Eero Drops 3-Pack to $399 Permanently to Better Compete on Price ($100 Off)

Eero, the mesh whole home WiFi router system that I dubbed my favorite tech purchase of 2016, will see a permanent price drop today. Why? Because Eero has a whole bunch of competition these days, after initially ushering in the era of whole home WiFi systems. And competition means price points that Eero has been well above for some time.

Starting today, Eero 3-packs will drop to $399 (from $499) and 2-packs will drop to $299 (from $349). Single Eero units will still cost $199.  (more…)

Deal: Get Your Own Mesh WiFi With Deals on Eero ($461), Orbi ($379), Luma ($249)

We have been discussing mesh WiFi networks for the past couple of days, reviewing the Eero system, as well as providing a setup overview and impressions of Google WiFi. Well, if any of this interests you and you are ready to take the leap, Amazon currently has the Eero system at a discounted price, as well as Netgear’s Orbi system and Luma.  (more…)

My Favorite Tech Purchase of 2016: Eero Home WiFi System

In recent years, I’ve more than likely gone through more routers than any normal person ever should. You see, since I sit at a desk in my house all day long using the internet, I can tell almost instantly when my internet has slowed or something isn’t right. For the longest time, I blamed routers and so I replaced them regularly whenever something new came out. I now know that it has always been Comcast that was the problem (shocker), but through all of those changes to equipment, I was led to an upstart WiFi system that has inspired a whole new wave of routers for consumers. Even Google has jumped on board. I’m talking about the Eero Home WiFi System, which I now consider to be my favorite tech purchase of the year.  (more…)

DEAL: Eero Smart WiFi System 3-Pack is $371 at Amazon, It’s Lowest Price Yet ($127 Off)

Eero, the smart WiFi system that uses mesh network technology and pre-dates Google WiFi by a good two years, is on sale today at Amazon in a 3-pack for $371.83 with Prime shipping. That’s a $127 discount and the best price we have ever seen on this modular-style router option.

What is Eero? If you have been following Google WiFi news in recent months, well, there you go. Eero is the same idea, only it’s from a smaller company who has been pioneering this concept for a couple of years. Like Google WiFi, the goal of Eero is to blanket your house with WiFi, so that no corner goes untouched. You can start with a single unit and grow that to as many as you like.  (more…)

Google WiFi Goes Head-to-Head With Eero and Luma in Speed Test

Google WiFi is now available for pre-order, so it makes sense that Google would want to talk about how awesome they think it is, especially when compared to the original players in this smart modular WiFi category. To start, Google matched Google WiFi up head-to-head with Eero and Luma by asking third party testing company, Allion USA, to see how they match-up in terms of download speeds. As you can probably imagine, since Google posted about the battle, the results show that Google WiFi is the clear winner.  (more…)

Eero Gets Biggest Update Yet With Alexa Integration, “TrueMesh” Tech, App Improvements

Eero, the smart WiFi system that Google WiFi seems to have modeled itself after, is set to receive it’s biggest platform update to date. That means up to 2x speed improvements on networks, more intelligent WiFi throughout a home, Amazon Alexa integration for controlling your home setup, and a bunch of new features in mobile apps.  (more…)