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Falcon Pro 3 is Now Available on Google Play

Falcon Pro 3, the much anticipated re-write of one of the most popular, well-put-together Twitter apps in Android history, has arrived. At this time, you have a UI that will look somewhat similar to users of the previous app, in terms of the color scheme. Outside of that, though, the column-based navigation is completely different this time around (think Tweetdeck), there are no settings to be tweaked (yet), DMs are completely missing, and overall, it seems pretty barebones at this time. 

The developer of Falcon Pro, Joaquim Verges, promises that more features are coming, along with direct messages in future updates.

To use the app, you can download it for free, but in order to add an account, it will cost you $3.99 for a primary account, followed by another $1.99 for additional accounts.

We will have a review up soon in case you don’t feel like spending $4 to $6 on an app that may not be quite finished yet.

Play Link ($3.99 in-app purchase for primary account)

  • Mar

    Look, I’m all for calling people out when they’re being whiny crybabies, but this pisses me off. This dude has obviously done some top shelf work & produced a superior product, which he should be compensated for. That said, what I originally paid for was labeled ‘Falcon Pro Beta’. The inference when you buy a *beta* is that you will also have access to the *alpha* when it’s released. If I (and I’m assuming just about everybody else) had known that the version I was purchasing was a stand alone that was about to be abandoned, I would have stuck with the free widget or used another client until FP3 dropped. Not letting the consumer know what he was up to is shady as hell. The version I’m running ( is broken, and won’t upload images from my gallery. All ‘apk update’ links lead to FP3. So now here I am, stuck paying (a combined price) of almost $10 just to have a fully functioning twitter client? Yeah, not impressed.

  • JeffPodwats

    Not to mention, they named the App after a Falcon. Has anyone stopped to consider how they feel about this? I’m sure no one, not even Joaquim did. If they were an endangered species at least it would be a tax write-off, but they aren’t so why do it?…………Just saying.

  • Anyone know how do do a simple Search in the 3.0 app? When I add a column and perform a search, it saves that search as a column, and I have to open a new column for every new search. Do I need to keep adding and deleting columns to perform searches?

  • DC_Guy

    I really like the original Falcon Pro. As someone who also uses iOS, I’ve been on a constant search to find a twitter app on the Android side that rivals Tweetbot. I really wish the makers of Tweetbot would just bring the damn app to Android and put me out of my misery. It really is THE BEST twitter app I’ve ever used. In fact, Tweetbot and iMessage are 95% of what keep me on iOS at all.

  • Matthew Morrison

    why are people comparing apps to buying a car and buying a taco lol come on now it’s not the same. All you have to do is look at other paid apps as an example and you’ll know that paying for this app again after you already paid for it would be pretty dumb

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    The pricing must be some kind of ridiculous joke. . .Please

  • CoolSilver

    I bet if the app was upgraded for a in-house in app purchase that people would still complain. Even if the app was repackaged 20 times, and had it’s own license service to reauthorize the pro features without any hassle. People would still bitch about it.

  • fartbubbler

    still use Plume, as I love the ability to customize colors to different tweets/ accounts.

  • CHRIS42060

    I really hate that Google lets developers do things like this. The app shows as free but is literally worthless without spending money. In my mind that is false advertising and more of a bait and switch move that anything.

  • Shadowstare

    Welp, looks like I’ll keep on using Talon. Sorry Falcon Pro, it was fun while it lasted.

  • Droid Ronin

    I might wait until the app adds the features back in and receives more polish. I liked the classic Falcon Pro and wouldn’t mind spending $4 for this one when it’s done.

  • Jocklaflair

    Yes, it’s missing a few features, however, I think that it’s a good start for this app. I think people overreact when a developer charges for an app when quite a few people will spend an average of 10 bucks (this is a low end average BTW) a week on random coffee, food, etc, but you use your device everyday. There are apps I use everyday that I’ve purchased and I’ve gotten well over the asking price of $.99 – $4.99. If the app is DECENT enough for purchase, I don’t see anything wrong with supporting a good developer.

    • CoolSilver

      $14.99 at one point for Log Me In… guess what happened with that… They canned it and their free accounts. Do I care? Nope I got my $14.99 use out of it

  • Chris

    They need to make this for facebook.

  • Keith

    I now have *five* approved apps in my Twitter account, all by a JV Studios: “FalconPro”, “Falcon-Pro”, “Falcon Pro”, “Falcon Pro 2015 BETA”, and “Falcon Pro 2015”.

    • Adrynalyne

      That is why I won’t support this one.

  • OFears

    Is it weird that I don’t have twitter ? I never saw the appeal of it. The app looks cool though.

    • I follow a lot of science, tech, and news sites, so with my feed scrolling on my Mac all day I can see at a glance any breaking news. It was really interesting to see the attacks in Paris, Connecticut, and more roll across in near realtime.

      • Kevin

        similar to how i use it… updates and whatnot. not so much for the social aspect of it.

  • Karum

    I really don’t mind that as a brand new release it is missing some features but the app doesn’t even have a settings menu to even do basic stuff like have notification preferences. I find that pretty incredible I can deal with there not being themes or even things like tweetmarker at a 1.0 release but not even a settings menu is kind of ridiculous. I have to believe this kind of stuff will come in an update, the dev has to or he’ll just alienate himself from Google Play users.

    I also don’t mind paying for the app but making the method of paying for the app an in-app purchase with free initial download instead of having that pay wall right at the beginning is a bit disingenuous as people who end up not liking the app have no recourse for a refund. It should have has an initial payment and then in-app purchases to add additional accounts if that is how he wanted to go.

    Now with that said, the app is really good looking and really slick based on my very limited time with it so far. It has a lot of potential to be a pretty amazing Twitter app but it really does need some serious updating. I’ll use it some more to see how I really like it and keep an eye on updates but it is a really promising app and I’m looking forward to seeing it updated and made more full-featured.

    • Hothfox

      I agree. IAP for one account is not the way to go. I assume he was trying to combat people pirating this version and getting the full version without having to pay anything, but an IAP is disingenuous because there’s no way to get a refund if you decide the full version is not to your liking.

      • Karum

        Exactly and whilst I’m a little disappointed at some of the shortcomings I probably wouldn’t even have bothered with a refund. It still looks promising enough to me that with some work it could be a really great twitter app. I actually prefer the design over that of Talon Plus which is also a really good looking app in it’s own right.

        No method of refund though is just going to alienate a lot of people and put them off, especially with a lot of the comments that I personally think the app and developer is deservedly getting. Most of the criticisms imo are valid, some not so much.

  • Intellectua1 2x

    Black themes are so Kit Kat-ish,

  • Tony G.

    tiny violins for all the comments today

    • Tyler Durden

      Welcome to the Greatest (not) Country in the World!

  • riggaman

    Meh I’ll stick with Fenix

  • Arnold

    I’m going to go ahead and say it – I think Material Design is overrated. It’s causing WAY too many developers like this one to redesign their apps, and give them “justification” to recharge for it (Action Launcher?). It’s making my whole Android experience feel all over the place as well, since we all know that not every developer will be on board. I’m over it.

    • James

      Just keep using old versions of stuff, no one is stopping you. I welcome the growth and change. If everyone had an opinion like you then devs would starve and developement would stop. No more apps. So your opinion is fine but not one that is good for the community.

  • James

    Feels like a rushed release for no apparent reason? Either way it is sooooo smooth and gorgeous. And the animations are really classy. No doubt going to switch to this when updates come. For now, staying on Fenix.

  • Rodeojones000

    I think I’ll just stick with the original Falcon Pro for now.

  • macewank

    Falcon Pro was a solid app in the day, but I don’t see myself giving him any more of my money. He’s already abandoned the project twice and caused huge inconveniences to folks who bought his application. Can gripe and moan all you want about the Twitter token limit, but that was a known limit when he released the app for the first time. This is now the.. what.. 4th time(?) he’s asked customers to re-purchase the application?

    I’ll pass.

    edit: and handling purchases through an IAP *is* scammy as hell.

    • CoolSilver

      Yup cause it was their fault for Twitter being asinine over their app tokens. Yup Totally.

      Not to mention I rather get paid for things I’d create as well.

      • macewank

        Then create something with sustained profitability. if you know you can only sell 1,000 copies of your app, maybe don’t make that app.

        • CoolSilver

          I’d be happy to sell one copy of an app I created. So don’t tell me I couldn’t if it isn’t profitable.

          • macewank

            But that’s a different argument. If you make an app and you’re cool selling 1 copy, sweet. Be happy. If you want to sell 2000 copies but you know you can only sell 1000, then maybe you need to reconsider.

          • CoolSilver

            OK. I guess if your market studies show it should sell twice as many as it did I’d find what I need to improve. If that means it goes to the bin and start over then so be it. But I doubt anyone has any idea how well it will sell until it does. Falcon blew up over night in downloads. Unless you wanted the app to fail to keep it’s original tokens from Twitter, then probably wouldn’t be griping about it today. But the fact having to rework things isn’t a new concept. With that comes costs of development. Can’t get time back to redo it and doubt anyone wants to take a loss on brand new app even if it is a reworked version like the how many versions of OS out there.

          • macewank

            That’s not what I meant.

            With Twitter, you have an imposed limit of tokens. Let’s call that 1,000. Given that, you can sell exactly 1,000 copies of your application before it stops working for new users.

            If you’re cool selling 1,000 functional copies of your app at $3.99. Make the app. Make your $3990. No complaints there.

            What’s happening here is that JV Studios wants to sell 5000 functional copies of their app. Twitter will only let them sell 1,000 copies. So what do they do? They are re-releasing the app under a new name and charging everyone $3.99 again.

            Whether or not someone feels like giving the guy another $3.99 is a personal choice they’re more than welcome to make. Falcon Pro was, at one point, hands down the best Twitter app available and I have no doubt JV Studios will get this one up to snuff in time. What gibs me is the thought that folks like myself who aren’t okay with what he’s doing are wrong/whiners/whatever. We aren’t. They are largely legitimate complaints.

  • Primey_

    Decent app but he released it way too early. Still missing semi important features

  • Artune

    4 bucks? 1.99 the most. I mean i understand time was spent making it but it’s just an app for twitter new a music album on sale from the play store.

    • James

      To be fair, thats the price of all other twitter apps out

  • jawa5636

    $3.99 to add my Twitter account? Without adding a Twitter account, it is a pointless app. Will wait to see how this develops and stick with Tweetcaster Pro.

  • Greg Abbate

    People are being really harsh with the reviews on play store. It’s a 1.0 release. Give the guy a break.

    • Josh Matthews

      If it was free I would agree, but once you start taking people’s money you open yourself up to all criticism, and I think that’s fair.

      • Greg Abbate

        Your paying to be a beta tester. Games do this all the time. If you don’t want to test out an incomplete item, don’t pay. Wait for free release.

        • Josh Matthews

          You’re not paying to be a beta tester lol. If you were paying to be a beta tester, he would at least make some mention of it being in beta or testing. He doesn’t do that at all and the reality is that you simply can’t do that with a Twitter client because of the token limit. Unless the developer specifically states your paying money to beta test, then the same rules apply. Pretty simple.

          • Greg Abbate

            That’s your opinion.

          • Josh Matthews

            What is?

    • Adrynalyne

      Or release the app once feature complete like everyone else.

    • Primey_

      Or maybe he shouldn’t release an incomplete app

      • Tyler Durden

        At least Ubisoft made Assassins Creed Unity one of the best in the franchise despite a botched release.

    • If this was completely free, that’s one thing. But charging someone $4 for 1 account for an app where you can’t change settings, notification, receive DMs, and other 1.0 issues, it’s a lot to ask money for. Heck not being able to change any settings is a huge issue.

    • Jon

      It was an 0.8 release, not 1.0. Let’s be honest.

  • LePurpleHipster

    This pricing with limited ability tho….. -_-

  • BEFORE you start bitching about the pricing it’s his way combat Twitter’s ridiculous token limit.

    • NastyEmu

      Unfortunately it also circumvents the ability to get a refund

    • macewank

      If he’s worried about Twitter’s token limit, maybe he should find a different service to write apps for. The limit has been there since before the original Falcon Pro was released.

  • ceejw

    This looks great but I’m not going to jump on board until he adds an internal browser, and DM support.

    • Kenny Griffin

      It has an internal browser already. Works pretty similar to the old one.

      • ceejw

        Wait, really? I’m running it in the free demo list mode and I get kicked out to Chrome every time I select a link.

        • ChrispyAndroid

          You don’t need to select the link – just open the tweet. The content will load inside the app without needing to open Chrome.

          • ceejw

            Ahh, you’re right. I’ve been using Fenix for so long that I forgot this is how it works on Falcon.

  • It would be nice if those who purchased the original app, only to be kicked off by Twitter, could get this for free. Especially since you can’t change any settings, notification preferences, or get DM’s, it’s pretty limited.

    • Adrynalyne

      Exactly. I was burned first run as well.

    • Primey_

      Users of the original app aren’t kicked off. You can still use the old app even though the token limit is up and you don’t have a original token

      • With removing it from the Play Store and having very limited updates and support for the app, it’s not the same.

        • Primey_

          What’s wrong with downloading it from getfalcon.pro? And it is still getting updates. It’s not like the old app is missing features. It’s a solid working app. What more do you want?

          • I want the app to be updated via the Play Store with frequent bug fixes and new features, like any other app that I pay for.

          • Primey_

            What features is it missing? Remember the twitter api limits him. He just released a bug fixing patch today and it doesn’t have major problems

          • It’s not the right way to deal with an app that customers paid for. You have to sideload the app, so you are bypassing the security of the Play Store, for all you know the app could be infested with a serious bug or malware, and if many devs did this would you want to have to religiously check 20+ websites for updates for your apps? I paid for an application, I want it to be managed via the Play Store

          • ceejw

            Google would remove it if he put it in the play store because it doesn’t work for anyone who didn’t buy it before it hit the token limit over a year ago.

          • CoolSilver

            Considering Talon has had the same issue. Removed from being purchased but if you have the app installed it will update as normal prior to unpublishing. Sideloading isn’t required. Even if you uninstalled you can still get back to the url directly to reinstall for a purchased app.

          • eilegz

            DM its not working and never worked for falcon pro

          • Primey_

            Works fine for me

          • Adrynalyne

            Play store support which was paid for? I shouldn’t have to sideload.

    • James

      When the new call of duty comes out every year i dont expect it free just cause i bought the last one. When i go to taco johns i dont expect a free grilled sausage and potatoe buritto cause i bought one yesterday. Dude with your opinion APPS WOULD STOP BEING MADE. Do you understand that? We dont want to stunt growth. Dont buy the app, thats fine, but acting like it should be free is douchey to say the least.

      • No. People like myself purchased Falcon Pro, a third party twitter app. When we purchase an app, it’s expected that the developer will continue to update that app, not stop support and release a new version a year later and make us rebuy it. Look at 99% of the other apps out there. They release major redesigns of their apps, and the people who bought it never have to rebuy it. In your example, when you buy a game of Call of Duty, you paying for that one game, which gets updated, each new game is clearly an entirely new game, this is simply a redesign of the same application which does the same thing. Of course you don’t expect a free taco every time you go there, you are agreeing to buy one taco, not a membership. Developers make their money by new customers buying their app, or creating new apps. Not repackaging the same app over and over.

        • ultravisitor

          When you buy a car, do you really expect that you should get the new version of it that comes out the following year for free?

          Wait. You probably do.

          • Adrynalyne

            If my car stopped working shortly after buying it due to issues from the car maker you are damn right I would.

          • How does that even compare? If you want to make a comparison, why not compare Titanium Backup, SetCPU, ROM Toolbox, or any of the other several paid apps that you pay for once, and get to enjoy future updates for? It’s one thing if it’s a new twist on an app, like Angry Birds and Angry Birds Space, but they continue to update each one of those apps. It’s a poor frame of mind for the dev to release an app, charge us for it, then redesign it and make us pay for it again using IAP which can’t be easily refunded, when for all we know he will hit the token limit before he can make this app stable.

          • Karum

            I’m with you on the whole IAP thing, payment for the app should not be that way at all.

            As for the rest, comparing new apps being created and charged for is a bit of a unique thing with twitter apps. A developers income potential is limited due to the API restrictions of twitter’s API. It sucks the old Falcon Pro isn’t in the Play Store anymore but it is available and it does work. It has a pretty good list of features and it is a solid working app.

            When you compare that to things like Angry Birds where the developer is not limited by API’s provided by someone else you aren’t really giving a like for like comparison. There isn’t really much of a like for like comparison when it comes to these Twitter app releases.

            Overall though the dev maybe should have had more of a look at what Luke Klinker has done with Talon and the new Lollipop centric version. It is charged for as a new app and as far as I know the previous version is still readily available and maintained. It maybe would have beena better way for Falcon Pro to go.

          • Keith

            lmao… all these idiots comparing apples and oranges.

        • jbegs

          Look at AutoDesk…I purchased Sketchbook Pro. Now they came out with a new, fully redesigned app that is up to me to purchase if I want the newest of what they have to offer. They are putting IAPs in this in order to build up my library. Was I annoyed at first…yes. But then I realized that developers (big or small) need to keep things flowing in order for them to continue dev work. They can’t work for free after they have hit their limit on installs. Sure they can update the existing app and maybe get a few new installs, but by developing a fresh new app, they will get more installs (in theory) and be able to continue to develop apps. At some point Adobe stops supporting their old programs when newer versions come out. You can still use CS1 but you have all that you are getting. If you want updates then you need to pay for newer versions.

          • Adrynalyne

            Did your older version stop working? Did auto desk re-release it for purchase, using a different signature so it counts as a different app? Does auto desk require you to get it elsewhere than the play store, forcing you to sideload it?

            If no to any of those, then your analogy isn’t appropriate.

          • jbegs

            My current Sketchbook pro still works (so does my original Falcon Pro). Autodesk just won’t update the version I have. They re-released a fresh new app and removed the older one from the store (I can only see it in my apps list). So, yes, it is a different app. You can’t get the older version from the play store anymore, just the newest release.

            So yes, my analogy is appropriate.

          • Adrynalyne

            Actually no, the original falcon pro doesn’t work for everyone. Were you not around for the token debacle?

          • jbegs

            I was around. I was in the original beta testing for the app then purchased it upon release. Have been using it ever since. I only said my Falcon Pro was still working. I paid for FP3 this morning and see a vast improvement over the original.

      • Adrynalyne

        You might if said paid for call of duty stopped working for you.

      • eessel

        If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

      • Michael Harrison

        When you buy Call of Duty you expect it to work as long as you own the app. You don’t expect them to impose a limit on how many can play and start blocking your ability to play because you lose your token for any reason.

    • Tyler Durden

      Yeah I bought a PS4 – when they release the PS4 Slim – I should get that free too.

      • Adrynalyne

        Did your old ps4 stop working due to some Sony licensing issue?

        If not, it isn’t even a relevant analogy.

        • Tyler Durden

          Doesn’t matter. I paid for it and deserve the new version like the OP.

          • Adrynalyne

            You clearly lack the ability to understand the actual issue.

      • PoisonApple31

        PS4! thanks for the laugh.

        • Tyler Durden

          Wasn’t about to buy the inferior Xbone.

  • Steveo

    The reviews make me not so hopeful…

    • James

      That was a bad PR call in my opinion that he released it so early. But the app is the most smooth and gorgeous twitter app ive used. Download it for free and app a default list, which is free, and look at what i mean.

    • Primey_

      If you want a summary they are all basically complaining that it was released far too early.

  • Mordecaidrake

    Wow that seems scammy, loved the first app though.

    • Primey_

      How is it scammy?

      • macewank

        It’s like the 4th time he’s re-released the app and asked users to re-purchase it.

        • Primey_

          He’s only done it once.

          • You’re forgetting about him releasing the same app with a different name after reaching the token limit

          • Primey_

            When was this? What was the different name?

          • I don’t recall exactly, but I do remember there being a debate in the comments shortly after he reached the token limit where he changed his app ever so slightly, in a way for Twitter to see it as a new app and allow him to get double the tokens.

          • Adrynalyne

            It wasn’t a different name I don’t think, it was a different signature, making it count as a different app.

        • Mordecaidrake

          Came here to say the same thing, that and charging per user is gross.