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Instagram is Rolling Out a New Quick Edit Screen on Android

I went on a hike this morning and took some photos to post to Instagram. As I loaded up the app (v7.3.0), I noticed a new screen that seemed a bit different after choosing/taking a photo. You can see what I’m talking about in the image above (and video below), which appears to be a new quick edit/filter screen. 

In previous builds of Instagram, after you chose or snapped a new photo, you were asked to crop before editing in a screen that listed out filters at the bottom, along with some other controls. In this new screen, you skip right past the edit screen and onto a page that lets you swipe across the screen to quickly adjust filters, before adding comments and tags. If you would like to get deeper into editing tools, an “Edit” button in the bottom left of your photo will get you there. There is also a button for tagging people in the opposite corner.

This new quick posting screen seems to show a handful of nearby locations that you can scroll through as well, along with a simpler caption box.

This update seems to be rolling out via server-side update. We were also able to get one device switched to this new UI after clearing data on the app. Feel free to test for yourself by updating your app or sideloading via the .apk below.

Play Link | Download Link (.apk)

  • JackMeOffski

    Instagram is where losers share pointless photos, including f EN hamburgers.

  • Donnaahenson

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  • OneForTheGoodDays

    Root now available for all G4 variants…. big news.

  • priceha

    Instagram is nice قیمت مرغ style and every moth updating his system ..

    Thanks for share

  • Eelly

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  • Badelhas

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  • moew

    That hamburger looks really good, nom nom nom

  • Did you see the new Layout companion app too?

  • moew


  • Gobohobo

    I noticed it a few days ago. I’m in the beta, the layout is a bit different but functionality is the same.

  • Idrialis

    Downloaded the apk in your link, installed it on my SGN4, didn’t get what you got in the video… I live in the Dominican Republic, maybe location restrictions, I guess..

  • randal

    using the old moto x to get ready for the new one?

  • I was able to clear data on the Instagram app and acquire the new layout. Thanks Droid Life, you’re the best!

    • ^^^Lulz 😛

    • velocipedes

      Clear datas.
      Acquire layouts.