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Dashlane 4 Brings Major Update to Android, iOS, Desktop

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Dashlane, one of the highest rated password lockers, received a major update today to version 4.0 on all of its platforms. That includes overhauls to iOS, desktop applications, and of course, Android.

The new experience brings “beautiful, consistent design” across all apps, but it appears as if the Dashlane crew also tried to stay true to the individual platform design languages. The update also introduces five new languages, fixes fingerprint activation on Android, includes at least 618 new international banks for payment options, and more. 

Here are some additional redesign highlights, according to Dashlane:

  • Menu Upgrades – New list/grid views, sorting options, improved button and header labeling mean it’s easier than ever to manage personal information and data within Dashlane. No matter where you use Dashlane your credential display, as well as the ability to add, find, and edit your data will remain the same.
  • Enhanced Search – Dashlane added new ‘Quick Actions’ from the in-app search field that enables users to more easily find data within Dashlane. No more clicking and scrolling; users can just execute a search to get what they need.
  • Password Changer – Dashlane added support for 300 additional websites to its industry-leading automatic Password Changer to bring the total number of compatible sites to over 500.
  • More Payment Options – Over 250 new international banks, credit cards, and financial institutions are now available with Dashlane Payments.
  • Easy Onboarding – When a new user signs up for Dashlane they will have an even smoother time getting started as new and improved account creation walkthrough screens will guide them through the process. Additionally, Dashlane has added ‘Hot Spots’ throughout the app that guide new users through critical functionalities, such as Passwords, Secure Notes, and Security Dashboard.
  • Secure Sharing and Emergency Contacts – Dashlane pioneered the concept of emergency password access on its desktop app in 2014, and continues to lead the market by providing password sharing and emergency contact setting on mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

If you still haven’t found yourself in the password locker arena, Dashlane is certainly worth a look.

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Via:  Dashlane
  • Dan Precourt

    And yet Dashlane STILL can’t autofill logins in Chrome on Android. LastPass can.

  • KingSpeedy

    I like the design of the Dashlane app a lot better than LastPass’s, but it doesn’t support auto-login in Chrome via the accessibility features, and that’s pretty much a deal-breaker for me at this point. I’ve become far too used to tapping in a password field, authenticating via a fingerprint, and having LastPass take care of the rest. Nothing else, Dashlane included, comes close to that.

  • BobButtons

    Big fan of Dashlane but can’t justify $40/yr for a password manager. 🙁

    • StevieV

      Especially when there are great alternatives for a fraction of the price.

  • CoolSilver

    I went with Keeper Security. It’s been good so far. Dashlane looks nice though I wonder how secure.

  • St0w

    Safe in the Cloud is great if no one has tried it.

  • Chicão

    Dashlane or Enpass?

    • McDanky


      • Croq

        I agree.

      • Chicão

        Lastpass = LogMeIn.
        LogMeIn = Scammer.
        No, thanks.

        • Chuck

          I’m not following you. I’m not trying to be a smart ass, and I’m curious now.

          • Ian Dunbar

            Lastpass got bought out by LogMeIn. A lot of people HATE LogMeIn as a company.

        • McDanky

          Has anything happened to Lastpass thus far? No. So quit your damn fear mongering

    • Between these two – if you need auto-fill in third party apps, Dashlane does it, Enpass doesn’t.

      • Chicão

        Browser or other app?

    • SteveTheMan


      • Chicão

        Ok, but why?

        • SteveTheMan

          The auto-fill for apps works the best I have seen. It does come with a browser to do auto-fill on mobile web too.

          • Chicão

            Ok, Thank you Steve.

    • Aldrin Tauro

      The real answer? 1Password. It doesn’t use the creator’s servers for anything, other than app updates.

      • Chicão

        Enpass too.