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BBM Protected Support Comes to Android, Features Enterprise-Level Security

With security on the top of many minds, BlackBerry is introducing iOS and Android support for BBM Protected, its encrypted service for enterprise-level messaging. 

As explained by BlackBerry, “BBM Protected offers an enterprise-grade secure instant messaging service with all the features of a consumer IM app, the hardening of on-premise security together with the convenience of a cloud service. All messages are encrypted using keys generated by the communicating mobile devices themselves.

While many small businesses may not need access to BBM Protected, if you feel your employer is important enough to follow stricter protocols for communication between employees, then check it out.

To take advantage, you will need to download BBM from Google Play.

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Via: BlackBerry
  • FAS

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  • yummy

    This reminds me of that super bowl commercial from like last century. Dude misses the extra point and girl is like, but thats his only job! He’s only got one thing to do! BBM, go stand next to htc in the dunces corner

  • P Cole

    Redphone and Text Secure are free and open source. I personally would not trust Blackberry with anything (see BB/Indian Govt).

  • IqaluitZen

    Blackberry has over $3.1 billion in cash and made a small profit last quarter.
    The turnaround is in full affect and by adding the world’s best security to BBM, makes it an even better IM than before.
    Personally, I prefer using BBM over other IM apps due primarily to the security it provides.

  • Taylor

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  • Guest

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  • James_75

    Anybody here own a BB Storm back in the day?

    • MacNificent

      use it as a loner for 3 months. That was literally the worst phone I’ve ever used..

      • AndroSync

        Try owning it. Even for that time, who the hell makes a phone without WiFi?

        • James_75

          I think the storm 2 had wifi lol..

    • TuckandRoll84

      Got rid of my Storm to go to the OG DROID. I worked at a company that was contracted to do Verizon’s tech support at the time so I know how many people had problems with their Storms. But I was on Crackberry daily and I was always running updated software. Mine ran like butter as long as it was restarted every night.

      • James_75

        The Storm was my first “smart” phone…. man I was on BB’s nuts back then.. totally resisted jumping to Android and defended BB as much as possible against OG Droid guys…I absolutely hated iTunes so the iPhone wasn’t an option for me (yes I had a Zune and Zune HD at one point lol)… Then the Moto Droid X came out and pretty much crushed anything BB had going on so I jumped ship and haven’t looked back since!

    • LionStone

      Had the Tour then the Bold… Still have em!

  • mcdonsco

    What is the big deal with BBM, keep hearing about it and can’t figure out why?

    Can’t believe Blackberry is still in business (albeit, barely).

    • Allyn K C

      Blackberry phones were very common for business users many years back – and BBM was the defacto standard text messaging tool for those users.

      Had Blackberry released BBM to iOS and Android back when those devices first started dominating market share, BBM could have owned business text communications on those platforms too. Instead they tried keeping it a Blackberry device exclusive for far too long, thinking that would be enough to convince business users to stay with their outdated OS. Even when they did release to Android, they used their own UI and ignored standard conventions found in Android App design.

      Arrogance killed them. Now it’s just a matter of time until their IP gets bought up by someone else.

      • MicroNix

        BBM might as well have an antique designation on it.

    • linacostaa


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  • ohshaith55

    Is that what BBM looks like these days? ew

  • SVem26

    Its okay guys.. we are only 5 years late.. – Blackberry

    • enigmaco

      That should be their new tagline.

    • evelyn clark

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