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US Cellular Expects the Moto G (3rd Gen) to Retail for $179

The new Moto G (3rd gen) is no secret at this point. We’ve seen renders, mentions on Motorola’s site of Moto Maker options, promo videos, and hands-on time with the phone all within the last week. There are still some questions, though, one of which involves price. How low will Motorola go with the new Moto G? Will they stick close to the 2nd generation’s $179 price point? According to a source of ours, that’s exactly where Motorola plans to land. 

US Cellular is loading up the new Moto G in its internal systems under SKU 186978 and with a price of $179.99. That is without a contract of course, since the draw to the Moto G is its decent specs and bargain bin price.

If the price sticks and Motorola includes 4G LTE this time around, we are talking about a heck of a deal. I mention the 4G LTE because the 2nd gen never did get LTE and was instead a 3G-only phone priced at $179.

$179 sound like a good price to you?

us cellular moto g 3rd gen price

  • Mike Lucas

    Don’t care! Just want the new Moto X Pure Edition on U.S. Cellular

  • I’m hoping the Republic Wireless picks this up…

  • Larry Bublitz

    The hope I’m clinging to is they’re doing the same thing they did on the 2015 E, where you’ve got a super budget one then a souped up one. We’ll know tomorrow! 🙂

  • Julian Negre

    moto g 2015 have snap 410 / 1go / 8go that suck for a 180$ device……….

  • Eelly

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  • Cole C

    Sd610 not 410 or 615 plz. The latter over heats. 2gb ram plz. Keep 720p display and have a huge battery and of course LTE this time!

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  • Brandon Sobotta

    Anyone interested in this phone probably would be happy with a Lumia 640 att go phone for less than half the price.

    • This phone looks like a solid mid-tier Android device. Not a phone who’s OS will barely be supported by the end of the year – like the Lumia’s.

  • Ryan

    Do we think Verizon will have this?

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  • Jamesvllose

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  • shamatuu

    180 for those specs is a steal. Good enough for my sister as her first smartphone that is fast

  • kilex123

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  • Aaron C

    This is a day-one purchase for three members of our family who have the 2nd gen non-LTE Moto G. With the shut down of the HSPA network looming and the refarm of 2G to LTE in New England rural areas where we vacation, this is THE perfect discount phone to move to. Motorola radios, near-pure Android. For those in my family who don’t need something like my Nexus 6, they just want a decent phone that covers all the T-Mo bands and has a 5″ screen, this fits the bill perfectly.

  • roger1

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  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Can’t wait for next week to get past all this G news. Bring on the X!

    • Jared Denman

      For 199 I think I would just snag a Asus zenfone 2 instead.

      • Aaron C

        That’s a nice phone for $199, but “officially” there’s no band 12 support for us T-Mobile folk. There is a thread in XDA Developers with a screenshot of someone who claims to have picked up a band 12 signal, but an Asus rep said they don’t support band 12. Hmmmm.

        • jer85008

          That’s my only complaint about mine. Otherwise perfect for a phone I paid $199 for.

    • OnaMo

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  • tomn1ce

    If Moto is making two different Moto G with 8GB and 16GB of internal storage this must be the 8GB model. I’m not sure why Motorola would waste resources making two different capacity Moto G instead of just making one with 16GB…and just leave the 8GB for the Moto E…..I know option for the consumer is good but this one makes no sense. If it comes with only 16GB they would fly off the shelf faster than the previous two versions.

    • editorinchimp

      I know it’s a budget phone, but 8GB is still laughable. So basically, the user can install two apps and that’s it?

      • Jeanie

        I have 4GB phone and I have 11 apps

      • jerbanumbi

        I have a tablet with 2Gb Ram but have Clash of Clans, Zombie & plant, bible, dictionary and more… This is a very good phone even with 8Gb internal you can play 2 HD games and still have space.

  • Tyler Durden

    Decent for the specs. Guess we will know soon what the official ones are.

  • Droid Ronin

    It sounds like at this point, this phone will perform better than my first gen Moto X.

    • netanil

      Hmm, maybe, but with only 1gb/8gb probably not.

  • Joshua Rewerts

    Notice the 2 above it: Moto G LTE @ $209.99 So the $179.99 pricepoint appears to be 3G only.

    • Tony BW

      I think the LTE model listed is the 1st gen…

      • Joshua Rewerts

        Yep, I just realized that…Didn’t know they’d skipped the 4G on the 2nd gen.

        • tomn1ce

          Moto made a 4G but it was for Latin America only….no 4G LTE love for the USA….I still say they should’ve had done this for the 1st Moto G instead of having to make another one a few months later.