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Motorola Goes Through Yet Another Massive Layoff (Updated)

According to two sources close to the matter, Lenovo just laid off hundreds of employees at Motorola, potentially more than 50% of the remaining workforce at the mobile device maker. One source actually pegged the number at 700+ out of 1200 remaining who will be told that they no longer have a job within the next day. 

At least one now-former employee took to Facebook to confirm the news (we’ve decided not to include a link to preserve his privacy), saying that he has been with the company for over 20 years and his last day will be this Friday. He mentioned that Lenovo was moving more operations to China, which one of our sources said has been the increasing pattern over the past two years. That source also thinks (according to the internal rumor mill) they may just relocate some remaining Chicago-based staff to North Carolina where Lenovo US is based. EDIT: Motorola denies this rumor and says they plan to keep their HQ in Chicago.

This latest wave of cuts follows two that immediately come to mind, one that included 200 employees a year ago and another that included 500 months before it. As you probably realized, there aren’t many folks left at the smartphone manufacturer that has failed to return to former glory. Even executives that once led the company and became familiar faces around media circles are long gone, including former president Rick Osterloh who is back at Google and Jim Wicks, the man who championed the Moto 360.

We have reached out to Motorola for comment and will update this post should we hear back.

UPDATE: Motorola has reached out to confirm this latest round of layoffs. The statement puts the total number of affected employees at less than 2% of the 55,000 that Lenovo employees globally (<1,100 or so then). The cuts are “part of the ongoing strategic integration between Lenovo and its Motorola smartphone business as the company further aligns its organization and streamlines its product portfolio to best compete in the global smartphone market.” Motorola also makes note that they are “absolutely committed to Chicago” and will remain there.

The full statement can be seen below.

Lenovo today announced a resource action impacting less than two percent of its approximately 55,000 employees globally. The majority of the positions being eliminated are part of the ongoing strategic integration between Lenovo and its Motorola smartphone business as the company further aligns its organization and streamlines its product portfolio to best compete in the global smartphone market.

The company is also making adjustments in other areas of the business as part of a continued effort to manage costs, drive efficiency and support ongoing improvement in overall financial performance. While these actions are never easy, they are a necessary part of our continued efforts to ensure long-term, profitable growth across all of our businesses.

Lenovo is absolutely committed to Chicago and we plan to maintain our Motorola Mobility headquarters there. Chicago has a well-deserved reputation for technical excellence and as the hub of our global R&D for our smartphone business we expect to take advantage of local talent to continue developing Moto products there.

  • Kimber Gainer

    This affected my cousin who has been with Motorola for over 35 years. He was informed that “his services were no longer needed” and was walked out the door.

  • Justin Kalis

    I can’t say that I’m surprised as Lenovo was known as a lean running company before taking over Motorola.

    The public perception of quality in all of their products is sorely lacking. Even their brand is bland and boring yet all of the successes they enjoy came from the workers of Moto and now they are getting rid of them. Lenovo will continue to work here after at building some of the ugliest smartphones in the world.

    Their PC’s are also ugly as this company clearly does not understand the concept of consumer class products and why it’s important to the majority to build products that appear and deliver on style, class and quality aside from performance. We have women who must match everything to the decor and tend to buy only those products that match their surroundings. Then we have men who want a mean look; something cool they can show off to their friends cause honestly no one can see what’s inside a computer or smartphone aside from the stickers Intel Inside or Powered By SnapDragon..Given those examples don’t represent everyone it’s still very common without quoting percentages.

    People in the majority class have as taste for certain looks that emulate their personalities and some are rouge, stylish, classy, functional and sexy but none of that is present in any of their products with exception to what Moto brought to Lenovo’s table and they are steady trying to destroy that. It’s as if they think they only need to build for function or purpose and nothing else. Their software is lacking on the smartphones, their is almost no effort taken to provide configurable options in the personal computers they build that cater to the performance enthusiasts in who they hope buy their notebooks and PC’s.

    Everything they build is plain Jane and super watered down vanilla as can be, but Motorola was different.

    Moto could have delivered all of these things they were missing and yet due to the bottom line thinking they just don’t understand running a business in debt is acceptable and normal cause risk is inherent in all business as we all move in commerce trying to figure out what the consumer is looking for year after year.

    What does Lenovo have that the laid off workers didn’t already create? Nothing but ugly, functional or purpose driven products. The reason for weak sales are weak strategies and poor timing and execution. Lack of leading by promoting the interests of others first; a classic concept of sacrifice.

    Motorola created the most appealing smartphones I’ve ever seen when they teamed up with Google and had Lenovo just stayed that course especially the last two years they would have seen the fruits of their labor manifest 10 fold. The unfortunate mishap with Qualcomm’s overheating SD 810 played it’s part in this bad news. Had Lenovo just financed their way through this they could have made so much more than any of the other players in the industry.

    Lenovo should have treated Motorola as a start-up and injected money into it with a promise of a great payback.

    Apple has not changed it’s design but in minor ways and continues to stay the course on that stale look the iPhone keeps coming at us with; so the jury is in on what staying the course buys a mega company. I for one have waited for a decent engine, camera and sound system to show up in the classic Moto X chassis but instead we got the uber ugly Moto Z which has some coolness in it modular form that I give Lenovo credit for; but does not deliver on the mainstay things all smartphone users expect where Motorola is concerned. The extreme rugged chassis shipping in the Moto X prevents flexing in the gorilla glass making them the most drop friendly phones in the world if accidentally dropped, something for me is a must have in $800-$1000 phones..

    Moto X is the best approach in the industry for the consumer and all we needed were minor refinements to the shape and class that offering delivered.

    Moto X honors choice to the largest degree of any smartphone maker and it needed more time to catch on, the button-less design only lacked the finger print reader on the back as the competition has adopted and something like the V20 could’ve improved it even more to prevent battery catastrophes like we’ve seeing now in the Note 7 this year. An all metal back with removable battery, expandable UFS 2.0 storage, 4Gb – 8Gb of RAM and the best OID and camera technology to boot.

    Stereo speakers should stay the way they are on the Moto X and if anything up the ante by adding the Quad DAC’s like the LG V20 to add two more speakers in the upper/lower bezel areas. Build a world class phone with excellent noise cancellation, and superior sound quality first before anything else, and a solid working Bluetooth, Wifi MIMO/a/g/n/x support. Overall continue the legacy of high quality or people won’t be able to justify the high cost lacking some tempting features that compel a purchase. The iPhone is not as personal as the Moto X is / was or could be / remain.

    Moto X is missing in action??!! We have Z with it’s concept of modules, for me? not interested..

    If I were going to pursue the modular path I would have done it by design making it possible to swap out, SOC cores from say Snapdragon, 805 to a socket plug apparatus / daughter-card to Snapdragon 820/821, upgradable display panels, snap-in camera modules replaceable OID / Led sensors etc.

    Give the smartphone the same abilities the consumer has to upgrade the hardware in a PC. Design work in that area delivers more value to the consumers who are growing tired of upgrading on 6-12-18 months cycles just for a few treats or bragging rights..Their is a social element to owning these devices..

    But Lenovo just let go of all of the employees who thought this way and possessed the know how on how to make all of that their new reality.

    These maneuvers would have put them in a class all their own. They forsake the investment in Motorola and never really saw the greatness it could have been had they given more focus to the core things people desire to have or are waiting on.

    All of what I’ve shared is my opinion of course and there are quite a few people in the world who are just looking for that Plain Jane phone so Lenovo will do ok for those who think in terms of function alone but yet will also think ones like myself are making a big deal out of nothing.

    But personalities like those will never sway my opinion as I just want what I want and like what I like. I can respect and genuinely appreciate those that simply don’t care about all and shop for function and those are the customers Lenovo is clearing shooting to serve in letting these Moto employees go and to those ones I’m very happy you can experience exactly what Lenovo wants to give you, it’s just not for me.

    My hope was that they might have just stayed the course to something I was already in love with; the Moto X way. I am someone who likes these devices for more than just a phone, and buy for more than function cause I have passion about this technology more than the normal functional shopper Joe who could careless what Lenovo does or does not do and buys what ever they sell with no worries or complaints at all.

    But the ones like myself when we are satisfied become the free sales force for companies like Lenovo who gladly evangelize, share and testify of their passion and experience the right device brings and that in many ways influences others who think like me and feel compelled to get one for themselves.

    So to those who think this is oh so funny and overboard on criticism I say I’m glad life is so simple for you it’s more than a phone to me cause I’m a more complicated consumer and puts 10 times more thought into my purchases then the functional guy who never says anything about the phone they sport.

    I’m sorry to hear about all of the Motorola workers who have lost their jobs due to poor leadership at Lenovo, it’s never a good thing when others who work hard to serve us have to be put in the situation they are now in. I’ve been there and it sucks not being able to take care of your families is the worst thing in life. I appreciate all of you who built my favorite phone (Nexus 6) and love what you were all working after. I’m very sad for you today..

    We need to setup a GoFundme page for these workers cause unemployment is not enough to live on much less raise a family on.

    A sad day in deed.

  • Anthony Tarantino

    At least Moto phones are still being made. The Moto G is still a great value and it’s selling really well on Amazon. The same could be said about Blu phones but those never get updated.

  • Garrett Lee Reyman

    So the update Lenovo gave to calm things down really means it’s worse that we thought? Lol. 700 vs <1,100.

  • Cowboydroid

    If I was a Moto employee, I would have already polished up my resume and preferably been out the door by now. I don’t know how they expect to get any work done anymore. The attrition rate will be atrocious.

  • bionichomer

    All I wanted was a 2014 motoX with a great camera… And now my dream is dead…

    • Higher_Ground

      I got a few I can spare if you don’t mind cracked screens…

      • bionichomer

        thanks haha…

  • Ichigo Uzumaki

    It’s funny how they show a low percentage of the entire Lenovo work force to be lay-off to make the amount appear to be small.

    • Justin Kalis

      It appears they let go of nearly US jobs.. Which means the rest of the 55,000 live abroad. Sad day for USA workers.. Very sad.

  • swathi ch

    You can also check http://www.mobilepappa.com/

  • MastermindDrew

    The people getting axed are the people responsible for Moto Z

  • AJA0

    >moving jobs to China
    This is why we need Trump to #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

  • paul_cus

    It’s rough to watch this happen to Motorola.

  • RF

    Lenovo has ruined both the IBM Thinkpad brand and the Motorola brand. Their Yoga PCs are a complete disgrace.

    IBM never would have locked Linux out of their Thinkpad lineup they way that Lenovo conspired with Microsoft to do with their Yoga laptops (probably more later). Lenovo has developed a reputation for themselves as the company of Superfish and the BIOS that reinstalled crapware over and over. Their stock is down 2/3rds from last year. You’d have about 35 cents left for every dollar you invested in it. People are onto them. Microsoft has dug into Lenovo like a predatory wasp taking over an ant and forcing it back to the nest to lay its eggs. I’m not surprised about what is going on with Motorola at all.
    Lenovo’s phone shipments have been in rapid decline. They’ve been losing money. Google took them over hoping to get some patents in order to defend themselves from patent aggression by companies like Microsoft and Apple.

    Microsoft has been going around threatening Android OEMs and saying that it has patents that describe what Android does, including the kernel Linux, and they have been using that to extract money or to get OEMs like Samsung to include useless Microsoft bloatware in order to avoid a lawsuit.
    I have a Galaxy S6 and it came with obnoxious Microsoft bloatware that was as chatty as the spam and advertising in Windows 10. It got marked as “system apps” so all I could do without rooting was disable them. I can’t root because I lease my phone.

  • RF

    Serves them right for locking all of their recent Yoga laptops so that you can’t install Linux on them.

    Lenovo already admitted that they won’t fix the problem. Apparently the solution is to tell your friends that Lenovo means “not good for Linux”.

  • yummy

    I said it before, I’ll say it again, THIS is how you kill a brand, bitches, until its stick a fork in it dead. Couldnt of done it better myself if I had tried. I think it is called brand suicide. All started with the diaper wearing dillholes at your favorite company. Nice job, jagoffs.

  • Luke Mattson

    And it’s all because of Verizon wireless

  • s0uth

    Man I hope I get my phone back from warranty…. Lol.

  • Friaform

    Just was wondering, who’s going to be left to buy all these several hundred dollar toys when we’re all out of jobs and those in China make a fraction of the wages?

  • I feel horrible for anyone that gets fired, especially due to Corporate greed and shenanigans. Me heart is with the hundreds of people now facibg chaos in their personal lives.

    • Deplorable_Engineer

      I don’t feel horrible for the Wells Fargo Employees that got fired.

      • michael arazan

        The execs that designed the scheme won’t be fired, and no one will ever go to jail. The hit comes to the low underlings just doing their job honestly

      • You really should. They were forced into it by upper management. They make minimum wage plus commission.

        It sucks for them and of course the victims.

        I’d like senior WF management to be held accountable.

  • disqus_3xqWryxLgr

    “Massive” happened a long time ago. This is just the inevitable progression to predictable ending.

  • GreQ

    I miss my Moto X Not Moto.

  • jetscreamer01

    Damn you Lenovo, first you gives us
    the Note 7 with an exploding battery, then you make the iphone 7 with no headphone jack. I will never buy a Lenovo phone again! My next phone will be the Moto Z Play!

    • GreQ

      moto z…with no headphone jack? that one?

      • cadtek91

        Moto Z Play has a headphone jack. The Z and Z Force do not.

  • Tim Massing

    Do they play to “Double Down” on Chicago?

  • Stabby McKnifington

    This would never have happened if Kodos had been elected.

    • blackmagick20

      Don’t blame me, I voted for Kang

      • Person Dude

        Don’t blame me, I voted for Harambe

  • DJ SPY


    “Hmm, we don’t move a lot of phones priced at $400. I think we should price the new ones at $700. Totally makes sense guys! Yeah!!”

  • belsonc

    “Oh no Moto.”

  • yenbee

    Google should have just absorbed Motorola, stuck it in their “Alphabet” under M and used them to manufacture their Pixel line.

    • morteum

      One can dream.

      • blackmagick20

        Wow. I think you just confirmed this guy’s wet dream.

    • trixnkix637

      Blame Samsung for Google not doing that exactly as originally planned.

      • Truth_Hurts

        Pathetic comment. It was ultimately Google’s decision. Deflecting blame because of your fanboyism only reveals an agenda.

        • alex drum

          The fact samsung made it past its first couple phones is actually truly the eye opening thing in terms of fanboyism, how stupid people are, and how people will accept a TERRIBLE product just because marketing told them to.

          • trixnkix637

            Indeed. They are the Apple of the Android world.

          • enigmaco

            Its amazing what branding can do, how else are the kardashians making money off their stupid apps.

        • trixnkix637

          ok. let’s say I am a fanboy. So now what happens? My comment couldn’t have been that pathetic. It warranted a response from you…. Well on second thought, maybe it was in that case. Lol.

      • delco2040

        Google was leaking 2 billion because of Motorola. If you think Samsung forced Google to sell Moto to a Chinese company, you rate Samsung very highly.

        • trixnkix637

          Couldn’t care less about good old Sammy actually.

        • michael arazan

          It also covered Google’s butt with the largest amount of patents and IP’s ever from one company, a telecomm company, Moto was almost 100 years old.

  • Rich

    Just what this country needs….more f’n jobs moved to China. Us better wake the f up. We need to keep jobs here.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Oh give me a break… All your favorite tech companies make everything in China. All of them. Nothing new here.

      • Rich

        Because everyone was moved out of here dicktard

        • K.P. Smith

          Even if you’re making a valid point, when you toss in things like “dicktard” you invalidate anything before or after the word and make yourself look like a child. You can make valid points without insulting someone.

          I’ll lead by example:
          You state that everyone was moved out of here, but that’s not true that they were ever here (USA) in any significant number. Globally electronics manufacturing has always been more prevalent outside of America. Some blame strict environmental regulations, others blame high wages, but the point remains. There are some exceptions to that rule but they are just that, exceptions. When an electronics company does move even a small portion of their process to the US they usually make a big deal out of it. Since we’re talking about Motorola let’s use them as an example. They were a US based company with a bulk of their electronics manufacturing done outside of the US. Some assembly and distribution occurred in the US, but the manufacturing occurred outside of the US. In 2013 Motorola employed 700 people in Texas to assemble Motorola X phones. The parts which make the phone were manufactured outside of the US then shipped to Texas for assembly. By mid 2014 Motorola determined even assembling the parts that are manufactured in China was no longer suitable and closed the doors to that Texas plant.

          I said all of that to say this
          1) Dicktard is not a fact. If you’re going to make a point then use a fact or two.
          2) If you don’t have any facts to backup your position and need to resort to name calling then it’s possible you don’t have a position to begin with and are better off not commenting.


      • That they did, because of cheap labor. When it comes to manufacturing, companies don’t want to pay for US employees, so just move all the jobs off-shore for pennies on the dollar. There’s a song I like, with one particular line I agree with: ‘pay more at the store for a tag in the back that says Made in USA’ – Kudos to anyone who recognizes that lyric.

        • blackmagick20

          Toby Keith…Made In The USA.

      • blackmagick20

        It’s not simply tech companies! It’s other industries, as well! It’s kind of a scary thought and even Rome fell! I’m lucky as hell to work at a place in my tiny farming town that makes silicon rings which are sold to multiple tech companies for making computer chips! The fact that we had a plant in China and it closed down and we brought all that work back to our little place blows my mind!

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Welp that’s just how the game goes. Honestly anyone working for Motorola through the Google and Lenovo transitions should have had that resume prepped daily.

    • Jon

      Ya, the smartphone space is competitive. Qualcomm supposed have laid off ~5,000 people this year. At least that’s what they announced at the end of last year what they’ll be doing.

      • michael arazan

        Qualcomm doesn’t need to make a new chip every year that’s 10% better than the last, it could stand to release a new chip every two years instead.

        • Alan

          The same can be said about smartphones as well. Companies release marginally better phones each year. Just as the SoC, other components (both hardware and software) aren’t much better from the previous year’s model.

    • Ichigo Uzumaki

      Lenovo should also lay off making so many Moto phones… Motorola/Google used to make 3 phones Lenovo in its first year as skipper of the ship is up to 5 or 6 devices already. To me it looks like is going to get worst as time goes by, more devices with the moto name attached to them that won’t even resemble the moto phones that we know.

  • Arty McBert

    I really hope both Google and Lenovo get destroyed for this. It’s unforgivable what has been done to Motorola who had all the potential in the world with the Moto X and Moto G lines. I’m really sick and tired of this Samsung and Apple duopoly and there hasn’t been any real innovation in smartphones in years because everyone is too afraid to try something new.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Let’s be honest… Motorola sold their company. It wasn’t a hostile takeover. They did this to themselves.

      • Arty McBert

        I still feel like Google completely screwed them over. Yeah, Sanjhay Jha was a terrible CEO, but Motorola was the most innovative and the Moto X line was by far the best line up of phones with the best vision. If they had half the amount of Samsung’s marketing budget and prowess, it would be a completely different story.

        • blackmagick20

          I would have to agree with you! I sold my Moto X Pure just over a month ago and I miss it daily! I rarely strayed from a Moto phone through the years and was always sorry I did! I simply will never understand how Apple and Samsung keep this hold on the industry. I’m also one of the 5 people that clung to my multiple Zunes for dear life, so I’m a bit of an oddball. Refusing to be a sheep is something that’s paid off for me most times!

      • Higher_Ground

        Yep, after splitting off each division they sold them off one by one. They are down to the last legs and starting to cut them off below the knees.

        I was looking for a baby monitor this morning. Thought about pulling the trigger on a motorola set of cameras. I checked the reviews on Amazon… around 3 stars so I investigated a little more. As it turns out, the product was great a couple of years ago but in the past year or two they’ve actually downgraded the hardware they use.

        According to the top reviewer, he tried to replace a set of cameras he had bought several months or maybe a year earlier. When he got the replacements, he noticed a steep drop off in quality. He still had the older ones to compare. He went through 4-5 replacement sets (sounds a lot like motorola) and eventually they conceded that the newer model cameras (supposedly the same) were in fact using inferior parts and being assembled in a completely different factory.

        He was upset that they were bordering on fraud by claiming features that were no longer present (and refusing to replace in kind through warranty). They’re still selling them through the motorola home website, which says it’s a part of the moto mobility spin off.

        Seems like they are stripping down everything not related to PCs.

    • shooter50

      potential dlesnt sold phones and noboby bought these phones

  • Allyn K C

    Lenovo seems content to piss away the goodwill and brand recognition they acquired when they purchased the Moto brand. Oh well, I think most people saw this coming when Lenovo purchased Moto … but still a bit shocking to see how quickly they are letting it slide.

  • A Person

    “Sir, you have a message from Droid-Life”

    “Oh yes, thank you. I really need to get back to them… wait, who?”

  • IUse2Phones

    Bye bye timely updates!

    • Lucky Armpit

      Does this have anything to do with why my Nexus 6 has yet to receive Nougat? What it’s Google’s holdup anyway?

  • nathanL0

    Remember when Lenovo bought Moto, they PROMISED that they wouldn’t move everything to China? Yeah, think it’s time for Google to buy them back…

    • bobsmith

      Why buy a failing company when you already pillaged the patents. Also we have “made by google” phones now.

      • Have you read the article? R&D and HQ are staying in Chicago.

    • Suicide_Note

      Why would Google waste even a nickel to buy Moto back? Google already got everything they wanted from Moto.

    • compuguy1088

      Well, technically there are still 500 people still in Chicago. They are pretty close though…

      • ATF6

        500 / 10,000 of the 2010-2013 era workforce. Motorola is literally at 5% of what it used to be, they lost 95% of their designers, engineers and visionaries. That’s a catastrophic loss.

  • alarson83

    Its too bad google sold off moto. They were good for awhile under Google’s ownership, and lenovo has just destroyed them. Sad.

    • Suicide_Note

      Google threw Moto a life preserver, but ultimately Moto destroyed themselves.

      • Brian Himes

        Problem is they were incorporated into Lenovo who subsequently lead to every poor decision that was made.

    • calculatorwatch

      We can blame Sammy for threatening to desert for Tizen, but really Google should have called their bluff and said “go ahead, nobody will buy a Tizen phone”.

      • Turb0wned

        Except people would have bought Tizen phones because the average person will buy it because it has the name Samsung on it.

        • T4rd

          Maybe, but then they would have immediately returned it once they learned they didn’t have access to the Play Store or 95% of the apps they want.

          • Most people don’t use any apps. These are the same people who are willing to use Touchwiz after all.

            The teenagers who want Snapchat are the majority of people who will make this mistake and groan to their parents about it, and I can only imagine that only some of their parents would even be willing to listen and exchange the phone.

          • ChrisI

            most people don’t use any apps?????? =/

          • Yep, amazing isn’t it?

          • ChrisI

            is it sarcasm or am I lost?

          • mickeyB88

            You underestimate most people. They absolutely use apps, they just don’t organize them in any discernible way.

          • Averix

            That’s just a stupid statement. Touchwiz is not Tizen. People use apps. If they didn’t, Windows Phone would have been a smashing success. You need to get over your anti-Touchwiz stand and realize that choice is good. If Touchwiz was truly the 3rd of the 4 horsemen of the digital apocalypse, people wouldn’t be satisfied with their Galaxy S7 or N7 devices. Personally, I prefer the latest iteration of Touchwiz to the Nexus/Pixel Launcher.

          • Jon

            I use apps: phone app, SMS app, browser app and maps app. That is all.

          • T4rd

            Sounds like most Windows Phone users.

          • michael arazan

            Sound like most grand parents.

          • Ryan

            That is just complete BS. Maybe not LOTS of apps but there are some core apps that users use the hell out of. One of them being Google Maps.

          • Probably similar to Blackberry before they switched to Android, where they could run Android apps in emulation.

          • Ryan

            Umm, you know the first half of your comment there. They switched to android even AFTER having emulation.

            99% of users of Android are using Google apps. Nobody is buying a phone without Google Maps, even if it was free with a Prime subscription: https://www.amazon.com/Amazon-Fire-Phone-32GB-Unlocked/dp/B00OC0USA6

          • Huh? I don’t understand why you are disagreeing with my statement. I’m saying they could emulate Android apps so you could use Google Maps, Snapchat, etc.

          • Ryan

            a. The point is blackberry TRIED that approach and still decided they were better off just going to full Android. Probably because of compatibility and performance issues with emulation (and well my point B)
            b. No, emulation doesn’t give access to Google Apps. You know that Google /= Android right? To get those apps you need to Google Play services. And its not like Google is going to allow those to be run on some 3rd party OS.

          • slug_munchies

            Cannot use Google Maps – those are proprietary, copyrighted APIs. We have an Amazon Kindle Fire – cannot coax any Google app (even YewToobe) to run on it.

            No gmail, maps, youtube, no audience. Just ask Bezos.

          • Ichigo Uzumaki

            and that they paid for.

        • michael arazan

          Only Korean Loyalists, no access to the Play store is a definitive no-go, especially since android users are pretty heavily invested in it. One thing that keeps people to an OS platform is the level of investment in it where it’s a waste of your money to walk away from it.

          • sinfoman

            Read here: Apple

      • morteum

        Although that is the explanation we’ve been given and is very much a possibility, I don’t think we really know for sure if that is what happened. For all we know Google was gonna sell them off regardless of Samsung.

      • TransJenger

        Deflecting blame rather then looking at Google’s own mistakes seems childish. Google was losing 2 billion on Moto. Selling it off was a good business decision.

        • MastermindDrew

          Its pretty much accepted Google bought Moto the for the patents

        • calculatorwatch

          I dunno, I happen to believe Google could have turned Moto into a successful company with their leadership. Lots of people loved the Moto X and if they could have pulled off a product that good a few years in a row their sales certainly would have picked up.

    • danieleran

      Google sold off Motorola after losing more than $2 billion (!) in quarterly losses within a couple years.
      Google didn’t know how to run a hardware company. See also Nest.

  • Kelly OBrien

    Just another sign of the times and crappy products. RIP MOTO

  • Koneesha

    Sad. This was once an iconic brand, and now its just a veil of darkness.

    • Katiersmith3

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