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DEAL: Fossil Android Wear Watches 25% Off, Q Founder as Low as $123

fossil q founder deals

Fossil is currently hosting a 25% off sale for all of their Android Wear watches, the Q Founder, Q Wander, and Q Marshal, all of which are scheduled to receive the update to Android Wear 2.0 in the near future. At 25% off, you are looking at smartwatches for as little as $123. That’s, um, pretty nuts.

The Q Founder 1.0 is actually on sale right now, but Fossil is including sale items in the 25% off discount, and that’s why you can get one for barely $120. If you want a newer watch, though, the Founder 2.0, Q Wander, and Q Marshal are all 25% off and as low as $206. If you ever wanted to get in on the smartwatch thing, discounts like these are the ones to jump on so that you aren’t too heavily invested if you decide this life ain’t for you. 

You also get free shipping on most as well.

To get 25% off full price items, use code “LOVEQ25” during checkout. For discounted or sale items, use code “MORELUV.”

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  • KobusEstas

    The Fossil site says the brown band q founder Gen 1 has a 2100 processor, did they update the Gen one or is this a typo?

  • Daishi

    Aaaaaaaand – NOPE!

  • sinfoman

    Do none of these have NFC? Deal-breaker (especially in light of the fact that that’s one of AW2.0s selling points). Can anyone confirm if I just missed it?

    • Peter Pugliese

      I was looking at that too. I didn’t see NFC listed. But someone tell us if we’re wrong.

      • Brendasollis

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    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      I mean these are older watches. None of the older watches have NFC…except the Sony Watch 3

      • sinfoman

        Agreed, and it is somewhat unfair for me to compare apples to oranges. But if 2.0 is your selling point (buy this older phone, it’s about to get upgraded!), then it seems silly to me to purchase a watch that won’t have hardware to back up the software it’s (soon to be) packing. It seems like a better deal to wait on a new device that can utilize those features (although there is probably a cost differential there, I’ll grant you)

  • jim

    I was just told by motorolla that it will cost me 125 bucks to fix my moto 360 first gen, told the lady that its only worth 25 to 50 bucks,,,,, what a waste of money, rarely used it, second one that has went bad , just from sitting on my dresser

    • jim

      moto junk

  • SewWhat

    Rebranded Moto360’s?

  • Comk4ver

    Flat tire…

    • plastikman

      Not interested. I hate the flat tire look.

  • Walter Partlo

    Fossil smartwatches, cheap as hell and still not worth it. 🙂

  • glimmerman76

    they removed the discount on the 1.0 founder…

  • Bigmatt503

    Says to contact local store for availability. From the cheapest one to the most expensive. None will get in my bag!! GRRRR…

  • Jason Jonke

    This or a moto sport? I kind of like the orange one and they are just as cheap.

    • Comk4ver

      Flat tire? Lol

      • Walter Partlo

        They both have the same flat tire.

    • T4rd

      Non-replaceable band on the Moto Sport is a dealbreaker for me. I’ve seen several reports of the band cracking/breaking within a few months, then you get to wait a month for the RMA replacement. Repeat until out of warranty and then left with a broken watch.