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Poll: Do You Use a Fingerprint to Unlock Your Phone?

nexus 6p fingerprint reader

Yesterday, we asked if you are all using a secure lock screen after reading a report that said 1 in 3 Android users go without one. Our results turned up with slightly better numbers, showing that 77% of you utilize some form of a secure lock screen. That means about 1 in 4 aren’t, which isn’t amazing news, but is certainly not as bad as 1 in 3.

Today, we want to see which percentage of you who are using a secure lock screen, are unlocking with a fingerprint reader. More and more phones seem to be including fingerprint readers at this point, which to us, is a good sign. I say that because a number of you mentioned yesterday that you probably wouldn’t use a secure lock screen if Android Pay didn’t force you to, but also that it hasn’t been that big of an issue thanks to your fingerprint readers. Bring on more fingerprint readers! Secure lock screens are a good thing.

So tell us, are you unlocking your phone with a fingerprint?

Do You Use a Fingerprint to Unlock Your Phone?

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  • James Cooper

    As good as it is the rear finger print scanner sucks if you use a wallet case, the hole to put your finger in is too deep( even though it works fine ) & you’re always flipping the cover to access the sensor.

  • Armaan Modi

    61% for yes? O.O.I thought it would be 4% or something like that.Does everyone here own a 6P or 5X or other expensive phones? Looks like people here like being very up to date.#motherofgawd

  • BooBee

    Yes I love that finger print unlock feature BUT if I’m being pulled over by a cop for whatever reason I will in fact power down my device so that I can’t be forced to unlock my device by finger print (pin code is required after iPhone reboots). I have nothing to hide but my actions would be solely based on the principle that I have the right to protect my own privacy.

    • Armaan Modi

      Strongly agree with your reason.

  • GeekOfNature

    My phone doesn’t have a fingerprint reader. I use the fingerprint reader on my Galaxy Tab S2 daily.

  • Wilfred Yung

    1password is my favourite password safe, syncs with dropbox too and has a 1password app for teams/families to share too! pretty sweet~

  • I actually got a 6P mainly for the fingerprint unlock (and the camera).

  • YuCMi

    I use the scanners almost exclusively, except for the times it won’t pick up my fingerprint for whatever reason.

  • pball_inuyasha

    N5X here and I use the finger print scanner exclusively. I always thought it was a bit gimmicky but with how consistent and fast this one works it’s useful. Wouldn’t of gone out of my way to buy a phone with one until now though. I’m also not super concerned about security either, just want to keep people from hijacking facebook and messing with things. I really do want to try bypassing the finger print scanner with the things you see in movies and tv but I haven’t gotten around to trying that yet. I’m also interested in what technology this phone uses for reading finger prints since that can determine how easily it might be beaten.

  • I would, but my S5’s reader is so unreliable it doesn’t make sense to.

  • Jackie Chen

    Before I got my Oneplus 2 I always thought fingerprint sensors were gimmicky and useless, but now I can’t imagine using a phone without one. Extremely convenient!

    • Duffman

      Do you feel the same way about NFC? hahahahahaha

      • Jackie Chen

        Lmao good one, only used it a few times when I had it. Don’t really mind not having it, but would be nice to have it as an option.

  • Defenestratus

    I use it but with smart lock it’s a superfluous feature.

  • Andrew Branch

    I do on my 6P only because it’s so easy, even though I don’t truly need it thanks to trusted devices and my Moto 360.

  • Trysta

    Yes but not for the security. It is just easier to wake the phone using the fingerprint reader than using the power button. If I could use the fingerprint reader without the security (so for example I didn’t have to use a pattern lock when I wear gloves) I totally would.

  • This is the main reason I’m not using my fingerprint to lock my phone – http://www.slate.com/blogs/future_tense/2014/10/31/virginia_police_can_make_you_unlike_your_smartphone_with_your_fingerprint.html Until it’s overturned, I’ll be stickting to my pattern.

    • Steven02

      Well, here is the thing on a Nexus. You can refuse and hopefully it would take awhile before anything went to court. After a day or so, the phone requires a pattern to unlock. You have to do it about once a day on the 6P. Or don’t kill someone 😉

      • Interesting. Good to know.

  • shooter50

    yes, but I hate the back fingerprint reader on the V10. It works great, but I don’t like picking up the phone to unlock when its sitting on my desk. I would never buy another phone without fingerprint reader

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    It’s the only way I’d ever lock my device. Works fine on the 6P. But I think the iPhone and S6 is simpler since it’s an easier reach and in a more natural location for all instances (like on my desk)

  • William Murrell

    No, because if I ever get into a problem with Law Enforcement for ANY reason, legitimate or otherwise, they can force me to use my fingerprint to unlock my phone, but can’t force me to disclose my password.

    • middlehead

      Exactly. Don’t and won’t.

      And before the obvious responses of “don’t get arrested” start, that reaction is painfully ignorant.

      • JoshGroff

        Honestly, my phone data is pretty boring. It consists mainly of music, games, and Google searches usually consisting of video/card gaming strategies or tech news.

    • Albert Kilger

      Keep the phone encrypted and set the security to require a password to start android and decrypt. So if something ever goes down with law enforcement all you have to do is shutdown. And when they try to reboot it, your fingerprint won’t unlock until the password has been entered. I thought of that too though.

    • BooBee

      I’ve been pulled over for a busted tail light that was barely damaged but I powered down my phone when I got pulled over. It forces the pin entry when it powers back on.

  • Michael Chediak

    Voted yes and love using the fingerprint scanner on my 6P

  • moew

    Can we do a new poll? Do you have a fingerprint scanner, have NO NFC, and cry at nights? #oneplusfail

    I have a 6P and love the placement, speed, and love the way it works!

  • Mark Snider

    Yes I use it for the unlock function and purchase options, at this point in time I would not purchase a phone that did not have a finger scanner on it

  • enaybee

    Flash too many roms … so its a lot of work to disable lock before taking a nandroid backup then set it up again for each new rom.

  • JSo

    I have a 2013 Nexus 5. So…….no.

  • BoFiS

    I would if my phone had a fingerprint reader…and was hoping when I upgrade to a Z5 Compact it’d have one..which I guess means importing one since Sony has no idea how to properly market or sell their excellent phones in this country…

  • Bobb

    MXPE no scanner, IPad Air 2 I use the scanner

  • The Doctor

    My S6 active doesn’t have a fingerprint scanner, but my new gold Nexus 6P will have one when I get it tomorrow.

  • Larry Simpson

    No. I don’t let others handle my phones. It’s on me at all times so I won’t consider it

  • ASV505

    Love my 6P. Don’t want a phone without fp unlock now.

  • Francesco Vaccarella


    • worldclassflame


  • Firelight

    Love it on my 5X. Between LastPass, Android Pay, Google Play Store, etc. it’s a breeze! My banking app doesn’t have it, yet (again – yeah for LastPass).

  • Allyn K C

    Having a fingerprint reader is a requirement for me on any new smartphone. The lack of a fingerprint reader was the primary reason I skipped getting the Moto Pure.

  • Pedro Majano

    You should do a poll about nfc

    • Ian

      You use NFC to unlock your screen?

      • Moto Skip lives on!

        • moew

          There will be 3 votes for this item, hehe.

          • Bailers77

            Hey, there’s at least five of us!

      • Droid Ronin

        Still got my Moto Skip for that!

  • Brent Cooper

    The swipe fingerprint reader on my note 4 is so bad it’s barely usable. I would use it if I didn’t have to swipe like on the newer phones.

  • Sqube

    My current phone doesn’t have one, but my S6 did, and I certainly used it.

  • Craig P

    I hardly use it on my 6P because I’m always wearing my moto 360

    • MichaelFranz

      i still use it out of habit when holding the 6P because well….it’s natural my finger goes there. now when its on my desk and I use a double tap to wake I love being able to just swipe up because smart lock has ti with my Huawei watch. seriosuly it’s so goooood (james franco gif)

  • Daniel Garcia

    I love my fingerprint sensor on my 6P. Love that I can confirm purchases on google play with it and all the other options that are slowly being added to the fingerprint sensor.

  • Ben Murphy

    Very convenient. And the placement is 👌

  • I’ve become a huge fan of Nexus Imprint on my 6P. It’s pretty impressive how far fingerprint readers have come in the past year, considering my gf’s Galaxy S5’s reader is atrocious.

    I also would love to see more apps adopt FP security; I’m already using SafeInCloud and Authy.

  • Nick D’Errico

    I use the fingerprint scanner but also have my fitness tracker set as a trusted device. This way I never have to use my finger, but somebody stealing my phone would be locked out.

    • Unless the thief is within a 30 foot range or so. For me, security is more about keeping out that friend or family member who likes to mess with your phone as a joke

  • Suicide_Note

    I love the fingerprint sensor on my 6P. Works great everytime, and being able to use it with LastPass is a real treat, too.

  • Ryan

    Yes, I love it and I wish more apps would use it too (like banking apps, insurance apps, anything that requires a new session each time).

    • Jason Smith

      Bank of America does have fingerprint unlock, Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge +

      • They need to open that up to more phones, still doesn’t let me use fingerprint on the 6P

        • MichaelFranz

          agreed…..BOA is slacking..

      • Ryan

        Not for opening, for logging in. Different use.

    • I love using the app Nine, not only does it not require you to use a secure lock screen when using your work’s Exchange server, but it has fingerprint compatibility with Nexus Imprint. So does SafeInCloud for access to my passwords and credit card info.

      • Ben Murphy

        Oh snap I didn’t know that…. Was still using a pin code… Woot! Thanks for the tip.

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    • Shiggles

      By far my favorite feature of LastPass’ Android app.

      • SafeInCloud does it too, absolutely love it. Wish my online banking app supported it

    • Tbase52

      Its not 100% secure.. That’s why they don’t use it for apps like that. It will get better and happen eventually tho

    • hensu

      iphone does, and has for a while

      • Jeff McLean

        Really!?!? Tel us more, we all came here to read about iOS-life !!

        • El_Big_CHRIS


      • JoshGroff

        The first phone to feature a fingerprint scanner was an android, Apple just popularized the use of them, as usual. I wasn’t really impressed with it on the atrix and I still don’t care now, but I’m glad the option is becoming popular for those who do find then useful.

        • Keg Man

          I’d use them but only Apple has made a reliable and easy to use scanner that I know of

    • Jeffrey Tarman

      Use Applock -fingerprint- from the play store. You can open the apps you choose using your fingerprint

      • ksavai

        not the point. you still need password for apps eg banking app