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Verizon go90 Update Lets Post-Paid Customers Stream Without Using Their Data

verizon go90

Verizon’s go90 app received an update this week that makes it more acceptable to use by its post-paid customers (those not on prepaid). The update enhances the follow/unfollow feature, makes the streaming experience faster, and allows for previews of NBA games, but more importantly, no longer counts against data plans. 

In v1.4 of go90, Verizon is allowing post-paid customers to stream for free on 4G LTE  connections. That means all the shows, live concerts, and sports you can handle from go90. Verizon is saying that other activity within go90, like downloading, commenting, clipping, and sharing videos does count against data plans.

In order to experience the benefits, be sure to update today.

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Cheers Erik, Marqus, and C!
  • psf57

    FreeBee Data on Verizon is NOT active yet. Per Verizon CSR. Notification will be on their website when it is. So, this article is not correct.

  • Johnny

    Thank you tmobile!

  • Generousb

    This post reeks of Verizon’s checkbook. Blatent violation of net neutrality and a slimy attempt to exploit the rules of paid prioritization. Wake up people! This will only get worse. File a complaint with the FCC. https://consumercomplaints.fcc.gov/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=38824

  • higgy

    I’m for net neutrality as a means to control land based internet. And as a means to protect data throttling when the consumer pays for an unlimited data cap. But enforcing the same standards on cellular networks sounds like over regulation. A cellular internet connection is not essential to the economy and has a much more fragile infrastructure than a standard internet connection. Verizon and all other cellular companies should be allowed to remove data caps on whatever apps that want to pay for it.

  • Dt Bell

    Verizon’s features seem intentionally confusing.

  • catfanatic1979

    Please extend this benefit to prepaid users and include dubbed anime on the service.

  • S. Ali

    Where is the outrage BingeOn received?

    • Eric R.

      Your aren’t forced to use this service. You must go into the app to use it. T-Mobile turned BingOn for everyone.

    • Alan

      There will. BingeOn didn’t receive insta-rage responses at first. This is assuming enough people actually find out what Go90 is.

  • DC_Guy

    LOL I knew this was coming. I wish they would put more resources on rolling out RCS messaging though. I can’t stand SMS/MMS messaging in its current state.

  • Matt Colontrelle

    Now if only next season NFL Mobile will be a data free service as well!

  • scotch1337

    Maybe I am wrong, bust isn’t net neutrality about suppression and extortion of content? I don’t think that is the case. You pay for your data, like usual, they offer another service that added additional content to your device and now they are enticing you to go with that services by making data consumption through that service unlimited. I see them crapping on their customers but this isn’t really violating net neutrality, so long and they don’t throttle none subscribers of the service.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Zero rates data for select services with no clear method to get other services the same deal.

    • Nick

      “now they are enticing you to go with that service by making data consumption through that service unlimited”

      That’s exactly what net neutrality is supposed to protect against. If Verizon can offer their own service using zero data, that theoretically puts them at an advantage over competitors like YouTube and Vimeo. The principles of net neutrality say that all traffic on a network should be treated equally so that the telecom companies don’t have the power to choose internet winners and losers.

    • WickedToby741

      The core idea of net neutrality is that customers should be picking winners and losers and not carriers and cable providers. That includes zero rating. By Verizon not counting go90 against subscribers’ days caps but counting competing services, they are artificially boosting the appeal of go90 over other competitors, giving go90 an unfair advantage according to the net neutrality rules.

  • Zachary Grimshaw

    Bye bye net neutrality. *sigh*

  • gabe1989

    go90. what a crap name. bet somebody in marketing and branding woke up hungover and thought of it.

  • Jarred Sutherland

    So Kellex where is the rage for this that we saw with BingeOn? The tone of this article is very positive compared to others, considering this quite likely violates Net Neutrality.

    • jnt

      Well for one it’s a single app that you have to access to use, so it’s about as opt-in as you can ask for, compared to BingeOn which is simply all video that falls under its umbrella, and opt-out.

      • Jarred Sutherland

        Oh so as long as it doesn’t inconvenience anyone by making them opt out, breaking net neutrality rules is dandy. Gotcha.

        • jnt

          I said “for one”, I didn’t say “for all”. 😛 I agree with your overall premise, but at least it’s the exact opposite of T-Mobile when it comes to opting in or out. Most T-Mobile users probably don’t even know they’re using BingeOn.

          Though I guess it also depends, somewhat, on what content is available in go90.

          • Jarred Sutherland

            I’ve been enjoying BingeOn for Netflix on the go, but I also haven’t noticed a single issue with other streaming video services such as YouTube. I think it works best for T-Mobile and general users as opt-in provided it is not an opt-in to horribly degraded service or something costly. Power users are the only ones really concerned past that.


          • JS

            It’s 2016 and you think power users are still a thing? Oh ye who be so out of touch. Lazy people make generalizations though so not surprising.

          • Everyone should be concerned about zero rating. What if they decided to throttle your email?

          • Jarred Sutherland

            I think the better question is why are you trolling old comments? If they throttled my email I wouldn’t get useless notifications from disqus apparently.

          • I don’t think you understand how the internet works.

    • Verizon isn’t throttling all video traffic like T-Mobile is.

    • Joe

      Just wait. It some time for BingeOn.

      • Joe

        *It some time for BingeOn.

    • Gladyslsombs4

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    • It’s not the same thing. Verizon and their videos is local IP. It doesn’t really go over the open internet.

  • HybridAndy

    I downloaded and registered the other day on my MotoX Pure but never got the 2GB for 3 months promo added to my account. I wonder if it ended or if I have to do it from a phone purchased through Verizon. I couldn’t find a definitive answer if it’s still going on or how the app the service make the connection.

    • V M

      Exactly! I had my friend do the same but the fine print says only for “More everything plans”. Don’t know if this promo is also same. Can you please update Kellex??

    • Raven

      I did it sometime middle of last month and got my free 2 GB. I thought it was only for 1 month though, 3 would be nice.

  • patt