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Sorry, Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X Don’t Support Quick Charge 2.0 (Updated)

Google’s new phones, the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X, support rapid or fast charging via USB Type-C and are capable of grabbing hours and hours of juice in just a few minutes of being plugged in. Unfortunately, this is not Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0 or 3.0 technology, so all of the current QC 2.0 chargers you have been accumulating over the past year or so are basically going to be useless, at least in a fast charging sort of capacity.

We hadn’t written about this situation until now because we were waiting until we had the devices in hand to put them through proper testing. Google has remained mostly silent on this charging topic, so we really had nothing to go on until we could test them ourselves. With that said, we now have them and have done some preliminary testing that probably won’t excite you. 

While Google announced that each phone would charge quickly via USB Type-C, many of you noticed that no where on any of their product pages do they mention Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0. That of course was a bit confusing, since each phone includes a Qualcomm processor that certainly could support Quick Charge 2.0. Some of you also noticed that they were including chargers with an odd 5V/3A output that we haven’t really seen to date. In other words, we all had this feeling that things could be bad and that we were all going to need to buy a whole bunch of new chargers in the near future.

So here is what we know.

  • Samsung Fast Chargers (9V/1.67A):  Will charge both the 6P and 5X, but won’t rapid charge either. Tested with a USB Type-C to USB A cable from Google.
  • Motorola “TurboPower 15” (5V/1.6A, 9V/1.6A, 12V/1.2A):  Will charge both the 6P and 5X, but won’t rapid charge either. Tested with a USB Type-C to USB A cable from Google.
  • Motorola “TurboPower 25” (5V/2.85A, 9V/2.85A, 12V/2.15A):  Won’t charge 5X at all. MicroUSB tip can’t be removed, so I tested with a USB Type-C adapter. (Couldn’t test on 6P.)
  • Aukey QC 2.0 Powerbank (5V/2.1A):  Will charge both, but won’t rapid charge either.
  • OnePlus Adapter (5V/2A):  Registers as “charging rapidly” on Nexus 6P. (Couldn’t test on 5X.)
  • Tronsmart Type-C car charger (5V/2.4A):  Registers as “charging rapidly” on 5X. (Could’t tes ton 6P.)

Obviously, none of these chargers are 5V/3A, so the results here aren’t all that surprising. It is a bit odd that those last two chargers are registering as “charging rapidly” on the phones. Since I don’t have tools that would test the actual output there, through each of the Nexus phones, I’m sort of assuming that it’s not the full wattage that you would get when charging with the official 5X or 6P adapters. And if that’s the case, you probably won’t see the full “3.8 hours of use in 10 minutes of charging” on the 5X or “7 hours of use in 10 minutes of charging” on the 6P.

At this point, if you want fast charging, you are sort of stuck buying Google’s official 5V/3A (15W) USB Type-C chargers from Google Play, which of course, are sold out. The problem gets worse, though, when you look and realize that Google isn’t even selling a car charge of any type. Like I said, though, the Tronsmart car charger above does register as “charging rapidly,” so that could be a decent option until someone makes a real 5V/3A charger. Tronsmart has also told us that their new Quick Charge 3.0 adapter supports 5V/3A and so it could be an option.

Anyways, those are our initial findings, in the most generic of forms.

Update:  I see many of you want to see the current that each charger is pushing. Will update post once I’ve run the phone down again.

Update 2:  OK, so here are some numbers that were tested between 55% and 65% battery.

  • First screenshot is my phone sitting idle using 279mA.
  • Second is the official LG USB Type-C charger that came with the phone, reaching a max of 2639mA.
  • Third is an Aukey QC 2.0 PowerBank with a Type-C adapter, reaching a max of 1226mA.
  • Fourth is an original Motorola Turbo Charger with an official Google USB Type-C cable plugged in, reaching a max of 1197mA.
  • Fifth is a Hikeren Thunder Charge adapter that claims to be 5V/3A, with a Google Type-C cable, reaching a max of 1962mA.
  • Sixth is a Samsung Fast Charger with a Google Type-C cable, reaching a max of 1845mA.
  • Last is a Tronsmart Type-C car charger, reaching a max of 1833mA.

Screenshot_20151019-183002 Screenshot_20151019-183057 Screenshot_20151019-183306 Screenshot_20151019-183546

Screenshot_20151019-183731 Screenshot_20151019-184348 Screenshot_20151019-184613

I hope these numbers help on some level to show that the USB Type-C 5V/3A charger that comes with the Nexus 5X definitely seems to be the fastest. Still, some of these other chargers might do the trick on a fairly quick level as well.

Update 3:  Last one for me, then it’s on to the engineers to try and give you even more clarity here. This morning, I started my phone at 40%, gave each charge up to 2% charge, grabbed a screenshot, then wound them back to 40% to do the next charger. Here are the results.

  • Idle phone:  118mA
  • Official LG USB Type-C charger:  2642mA
  • Aukey QC 2.0 PowerBank:  1241mA
  • Original Turbo Charger:  1314mA
  • Hikeren 5V/3A Thunder Charger:  1988mA
  • Samsung Fast Charger:  1961mA
  • Tronsmart QC 2.0 Car charger:  2511mA

Screenshot_20151020-064024 Screenshot_20151020-072355 Screenshot_20151020-065055 Screenshot_20151020-065813

Screenshot_20151020-070350 Screenshot_20151020-071726  Screenshot_20151020-073519

My general conclusions are that it’s pretty obvious that the LG official 5V/3A USB Type-C charger that comes with the Nexus 5X pushes the most current and should then charge the phone the best and fastest. That’s no shocker of course, because it’s the official charger. In this latest round of results, though, I did see the Tronsmart car charger almost equal it in terms of output.

At this point, I would say, stock up on Google’s official chargers if you can or make due with the chargers you have lying around your house, even the QC 2.0 chargers, because they will still charge your phone. We should see more of these Type-C 5V/3A chargers before long and this period of time where there is a bit of confusion will soon be behind us. Maybe.

  • Prairie Dog Rebellion

    I would add that both companies’ reps said that use of any charger other than the Google charger furnished with the phones would void the warranty.

  • Prairie Dog Rebellion

    OK, so you have info about wall chargers and a car charger, but I haven’t been able to find any discussion about portable battery chargers. Do you have any knowledge about whether it’s safe to use these generally, or if only certain voltage ranges and/or wattages can be used to charge these phones? I’m wondering now if I made a mistake buying this 5x phone because I’m often away from a wall outlet and from a car for a full day at a time. I also have been dismayed to see that my out-of-the-box 5x runs down in less than 6 hours. This is not good. I contacted Google and LG and got the same response from both: they don’t recommend ANY chargers other than the one official Google charger, period. No car chargers and no portable back-up batteries. How can they get away with this? What kind of business decision is behind this?

  • Adhemir
  • PatcheZ

    Um Kellex, I think your testing methodology is a bit flawed.
    Probably best to run down the phone to 0% and change each phone to 100% with the various chargers, recording voltage,amperage,charge percentage as a function of time.

    Your Update 3 is kind of what we’re looking at, but a more standardized test would yield better results.

  • Mayor_Quimby

    With my 5X I get Charging Rapidly with the Anker 40w 5 port with IQ, with certain cables – so far only the iOrange USB A to C . My AuKey QuickCharge 2.0 3 port doesn’t say Rapidly Charging, but does charge more than 1% per minute, which is pretty much the same.

  • I’ve verified (using a USB Type-C adapter) that my new Nexus 5X will fast charge on a Ventev Quick Charge 2.0 car charger and on a PowerGen 12W wall charger. The phone does say “Charging” instead of “Charging rapidly”, but the actual charging rate is still fast, comparable in speed to the included USB Type-C LG charger.​ (In the image below, PowerGen on the left, LG on the right, both charging at about 1% per minute, roughly the same as my old Nexus 5.)

  • Bill B

    I tested with the Aukey 1-port QC2 chargers. They will charge but they give up after a short while. You have to plug the phone in again to restart the charge process. Same issue with the new AnkerAnker batpack pack that’s QC2. I successful charging with the Aukey 1 and 2-port car chargers but I saw a dramatic slow down in charge progress once it hit 80%.

  • PastaFarmer

    I was surprised this morning to find my 5x charging rapidly when plugged into my USB wall electric outlet. It’s nothing special, a Leviton T5632-W. Using a generic USB-A to USB-C cable off eBay.

  • Good News, Our friends who already get the Nexus 6P help to test our type c car charger, it also can make the Nexus 6P to showing “charging rapidly” , see photo here:

  • Marcus Sorensen

    I’m getting 13W out of my QC2.0 charger. More than I get from the stock charger. Although it only does this with one of the two cables I bought, I think the cable market is a mess with the variations of speed and current support.


  • BlogSkwad

    Oneplus two > EVERYTHING
    Have fun fanboys xDDDDD

  • David Crandon

    Thank you so much for all your tests. One thing I’d like to know though, considering I have last year’s Nexus 6, is how fast is the Nexus 6 last year with a QC 2.0 Charger, compared. But, you have to test from almost a dead battery, because that’s when the quick charge 2.0 puts out the most current and voltage. Remember, with quick charge 2.0 it’s not just amperage e, it’s the voltage as well.

  • niks

    Why did u not try the oneplus 2 charger???

  • Greenforty

    What if you put the Oneplus 2 in the nexus rapid charger, will it rapidly charge?

    • The Oneplus 2 just support regular charging, (their bundle charger just 5v/2a), so basically, it will just give 5V/2A to OPT.

  • 318sugarhill

    What about a linearFlux lithiumcard portable charger. That is supposed to be 5v/3A 15W. Will that work for quickcharging?

  • Mike Credelle

    Quick Charge works by boosting the voltage not the current. So the current measurements aren’t really accurate.

  • Ajmcnicol

    Its prettry obvious what happened.
    Google didnt leave out a spec. So all you guys complaining it doesnt have something and Google messed up needs to relax.
    What happend is google realized the Quick Charge 2.0 spec was too SLOW. Only supporting 2A. They wanted even faster.
    Problem is that the quickcharge 3.0 spec that does the 5v/3a charge isnt really finalized or available yet. So they just used the normal…non qualcom proprietary power spec that already comes with Usb-c which is ALREADY 5v/3a.

    So when quick charge 3.0 finally rolls around, your Nexus phones will already be charging as fast as them, whether they support qualcoms logo or not.

  • Cool

    This doesn’t bother me. I’d rather use an industry standard (USB type C and power delivery spec) in the long run than a single company’s standard (Qualcomm).

    Thankfully, my Nexus 6P will be my first fast charging phone (my wife’s Asus ZenFone 2 does use quick charge, though, but we only spent $10 on one extra Aukey charger). I’m also excited about the USB power delivery spec that the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X support (using your phone as a power bank, etc).

    • Michael Benvenuti

      Have you confirmed it has the necessary hardware to support USB power delivery? USB Type-C is not required to support USB power deliver just the baseline 5V 900ma and 1.5A and 3A. Also, USB power delivery does not have a 5V 3A mode.

      I too am happy they are not using Qualcomm’s proprietary standard. Can’t wait for the day when most devices ship with USB power delivery.

      • Cool

        Yup. It supports the power delivery spec.

        And, yup, power delivery spec and type C are not required to go together, but they are in this case. I get why people are gnashing their teeth about this because they invested in Qualcomm’s solution, but I think this will be better in the long run.

  • h4rr4r

    Anyone want to sell me their QC chargers?

  • Dave Schweitzer

    Is rapid charging here referred to as charging at 3A at 5V?

    • Victor Ksl

      Great question….

  • editorinchimp

    Stop rying to make USB Type-C happen, Gretchen. Type-C will never catch on.

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  • chrisada

    Batteries charge faster the more current it draws in, period.

    Quick Charge 2.0 allows *maximum* current of 3A at 5V, or 1.67A at 9V. (Both translates to 15W)

    USB Type-C also allows *maximum” current of 3A at 5V.

    So, with the correct power adapter and cable, the max charging speed can be the same.

    All of the power adapters tested above are just capable of pushing enough current at 5V. (The Nexuses do not take 9V) They may be QC2.0 certified, but it doesn’t mean push out the maximum current that QC2.0 supports.

    – The AuKey powerbank linked can deliver maximum of 2A. (gets 1.2A above)
    – The Motorola TurboCharger max out at 1.67A. (gets 1.2A above)
    – The Hikeren ThunderCharge is capable of 3.1A, but only 2.1A in one port and 1A in another. So, maximum is 2.1A per device. (gets 1.9A above)
    – The Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging Wall Charger max out at 2A. (gets 1.8A above)
    – The Tronsmat car charger max out at 2.4A. (gets 1.8A above)

    And the there is the cable:

    – USB 3.0 allows max 1.5A current
    – USB 3.1 allows max 2A current
    – USB Type-C allows max 3A current

    The fact the author uses USB Type-C cable doesn’t help (much) since the adapters themselves were the ones that are underpower.

    So we need 1) Type-C cable and 2) Adapters that do 3A at 5V (whether or not it is QC2.0), and the Nexuses will get the advertised charging speed.

    Unfortunately for those that already own QC2.0 adapters, most of the existing ones seem to go up to 2A at 5V, so won’t match the included 3A/5V charger. Still, 10W is very decent, so don’t worry too much.

    P.S. I really am not sure if we need Type-C to Type-C cables in order to do 3A, or whether Type-A to Type-C will work.

    • okpud

      The battery meter program used here show consumer power in negative mA and surplus power in positive mA. In other words, when it shows 1226 mA on the Moto TurboCharger, that means it has 1226 mA of charging power BEYOND the power the phone is consuming at that moment in time. If one assumes that the phone is drawing a constant 279 mA, as shown in the first screenshot as a negative reading, then then Moto charger would actually be putting out ~1500 mA. Of course, it is unlikely they phone is constantly drawing exactly 279 mA each time a reading is taken, so at best the data above is just educated guesses. To bad no one at DL has a $10 USB power meter…

    • The USB C to USB A cable also can handle 3A current. people are confused our the usb type c.
      If we make some special treatment, even the micro usb cable can handle 3A current.

      • Thomas Larsen

        The Type-C Standard says that the 3A current mode must be negotiated using the newly introduced CC on the Type-C interface, yes the cable must be electrically capable of supporting that current, but as far as the standard is concerned there’s no legitimate way of using the Type-C Current @ 3A without it being Type-CType-C.

        • Victor Ksl

          This is also what I heard

  • who gives a flying toss about Qualcomm. It has rapid charging 7 hours in 10 minutes. Ignore this mo*on of a writer.

  • marcus russell

    So let me get this correct they won’t work with the samsung fast charger or the moto turbo charger but work with the fast chargers they come with that charges them faster. So whats unacceptable or the problem the charger that comes with the phones charge them faster. If you want a extra one they may be sold out now but will be available again. Sounds like complaining for nothing.

  • HI, Kellex, Thanks for your test,it’s really helpful!

    However, could you please test our type c car charger when your nexus 5x battery is zero? Our charger can reach 2.6A max in our lab. and 1.8A is not normal.

    In your last screenshot, when you test our type c car charger, the battery is also 64% and 4.19v. while when you test the LG original power adapter, it is just 55% battery, and 3.95v.


  • Jay Quir

    Thanks for the update I had ordered the tronsmart car charger it looks like it will be decent for the time being until a better one comes along.

  • ClikFire _

    This is one thing about Social Media that is HORRIBLE!!……..

    When Wrong information is given its too late in this world of fast flowing info, once its out the damage has been done. People will freak out over inaccurate information.

    Shame on you Kellex! 😉

    • Cole Cawtuh

      Social media is horrible all around. People end up getting addicted to it. It’s ridiculous. I deleted my Facebook four months ago. It was more difficult than I thought it would be. Wanting to click on Facebook even though it wasn’t there.

  • h_f_m

    Awesome! I bought that Tronsomart charger a couple days ago for the car in preparation for arrival of my 6P. 🙂

  • Trevor

    I very rarely charge my phone anytime other than overnight, so this is not too big a deal to me, but I wonder why they left this out. Is it a cost thing? I can’t believe it would cost that much.

  • shooter50

    Always something missing on a Nexus device. After having quickcharge 2.0 on several devices, I will not use use a phone without it. talk all you want about work arounds and new chargers, but quickcharge 2.0 should have been included. Fail!!

    • James_75

      Uh, it still still “rapid or fast charging” with it’s own proprietary charger… good grief people..

  • monkey god

    I think once Qualcomm quick charge 3.0 adapters become more common, this is going to be a non-issue. It seems like quick charge 3.0 adapters can do 5v/3a

    • Yes, The Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 can support 5V/3A, and we have tested, however, we all know, the New Nexus don’t support quick charge, so we still need some more test.

  • Justin Martin

    My Nexus 6 is looking better all the time

  • netanil

    And what exactly are the benefits of USB-C again, other than being double sided?
    Heck, it seems no better than having a lame proprietary system like Apple’s Lightning.

    • Ajmcnicol

      It supports higher current and voltage so you can charge faster if the phone/device supports it internally. It can reverse power…so your phone can power something now like it was a battery bank itself. Its reversable. And it is the NEW industry standard that is replacing the old usb..its not googles invention

  • Tuan Dang


    if i have this car charger that has the 5v x 2.4a just like the on above . I should be quickly charging correct?

  • MastermindDrew

    If you can pay $700 for a phone you can pony up 5 for cable. The cable will last longer than the phone.

  • Fiorta

    Can anyone let me know:

    What does the Motorola Nexus 6 support? And what charger did it come with?

  • 2Berad

    Man it’s a good thing both these phones support Qi charging so you can just sit them down and not have to freakout about what charger you are using….

  • Bootleg Zani

    Glad I only bought one Motorola Turbo Charger.

  • carol argo

    Wireless charger?. I don’t need a hole in the phone gees . Only a wireless charger

  • Disqus

    @kellex New ringtones and notification sounds PLEASE !

  • NoNAVY2004

    I think this could work. 17W 5V 3.4A

  • nvous23

    Where can I get that wallpaper though?

  • Kevin

    FWIW, you can use the app “Ampere” to tell you what speed your phone is really charging at. When my Turbo is “turbo charging” it hovers between 2400-2600mAh (or thereabouts). Fire it up and plug in and see how much juice it’s really taking in. It’s a free app with IAP’s for extra features.

  • John

    What happens if you use battery widget to get the watts being used to charge? Would like to know how they compare.

  • sumb0765

    glad that my charger (5V/2A) will charge 6P rapidly and I ordered oneplus c-type adapter.

    • sorry

      No it won’t

  • bmos18

    Kellen I love this site but the comments section is too childish. I love my moto x pure edition and I also love so far the Nexus 6p. But I won’t be upgrading to it. Not out of distaste but I find both to be almost similar. Who cares which is better you like what you like. Rather that be Samsung, LG, Moto, and etc. After all there all android

    • netanil

      Sigh. And this comment is Exhibit A.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Sooo how fast do the phones actually charge from 0-100? Is it real quick?…. And is the whole squad on that real…. Nvm

    • Justin W

      Haha, it was actually this site that introduced me to that song. Over a year ago, shortly before the Warriors season started. When I heard Steph Curry get mainstream mention in a hot track, I had a feeling he’d reach another level. Didn’t expect the season to reach those heights though! Sorry, it’s nostalgic already

  • Ken

    Kellen, the Ampere app will tell you the charging rate. Have you tried it?

  • pol

    Anyone else think Brendon should be flat-out banned from Droid Life? He makes the stupidest, most immature comments.

    • CoreRooted

      I rather think it’s funny in the “he’s so delusional it’s cute” sense. LOL

      • pol

        I think you may be the only one who thinks he’s cute lol

        • CoreRooted

          I have a soft spot for stupidity it seems. 😉 Or I might just be easily entertained.

    • Ant

      Forgive him hes a student at the center for kids who cant read good and want to do other good stuff too lol

    • Bootleg Zani

      Yes he should also be banned at Android Police. Same comments always.

  • One Plus 2 anyone? WOMP WOMP

    • Ant

      Been there done that….back to nexus…6p to be specific.

  • Hmm my question is how well will these new USB connectors work with Android Auto? I’m guessing with an adapter USB-C to USB-A you should be able to use it but now I wonder if other issues might arise?
    If anyone tries this please let me know.

    • NEXUS2345

      Android Auto will work fine using a USB-C to A cable. The data transfer has no changes, still USB 2.0 interface for that.

  • Trevor Vass

    So should the tronsmart car charger work the same on the 6P?

    • NEXUS2345

      It works the same but due to the slight amperage difference will charge slightly slower. (5×2.4 = 12w compared to 5×3 = 15w so about a 3/15 difference in charging time)

      • Trevor Vass

        I know it won’t charge as fast but that was the highest closest type c charger I could find.

  • Droid Ronin

    Is this going to lead to a standards war for quick charging? Similar to what we have for Qi vs Powermat for wireless charging?

    • kashtrey

      It could, but I really think it came down to licensing fees for Google and trying to keep the cost down. While the SD 808 and 810 both support QC 2.0, I’m sure there is a licensing fee involved to use it. Google probably decided that it didn’t make sense to pay for both QC and Rapid Charge (whatever the Type-C equivalent standard name is escapes me right now) licensing and most likely really wanted to push the implementation of Type C and it’s benefits.

      Disappointing, but understandable. I’m sure other manufacturers will license both. Rumors are S7 will support Type-C I wont be surprised it it has, USB Rapid, QC 3.0, Wireless and all the other charging standards you could expect.

  • Daniel Thomas

    So to sum this up, the only real negative here is that the Nexus phones will not charge “quickly” with the Qualcomm Quickcharge chargers, but will still charge just as fast if not faster with any 5V/3A Chargers, correct?

    • Brendon

      Is slow just see phonearena test,these charger is not on par with moto turbo and Samsung charge

      • NEXUS2345

        It has a bigger battery than both of those phones. And it is only a difference of about 8-13 minutes, which is well within variance for the increased battery capacity.

        • Brendon

          Still have worse battery life than x pure and charge slower,so shut up

          • NEXUS2345

            The 6P has a significantly more power hungry chipset with a brighter display. That again accounts for that difference. I must also add that that difference is just 5 minutes. So it really is not that bad.

          • Brendon

            Worst chip you want to say right??

          • NEXUS2345

            Can be considered as not as good due to overheating issues but it has improved and still outperforms the 808 by 10000 points in Antutu…

          • Brendon

            Antutu LOL,play a game with this chip and get your arma hot,this thing i not going to happen in xpure with 808

          • Mike

            Lol the 810 v2 doesn’t overheat.

          • NEXUS2345

            Nobody has stated that the 810 has overheated whilst playing games…

          • Mike

            Lol it has a better battery. At least try to educate yourself.

          • Daniel Thomas

            not a worse battery life according to the site you references.

          • Brendon

            See phonearena test and comeback here

          • Daniel Thomas

            Lol…..That is from phonearena. FAIL.

          • Daniel Thomas

            And it charges slightly slower than moto and Samsung, and the nexus has a bigger battery

          • Brendon

            But is worse battery life than moto with bigger battery,what a joke

          • Daniel Thomas

            No it’s not!!! look at the phonearena test.

          • Brendon

            Look again LoL

          • NEXUS2345

            Delta of 5 minutes is accounted for by difference in chipset power usage. Stop complaining.

          • Mike

            You’re straight up retarded.

  • Brendon

    I AM laughing to these nexus fanboys,always a answer to the minus features there have in other phones,this is why nexus sales are joke,and samsung and motorola keeps the best in Android department

    • OligarchyAmbulance

      Moto doesn’t do wireless charging, so try again.

      • TC Infantino

        My Turbo does. Just sayin. 🙂
        Basically just sayin because I don’t have a wireless charger, so all I can do is say. LOL

    • StevieV

      I AM laughing that you continuously think Motorola is on par with Samsung sales when it’s really on par with LG.

      • Brendon

        I AM talking about quality nexus phones are third party jokes that not deserves anybody money

        • StevieV

          Third party jokes? Like the monstrous Nexus 6 was a 3rd party joke?

    • CoreRooted

      Seriously… Are you a disgruntled Google engineer that got fired or something? I’ve seen fanboys before, but you take the cake.

      • Mike

        He’s far to stupid to ever have any job.

  • malforpresident

    Could it be the is USB c to USB a cable? I have a couple of cables that don’t register as quick charging my note 5 when plugged into my aukey qc2.0 power bank

    • TC Infantino

      I noticed that as well when my original cable that came with my Turbo stopped working. I used another cable I had that was longer, but slightly thinner. It would charge, but not register as “turbocharging”, and it didn’t charge as fast as if it was turbocharging. I looked online for Quick Charge compatible USB cables and have been using those. They are thicker than most of my older cables. I’m not sure if there are extra wires required or if they are just thicker to pass the power with less resistance.

  • Craig P

    Really Google? And the return window for my QC 2.0 power bank just expired.

  • senor_heisenberg

    Anyone bitching about this is dumb. The phones still support great charging, just not Qualcomm’s own version of it. Going forward, it makes sense for phones with type c ports to use this since it’s a feature of the actual STANDARD. Complaints would only make sense here if they didn’t provide you with the necessary wall plug.

    • turdbogls

      this. I Get it that people are pissed about it not quick charging…but its still going to charge the phone…just not as fast. And I agree, this IS a good thing. USB C supports quick charging without any other hardware….qualcomm Quick charge is going to go away as soon as other manufacturers jump on board….just wait and see.

      • Brendon

        This is never happen,Qualcomm are the best friend from Manufactures,other chips are jokes in support

        • Mike

          The Nexus devices use Qualcomm processors…

          • Brendon

            Ohh you discover the world,sherlock

        • NEXUS2345

          Hmm, do I see a Qualcomm processor in Samsung phones… no? Qualcomm’s Quickcharge was nice but now that USB 3.1 Gen 2 is coming along we will see it get outpaced.

      • NEXUS2345

        It will charge it just as fast, if not faster than some implementations, only situation it is outperformed is Moto Turbocharger 25.

    • Zack Halverson

      Agreed, but they better start making more usb c quickchargers, given that there are only 2 in existence (LG one and Huawei one)

    • xgudwilx

      Thank you senor..exactamundo.

  • Ant

    Can we try to focus on the wins children… I love nexus devices as much as the next person. We finally have a GREAT CAMERA, BIG BATTERY, GREAT SCREEN and GREAT FINGERPRINT SCANNER. If google says you can go from 1% to 100% in 97 mins i can live with that.

    • Brendon

      You are So stupid and blind just like isheep, see phonearena test LoL

      • NEXUS2345

        You just seem to be criticising everything to do with the new devices even though they are an improvement. You need to grow up and stop using insults as a way to get people to react.

        • Brendon

          Your username say everything nexus blind fanboy

          • Daniel Thomas

            Says one fanboy to another……

          • NEXUS2345

            This username comes from a antagonist in the game Warzone2100 actually, not a reference to the line of phones. Didn’t even know about the Nexus line when I started using this username. And again, using insults is not going to provoke people into using insults back.

      • Ant

        Ive actually had the oneplus, oneplus 2, iphone 6s and note 5 all within the last 12 months and i always go back to nexus. In regards to phone arena their tests dont reflect my real world usage which is light to moderate usage. Some of us actually work as opposed to trolling lol

      • Ant

        Oh and have you ever tried changing your phone with the power off? They charge faster dumbass lol

  • Alwin Crasto

    Um why all the hate here? If you’ve invested in a Quick Charge 2.0 charger you probably have a phone that’s barely a year old. Do you really need to upgrade?

    • Brendon

      This is why nexus is junk they never has everything,google always stole a thing

      • Alwin Crasto

        Sure whatever you say…

      • StevieV

        Which phone has everything?

        • Mike

          Brendon is a super moto fanboy.

          • NEXUS2345

            He forgets that Moto completely lacks a fingerprint sensor, and has worse performance for the screen resolution which will hamper it in the longer term. (Brendon that is)

          • StevieV

            Very well aware…was awaiting his “MXPE” response

          • Brendon

            And you are a blind nexus fanboy,congratulations to us

          • Daniel Thomas

            Can you write a comment without using “fanboy” in your remark/comment/argument?

          • Brendon

            Fanboy,fanboy,fanboy,fanboy you want more?

          • MrOrange645

            I commend you all on being able to understand Brendon’s broken English, and actually carrying on a conversation with him. You all are for more patient than me.

          • Bootleg Zani

            I gave up responding to Brendon’s Engrish a while ago I think it was the day of the Nexus leaks. He sure sounds like a Lenovo employee.

          • worldclassflame

            Lol your life must suck troll haha

          • TC Infantino


          • Mike

            He’s a moron Daniel.

          • JSo

            You guys are just feeding a troll. lol


          • Mike

            No I’m not idiot. I have a Note 5, MXPE and I have the Nexus 6p on order.

      • T_Dizzle

        What? ESL?

      • shooter50

        agreed, always something missing

    • kretz7

      Need to, no. Want to, yes.

    • Adil Tajgeer

      i do, i really do. DON’T JUDGE ME

  • AxemRed

    I got some basic USB A to USB C cables for my existing chargers for now. I’ll wait to upgrade everything else later.

  • Masri87

    Wow this is absurd !

  • MichaelFranz

    I wonder if it can be enabled on the kernel level since the 810 supports it?

    • turdbogls

      there is other hardware necessary for this to happen…if the hardware is there…sure, its probably possible…but if its not there (this is my guess) it wont happen.

      IMO, this is all a good thing…there is no reason for a manufacturer to add another hardware component to get Quickcharge when the USB C can do quickcharge on its own.

  • Brendon

    Nexus is a junk,this is why moto are better they have stock Android and features

    • Ant

      I like how you omitted timely updates lol

      • Brendon

        Who need timely updates to be a beta tester of google,just see the lollipop fiasco lolol

  • Riley the Traveler

    Here is a response I got from the Google Store device Experts via Email on 2 Oct.

    “Thank you for contacting the Google Store Device Experts. It was nice
    talking to you today. As promised, here is my follow-up email on your really
    great questions.

    To briefly answer your question, it isn’t guaranteed that a 3rd party
    retailer charger will charge the Nexus 6P to the same speed and efficiency that
    the Nexus 6P charger will, BUT it can depending on the tech specs of the
    charger you’re using.

    Digging Deeper:

    The charger included with your Nexus 6P purchase is a 15W
    (5V/3A) charger.

    The Nexus 6P has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 v2.1, 2.0 GHz Octa-core 64 bit

    Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 series of SoCs (System of a
    Chip/processors) includes Quick Charge 2.0.

    These three tech specs are important to note because Qualcomm Quick Charge
    2.0 is included in the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 series of SoCs (or processors),
    810 being one of them, so your Aukey charger should work as long as there is
    branding on the charger stating that it is Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 certified.

    Down The Rabbit Hole:

    For the Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 charger to function as advertised (meaning
    charging at 3W maximum), the charger and the device must have the same charging
    voltages and currents. If your Aukey charger has a 5V/3A output, the charger
    should charge at the same speed and efficiency as the included Nexus 6P
    charger. Currently, the Nexus 6P isn’t listed on Qualcomm’s list of devices
    that have been tested and certified to be compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge
    2.0 chargers, so I can’t say with 100% certainty yet. This is something that can
    change the longer the Nexus 6P is out on the market and is tested for
    compatibility and interoperability.

    Similarly, this doesn’t mean that your Aukey charger won’t charge the Nexus
    6P if it doesn’t match the exact voltage and current. Generally, if a device
    doesn’t have the hardware to support Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 as well as if
    the charger doesn’t have the same charging voltage and current, the result will
    be a longer charge time. For example: The Nexus 6P supports charging at 5V/3A,
    but if you only have a 1A charger, the process will take longer. Likewise, if
    you plug a 4A charger into the Nexus 6P which only supports 3A charging, it
    won’t charge any faster.

    I hope my email provides more clarity on your question.

    Feel free to reply back if you have any comments or questions regarding the
    Nexus 6P or any devices in the Google Store. I’m always happy to help!



    The Google Support Team

    • CoolSilver

      AKA trying to paint the box a different color while holding the brush behind your back.

    • landon

      The Google Support Team is really dedicated!

      • ClikFire _

        Its funny because I hear people say all the time their customer service is horrible but I always have fantastic service from Google’s Support Team.

        • ScoobySnack

          I’ve called up twice and it was laughable. Maybe email is better?

          • Đức Thành

            Maybe they’re all nerds who can’t handle calls and prefer emails instead 😀

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        • Chehui Chou

          Excuse me. Do you know where I can get the email address to contact Google’s Nexus customer service team? I have a few questions that I want to ask and by happenstance I found a form that required me to provide some information such as the product, the model name, the IMEI, etc. According to the message, it said that the team will probably reach me in 18–24 hours but so far I have not received any responses. I wondered if there’s an address that I can directly email to. Thank you.

    • cougar618

      Electrically, it’s not all that surprising. 5V/1.5A is standard for USB 3.0 IIRC, so it will charge ‘faster’ but not the 1h you’d expect. The last two chargers make 10W of power available, but the device on the other end is what determines how much power it will take (or: the device sets the impedance…). There’s probably some power matching circuitry on the phone’s end to match the max power (keep voltage @ 5V, while maxing out current).

      QC2.0 does an impedance check/handshake thing on the data pins to see if the phone supports it or not, and what voltage before switching to a higher voltage/current.

    • avconsumer2

      Wow. Thanks for posting that, & I believe that’s the greatest customer service reply I’ve seen in my entire life. Kudos Google Support.

  • Daniel Thomas

    Is this because USB Type C does not support QuickCharge?

    • turdbogls

      type C does not support QUALCOMM quick charge without the Qualcomm voltage regulator chip. but its silly to add this in there because USB C already supports Quickcharge without any additional hardware (this voltage regulator chip)

  • *squints, trying to see what really justifies the 6P as a worthwhile upgrade to the 6*

    • Scott Bell

      basically everything.

      • Brendon

        Moto nexus is the best made,this chinese crappy is not in the same level

        • NEXUS2345

          Moto is Chinese. Moto also has worse camera, slower processor, poorer display, lacks a fingerprint sensor… many things that the 6P has that the MXP does not have.

        • Mike

          The 6p is better in every single way. Build quality, display, processor, camera etc…

  • NEXUS2345

    Guys, stop freaking out, this is technically BETTER than some QC2.0 implementations… so stop complaining, this is what you have to do with USB Type C.

    • Brendon

      Not better than turbopower 25 nexus fanboy

      • NEXUS2345

        I said better than some, so some critics need to get their heads out of their asses.

        • Bootleg Zani

          Don’t worry it is Brendon the Moto Troll. He will troll every Nexus post and talk up Moto.

      • pol

        Oh ffs. They’re about the same, Moto fanboy.

      • staticx57

        Moto turbo chargers are another name for Qualcomm quick chargers. Literally the same standard with a moto brand on it

        • Brendon

          Seach before talking bRO,turbopower 25 and 15 are better than quick charger and only works on moto x phones

    • Indianajonze

      we’re freaking out because it’s getting really old to have to keep shelling out money for new chargers

      • NEXUS2345

        Fair enough on that point, but it seems that everyone is freaking out thinking that it won’t charge as fast, but it will, so I see why some people are freaking out, but others are unjustified.

        • Adil Tajgeer

          i think people are more so freaking out about their chargers not doing what they bought them for when the soc in the devices technically supports QC

      • vzwuser76

        This is nothing, before mini/microUSB adoption, every single phone had a different connecting port, and that includes phones from the same manufacturer. So figure a new car charger for every single phone you buy and when you move on unless someone has the same phone as your old one, it’s useless.

        • I certainly don’t miss those days.

          • Fraught

            “It was a simpler time.”


            ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      • Me

        It’s USB Type c so you’d have to get a new one anyway.

        • hoosiercub88

          Not since it only supports USB 2.0 & has the Type C to Type A cable included in the 6P.

          • Rob

            The only caveat being that the included A to C cord is like 8 inches long.

    • TC Infantino

      Except that Qualcomm was supposedly introducing a new “standard” for charging. This was a fairly recent development, and most OEMs seemed to be on board with the new QC technology. This caused many people to purchase wall and car chargers that met the QC standard. Now we have USB C that so far has thrown that standard out the window. One Plus 2 has USB C but no QC, Nexus 5x has USB C but their own proprietary fast charging, Nexus 6p has USB C with proprietary fast charging. And do Any of these devices have any of the supposed benefits of USB C 3.0 yet?
      Sorry, I’m not feeling USB C. I’ll wait until they actually have a standard that is truly Standard across most devices.

      • NEXUS2345

        There is nothing proprietary about the 5X and 6P, just have very high amperage chargers compared to non fast charging devices.

        • TC Infantino

          But, QC chargers don’t charge them at fast speeds, and the only two chargers that DL tested that showed fast charging only worked on one device each. If they want this new standard to work, they could at least make it “standard” between both devices that use it.

          “OnePlus Adapter (5V/2A): Registers as “charging rapidly” on Nexus 6P.
          Tronsmart Type-C car charger (5V/2.4A): Registers as “charging rapidly” on 5X.”

          • TSY87

            I’m curious if the “charging rapidly” notification is actually indicative of the charging rate, or a message that pops up when the charger sends the right signal… Because charing at 2A is definitely not as rapid as 3A.

          • jimt

            I have a broken choetech charger that when plugged into my N6 the phone says that it is charging and in reality it is not charging at all. QC 2.0 talks to the processor that tells the screen to say its charging and yet the actual voltage/ current may not go to the battery.

          • NEXUS2345

            Main reason for this is that Qualcomm’s QC2.0 performs a handshake and if a compatible power IC and port aren’t detected they restrict output. That is the most likely reason for them not registering as charging rapidly.

          • TC Infantino

            Couldn’t they do a fist bump instead, and just charge as fast as possible? LOL

      • Michael Benvenuti

        There are a few new standards surrounding USB. Qualcomm quickcharge is not one of them it is a proprietary technology only available on their chip-sets.


        There is “USB 3.1” 5V is capable of up to 5A. But in the specs of both the 5X and 6P both state they are USB 2.0 so that rules out 3.1.

        “USB Power Delivery” which is what is used in the new MacBook and Chrome Pixel has a few standards at different voltages. But in the 5V range it is only capable of 2A so these phones rule that out since the chargers are rated at 3A

        That leaves “USB Type-C” which is 5V at either 1.5A or 3A. So it seems this is the one being used. I would guess any charger that supports “USB Type-C” 3A would give you the max charge rate.

        • TC Infantino

          Good information. Thank you. I appreciate it.

  • gobogoto

    Did Google have a falling out with Qualcomm or something? No SenseID, no Wipower and no Quickcharge. I hope they aren’t trying to develop their own tech like Apple, please stick to collaborating.

  • Brian Kircher

    Doesnt the 6P come with a quick charger by default?

    • Michael Vasquez

      Yes it does

  • Jeff718
  • Yeah but it’s got USB C so there’s no need for quick charging, wireless charging, lol.

  • Indianajonze

    explain how these findings can coexist with the fact that there is a qualcomm processor in it which explicitly supports quick charge 2.0. did they deliberately disable it? if so, that is really bad…

    • clay

      its not just the chip, there is also a controller that takes care of this. i assume it isnt there

    • NEXUS2345

      Requires a Qualcomm power IC which they haven’t included.

  • Guest

    Eh charge overnight and I’m good. Never really needed this QC stuff anyway.

  • htowngtr

    Pretty much expected.

  • kretz7

    I’ve accumulated well over $100 in chargers for all the places I need one (multiple spots at home, work, car, etc.). I wanted to upgrade but it’s becoming more and more expensive by the minute.

  • Jay Quir

    So the chargers that come with the nexus 5x and 6p are fast charging but were screwed on car chargers as of right now?

  • droidify

    If the stock charger from Google is 15 watts then it should charge at the same rate as quick charge, right?

    • NEXUS2345

      Yup, unless you were using the Turbo 25 from Moto, but still, very fast.

      • Brendon

        Is not that fast,just as slower than LG g4 lol

        • NEXUS2345

          LG G4 charges max 5V, 1.8A, this is 5V 3A so is significantly better. Come back when you have got some actual objective facts with evidence.

    • Daniel Thomas

      ….or faster.

  • T4rd

    Lol, all the people freaking out. I’m on charge at work and at home most of the time anyways. QC is nice, but not necessary for me and I’ll happily make the trade off for all the other pros of the phone. This is going to be the ultimate standard for USB C devices anyways.

    • Erstam

      I am with you on this *except the always charging at home/work”. My current Nexus 5 still charges pretty fast to me, so i am sure I’ll be happy with this. I am also the person that always had a power bank spare in car, backpack, lunchbox ect. So there’s that too :).

      • ramifications

        It still has fast charging. It’s just not the Qualcomm version. It’s the Intel version. The only difference is you need an Intel charger, not a Qualcomm one.

  • Matthew DiGiacomo

    Can you guys please answer how fast it charges from 0-100? No website has said so yet.

    • Lilb

      It goes 0-100 real quick, real quick.

    • Alex Cronin

      The Verge said (on periscope) the 6P charges in just over an hour

      • Matthew DiGiacomo


  • Butane87

    The MXP looks better and better everyday!

    • Brendon

      I agree with you,let these blind nexus fanboys buyind this chinese crappy LoL

      • Mike

        You do realize the Moto phones are Chinese too right?

        • Brendon

          Moto is american brand just like Apple,huawei is a crappy chinese brand,this is my point understand??

          • NEXUS2345

            Motorola are owned by Lenovo who are a Chinese company. Get your facts straight.

          • Mike

            Dude are you retarded? Lenovo completely owns Motorola. Lenovo is Chinese. Moto phones are built in China.

          • Daniel Thomas

            Moto WAS an American brand. Get your facts straight.

          • daviddang

            Mike is saying other American brands are still MANUFACTURED in china. ive seen you comment already on this article several times, it really sounds like you’re extremely biased and don’t really know what you’re talking about

    • Daniel Thomas

      Except when the next update to android happens.

      • Butane87

        They already have a soak out…so I’m hoping that means it won’t be too far down the line. I have a 6P on order but the more negative things that arise the more I’m thinking about just ordering the MXP.

        • Brendon

          Keep the xpure these nexus fanboys think they are the best

        • NEXUS2345

          This is hardly a negative, it still is overall an improvement, the lack of QC2.0 only really has an impact if you want to charge in the car or use prebought chargers.

          • Brendon

            No,people there not keep in home need turbopower

          • Daniel Thomas

            …and that comment made no sense.

          • NEXUS2345

            This works just as fast if not faster than ‘turbopower’ so yeah, no.

        • turdbogls

          I really dont think you can go wrong with either phone TBH. they are both pretty awesome.

          the Xpure is a good all around phone at a great price. the only thing it lacks really is an update schedule. yes, there is a soak test…but it could be another month before it hits more devices…..and with their silence on the whole update fiasco for older devices, its getting harder and harder to justify a MXP.

          with nexus you get fast updates, and a better phone is pretty much every other way…but its also a bit more expensive, and has a few drawbacks (if you see it that way) to the USB C

          • Brendon

            Who needs fast updates,to become google beta tester?

  • Jay

    My next phone will support turbo wireless charge & c cable and a little longer battery life wouldn’t hurt.

  • clay

    just to note for the people saying this is unacceptable or whatever, google is trying to move away from one single brand dominating this space and want it to be universal tech, and not relying on a chipset or oem

    • Indianajonze

      except that the chipset supporting the tech is already in the phone

      • clay

        is the controller there too? i havent heard it is. doesnt rely on just the SoC

      • T4rd

        No it’s not. There’s an additional chip outside of the SoC required to support it, which is how Samsung phones support it in their Exynos phones and why it was missing on the G3 and S5 last year (because it was also missing that Qualcomm voltage regulator chip).

        • Pyrofallout

          Yes. Both the 5x and the 6p have Qualcomm QC2.0 IC (SMB1358 & SMB1351) in addition to compatible Qualcomm SoCs (808 & 810) according to iFixIt teardowns.

          • T4rd

            Why’d you reply to this 10-day old comment that was made before that was discovered and those teardowns happened? Lol

            Who knows if it will be enabled in firmware though. Maybe XDA will get it working with some custom kernels or something.

    • Big Daddy’s House

      Sure. Keep making excuses for them and defending them. It is unacceptable!

  • EdLessard

    When you say its not rapid charging, are you just not getting the toast notification? How long does it take to increase 1% of the battery. When I had the Moto XPE briefly, you could watch the percentage go up about 2% a minute. With a traditional charger it would go up 1% every 2 minutes. Are you sure it’s not charging faster than normal, but not enough to get the rapidly charging notification?

  • Ryan N
  • truename

    There are some things that Google can’t control but this is not one of them. Unacceptable.

  • Bryan Kolb

    This is a really weird decision on their part…

  • housry23

    Just an FYI, there are 5V/3A car chargers on Amazon. Search Macbook usb c car chargers and they are out there. I bought one that claims it is 5v/3a, but I don’t have the phone yet, so I can’t test it. When I searched, there were 2 different brands that made them. One was sold out or backordered and the other just got delivered to me today.

    I know it sucks that they don’t support it, but USB c is the future guys and in 2016, most flagships will probably be this way. If you’re saying this is a deal breaker, I guess you’re stuck with whatever phone you have now until, well, forever haha! JK!

    • ramifications

      Please report back when you get the phone on whether it worked or not!

    • BombasAKi

      How did it go with the macbook charger? May you share your experience and the brand that you got?

      Thank you!

  • clay

    can you try the nexus 6 charger since you probably have one around, worth a try at least

    • Joe Cross

      That’s the Motorola turbo charger

    • jowaldo

      I’m guessing it won’t charge at the faster rate, but it still should charge at a slower speed right?

  • Mike

    Lol, no thanks. Any other phone excludes this and it gets hated on, but since this is a Nexus fanboy area it’s just fine

    • Matthew DiGiacomo

      It has its own fast charging. Who cares?

      • Mike

        I do. Universal accessories is standard.

        • Erstam

          QC is propitiatory. They way google is doing it is not. So This is more universal than QC. It just doesn’t feel like it because it’s new to you.

          • Mike

            I seem to have mis understood the article. So nevermind lol nexus 6p order will not be cancelled.

        • T4rd

          This is funny. Next year we’ll be charging our USB C phones off of laptops and other standard devices at the full 5V/3A speeds while the QC devices still only pull 500 mA from every other USB port.

  • wills96

    There’s always at least a couple things about Nexus’s to keep me from buying them. This is the the last nail in the coffin for me since I just bought several QC chargers and will absolutely not buy a phone that doesn’t support that out of principal.

  • markp99

    At least we have Qi wireless charging on the new Nexii. Oh, wait…

    • Reality

      Wireless charging would be even slower and of no use in 99.9% of autos.

      • Lucky Armpit

        Wireless charging is incredibly convenient and I don’t care about slower charge rates.

      • velocipedes

        Qi fast charging exists.

  • ScoobySnack

    The reasons keep coming in why I’m not getting a 6P or 5X!

    Really, really wanted one too… 🙁

    • Alwin Crasto

      Great cameras, good battery life, awesome build quality, the best software design, the fastest updates, the longest update support time, the best security program, zero crapware, the latest features from Google, your choice of screen sizes, and a low price ………and you think lack of Qualcomm Quick Charge is a deal breaker?! Well ok.

      • Brendon

        Look a blind nexus fanboy, Samsung and moto arebetter pros than these and seller better

        • StevieV

          Is that English?

          • moew

            It’s brendlish, nobody can understand it.

        • Alwin Crasto


        • Daniel Thomas

          You are starting to make no sense with your comments. You are all over the place. Plus, anyone that uses the fanboy argument is someone that probably doesn’t have all the fact to begin with.

        • Adrynalyne

          “Look a blind nexus fanboy, Samsung and moto arebetter pros than these and seller better”

          Do they really seller better? Really really? Do they worker better too?

      • ScoobySnack

        OBVIOUSLY, the software aspect of Nexus phones is what EVERYONE wants! No one wants the skins & support life & locked down bootloaders that other OEMs are pushing out. We put up with it… due to compromises. The 6P and 5X are compromises, that turned my desires to disappointment.

        The price points are sorta alright, but Motorola has the price points, too- a la MXPE. Top on my list of missing techs: QC to match all my wired chargers that I bought, Qi to match all my wireless chargers that I bought for home & work desks + nightstand, water resistance, impressive battery life, I’m not impressed over the minimum memory specs, and while I fully accept there’s no SD support in Nexus phones (love that all my other phones have had it!) I am a little peeved that memory upgrades cost so much– you just know you’re getting no value for your money. And we’re talking Huawei— not an expensive phone manufacturer. A Huawei phone should have been lower priced- especially for the first major US import. At their current prices, I don’t see why there are these missing items keeping from delivering the full monty. That would have been an iPhone killer.

        N6 is still a better value, imo, based on current prices. Coming from a GS5 as my daily driver, I consider a fingerprint sensor highly useful for my use of ridiculous passwords and I want one. Thus, I’ll wait!

        If SONY would JUST GIVE VERIZON SUPPORT, I’d be all over the Z5c. Compromises…

        • Alwin Crasto

          The point I’m making is that people are focusing too much on the missing things and ignoring the boatload of stuff the new Nexuses get right. To me the Nexus 6P is the ultimate no compromise device which is why I pre-ordered it. It’s not like fast charging isn’t there, it’s there but not based on a proprietary technology (Qualcomm Quick Charge) which is obviously a good thing. It’s still just as fast if not faster than QC 2.0.
          Yes wireless charging is missing but to me this “feature” has always been a gimmick from the get go. Reasons: it’s not truly wireless, the wireless pad is still connected to the wall by a wire. If anything, it’s plugless and that means you have to let the phone rest on the pad if you want to use it while charging. Your reservations against Huawei are understandable given that they’re new on the international scene but I’ve seen Nexus phones from well known manufacturers like LG being low quality. The Nexus 4 and my own Nexus 5 have a history of power buttons crapping out or the SIM tray going loose over time. So I welcome new players to the field. It helps to change your perspective….