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Verizon Introduces New 5GB, $55 Individual Promo Plan

verizon wireless

Verizon introduced a new promo plan today for individuals looking for an option outside of The Verizon Plan and the company’s prepaid offerings. The plan costs $55 per month and includes 5GB of data, along with unlimited talk and text, though that price is only good if you sign-up for autopay.

This new individual plan is currently being advertised on the front page of Verizon’s website, but the siteΒ won’t let you sign-up for it just yet online. Instead, if interested, you have to inquire over the phone or in-store. The plan will go live online on January 24.

The $55-5GB plan is made up of a $40 promo 5GB plan, along with a $20 line access fee. That, of course, totals to $60, so in order to get the $55 price you’ll need to sign-up for autopay. The plan is flagged as “promo” – we have no idea how long it’ll be around.

It’s a bit odd to see Verizon launch an “individual” plan like this, when for years they have been trying to get us all to share buckets of data on plans like The Verizon Plan. This particular option is being sold as “The plan you’ve been waiting for” that is “Just for you.”

For comparison, we have a couple of options to look at to decide if this is a good deal or not. The Verizon Plan offers a 4GB data bucket for $50 per month, but you’ll also be billed an extra $20 per line, which takes you to $70. Verizon is essentially giving you the 2GB plan ($35) and upping the data to 5GB as long as you sign-up for autopay. That’s not a bad deal.

On the other hand, you can lock-in to a Verizon prepaid plan for $50 per month and get 5GB of data. If you want more, you could jump up to $70 and get 10GB data on prepaid.Β With prepaid, though, you can’t sign-up for device payment plans, so your smartphone options are pretty limited or they require you to pay full retail price up front.

This new plan was first pointed out to us by Wave7 Research, who also claims that there is a similar $70-7GB individual plan. We have not been able to confirm it’s existence. If interested in that, be sure to inquire as you call or stop by Verizon stores.

UPDATE: A second source has confirmed to us that there is also a new $70-7GB individual plan. If interested, you’ll just need to inquire with Verizon reps over the phone or in store.

Via: Β Verizon
  • News Reporter

    Good luck finding a plan where HOTSPOT is included. Verizon charges $10 per phone to even access data. And that’s only if they allow it with your plan or prepaid plan (which they often do not). I spent the last three days going through all the options and calling Verizon 7 times. My bill would be astronomical. I need the Verizon phone service because all the other carriers drop calls constantly. What a stupid dilemma. Now I know why so many people hate Verizon.

  • bionicwaffle

    It’s no joke. I switched from my 4GB plan to the promo 5GB plan. I was paying $102 for 4GB with a $30 device payment. Now I have 5GB/month (plus rollover and safety mode which I had before as well) and my price went down to $93/month! They started this plan on the 17th and I switched to it on the 19th. I confirmed the changes since then and everything is as expected!

  • Kristine Charbonneau

    As of January 25, 2017, these plans are NOT available online.

  • Denvercyclist

    I’ve been with Verizon for 15 years and got into it with a supervisor who was Nickle and diming me. With another supervisor I told him I’m considering moving to TMOBILE for unlimited plan, inclusive of taxes and fees for seventy bucks. He came back to me with a 7GB plan for fifty bucks. I told him for now, I appreciate and accepted the plan… at this decent price. I like many others are tired of the b.s. coming from Verizon. I’ve paid them over Thirty thousand dollars and they’re still Nickle and diming me. Don’t know about others… but I’m tired and not going to take it anymore.

  • Verizon has been giving me a free gb of data each month. Like a drug dealer sending out a taste only to pull back later. Lol.

  • Will F.

    I’m with Virgin Mobile and although Virgin is nowhere near as good as Verizon and the coverage of Virgin is iffy to excellent depending on where you live. And I live in a decent coverage area. Now 5 GB for $55? that’s a lot of money for only 5GB and 7GB for $70? that’s crap. My Virgin Mobile plan is $35 and I get 5GB of data along with unlimited data and talk and txt and unlimited music streaming. a MUCH better deal. And I’m saving a bit of money. Verizon is still and ALWAYS will be just too expensive and will never give their customers the data they truly want.

  • Brandon

    This new plan is actually 75 cents cheaper than the 2GB small plan (when employer discount is applied). I’ll take the 3 gigs of data for less money. This is a good plan for folks with single lines.

  • dalehurst

    I’ve been on the 5GB plan with rollover minutes for 3 months now and love it! I’m on prepaid and only way I would ever consider a contract would be if they were giving away one of the high end smart phones, those days are long gone though.

  • Eric Geders

    If you’re talking Verizon prepaid plans, don’t forget the Walmart exclusives. $50/month for 7gb. $70/month for 12gb.

    The catch: You have to buy a new phone from Walmart. I just bought the cheapest phone they had. The $30 phone was worth if for the data increase.

  • drewthebrave

    Pretty happy with Project Fi. The most I have ever paid was $55, and most months I’m around $40 or less. Fi isn’t perfect, but at least I know what I’m paying for each month. From my time on my family’s Verizon plan, I have a feeling that $55/month at Verizon turns into a $66.37 bill after fees, taxes, and whatever else they can get away with adding to it.

  • Raven65

    Nice try, VZW, but still $10 more per month (and probably more taxes/fees) than Straight Talk for basically the same plan. Plus, I’d bet they’ll find some way to increase the price/fees once they get enough people hooked. I’m NEVER going back to those greedy [email protected]

    • Miguel A.

      I just moved from Straight Talk to Verizon prepaid. Walmart has a limited promo 12gb plan for $70. After taxes in my area it comes out to 75.xx. Totally worth the switch.

      • Raven65

        Great, but what does that have to do with the subject of this article – Verizon’s new 5GB, $55 Individual Promo Plan? In the end, you’re still a Verizon customer – and they WILL get you eventually. They are the MASTERS of separating you from your money.

        • Miguel A.

          Well it’s prepaid and it offers more than the one stated in the article. And in the event that they do decide to get me – whatever that will entail – I could always just hop back to Straight Talk. I’m surprised Droid Life ran the 5GB one when a 12GB appears on the sly.

  • Armaan Modi

    How much does 1GB of 3G or 4G data cost in your country?
    In India it costs β‚Ή 250($3.66)(maximum) but the prices are decreasing because of sudden disruptive competition by the company Jio.

    • David Lo

      What’s the coverage like? Does it cover all of India? Is the coverage spotty? A lot of people say data is very cheap in other countries but they don’t factor in total coverage area.

      • Armaan Modi

        coverage and speeds are shitty,in my opinion.

      • Armaan Modi

        I would say that coverage is shitty.I get terrible connection at home and college,no matter which network I’m on. It doesn’t happen in every region ,but the network coverage and speeds are definitely not up to the mark.I have tried several companies in different regions.

  • puppylove

    This is that AT&T GoPhone plan with the same requirements and less data. $60 per month 6GB unl talk/ text $5 of off you do autopay. Actually I think they recently changed it to 8 GB during the holidays.

    • Andy

      How is att go?

      • puppylove

        I have AT&T. But not the GoPhone plan. Switched because of Verizon expense, and I had them for YEARS. My service now is actually better in some places and the same in others.

  • blindexecutioner

    T-mobile just ended their similar plans. Verizon is smart. I don’t need unlimited data. I would go with the cheaper, limited plan that doesn’t throttle me than the $70 “unlimited” plan that throttles my video even though I only use 3GB per month.

  • h4rr4r

    Wow, just about what I paid for unlimited back when I had that.

  • enigmaco

    Saw this on a sign outside of a walmart yesterday interesting. Glad I have T-Mobile Though lol

  • Go prepaid, why even bother with an individual plan??

    • LaFave07

      So you can do device payment plans.

      • what I don’t understand with Verizon is why don’t they just offer no interest financing if you pay it off within the 20-24 month period? That way if someone decides to leave for whatever reason (post and prepaid), then at least they make that money off the phone itself since it can be billed separately. Motorola did that with Comenity before they closed everything down.

  • SlyKrysis

    I’ll stick to my sub-$30 Fi plan because WIFI IS EVERYWHERE PEOPLE, USE IT…


    • Unless you don’t spend all your time at home, work, or downtown. Lots of people drive a lot, spend time in rural areas, etc. where there is no WiFi.

      • SlyKrysis

        If you’re driving, you shouldn’t be using any data (or very little). If you spend time in a very rural area, even when I had Verizon, I usually only had 2G, maybe 3G if I wasn’t near the woods.

        • Andy

          I use Google maps while driving a ton

          • SlyKrysis

            You know you can download an offline copy of the area you’re in so you don’t use data? I think you can download as many local maps that you want, it just stores the data on the phone locally.

          • Andy

            True. But wouldn’t include traffic. But that is a good point.

          • Fozzybare

            Yeah. I will download music that I am feeling but what happens when you aren’t feeling the music you have downloaded and want to listen to something else? that happens to me all the time.

          • DanG

            Jump to T-Mobile. Music streaming via major services doesn’t count against your data plan. That is if T-Mobile gives your the coverage you need.

        • Streaming music can consume easily 50-100MB+ per hour. Plus, if you’re a passenger in a car you are likely to use a lot more data. When I say rural areas I don’t mean the middle of the mountains, but rural as in there are only houses with no stores, so no public WiFi. But even in many rural areas with just trees and trails, I still get good service.

          • SlyKrysis

            If you stream music not in your library, sure, you’ll use a lot of data. But you still have the option of downloading/caching songs locally on the phone.

          • That’s only addressing 1 use case, lots of people are passengers in cars, buses, trains (not all have WiFi). My point is lots of people are using their phone throughout the day where there is no access to WiFi.

    • David Lo

      WIFI is not everywhere in smaller towns. Plus T-Mobile/Sprint have very poor coverage in smaller towns and mid size cities so FI is not a good option.

  • Chrissy

    You have to sign up for autopay & paperless to get the $5 off of $60. Not a big deal unless your over 40.

  • Bunklung

    What happens when you go over 5G, does it throttle you or do you get hut with an overage?

    • David

      $15 per GB after 5GB

    • You can either pay $15 per GB to go over, or have it throttle you to 2G speeds.

      • Bunklung

        Do you have to pay extra for the privilege of not getting hit with an overage and throttled to 2G?

        • I don’t believe so, I think Verizon got rid of that being an extra fee.

  • reyalP

    Anyone know if there is a difference in quality of service between Verizon prepaid and postpaid?

    • Bill Treichel

      I ran a test before I switched from postpaid to prepaid once they enabled 4G on prepaid. No difference connection, data speed, etc. The only difference which is buried in the fine print but doesn’t affect me being on the east coast is you don’t have access to roaming on prepaid. I hadn’t seen a “roaming” icon on my phone in ages, so that didn’t affect me. It took my bill from a little over $100/month for unlimited (of which I used approximately 2.5GB a month) to $49 for 3GB (with the ability to add more easily). You can change phones yourself by popping your SIM in your new phone yourself… No activation fee, no call, no visit to a Verizon store required. But you lose access to launch deals/discounts/giveaways that all require a device payment plan (which you can only get on postpaid, essentially making it a two-year contract by another name, sneaky bastards).

      Overall, one of the better decisions I’ve ever made.

      My assumption is once 5G becomes a thing it’ll be the same as the last generation… they won’t make it available on prepaid at first, or maybe the whole pricing model will be different by then. But at the same time, once 5G is a thing, I’ll be reevaluating other carriers anyway. Until then, I’m sticking with prepaid.

      Word of warning if you proceed: even though you’re sticking with the same company, it’s essentially “porting” it from one section of the company to another. You will need a new SIM to start (your only visit to a Verizon store), and most importantly, make sure you save any voicemails you need to keep. I naively expected them to stay on the server, but they were blown away.

      • reyalP

        Thanks a lot for the info. I see they have a Prepaid $50 plan with 5GB plus rollover data which sounds like a good deal. Just trying to compare it to the $55 dollar plan above.

        • UKTK8

          I was just doing the same thing. I just switched over to Verizon because I get a 15% discount with my employer. I’m thinking about switching over to the 5GB for $50 Prepaid plan. I’m just wondering if my employee discount can still be applied

          • Bill Treichel

            My experience with this is the employer discount could not be applied to prepaid. I factored that in to my decision when I switched.

          • UKTK8

            You are correct. Not able to get the discount on top of pre-paid prices. I just switched over to the $50 prepaid plan

      • You never see a roaming icon, but that doesn’t mean you’re roaming. If you are ever on 1x there is a good chance you’re roaming on US Cellular. As someone who lives in the northeast, it happens quite often in rural areas.

        • Bill Treichel

          That makes sense. I’ll amend my statement to say “as someone who spends most of my time in suburban Philadelphia, surrounding areas, and the I-95 corridor, I don’t have the opportunity to get into US Cellular territory so I don’t notice a difference. Your mileage may vary.”

  • Mike Eimer

    I cannot believe anybody would stick with verizon they constantly are screwing people on data usage in the USA. I used verizon for a short time switched to tmobile and absolutely have not regretted it for one minute. Verizon is just too many problems absolutely will be sticking with tmobile wise up everyone leave verizon the problems will only get worst.

    • Vlad Andrei

      in Romania we pay 5 dollars for that kind of plan.

    • ja7lewis

      Not everyone lives in an area that has tmobile coverage.

    • blindexecutioner

      Not everyone wants to watch youtube at 480p.

  • Meh, I called & bitched at them again for screwing up my rollover data & then they further screwed up my plan.

    TL;DR The Manager via CS was awesome & I’m on a 16GB +2GB Bonus Data Free plan for the same $70, w/ the retarded $40 LAF. I do get 18% off the $70, so that helps.

    I think the FCC should’ve eliminated ‘Line Access Fees’.

    • LaFave07

      How’d you get 16GB for $70?

      • The Manager at Customer Service offered it to me, they were supposed to move me to the 24GB plan for the same price as my 12GB but their rep screwed up. I don’t use 40GB a month (That’s how much ive for including rollover) and 18 GB combined with the Rollover will be more than enough.

        I was going to go to T-Mobile. I’m pissed that they are trying to non commoditze data.

    • Nic Jensen

      I don’t think you get what TL;DR means…

      • TL;DR you’re an a-hole.

        • Higher_Ground

          it’s a pretty benign comment… but calling someone an a-hole does escalate it fairly quickly.

  • Mariano Moreira

    If my Sprint coverage had not improved I would have been tempted to leave my $40 now $27 a month SERO-P plan.

    Unlimited Data(Averaging around 80Gb a month), Verizon 3G roaming, Unlimited International Text, Premium data Fee waived, Still eligible for 2yr Subsidy upgrade pricing and receiving monthly $13 monthly discount for my 5″ Pixel.

    (Oddly WTF is $350 even though upgrade offers $550 off of IPhone and Samsung Devices)

    I’ll be on Sprint until I’m forced off my plan.

  • aram barrios

    This is ridiculous 5g, if the phone needs updates or daily apps updates it takes a average from 1 up to 2 gigs in a month dependes for a normal person to heasy users
    So that means I have to limited my self to 3 or 4 gigs to enjoy my phone came on πŸ˜”

    • Or just wait to update your phone and apps until you’re on WiFi…

  • DJyoSNOW

    Includes roll over data. Thanks DL I’ll be calling vzw next chance I get. I have WiFi most any where so this is a deal for me!

  • Ian

    I currently have the Verizon 5GB prepaid plan with rollover for $50 month + $2.95 fees= $52.95 month in California. Sometimes i wonder if Verizon prepaid network and speeds are the same as post paid plans, I have asked Verizon in store and 800# line this question and they say it is. This month i have 8GB since i rolled over 3GB of unused data from last month. Previously had ATT Wireless four months ago with Android LG Optimus G Pro phone, now have the Iphone6S Plus <<< Kellen dont be mad at me. Might go back to Android, depends on what Samsung and Apple come out with this year. I love watching the Droid Life shows on Friday's especially when Apple introduces new products πŸ™‚ with Phil Schiller.

    • Droid22

      I have Verizon prepaid and love it. Had straight talk and was constantly having data issues. Plus the speeds are throttled.

    • Bill Treichel

      I tested Verizon prepaid and postpaid side by side for a week before committing to the switch. They’re the same speed. Only difference is if you’re in an area of the country where you might be roaming, you don’t have access to those towers on prepaid while you do on postpaid. I don’t notice that on the east coast.

  • Greyhame

    That’s still expensive when you throw the cost of a phone on there.

  • cybertec69

    No thank you, I will stick with my unlimited “200 GB” Plan, until they pry it from my cold dead hands.

    • AA-Ron


    • Daishi

      Well, if you get to that 200GB threshold, it’ll be gone before your hands get cold, much less dead.

      • Mayajbrune

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    • Michael Marcano

      They will shut you down mid-Feb. That’s what they told me if I don’t change my plan…. So I’m going over to tmobile.

      • El_Big_CHRIS

        I’m assuming you’re off contract, if not then vzw would need to void a contract and let people out without the etf$

      • Gytole

        Just cancelled my unlimited data line from verizon and gained a unlimited line with Tmobile on my girlfriemds account last week. Went from paying $120 a month to paying $120 for TWO people AND my service has been outstanding. Honestly better than Verizon. Everywhere I have gone i’m like omg, I actually have service where Verizon SHOULD have worked.

        If you have good credit, or know someone who has paid off a device and been with Tmobile for two years it will be cheap. But if you’re going in cold turkey expect a grand. Even if it’s 5-600 bucks just think a grand cause they can be pricey in the beginning.

        But I don’t miss verizon. Not one bit.

        • The Doctor

          It only cost me $35 to switch over to T-Mobile from Verizon, the cost of a SIM card. But I also paid outright for an unlocked S7 edge to do that.

          • Gytole

            And How much was your S7 Edge? I feel like you just said how much I told people to expect…lmao

            I’m not saying it’s a grand to get a line but because you basically HAVE to buy a phone, even though you have payments or you buy a phome outright, you’re looking at $600+…
            I was just amazed that we were in and out of the store in less than 5 minutes. He was like, “You bring a phone? Work on Tmobile?” Bought my sim for $20, slapped her in activated it anf we were on our way.

          • The Doctor


          • Francisco PeΓ±a

            in 2015 I bought a Moto X 2013 Developer Edition for $199 off Ebay brand new, knowing I was thinking of making a switch to TMo from Verizon. However, since I also needed it to work on Veizon, until I did make a switch, it was great. Worked beautifully while I was on Verizon and when I moved to TMo.

        • enigmaco

          That’s how its been for us switched from verizon to T-Mobile almost 2 years ago and its been a much better experience. Have almost full bars with T-mobile where we had only 2 bars with Verizon. Was paying $200 for 10GB shared before taxes between 5 lines. Now its $165 after taxes, one line has unlimited, and others have 4GB of data.

    • Josh LaCelle

      Right! They told me I was done months ago. Called the FCC. Still have my unlimited data. I don’t play games. If they do I will keep threatening.

    • patt

      That means soon

  • Myrdrid

    So does this mean 5 GB per line?

  • Dhtechs

    I fail to understand why some people refuse to consider prepaid service, aside from having to pay upfront for a phone. I pay a total of $43 a month for the 5 GB $50 prepaid plan…no extra sales taxes, FCC Access Fees or any of the tacked on bloat charges. I’m not on autopay either…I buy a monthly PIN online from a reputable dealer. Save money…buy your phone on Amazon or Ebay and save enough in a year to finance your next new phone

    • Destroythanet

      Can you give more info on the online dealer for your PIN?

      • Dhtechs


    • Not everyone wants to pay $300-$800 for a phone up front, or deal with outside loan programs.

      • Dhtechs

        Exactly my point. I see responses that say “No way would I ever do prepaid” as if it’s a disease or something. I always believed saving money on EXACTLY the same service/product was a good thing. I must have slept through that part of my business classes.

  • Futbolrunner

    Love the hat. What is it?

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Why would the $70 7GB plan make any sense over the $70 10GB plan?

    Also how much does VZW charge in fees for their prepaid plan? Is it just regular sales tax… Making these plans around $75?… I hate not knowing exactly what these things cost.

    • Bill Treichel

      I have the $45 plan right now which comes with $4.35 in fees for $49.35.

    • You can also get 12GB through Verizon’s Walmart promo for $70. Prepaid vs postpaid you lose voice and data roaming domestically, and have different customer service. You also can’t finance a phone on DPP.

  • JenMPR

    I have 8gb for $55 with AT&T GoPhone….So not sure what the big deal is.

    • netanil

      Or 8gb for $36 with H2O (AT&T network)….So not sure what the big deal is.

      • Andy

        Sounds real good. How is coverage?

    • You’re comparing prepaid vs postpaid. How much is 8GB for a single line plan on postpaid AT&T? If you don’t mind prepaid, you can get 7GB for $50 or 12GB for $70 on Verizon too.

  • Theot

    If I wasn’t so tired of overpriced bloatware riddled carrier phones I’d be interested in this. As it is I’m trying to get off sprint and go to cricket or Gophone so I can buy less expensive but capable unlocked phones and save some serious cash.

  • Nick Johnson

    I have the 5gb for $55 a month. I did it online two months ago

  • StargateNH

    Thanks for sharing! I will absolutely check this out. Im on the current 2Gb “New Verizon Plan” so this might come out to the same for me. Not sure if I will be able to use my 21% corporate discount from my employer, often you can’t on these promo plans. But if I lost the $7 monthly for the extra 3GB, I think that might be worth it!

    • Bill Treichel

      The last time I looked at the employer discounts, they were severely gimped. The minute the carriers split out the line access from the data buckets, the discount was only applied to the line access. Not data, not any of the fees, and not the new phone. So yippee, 19-21% savings on $20! I’m making a big assumption that all employer plans are roughly the same, except that some will discount new phones and others like mine do not.

      • UKTK8

        Mine takes a 15% discount on the data portion of my bill, which is the biggest part. Bringing it from $50 to $42.50+$20 for unlimited talk and text

      • StargateNH

        You are right, I save $7 on the $35 2GB data bucket, not the $20 line access fee. However, some individual plans or probo plans they just sell as $55 line access. So no “data bucket” to take the corporate discount on. But losing the $7 might be worth 3 extra GBs per month

  • Andy

    walmart has verizon prepaid for 50 for 7 gig

    • Droid22

      Are you talking about total wireless?

      • LaFave07

        No. Verizon Prepaid.

    • News Reporter

      Can’t find it on their website. In store only?

      • Andy

        i think so. walmarts website is brutal for wirelsss info.

      • Andy

        Think so

  • Defenestratus


    I have 10Geebees through straight talk for that same price.

    • Don’t you get limited speeds though on Verizon when using an MVNO?

  • Jay

    Damn. We Americans just keep getting bootyholed with cable and telecom services..

    • JoYu

      I am in Taiwan, the most expensive prepaid provider is $30 for unlimited. Instead I pay $30 for 8GB which lasts me 2-3 months. The locals pay a lot less with contracts etc.

      • Jay

        I stayed in Taiwan for some time. The HK plans (with 3hk) are very impressive compared to anything the u.s. offers. I wish we were better.

        • David Lo

          You have to factor in coverage area. The U.S is way bigger than HK or Taiwan.

          • Jay

            Well, of course you do. Our problem isn’t the size of our country, it’s the lack of competition. It’s how major groups were allowed to swallow up and kill smaller telecom competition around the country for decades. Our problem continues with laws today that have passed to protect these anti-competition practices.

          • David Lo

            Even with increase number of competition in U.S, It will never compare to the cost of plans in smaller cities/countries like HK/Taiwan. The scale of coverage area plays a role. The cost of deploying and maintaining infrastructure in U.S is magnitudes higher.

          • Prototype

            There is very much an artificial price floor when it comes to the telecoms. We don’t pay what we do simply because Verizon is rolling out so much coverage. In fact, their new nodes are less expensive and far easier to employ and maintain than their massive towers from days gone by. Prices are high because they can be.

            It’s hilarious and wonderful that the carriers themselves are the ones pushing people to buy devices outside of their doors. Soon enough more people will start thinking that maybe they don’t need all the other crap carriers push and will move more and more to alternatives like WiFi calling for more needs as it become more viable.

          • David Lo

            I’m not saying that price of our plans can’t be lower than they are now. I’m saying in comparison to smaller countries with lower cost of infrastructure and reasonable competition, we cannot compete. Their prices are always going to be lower.

          • Their massive profits tell all.

    • cybertec69

      Why do you still have cable “brainwashing” TV.

      • Jay

        I am certainly not messing with cable. Haven’t in years. No way.

        • patt

          I think he meant it for the other guy lol. Anyways also us is bigger then Taiwan. It’s easy to compare it like that.

    • The Doctor

      That’s good ol’ capitalism at work for ya. Sure, supporters of capitalism say that if a price is high, there’s competition that’ll offer the same for less. But when all telecoms charge insanely high prices for the same services, then we all lose. But somehow billions of dollars in profits is acceptable.

      • Squatter in the White House

        Take your Bernie sanders “everything should be free” politics somewhere else douchebag.

        • The Doctor

          Thanks for contributing. We are all blessed for having read your thoughtful, intelligent response to my comment. I can see you went through great, thorough research for your response and I especially appreciate you citing sources. /s

          I don’t pay attention to people who only know how to speak using ad hominem attacks.

        • Higher_Ground

          take your douchebagginess somewhere else, partisan.

      • dcdttu

        See also: the weird reason airline tickets are sky-high (pun intended) yet none of them wants to take the cheap alternative route.

    • This is actually really competitive, and one thing that none of the big 4 are offering. As someone who is on a single line plan, I love that carriers are now starting to offer plans for us and not always push us to family plans.

      • Marlajstephenson

        Google is paying 97$ per hour! Work for few hours and have longer with friends & family! !ud34c:
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    • dalehurst

      I cut the cord years ago and never looked back! Between Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and YouTube I have more than enough to watch at a fraction of the price…

    • flosserelli

      Correction: Verizon customers keep getting bootyhooled


  • rj-b

    Just make it easy, for the love of God…
    1GB = $10
    Each line = $20 access
    Ta freakin’ da.

    • LukeInDC

      That’s $120 for a 10GB plan. I pay Simple Mobile $50 for that amount of data. $45 with autopay.

      • rj-b

        And those of us who use WiFi 95% of the time are charged stupid amounts for low GB plans — of which half of the data we never use each month.

        I’d switch to Fi, but Google hasn’t made it available to areas of the Midwest. Bogus.

        • dustin h.

          You can get around that, all you have to do is register like you live in a coverage area. My friend told them he was in Columbia, MO, but had the sim shipped to him at home in Kirksville. Works like a champ.

          • rj-b

            i’ve read conflicting reports of that working, at least in my area (Iowa). can’t take the risk of canceling my current plan (USCC, $75/mo for two lines) on a hunch. but if i can guarantee getting a cheaper rate elsewhere for comparable coverage, i’ll jump.

    • So… Project Fi? What you’re saying is this 5GB plan should be $70 vs $55. $10 per GB is too expensive in 2017.

      • rj-b

        i addressed Project Fi already — “not available” in my area, and i don’t want to risk cheating the system just to have coverage be unreliable.

        and sure, $10/GB to start — just like all things in bulk, obviously it should get lower per unit the more you consume.

        the price per bucket in 2017 isn’t as relevant as why the hell we’re still only offered buckets. at least Fi has it figured out — but, as mentioned, it’s not “available” to everyone.

  • Sporttster

    Ration it out and we think it’s a ‘great deal”…….sad, really sad

    • Nashdroid βœ“α΄°α΅‰α΅–α΄΅α΅’Κ³α΅…α΅‡α΄΅α΅‰

      Yep, totally agree. Absolutely ridiculous.

  • Joeygueez

    There is definitely a $70, 7GB plan. We were told about it yesterday. I’m really happy about these plans, Because we get a lot of people who come in individually and can’t afford by themselves and don’t want prepaid.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Why don’t these people want PrePaid? I’m interested to know….Is it the paying for the phone upfront thing?

      • That is a huge part of it, as most people don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars up front. You also lose domestic voice and data roaming, and don’t get the same customer support.

        • nemosfate

          Domestic voice?

      • Joeygueez

        Yes, People don’t have that kind of money to pay upfront. Most want an IPhone or Galaxy.

    • Miguel A.

      Walmart just started running a limited promo. Verizon prepaid (proper, not and MVNO) 12GB for $70. It’s actually 10GB but you get the additional 2GB with autopay enrollment. Picked up the plan for my iPhone SE and couldn’t be happier. Data rollover too.

  • JP

    Do you get wifi hotspot on this new plan?

    • T4rd

      All of their (current) plans include hotspot.

  • patt

    55$ 5gb 70$ 7gb.

  • ck125

    Nice to see them introducing this. Not too shabby for one person. Does this include “safety mode” or whatever where they throttle your data after the 5gb?

    • patt

      Yup has safety mode and roll over.

      • ck125

        Awesome, thanks!

      • T4rd

        That’s actually a decent plan then if coverage is priority.

        • Bonedatt

          Coverage. Should. ALWAYS. Be

          • T4rd

            Indeed, but it’s not the only consideration to have too.

    • RiceCake

      Hmm wonder if it is actually $55 or is it $55 + bogus taxes and fees so it ends up being like $81.35 or some crap.

      • discopunkk

        Yes there are taxes and other “fees”. It’s listed in the promo details.

      • ck125

        The fees are usually tax plus some others. No where near $30 though.

  • Scofabear

    Hmm almost makes me want to leave my T-Mobile $30 prepaid plan…

    • Nashdroid βœ“α΄°α΅‰α΅–α΄΅α΅’Κ³α΅…α΅‡α΄΅α΅‰

      ALMOST makes me want to leave my $65/month Cricket prepaid unlimited plan… Almost…

      • Chris

        Why? You only save $10 a month and get such a small amount of data. Cricket has an 8GB and 10GB plan that is cheaper or the same price as this.

        • Nashdroid βœ“α΄°α΅‰α΅–α΄΅α΅’Κ³α΅…α΅‡α΄΅α΅‰

          It’s called sarcasm, my friend. πŸ˜‰

          • Chris

            Lmao it’s so hard to detect sarcasm on the internet sometimes. I was so confused xD

          • Nashdroid βœ“α΄°α΅‰α΅–α΄΅α΅’Κ³α΅…α΅‡α΄΅α΅‰

            I know it. haha I added the little sarcasm sign to clarify. Sorry for the confusion. I actually switched from Verizon Unlimited to this Cricket Unlimited plan last year. It’s been flawless and I’ve never been happier.

          • Chris

            I did the same thing a few weeks ago! I was able to sell my UDP on Reddit and got quite a bit of money for it. And now I’m on Cricket Unlimited and have no issues. I was able to get the Sony Z3 which was a phone I wanted for a long time but couldn’t have. Now I have the freedom to have whatever phone I want, which is awesome. It’s cool to find someone else that switched from Verizon Unlimited to Cricket Unlimited.

          • Drakos

            Have you noticed that the speeds are slower with Cricket? I’ve been considering making the same switch from Verizon unlimited as Cricket seems like the one cheap unlimited plan that actually has good coverage away from cities which is one of the main reasons I’ve stuck with Verizon.

          • Nashdroid βœ“α΄°α΅‰α΅–α΄΅α΅’Κ³α΅…α΅‡α΄΅α΅‰

            No, not at all. I stream Netflix at full 1080p and download movies constantly. I’ve noticed no difference between Cricket and Verizon. Cricket is capped at 8mbps download speed but I can’t even notice. I believe it’s the absolute best unlimited plan going and it runs on the entire AT&T network. Great coverage and LTE speeds.

          • JC

            Have you noticed any difference in download speeds?

            I was looking into Cricket, but noticed that they cap at 8mbps, while my Verizon signal hits 40mbps.

          • nemosfate

            Been on AT&T’s cricket since it was AIO and love it. As soon as AIO as out i dropped Verizon. Edit: it was Verizon UDP i dropped, to clarify.

          • Aaron Saltzer

            I have total wireless from Walmart. Buy your phone and get 5gb of data plus unlimited talk and text for 35. a month. If you don’t do data you can talk and text for 25 a month and this is Verizon networks.

    • Gerardo Sarabia

      Is there something like music freedom that applies for this Verizon plan? That’s what’s keeping me with t-mobile.

    • Since you’re used to prepaid, look into the Verizon Walmart promo that is 7GB and unlimited talk and text for $50.

      • Scofabear

        are there any strings attached? reduced speeds? access to only certain towers?
        …edit: especially priority access to towers in peak demand periods for postpaid vs prepaid users?

        • AFAIK the only downsides are no roaming, no device financing, and different customer support.