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Trello, Popular Workplace Collaboration Tool, Acquired by Atlassian

trello atlassian

It’s a fresh year and that means fresh acquisitions. The newest company to be acquired is Trello, a popular workplace collaboration and project management tool that is all of five years old. Atlassian, another project management and workplace communication company, is adding them to their list of services. 

For those familiar with Trello or use it regularly (we do here at DL), just know that Trello isn’t going anywhere. Both Trello and Atlassian announced separately that nothing is changing as of today and that Trello will remain a stand-alone product. If anything does change, it should be rapid development of Trello in R&D, because they now have the backing to help them improve the product in a hurry.

If you use Trello, feel free to hit up the links below to learn more about the acquisition.

Via:  Trello | Atlassian
  • Super love Trello. The CEO stated on HackerNews that they intend to stay with the same direction, but unfortunately, that’s the messaging that comes out of many acquisitions and doesn’t follow through. Fingers crossed they mean it this time!

  • SA_NYC

    Hot damn. I know the CEO of Trello, really nice guy. I never imagined they’d sell for anything near this amount; extremely impressive. I guess I should have been less of a jerk to him!

  • Joe M

    Please please please let JIRA learn from Trello, and not necessarily just vice versa!

    I’m OK with this acquisition, though. Other than jira being ugly as sin, Atlassian products are exemplary and it seems like they’re pretty philosophically similar to Trello.

    • Daistaar

      Wouldn’t mind seeing it tie into Confluence either…

      • Patriciashamilton

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  • jak_341

    Non Android related story? Not that I am complaining or course.

  • Kanoosh

    it seems like companies these days are just being built to be sold .. if you even get slightly popular, SOLD! lol ..

    • That’s definitely the entrepreneur/startup goal of these days. Build up quickly and be sold for hundreds of millions (or some billions although that’s the pie-in-the-sky goal) to Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, or somebody trying to compete with those companies. If that falls, try to sell to a secondary list of companies way too long to be comprehensively identified. And do so ASAP before you get hit with patent lawsuits from any of these companies.