen. I’d like some extras, of course, but unless Taimen checks at least those boxes, my N6 Shamu will remain my daily driver.

  • Rabid Rotty

    My guess would be the Taimen will be the Pixel C2

  • Jwhap

    Nexus successor mmmmmm?

  • Ae Neuman

    pixel xxl ?

  • eric messenger

    Google picked Apple to manufacture the next phone

  • johdaxx

    Haha – I totally want a 2017 spec 7″ tablet.

  • brian driggers

    It’s the codename for the tablet cheers!

  • Pixel XXL

  • CabbageHeadCat.

    Project Tango probably.

  • Jay Ward

    6″ or greater phone please with front facing speakers, IP67 rating, wireless qi charging, NFC, little bezel, no physical navigation buttons, no physical buttons on the side of the phone, should I keep going?

  • 5 1/2″ is big enough for a phone. What Google NEEDS to do is finally make a 4″ Pixel that will compete with the iPhone SE. I miss small phones. My 5″ pixel is handy, but still to big and heavy for me. Isn’t it about time the small phone crowd gets a nod?

    • Orion

      Hahahaha 4″ phone. Keep dreaming. It’s 2017 and big phones are in.

  • Andrew Gray

    What they need is a new budget phone, in the Nexus price range.

  • interstellarmind

    I want a hybrid device like the one they use in Westworld!

  • FoReVeR_051510

    I thought it strange that the Pixel XL was made with a 5.5″ screen, when the previous model Nexus 6P has 5.7″. I’ll keep chugging along with my 6P for another year and half at least.

  • BobButtons
  • freeper

    Yawn. Give us 6 GB of RAM, a USB 3.0 dock that can be used to connect external storage/peripherals/display and the ability to dual boot into Chrome OS, Debian or some other OS that is actually designed for use on screens bigger than 5′ or don’t bother with half measures, Google. Yes, I know that you need to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. But unless you are going to offer something DIFFERENT from the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, why bother? Especially since now it is known that you can’t even meet your own 2 year update promises for Nexus and Pixel devices, as people who own the Nexus 6 – like me – are finding out with the 7.1.1 OTA that has been out FOR MONTHS being so flawed that it had to be rolled back with no promises of ever being released again.

  • Chilly O

    Oh God Please….let its be like Shamu 2.0

    • freeper

      As someone who owns Shamu 1.0, it honestly would be better if it didn’t. Google should instead use Chrome OS for all their devices bigger than 5′ (alright fine bigger than 5.5″) since – as 99% of the apps in Google Play freely admit – Android was “designed for phones” (or should I say small screens).

  • jimv1983

    Maybe a Pixel tablet.

    • freeper

      See comment above. Google should use Chrome OS for all their devices bigger than 5′ (alright fine bigger than 5.5″) since – as 99% of the apps in Google Play freely admit – Android was “designed for phones” (or should I say small screens).

      • jimv1983

        I don’t want a Chrome OS tablet. I want an Android tablet. Chrome OS doesn’t have native apps at all. Everything is basically just a web page.

        Any app developer that says Android was “designed for phones” is just too lazy to take advantage of the many cars features of the OS that can make Android on a tablet a great experience.

  • Mark McCoskey

    Well, my Shamu is going to need a replacement one of these days.

  • AndrewScottRox

    Something is fishy here…….

  • Shatko

    If by bigger you mean 6″ or above, you have my attention..

    • freeper

      Only if it runs Chrome OS.

  • Patrick Mallon

    ABSOLUTELY! The bigger the better.

  • M3D1T8R

    Been saying it for years, ideal is two sizes: 5″ or a hair under, and right around 6″, with small side bezels, high end specs and large batteries in both. Minimum 3.5 Ah for the small, and 4.5 Ah for the large. 1080/1440p.

    Large should be basically an updated Nexus 6 with vastly improved battery life and much faster storage.

    • hkklife

      Agreed on all counts but it will never happen. We have had a Nexus with truly slim bezels and I doubt HTC has the chops to hang with what LG & Samsung are doing now as far as large screens in smallish bodies.

    • AvalancheRyder

      Ideal for who exactly? 5.0″ is still a bit large for the small phone crowd.

      • M3D1T8R

        4.9″ with small side bezels can be done to come in at under 68mm width, the sweet spot for good true one handed use for most. Smaller than the Nexus 5, just a hair larger than the original classic Moto X. The “small phone crowd” would be largely (ha) very happy with this. I’m one of them.

        • jon

          A Nexus 7 still fits in my back pocket ,no prob.

  • Jeremy Nathan Mone

    Maybe the first large phone they have which supports their tango tech as well as their daydream vr tech? The google official version of the asus tango phone?

  • fallsgable

    STILL rocking my Nexus 6…..I cannot seem to even begin to like or desire anything with a smaller display!
    Even considering the Galaxy 8 Plus….
    But I went an bought an extra Nexus 6 on Swappa, in Mint condition, just to have it….it was cheap as well! Still an AWESOME phone!

    I would totally consider this new PIXEL if it had the 6″ display…6″ is perfect display size!


  • Orlando aka Pixel XL

    I want a 6 inch Pixel XL, that way I can feel how six inches really feels like…😏 Ha ha

  • androidkin

    I look forward to a Nexus 6 successor. Still my favorite phone, large screen, stock android, front facing speakers, decent battery

    • M3D1T8R

      “Large screen, stock android, front facing speakers, decent terrible battery”


      Seriously though, loved my Nexus 6 but the battery life got way too awful, along with performance problems maybe due to the slow encrypted storage.. I “downgraded” to a $230 ZTE Blade V8 Pro and it’s such a relief not looking to charge constantly. 8-9 hours screen on time regularly, vs maybe 2 on the N6. Miss front facing speakers and a few other minor things, but _well_ worth it.

    • Dan

      Yes, still waiting for a successor to my N6, still my daily driver. Not holding out hope for a edge-less Note 8, so maybe this. I will miss wireless charging though, unless.. miracles.

    • Chilly O

      Yes, Still rocking my Fish even tho bat life is starting to show age

  • Zack

    I grew up fishing both walleye and muskie. Taimen is going to be smaller than a muskie, but bigger than a walleye. Google might not know that…but if you’re basing the size of the device on the name, it goes walleye, taimen, muskie.

  • King of Nynex

    I know the DL Crew aren’t down with the giant phones, but I travel a lot during semester breaks and so I like just having one device for everything.

  • Orion

    Looks like Google has read all my rants lmao. Yes, we need a REAL phablet. I still have the Nexus 6 and I won’t go any smaller. Having 3 selections is the right move. Hmmmm I was going to go to Samsung this year but it looks like Google may come in the clutch. I won’t get my hopes too​ high though but this is getting interesting.

    • Chilly O

      Hoping for Shamu 2 aka Taimen..?

    • bringus476

      I love the Nexus 6, but I’d be willing to switch to a Pixel XL 2 if they include front stereo speakers and wireless charging this time around. But as we do every year, we shall wait and see….

    • Phase3d

      I’ll keep my Nexus 6 until a 6 inch or larger replaces it! “Size Does Matter!”

      • Do you have monster hands? lol I had a Nexus 6 and couldn’t get over how big it was. After 6 months I sold and went back to Nexus 5. Using my phone with one hand is important(ha) to me because I like to multitask. 5″ is really too big for one handing already(i know this sounds bad) and I’m not the kind of guy to sit around and watch movies on my phone. Yes size does matter lol.

  • Thomas Jensen

    Nexus 6.9″. XL. Awesome

    • Suicide_Note

      I’m in!

  • Travillion

    This better not be Google’s version of Apple’s special anniversary $1,000+ iPhone.

  • WitnessG

    This is great news. 5.5″ is considered average now, especially once the S8 comes out with its 5.8″ and 6.2″ screens. Hopefully they shrink the bezels like Samsung.

    • trevorsalienarms

      but muh bezels gives muh fingers somewhere to go

    • Orion

      Yup! 5.5 is way too small to be considered a phablet in 2017. I hope this rumor is true because I don’t want to leave stock Android.

      • WitnessG

        Yeah, I need a replacement for my Nexus 6 and 5.5″ is too small for me now.

  • CoolSilver

    Pixel XL 4k

  • Marcellus1

    Muskie and Walleye for Android O. Taimen for Andromeda.

  • Bourne, Jason C.

    As long as they HAVE “ENOUGH” TIME THIS GO-ROUND and maximize the real estate, I don’t care (5″, 5.5″, 5.9″)…

  • Orlando aka Pixel XL


  • Brian Cruz

    Zach Morris phone. Yeaaaaah

  • Thomas Jensen

    We want a Big Pixel XL this time as a choice. 5″ and 5.5″ are almost the same. I have Big hands and Bad eyes… Please give us a BIG screen this time

    • michael arazan

      Just remake the shamu with newer chips and I’d be happy to give up my N6

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Give me a Muskie around the size of the current regular Pixel and I’ll be fine with that.

  • Tyler Durden

    After all the trouble with the Pixel, I doubt it’s worth the hassle

    • illregal

      what trouble? Being the best phone around sure does suck.

      • Dominick White

        sure, the best phone around , that no One can buy

        • Suicide_Note

          I bought two.

        • don’t be mad because you didn’t f5 the Pixel page to death like the rest of us on launch day bro!

      • trevorsalienarms

        “best phone around”. just lol.

  • BobButtons

    So essentially like my 8.4″ tablet with phone capabilities? People are wrong. Tablets aren’t dead. They’re just the new phablet!

    • No, no, and NO!!! This big phone trend is getting way out of hand! Comon man how big do you really need it to be(hahaha)?

      • BobButtons

        And to think I thought my T-Mobile Sidekick was a massive phone back in the day.

  • seattle tech

    Make sense since 5.5″ is like medium now. Cut the bezels down and a 6″ would be nice.

    • Suicide_Note

      Exactly. With smaller bezels, Google could easily fit a 6″ screen in the current Pixel XL’s chassis. Of course, that might mean no dual front facing speakers, but I’d be okay with that.

      • M3D1T8R

        ..But the current pixel already has no front facing speakers, yet still the large bezel.

        And no, they couldn’t fit 6″, it would be wider at least. Unless they go 2×1 aspect ratio like LG, Samsung.

        • Suicide_Note

          Because it was a rush job after Huawei backed out at the last minute.

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          • dcdttu

            Best rush job I’ve ever seen.

        • Kristina Watts

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      • Gaylesventers

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    • Alan Paone

      5.5 is still HUGE

      • TheDrunkenClam

        No, no it’s not.

      • Shatko

        no way…it most certainly is not.

      • Sweep

        “That’s what she said?”

      • Andrew Gray

        I won’t go over 5.2″, 5″ is best.

        • dcdttu

          Same here, but were not the only customers.

          • Andrew Gray

            True, I’m just annoyed that the trend in flagship phones is to make them larger. I suppose it’s easier for the manufacturers though — more room for components and a bigger battery.

        • Alan Paone

          I’d still love a ~4.5″ phone. even 6″ is still too small for video, so what’s the point? I’d rather focus on letting it really easily fit into my pockets

    • Me

      I doubt they’re releasing 3 phones, when they can barely keep 2 stocked.

      • Genos E.

        They will probably get help making the phones if you think about it

    • jimv1983

      That would still be too big.

  • dblock

    Maybe if they work on them bezels and get a bit more innovative with features, especially when larger-screened devices = higher prices. The Pixel phones are already way overpriced, so if they can deliver on justifying the guaranteed price hike of a larger phone, I’d give it a firm MAYBE I am interested, but probably not.

  • Ivo Shandor

    “We were told that “taimen” is a phone, specifically, so I’m not sure that we should jump to the idea of it being a tablet”

    Why not a tablet with LTE? I understand the statement, just wondering out loud. Pixel/Nexus 7 tab w/ LTE? Way past due.

    • dp917

      Agree, will be almost 2 years since a tablet was released by the time these come out

    • MJ

      I like a replacement for my Nexus 7 (aka Nexus 8) BUT NOT with LTE or just as an model option.

      • BobButtons

        I’d like Samsung to release an equivalent to the Tab S. The S2 & 3 have been disappointments in comparison.

    • We were told phone, but my initial thought was tablet too. Just not enough info yet.

      • Ivo Shandor

        was wondering if someone saw an LTE chip and assumed

  • Lars

    I would love a phone with a 6 in screen but wouldnt pay the up front price tag that an even bigger pixel would go for. If it came to more carriers and I could purchase through my carrier it would be something I would consider

  • MJ

    There better be something more than just display size and a couple of minor spec differences between these three phones. I am hoping for a high end camera with optical zoom (yes, camera hump) on “taimen”.

  • Suicide_Note
    • Chilly O

      In this case, this GIF is just perfect

    • michael arazan

      That’s a Bingo!

  • WilliamTell13

    Android O news! Yes, please!

  • mcdonsco

    Awesome, more phones Google won’t be able to keep in stock even when sales, by comparison of other large’ish OEMs, are low.

  • mcdonsco

    Yet more phones Google won’t be able to keep in stock even when sales, by comparison of other large’ish OEMs, is low.

    • seattle tech

      Google must have known HTC’s capacity. It has been too long. Makes me think that or google didn’t secure enough storage chips esp the 128gb

      • MadMartigan

        Kind of hard to blame HTC for the shortages when this is something that has happened with pretty much every Google hardware device regardless of manufacturer…

    • El_Big_CHRIS

      Exactly. They make 100 of each and they go out of stock asap. Then some combinations come back briefly and of course the one you want ain’t available. Whatever Google it’s not like you’re a giant billion dollar company or anything

  • Eric

    Nexus phone, baby!

    • Suicide_Note


  • Why you gotta tease with that Android O comment?

    • ¯_(ツ)_/¯

      • Allen George

        Link or it’s not true? XD

    • mcdonsco


  • Alan Paone

    Who at google is looking at the lineup (and the wider market) and thinking they need an even larger phone??

    • Suicide_Note

      They do need a larger one, especially with the S8+ having a 6.2″ screen without making the chassis large like the N6.

      • Orion

        Exactly! 5.5 is too small for me. I need 6.

        • Suicide_Note

          * insert obligatory ‘That’s what she said’ comment*

          I do agree with you, however. 🙂

      • Alan Paone

        the pixel and XL are both large as hell already…

  • Kevin

    Pixel Note, Pixel XL+

    • Murphy’s Magnet

      Pixel Note XXL+

      • ®yan C

        Pixel Note XXXL+ Magic Mike

        • Kanoosh

          magic “pixel” mike?.. ouch , what a nickname >.<

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