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Honor 8 Review

The Honor 8 is another device we wouldn’t typically review, but seeing as how options may seem limited given the circumstance surrounding the Galaxy Note 7, we wanted to spend time checking it out. Additionally, this tier of “mid-range” devices have become quite the little competitors, complete with what we would label as top-tier specs and features for a relatively inexpensive price.

While the 5.2″ FHD display and octa-core processor with 4GB of RAM certainly get the job done in terms of overall performance, the Honor 8 does have its shortcomings. It took me a solid week to really master all of the device’s software tweaks on EMUI, which is a skin I might rank as one of the lowest in terms of ease-of-use and appeal. However, a few of the features might make up for EMUI’s look, so I can’t sit here and stress over it too much. 

On the backside, you will find a dual camera system with two 12-megapixel f/2.2 shooters. While one is for color and the other for black/white, I never got the sense that these cameras are overly great. If your lighting is just right, you will probably have no issues snapping shots, but when I found myself in low lighting scenarios and was trying to shoot a moving object, the Honor 8 simply could not keep up. If the autofocus was to catch a major boost in speed, and Honor decided to tweak the sensor’s sensitivity to outside lighting, the camera experience could be much better.

We will soon have Pixel phones in-house, and to wrap-up my time with the Honor 8, I can honestly say that I have enjoyed using the phone. For $400, there are not too many options on the market that will provide as much performance and hardware sophistication as the Honor 8, and seeing as how this phone is marketed as the brand’s first US flagship, here’s hoping there are plenty more devices from Honor to come.

This is our Honor 8 review.

  • FreedomCostsPlenty

    Hey Tim, nice relaxed natural presentation. And a good review too. Thumbs up. Stepping up the game.

  • iCoerce

    If you guys will get into video reviews, You should definitely consider covering more Mid-tier devices. Especially given the current growth of the market.

  • Tony Kuligowski

    I really like the video reviews. Good job guys! I know it’s a lot of work, but it’s nice to have a written review along with the video.

  • Wolf0491

    That xda partnership sounded interesting. Also from my understanding warranty is still available after unlocking bootloader. Love to see how this phone plays out maybe next year my upgrade will be to whatever there next device is

  • Joe Zollinger

    Love the video review! Keep it up!

  • tre916

    I don’t agree with his take on the phone’s camera. It is one of the better smartphone cameras, video is another story. But the camera is very good, as it is almost identical to the P9’s.

  • bhillegass

    I owned the phone for a few days before ultimately returning it. There is a lot to like! The hardware components are amazing, and I got excellent performance and battery life. The biggest deal breaker for me was the EMUI skin and the notifications. If it got more support out of the gate by XDA it would be worth flashing something else on there all together. But, even running a launcher didn’t seem to help things much. If you are OK with a iOS style experience then its absolutely worth the pickup. I think this is a solid offering, but just wasn’t for me. I’d say at the 399$ price point the OP3 and Axon 7 probably best it. Something unique about this phone? I’ve never seen apps install faster! Plus, the fingerprint scanner being a multi purpose button was an absolute treat to use. Hope we see more tweaks like this in the future from others. I know other reviewers have mentioned this too. Its sort of wild.

  • yummy

    Okay. I’ll ask my grandkids how you play these vidier games, so I can watch your nice review. Is it intertactical, like the virtual reality show I saw on my TV? Anyway, I enjoy the writing, and miss it. Now back to yelling at that loser son of mine, Homer.

  • ChrisI

    You have me very, very curious why “the Honor 8 is another device we wouldn’t typically review”.

    And why is that?

    • Easy answer. DL is a two man operation, Kellen and myself. That means we have limited time and resources, so we typically spend our precious time reviewing more major releases. As we’ve said previously, you’ll see us spending time on these type of devices more often going forward.

  • XvierX

    I commend you on your decision to shake up the format for you video reviews. Well done.

  • Michael

    Loving the new review style!

  • BrettW

    Wait a minute. Why is the Honor 8 “another device we wouldn’t typically review”??? You guys think you’re too good for the Honor 8 or something?
    I’m sorry. I thought this was a site dedicated to the android ecosystem and Honor 8 is an android phone. A darned good one, too.

    • Alex Louderback

      This site hardly ever reviews midrange phones. The Honor 8 is definitely midrange

      • BrettW

        That’s just not true. I’ve seen lots of reviews of midrange phones on this site. OnePlus 3, Moto Z Droid Play, Moto X, every Nexus model ever made, etc..

        • Reen

          Despite it’s price and maybe the screen there is nothing you can call midrange about the One Plus 3^^

          • BrettW

            Well, it wasn’t good enough for them to include in the survey yesterday.

          • tre916

            The exact same is true for the Honor 8 and the Axon 7.

    • Patrick Smithopolis

      I think they like to review phones that will get at least one major update.

    • sonicyoof


  • Rashad

    I like video reviews. This review was great. This phone may not be meant for me but it’s meant for someone. The review quality is top notch. Keep up the good work.

  • senor_heisenberg

    This is a Huawei device, right?

    • KOBALT

      It’s Honor. But Huawei makes the processor.

  • Niiice and its not a bad little phone by any means

  • Mario

    looks like the pixel phone but better.

  • Tyler Durden

    Production quality keeps getting better and better, Tim! Keep it up. Audio was great and picture quality was good. So weird seeing 60fps at times.

  • sc0rch3d

    was a little disappointed to scroll and not find a written review

    • guest

      Ya me too. I dont want to watch a video but I realize that views help and increase more revenue.

    • Caveman

      I usually scroll through all of the text review looking for a video. More of a visual person I guess.

    • mcdonsco

      Agreed. While video reviews are nice and all, I still like to READ about it when I’m killing time somewhere rather than bugging those around me watching/listening to a video. I know, earbuds, but the day i start carrying those is, well, when hell freezes over and pigs grow wings.

    • Don’t worry! We’ll still be doing written reviews too, but want to get our feet wet in videos. For the Pixels and other major releases, you can expect both! 😎

      • DainLaguna

        Goooooood. Looking forward to you guys focusing on the video stuff!

      • Jhan-Michael Lyons

        I’m actually very impressed with the initial quality of the video reviews so far… and considering you guys will surely get better with time I’m expecting awesome things from you in the future. As it stands right now though I think you guys are off to a phenomenal start! Keep it up ^_^

        • Much appreciated!!

        • Conniejmasterson2

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  • James Webb

    Review the Axon 7 next.

    • Jaymus Lonestar

      This! Average consumer reviews seem to be all over the place. Plus ZTE has apparently sent out a couple of software updates since the first batches were shipped out and reviewed. Please give it a reviewing look as well.

      • tre916

        I have used both he axon 7 and honor 8 they’re both superb. But the honor axon is the one I kept. Capacitive keys and speakers, plus less iOS in he UI. But the fingerprint scanner on the honor 8 is brilliant and the programmable button it sits on is as well. They’re both in that price tier.

        • ChrisI

          “But the honor axon is the one I kept”…….=:-|

          • tre916

            Sorry, I couldn’t find the edit button on the mobile site before I got in my car. The Axon is what I kept.

            Android needs a Disqus app, it’s one thing I miss from Windows 10 Mobile.

          • ChrisI

            You used to be indecisive, now you’re not sure.

          • tre916

            Huh? I thought I classified myself just fine.

          • ChrisI

            It was a joke. Don’t you get it?

          • tre916

            Nope. I don’t see any humor in that comment.

          • Ahy Nonimous

            I have that line copyrighted. Please do not use it again without my permission.

          • ChrisI

            At least *someone* got it. Jeez.

    • ChrisI

      Waiting for the 6gb/128gb option here in the US, then I’m all over it

  • Steven Petrillo

    Hey Tim is this better than the Moto G4P?