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Vimeo Updates Android App to Include Chromecast Support

After much wait, Vimeo updated its Android app this week, bringing with it… Chromecast support! The last time we discussed Vimeo and Chromecast together was all the way back in mid 2013, but as Vimeo states, “late is better than never.” You see, Vimeo was one of the first companies to openly embrace the idea of Chromecast, but for some odd reason, it has taken years to actually implement the feature for users. That all changes today. 

In addition to now having the ability to cast your videos from Video directly to an HDTV, Vimeo details that they have fixed a big list of bugs and crashing issues that plagued the app. Thanks to this update, we may see Vimeo’s app rating in Google Play pick up, but that’s not exactly our primary concern.

If you use Vimeo, go forth and grab the update and get to casting those videos.

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  • RXG9

    Random question,

    how is vimeo still around? who uses it, and for what?

    I thought it was supposed to rival YouTube, but it hasn’t done that whatsoever.

    • SMD79

      A lot of pro-videographer guys use it because the restrictions on music are much less harsh and the quality was always marginally better than YouTube (although Youtube has made great improvements in that regard).

  • sefirosu


  • James Paloma

    That was a dark time for the Vimeo app for a while there. Glad its finally getting some attention.

  • When I saw the title, somehow I thought it said “Venmo gets Chromecast support”…and I was like uuurrrhhh?? 🙂

  • EC8CH

    Vimeo was in desperate need of an update to fix bugs and add functionality. Hopefully this address most of their many problems.

  • Suicide_Note

    Better late than never? Whatever, Vimeo.


    • TypoCorrecto

      Most punchable face in all of history.

      • Irmasgates3

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