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Google Photos Introduces Quick Shortcut to Jump From Camera to Photos

google photos camera shortcut

Google Photos, either through an update we didn’t notice or because of a slow server-side rollout, received a feature over the weekend that allows you to add shortcuts to photos taken in your camera that can launch you into Google Photos. That make sense? Let me me explain. 

The new feature is showing up in the Assistant panel of the Google Photos app. It looks like the card in the image we featured above and below. See it? The idea is pretty simple here, in that it allows you to quickly jump into Google Photos after a picture is taken instead of the gallery app that is likely set as the default for your phone, assuming you aren’t using a Nexus.

When you tell Google Photos to “Add shortcut,” you’ll then have controls for it in Google Photos’ settings. It’s basically a toggle for on or off. With it toggled on, all you need to do is open your phone’s camera app, snap a picture, and that recently snapped photo will show as a floating icon over your camera UI as a shortcut to the picture you just took. It will open in Google Photos. Get it now?

This is what it looks like:


I’m currently on Photos v1.12.0.111999620.

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google photos camera shortcut-3 google photos camera shortcut-4 google photos camera shortcut-5

  • fallenyogi

    Carousel had this function too. R.I.P. 🙁

  • fallsgable

    Also, I prefer the Motorola (Moto X) camera to the stock Google camera….runs great on my Nexus 6 as well…..
    I HATE having a camera shutter button, and love Moto’s “tap anywhere on the screen”…. Just a simple and easy UI…..IMHO…
    (I am NOT rooted and just disabled stock Google camera and installed Moto Camera .apk)

  • Alan Burnstine

    As others have said, this has been available for a while, and doesn’t require Google’s camera app. It pops up over the Samsung camera app on my 6 Edge (although not 100% reliably).

  • Zabih Cino

    This is old news I have this option for the last 2 months

  • interstellarmind

    Got the notification to the existence of the feature last week.
    Tried it with my Xperia Z5 …and it didn’t work with the stock camera.

  • Richard Servello

    Not seeing it yet. I would prefer them fix the horrible Chromecast support.

  • Jhan-Michael Lyons

    doesnt show up on my nexus 6

  • can_non


  • CabbageHeadCat.

    Even on the 6p it goes into the gallery app or some version of one. It doesn’t go into Google Photos when reviewing pictures taken. This would be great.

    Edit: Never mind, the photos icon is in the top right next to settings.

  • ROB

    using Piktures

  • fallsgable

    Fot those that DON’T like Google Photos (like me)….
    Gallery KK is my choice at this point on the N6…..The Google Photos app is a pain in the ass to navigate and find your pictures in folders on phone…..
    Gallery KK is closest thing to original Gallery App, before Google FORCED you into their cloud world…..
    PLUS, you DON’T need root….tired of rooting…no need really anymore, with the N6….no bloat to remove…..
    Gallery KK is a WIN, if looking for the stock gallery experience, and ability to edit pics easily and save right back in the same album, quick and easy…works like it should!

  • Ajmobileguru

    Have had this for more than a month. Old news

  • hal sandick

    not showing up on my nexus 6p

    • ReturnOfTheMack

      It won’t because you don’t need this on a nexus device, you’re already able to jump right into Google’s photos app after taking a picture. This is for devices that have a different gallery app pre-installed.

  • Jeffrey Tarman

    Issues lately with Photos app. It only wants to backup my camera & downloads folders. Ignores, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, etc.

    • korab84

      The photos from the social media apps aren’t part of the full Photos gallery…that’s why, I think, it won’t let you to back them up. Only the camera and downloads.

      • No_Ledge

        Settings, Back Up & sync, Choose folders to back up…

        I have other folders listed here like: Screenshots, Hangouts, etc.

        Edit: Just downloaded a pic from facebook and it downloads into /DCIM/Facebook. In the Photos app if I hit the hamburger menu and go to “Device Folders” the FB pic is under “Camera” since it’s within the DCIM folder so it does gets synced.

        • Jeffrey Tarman

          Well, it’s weird because in the settings, I only see camera & downloads. I saw everything else before this update.

    • No_Ledge

      See my reply to korab84 below

  • I’ve been seeing that pop up on my camera for maybe a week. Never paid much attention to it. Though it was just a reminder that it was being save to the Photos app/cloud. It doesn’t actually sound all that useful to be honest.

  • The_Other_Ray

    Not useful with my Note 4 since i save pictures to my sdcard and Google Photos dies not have access to it for deleting pictures. It tells me to launch the Samsung Gallery App to delete pictures so it’s not useful.

    • LionStone

      That’s weird, I save my photos to my SD card as well, and G photos does let me delete on my Xperia Z3v

      • The_Other_Ray

        What version of android do you have? I haven’t been able to delete it from the Google Photos app since 5.0.1 when pictures are saved to the sdcard.

        • LionStone

          The Z3v is still on KK lol and the A9 has the latest 6.0.1

          • The_Other_Ray

            Yeah, i think it was with Lollipop that permissions changed regarding apps accessing the sdscard. When my Note 4 was on KK, i don’t remember having this issue. It was only when i updated to lollipop.

          • LionStone

            Yes I don’t know, could be?

  • Rod

    I wonder if there’ll ever be an option to set default opening view as “Folders”.

  • tmmacara

    This was introduced with v1.10 back in early December 2015.

    • homemadehitshow

      Yes it was. Very old news 🙂

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  • Mordecaidrake

    The photo’s shortcut I’ve found is pretty useless and it only works if you use the Google Camera. I’ve had it for a few days to a week now. Turned it off once I saw it didn’t work in the Note 5 Camera.

    • tmmacara

      That statement is incorrect. It also works with the Cyanogen Camera app and the Oppo Camera app.

      • Mordecaidrake

        Those are still based on the Google API, if my memory is correct. Samsung’s isn’t so it doesn’t work.

        • Marco Studenski

          Motorola Camera works too. Sounds like its a Samsung issue, again. Not a Photos issue. Personally, I think this is great, as I have no issues with Photos and I love using it as my default gallery.

    • TriguyRN

      Works with HTC’s camera

    • LionStone

      Incorrect, works on my Z3v and One A9, just as it should… Must be a Sammy thing

  • trevorsalienarms

    Every time I see the Google photos icon, I think “no thanks, Jeff”.

  • Not showing up on Note5 im sure Google’s Camera app needs to be installed

  • Turb0wned

    The Google photos app is a mess. Cluttered bloated junk.

    • Cowboydroid

      It seems to be getting worse and worse with every update. What use to be a fairly easy to use and simple interface has become clunky and frustrating.

      And it crashes on my N6 all the time.

      • Turb0wned


      • JRomeo

        update the app to the latest version, did that fix it?

  • DanSan

    I’ve been using the gallery apk for AOSP builds on my nexus, not a fan of the photos app. I like it so much better being able to see photos by folder without having to access it through other menus

  • josuearisty

    I have been using thia for 2 weeks or so!

  • Daniel Russell

    This has been around for at least a few weeks on my end.