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Yep, Motorola Connect is Being Retired This Month (Chrome Extension)

motorola connect

In early October, Motorola announced that it would be shutting down a handful of its popular software applications, including Migrate and Assist. Those two are being phased out because Android 6.0 Marshmallow included similar features and so Motorola figured you would rather they save you space on your phone instead of doubling up on features already present. Those aren’t the only features going away, though. Motorola Connect, a Chrome extension that allowed users to send/receive texts, see who was calling them, and keep up on battery life and connection, is also being retired. 

We weren’t sure when all of these services were going away, but users of Motorola Connect noticed a message this week that said Motorola would be retiring it before December. In other words, November is the last month you can enjoy Connect’s features.

The exact message read as follows (pictured above as well):

The Motorola Connect Chrome Extension will be retired in November 2015. Alternate solutions in Google Play Store that consumers have found useful include MightyText and Pushbullet.

So there you have it. It’s time to find an alternative. While I haven’t used MightyText, a number of our readers do and can tell you why it’s awesome in the comments. As for Pushbullet, well, it’s been well-documented around these parts why we love it so much.

Cheers Andrew!
  • Trezore

    I just read recent reviews on PushBullet… seems they implemented a monthly service charge and limits… sorry… but that is not for me…

  • Trezore

    Odd… I have a Motorola Droid Turbo with Verizon…
    Motorola Connect is STILL WORKING for me… I love it… it is great!
    Not sure why that message appeared for your source… my best guess… AT&T user? Non Motorola phone?
    Motorola has long been exclusive as a VERIZON phone.

  • Pradeep Nagashetti

    Today is December 5 and the Motorola connect is still working??!!

    • Trezore

      December 18th… still working! 🙂
      Verizon – Motorola Droid Turbo user here!

      • Pradeep Nagashetti

        So the connect extension is removed from marshmallow update, it doesn’t matter how many days we use the chrome extension unless we are in lollipop

        I updated day before to M and lost the chrome extension

  • Petusiak

    Try mySms, It have the same functionality, and you can even share your text messages across more devices (it’s payed). I like this feature a lot, because I’m jumping between company/private phone, and this way I can redirect phone calls from my private android phone to company iphone and send/read text messages like I’ll have it in my pocket from my private number :-), or view them via chrome plugin, web interface, whatever.

  • AeySimp

    Its not like the extension ever really worked anyway…

  • Andrew

    It is the right decision, instead of offering same features, it is way
    smarter to include something absolutely new. This way the users can have
    a better experience. All the leading brands should consider offering
    more user friendly mobile store features in the upcoming versions.

  • Maureen Walker

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  • jlegend369

    Just installed Pushbullet. How can I see all of my sent/received text messages similarly to MotoConnect? On the SMS tab, I only see the option to send an outgoing message to any number from my contacts.

    • Xious

      In the Pushbullet app on your phone, you have to go to the SMS tab and enable SMS Sync.

  • Snowbo13

    as long as they keep the Connect app for android that controls my keylink i dont really care. The app has the exact same icon as the chrome extension.

  • DoogieFresh

    Things like Connect were part of the package Motorola presented to differentiate itself. Connect never worked well but now there is one fewer reason why someone should choose a Moto phone. Still, probably the best reason to go with Moto is the value the Moto X and G lines brings to the table. With the payment structure changing on many phone plans (no on-contract price for phones), value in mid and low end phones is certainly compelling.

  • Scott Ricketts

    Moto Assist is way better than “OK Google” has been. Between the Marshmallow upgrade decisions and this, a Moto phone won’t be on my shopping list come tax time.

    • I think Moto has made some mistakes but took steps to prevent any such thing happening in the future… Give them some space.. We don’t jump on other OEMs for doing similar things..

      Still If they hadn’t outed the fact.. maybe that would have been better but they chose to be honest.. lame company

  • kirko77

    Not surprised. Google Voice + Hangouts does exactly that and more

  • disastrousrainbow

    This is too bad. I actually enjoyed the fact Motorola included this right out of the box, but it’s also not surprising. Why spend resources on something many other apps already do?

    • Xious

      That’s what I always think about Verizon and their stupid apps, but they keep doing it. :-/

      • sinfoman

        …and basically EVERY major carrier…

      • Trezore

        not really a stupid app… works fine… does what it needs to do…
        Using a Motorola Droid Turbo here… maybe you are not using Motorola phone? just asking

        • Xious

          I was referring to all the Verizon apps that no one uses. And yes, I have a Motorola phone.

  • wrkerr

    As others have said, I do all this and more with Google Voice, Hangouts, and Pushbullet.

    I suppose Motorola Connect also showed you your phone’s battery life, but that’s ok.

  • AbbyZFresh

    I switched to PushBullet a long time ago. Has way more features than MotoConnect.

    • DoogieFresh

      Only things I like more about Connect is it shows the approximate battery life remaining and signal strength of the phone. Everything else is a win for PushBullet.

  • bboyairwreck

    All hail PushBullet!

  • Booyabobby

    I switched to Mightytext because Moto Connect would randomly disconnect.

    • Randomly disconnect is one thing — but it also rarely re-connects after it disconnect, and that’s a bigger problem.

      • Ian Case

        This is why I stopped using it. It would disconnect and I couldn’t get it to reconnect.

        • Trezore

          I just recently encountered that disconnect issue for the first time yesterday… but got reconnected shortly after…

  • tabbibus

    agree with others, pushbullet does the trick quite well. I never got connect to work reliably.

  • By removing Motorola apps, the only bloatware left on the Droid Turbo are Verizon’s apps. Motorola wants to make its phones as close to stock Android as possible. They don’t have the heavy customization & bloatware that Samsung has

    • Cael

      “Motorola wants to make its phones as close to stock Android as possible”

      AKA, Lenovo fired the software people who maintained the apps and had a clever excuse to cover it up.

  • Robert Butler

    Muck Fotorola. Really gone down hill lately.

    • Joshua P.

      The feature is duplicated in hangouts, connect only really worked for me sometimes. So I just used hangouts anyways.

  • cjlee89

    If they would just merge everything into Hangouts we wouldn’t need any of this…

    • kirko77

      Google Voice number + Hangouts is exactly that and more

      • Jonathan Rioux

        Google Voice is not not available in Canada, and in many places. Hanghouts only does not handle MMS / SMS other than on my phone. To do this on a tablet, for example, I need to use a solution like the one proposed by Mighty Text, which is deplorable. This is the only thing I miss from Apple, and maby their ecchosystem, wich is far better.

        • kirko77

          That’s too bad… I didn’t think of that.
          My primary number is GV so it’s all there and I didn’t realize it’s only USA

      • Voxhalyn Rakkasan

        Hangouts can do cell text message? How?

        • kirko77

          Simply check an option to make it a default SMS app

      • cjlee89

        I wish it was that easy but it would be a hassle to get my GV number to all my contacts.

        • kirko77

          You simply port your existing number to GV. It’s like $10 one time fee.
          That’s what I did

          • TouchdownBundy


  • youGameDeal

    wish google made a similar chrome app

    • Cael

      They do it. It’s called Hangouts for Google Voice and Fi users.

      • youGameDeal

        I know that and i use it all the time. i meant a universal app which links your SMS,Hangouts and notification in one place

  • NoneOfYourBizzness

    I loved it. Was disappointed to find out that is was not compatible with my new Pure. Now this. I just can’t get used to PB.

  • Brandon Robbins

    Mighty text was nice until it added pro options and then the extension would constantly try to get you to buy it. I eventually got rid of it and went with pushbullet and haven’t looked back.

  • Kai

    Looks like I switched back to PushBullet just in time.

  • sirmeili

    That kinda sucks for those of us who won’t be going to marshmallow (OG MotoX here). Not that I care too much about connect, but I use Assist.

    • Joshua P.

      You get the same features from hangouts+ Google voice in chrome. You switched to giving out your Google voice number right?

  • Matt Machens

    Pushbullet is way better anyways.

    • Tim Buchanan

      Better than MightyText? For texting, I mean.

      • wrkerr

        Nah, but that’s what Google Voice and Hangouts are good for. 🙂

        • Adil Tajgeer

          will merged hangouts relay SMS over a PC?

          i didn’t think it did. if it doesn’t google needs to get on that, it is a great feature in imessage (albeit limited to osx/ios products)

          • wrkerr

            Yes, it does.

          • terrorist96

            It.. doesn’t..

          • Joshua P.

            It does but only for your Google voice number and not your carrier number. It’s not a big deal for me since I switched to my Google voice number a while back.

          • wrkerr


          • terrorist96

            Yeah, that’s an important distinction. 😛

          • Adil Tajgeer

            interesting, i’ll have to give hangouts another go and try that out

      • Matt Machens

        Never used mightytext, I gotta give it a go.

        • Maria Robinson

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      • Mastabrozif

        I would say at the very least it is comparable to MightyText. Having been a MightyText user for years I finally made the switch to Pushbullet once they finally gave the option to show all text messages instead of just the ability to reply to those received recently. I find it particularly useful because you can see any of the notifications from your phone, so if I get an email notification it tells me on my computer and I can click on the notification to open Gmail on my computer. It really creates a seemless experience between my phone and my computer.

    • Maureen Walker

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  • Suicide_Note

    Pushbullet…geez. I don’t know how those guys never fail to make it better and better with each release. Kudos to them.

  • christophermcconkey

    What is the similar feature? I have a Nexus 6 but I seemed to have missed the announcement of this feature.

    • Joshua P.

      Hangouts + Google voice. It’s available in KitKat too.

  • morteum

    That’s okay it kinda sucked

    • Bootleg Zani

      It’s true. I used to use it a lot when it first came out but it just got worse and worse.

    • King Lo

      I could never get it to work.