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LG G5 Arrives April 1 at US Cellular

lg g5 review

Last week, LG told us to expect the G5 to launch in the US in “early” April. According to a reliable source of ours, US Cellular will open up a pre-order for LG’s new flagship on March 28, before making it available in stores on April 1. No, this isn’t an April Fools’ joke. 

US Cellular will price the G5 at $636 without a contract, $199 on 2-year agreement, or $26.50 per month for 24 months. If anything, that should give us an idea as to what other carriers in the US might charge.

During launch, from March 28 through April 17, LG will run a promotion that will land G5 customers a free battery, battery charging cradle, and USB Type-C adapter. The total value for the accessory bundle is around $80 and is similar to the promotion LG ran last year for the G4.

These launch plans, obviously, don’t confirm anything for other carriers like Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile, but I’d be pretty surprised if they also weren’t targeting April 1.

  • Bay_Ranger

    So Best Buy is also releasing the AT&T and Sprint models on April 1. Nothing new there, they published that two weeks ago. But the pricing is interesting Sprint unactivated price is $800; AT&T unactivated price is $1000.
    However, buying on the monthly payment plans, Sprint’s price is $689
    and AT&T is $576..

  • MattBoan

    I’m genuinely interested in the G5. But I’ll have to play the waiting game, because if root cannot be achieved it fails for me and I will wait for this year’s batch of Nexus devices.

  • Aaron MacNaughton

    I legitimately forgot US Cellular even existed. Everything in the media is about Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and rarely Sprint these days.

  • Fred

    Cant wait for the LG G5 on Verizon. After using the tap to wake and sleep on the LG G2, I have bought every generation of the LG flagship and cannot use a phone without that feature.

  • sefirosu

    I loved my G2. Went to the G4 and just hated life. Went to the Nexus 6 within two months of getting the G4. This phone looks great but I’m on Verizon and it just feels like this phone will be hard to unlock. Probably wont be able to get recovery on it. It’s a shame.

    • Dominick White

      That is more than likely, the LG g4 on Verizon barely got root

      • sefirosu

        Yeah and it was a pain in the balls to do it. As much as I think I’d like the phone, I’ll pass.

        • MattBoan

          I never rooted the wife’s G4 (I’m still rocking the G3) because of how rough it was to get done.

          • gboybama

            Rooting it wasn’t too difficult, but I’ll never pre-order a phone again. Taking a risk that there may not be an unlocked bootloader and an active developer community is just unacceptable to me in the future.

  • Snowbo13

    I’m on us cellular and would get the G5 but I am on more of a 1.5 year trend on holding onto a phone. I just got the s6 egde last march and am planning on holding onto it untill the s8/g6/next nexus line comes out.

  • Bay_Ranger

    Same April 1 date posted by Best Buy a few weeks ago (and then immediately taken down). That makes me think that April 1 is a real date for release, although as I mentioned back then, April Fools Day is an unfortunate choice of dates. Next question, what will the freebies be? In Europe, you can get a free “friend”; a camera module from one provider, the speaker module from another. I’ve seen nothing like the “Buy One, Get One Free” that the Samsung S7 had but that’s what I want more than any other offer.

  • Analog Watchface

    Whoah! LG G5 looks like iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus but we can expect something great about this new smartphone from the company. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.crittermap.watchface.glowwatch

  • Erik Tyler

    These OEM’s really need to learn how to launch a phone. Samsung finally seems to get it. Prices and release dates right after launch. Sony is a joke. Over FOUR MONTHS to make their new phones available… LG is really screwing themselves by waiting several weeks after the S7 and edge are on store shelves. If they think this is some kind of an advantage, they’re delusional.

    • MJ

      Should LG have waited two more months to space it out more?

    • mickeyB88

      No matter what though if someone wants a Samsung, they’re gonna get a Samsung. I rarely see a G4 in the wild, yet I see a lot of LG’s budget phones out there.

  • Markelous

    M I the only one excited about this phone lol.

    • Orion

      I’m not into the phone but I’m sure there’s plenty interested. Lol

    • Akuma10

      I’m excited I played it with today when the LG rep came in. Its slimmer then it looks and feels great. I didn’t notice any studded like I see on the s7.

    • Chris

      I’m with you. Looking forward to the G5 on VZW. Aside from all the specs that are standard in a flagship these days, I use several of the features that differentiate this phone…Changeable battery as I spend a lot of time off the grid backpacking and stuff. Knock code to unlock I’ve been used to from the G2 & G3. IR blaster for system control in 2 rooms. I’m holding my breath that the camera is as fast & responsive as the reviews on the S7. Looking forward to taking wide camera shots you can’t get using current panorama methods on moving things like the ocean as it can never blend those objects.

    • Yes

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Same as Samsung, with only 32GB? And with that US Cellular price I’m guessing Base $650 from the carriers?

  • cdm283813

    $636? Nope…

    • Sandra Merchant

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    • mickeyB88

      What did you expect, sub $500 for a flagship phone?

      • Carlos Lopez

        Phone manufacturers aren’t allowed to make money now because then cdm would have to pay a little more

      • Mr Mop

        Well, Motorola released the Moto X Pure Edition starting at $399, though only 16 GB

      • cdm283813

        Why yes; $499.99.

      • For a phone that has so many sacrifices compared to the S7, absolutely. $549 was my hopeful price.

        • mickeyB88

          What sacrifices? I’m genuinely curious, aside from design they seem like the exact same.
          SD 820
          Good Camera
          Fingerprint sensor
          Bogged down software (Touchwiz maybe less so these days)
          Carrier versions with bloat
          SD card
          No storage adoption.

          The only difference is that LG seems to have improved with updates, and a different display.

          • The G5 has a downsized battery from the G4/S7, much worse screen to bezel ratio, huge top and bottom chin, you need to power down the device if you want to swap modules, you can’t use a case if you intend to always use a module (unless you buy multiple cases), no wireless charging, not waterproof. LG basically made a horrible looking phone and threw in a bunch of gimmicks to hope something sticks, which is what most people said Samsung did years ago, but scrutinized them for it.

          • mickeyB88

            I was naming stuff off the top of my head but you’re right. The bezel on the G3 isn’t bad, but the bezel on the G5 hasn’t gotten better, and phone got bigger. That’s an issue, and someone at LG should be hit for that. The module complaint is real, I have no idea why LG didn’t constrain those module makers to a certain size to alleviate that case issue, and I find it hard to believe they didn’t think about that.

          • I had the G2, G3, and G4, loved them all. The G2 had the best display to bezel ratio of any phone, and the G3 was very good as well. The G4 grew in all dimensions slightly but was still pretty good. It’s sad that the S7 Edge is the same size as the G5, yet is a 5.5″ phone compared to a 5.3″ phone. Even if you compare it to the G4, it’s marginally smaller yet has a much smaller display. LG is going backwards with their phones IMO. I’m surprised no one has really mentioned the issue with cases. Most people use a case, so if someone wants to swap modules they need to take their case off (which is hard on some like Otterboxes), swap the module, turn the phone back on, and then their case wont fit until their done with the module. If someone wants the audio module on 24/7, they probably won’t be able to get many, or any cases that fit it.

          • mickeyB88

            I’d be the fringe case that would be using that Audio module all the time. Unless B&O releases a custom case ($$$$) I don’t see how anyone would realistically use a case regularly. That’s a logistical clusterf**k right there.

  • TeeJay1100

    I been forgot about this phone already.