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DEAL: Eero Smart WiFi System 3-Pack is $371 at Amazon, It’s Lowest Price Yet ($127 Off)


Eero, the smart WiFi system that uses mesh network technology and pre-dates Google WiFi by a good two years, is on sale today at Amazon in a 3-pack for $371.83 with Prime shipping. That’s a $127 discount and the best price we have ever seen on this modular-style router option.

What is Eero? If you have been following Google WiFi news in recent months, well, there you go. Eero is the same idea, only it’s from a smaller company who has been pioneering this concept for a couple of years. Like Google WiFi, the goal of Eero is to blanket your house with WiFi, so that no corner goes untouched. You can start with a single unit and grow that to as many as you like.Β 

Eero is supported by a really nice Android app that recently saw its biggest update to date, gets constantly better through regular updates to the whole platform, and even works with Alexa.

I’ve been an Eero user for a good 9 months now and can’t imagine leaving it. While I’m tempted to switch to Google’s more affordable option, Eero has been fantastic, especially through recent updates. And yes, Google WiFi is quite a bit cheaper than Eero, even with today’s discount, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a solid product that I would recommend. Google WiFi is also sold out everywhere.

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  • When is Google Wifi going to be in stock again? πŸ™ I really need a new router, too!

  • blackbird2150

    I still think that Netgear Orbi with a dedicated backhaul channel is a better system, even at two units. Pricing is basically the same $380 vs $371 for eero.

    • Gracecrichards

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  • sc

    google wifi in stock at Google store… shipping before xmas

  • Gekko

    i just set up my new Google Wifi. it’s awesome – easy set up, simple yet powerful, smart, and HUGE speed improvement! i highly recommend it!!!

  • ddevito

    Am I missing something? Why would someone choose this over Google WiFi?

    • Bourne, Jason C.

      Main reason being availability of Google WiFi right now. I lucked into mine last week by randomly surfing and stumbled across an store that somehow had it in stock online.

      • ddevito

        Well besides that – isn’t the Google Home way cheaper for a 3-pack?

        • Bourne, Jason C.

          Yup, if you can find it.

  • CabbageHeadCat.

    Would be great to see a comparison of the two. Any plans?

    I am using an OnHub so one little Google puck might do the trick. Wondering if there is ANY compatability between the two?

    • Lucy S.

      I have the OnHub and got the single puck for my bedroom upstairs. They work well together; setup took all of two minutes for me. I’m considering buying another one for the basement. Highly recommended.

      • CabbageHeadCat.

        Thanks for the I put. Also wondering if eero single units would work with Google WiFi as well?

        • Lucy S.

          Not sure, but I don’t think it’d be recognized in the Google Wifi app.