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Android N Lets You Add Personal Emergency Info to Your Lock Screen

android n emergency info

Android N is turning out to be another of those change-filled updates that is equipped with all sorts of little goodies that we are discovering as the day wears on. One of those is the new Emergency Info screen under “Users,” which lets you put in all sorts of information that could be used by someone, should there be an emergency involving you.  (This info can also be entered upon phone setup.)

To access the new Emergency Info screen, you’ll find a shortcut to it by accessing the “Users” section in your phone or tablet’s main settings menu. Once you tap on it, you’ll be taken to a form that allows you to specify name, address, date of birth, blood type, any known allergies you may have, what medications you are on, medical conditions someone should know about, and if you are an organ donor. You can also specify emergency contacts that someone could call from the emergency calls screen. 

android n emegency info-3 android n emegency info android n emegency info-2

This panel only reveals itself should you have a secure lock screen, which makes sense, since then someone couldn’t just open up your phone to find out info about you. But if you do have a secure lock in place and you access the emergency dialer, you’ll see a panel at the top that can be tapped twice to show your emergency info. Below, you can see how it shows and what the call screen looks like if you try and call a contact.

android n emegency info-5 android n emegency info-6 android n emegency info-7

Talk about an extremely helpful addition to Android. I was actually recently thinking about this subject for some reason and couldn’t figure out a way that should something happen to me, if anyone would be able to get into my phone to contact my wife or brother. With this added to Android N, that certainly solves that problem. Here’s to hoping none of us ever needs someone to use it.

Cheers Sean!
  • OneForTheGoodDays

    Wussy Ct. – Pop. 1

  • sinfoman

    FWIW, Note 4, Android 5.1.x TouchWiz has the option to click “EMERGENCY CALL” if the screen is locked and allows you to add shortcuts. Also, it has a scrolling option on the lock screen with personal info. “If found please call…” which is customizable. Since everyone on here is down on TouchWiz, I thought I’d represent a little. EDIT: The lock screen functionality I believe was on 4.4 and maybe even 4.3, but don’t quote me on that.

  • Will Oren

    Wow, I’m on the same medication….

  • JLR84

    It’s a shame that the feature only works if you lock your phone, which I generally don’t. Even on an unlocked phone, it’s difficult to quickly find information that would be useful in an emergency.

    Sure you might be able to guess the contact of a spouse or family member based on call history… but that still leaves out potentially important information like blood type and any medical history.

  • demarcmj

    Just remember not to use smart unlock if you’re printing your home address right on your lockscreen.

    • Adam

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought the smart unlock systems still required the password the first time you access them from the location (or at least you can set it this way). That should prevent somebody from abusing the smart unlock if they know your address, or some other scenario where they also steal your smartwatch or something.

      • demarcmj

        You need your password to set up smart unlock, but if you set it up to unlock at your house then all someone has to do if they find your phone is park across the street and they’re in.

  • Character0

    Well I guess if the thief can’t unlock your phone they can get enough data to steal your identity. I think it should just be your name and emergency contact info (Name and number).

  • Neutrino .

    Does Android N fix the issue of having to swipe up to access the lockscreen, and then have to enter your pin as well to to unlock the phone? I’m still on Kitkat because this issue is just not tolerable.

    And is the mess that is the running task carousel thing that was introduced in Lollipop improved at all?

    And what about the colour scheme. Is everything still unbearably glaring white?

  • Danmheadache

    Did you guys know that you can use heart rate sensor as shutter button mechanism for front facing camera (selfie)?

  • Brian Menius

    The Emergency Information option in Users seems to be excluded from the N9 beta build.

  • SHunter


  • Mordecaidrake

    I’ve been hoping for this for awhile, one thing I was jealous of the iPhone for. It only makes sense, maybe now I can remove the emergency contact info file I have on my USB drive that’s on my keychain. That’s assuming a Verizon phone sees this update within the next ~5years.

  • Tom Z

    This is great… The current ICE apps available haven’t been updated in years and don’t work well with the latest versions of Android.
    My dad is going to be happy with this on his Nexus 5x. Right now the ICE app he is using cripples the fingerprint instant on function.

  • Kevin

    “Medication: Beer”

    You and me both!

  • Jason Casas

    forgot to put your social and mother maiden name in the photo 😉

    • Jason Casas

      though i’m highly suspicious of Wussy Ct hah!

  • TriguyRN

    Only thing that kind of sucks is most non techie people won’t know to look there :/ Hopefully emergency care providers will be trained to look there.

  • Dhruv

    Medication: Beer
    (In the image at the top)

  • fallsgable

    The emergency info is a direct Copy from iPhone….my son has CP and Epilepsy, and the lock screen on the iPhone lock screenn already has a medical emergency button on the bottom left that paramedics look for…you can have all your medical records, conditions and medications, contact info, etc….and paramedics look for it immediately….its been a real life saver….No Joke!

    • Nick

      Do they actually check phones for info? I’ve heard elsewhere that they usually don’t even bother because it’s often just a waste of time. Sounds like that’s changing though.

  • Is anyone having issues sharing screenshots to Whatsapp (either selecting using the Whatsapp Gallery function OR going to Google Photos, selecting the screenshot, then sharing to Whatsapp).
    -Yes, I am aware this build will be full of bugs and glitches.
    Also, got my phone stuck in Night mode, I had to turn off the System UI Tuner.
    Nice touch though with the Color Calibration, I guess that I can calibrate my Nexus 6 yellow tint now ^-^

    • TriguyRN

      I have found that rather than hitting the night mode switch, press the header text to the left of the switch.

  • fartbubbler

    I hope that whoever finds me dead or unconscious has better luck getting my wife to answer her phone…

    • moew

      Ruh Roh!

    • rodney11ride


    • JBz007

      This deserves a million upvotes

    • sc0rch3d

      make the “contact” button send her a funny cat video via facebook…. somehow that avenue works every time

  • T4rd

    Dafuq..I remember having this option on my LG Voyager, lol.