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Nokia’s Z Launcher Now Available on Google Play, Still in Beta

Was your interest by chance piqued when you saw Nokia’s Z Launcher running on the recently unveiled N1 tablet? If so, now is your chance to give it a whirl. The home screen replacement, now in beta, is now compatible with most modern Android devices (it was previously optimized only for the Galaxy S5, S4, S3, and Nexus 5).

Z Launcher slipped under the radar when it debuted last June. For the uninitiated, the app is an “intelligent” launcher which aims to serve software, contacts, and suggestions when and where you need them by learning your patterns. In the same vein as Google Now, Z Launcher attempts to predict what you need before you realize you need it.

It also features searching for apps by gesture. Scribbling the first letter of the app your searching for will bring up a list of results.

The app is otherwise barebones, but was the idea; it seems intended more than anything to get out your way. Still, a few more options to customize appearance and behavior would be welcome.

Z Launcher is free on Google Play.

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  • Shaker Hamdi

    It’s not compatible with HTC ONE m8 GPE.

  • Kevin

    Interestingly, it’s already had two updates in 8-ish hours. No changelogs, unsurprisingly.

    • Kevin

      Jesus. Make that THREE updates. They’re already on 1.0.3-beta.

  • Bobby Phoenix

    Works great on Note 3 on 4.4.4 CM11.

  • Me

    So far so good. Wish it was a lil bit more customizable tho. Going to give the yahoo launcher a shot too before I go back to GN or Apex.

  • landon

    Has potential but needs more customization. I’m open minded, but I am sticking with nova for now.

  • Rickner

    Nokia is giving us a lot of surprises. Im excited about Nokia’s leap. We gotta watch out.

    • dianne9836

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  • Patrick Costenoble

    Activation failed, no Z launcher for me. Nice way promoting a browser…

    • Marc

      It’s a launcher and not a browser.

      • Patrick Costenoble

        Thank you bringing this to my attention. But it does not change the fact it requires activation one can’t get.
        So let me reply…Nice way promoting a launcher.

        • Marc

          Honestly, I am surprised that people still need some kind of license to activate this launcher I know it was the case in the closed beta, but I thought they got rid of that. I was excited when it finally worked for me this morning.
          Agree with you, they should make people aware of that in the description in the Play Store.

          • Patrick Costenoble

            Just a bit later I managed getting into the launcher, patience is a virtue…
            Will try it and give it a change with an open mind. But they should try avoiding this activation troubles!

          • Marc


  • Chris VanAnden

    Intriguing. I was hooked on Aviate and haven’t looked back. Sometimes it lags, but for whatever reason – I love it.

    • calculatorwatch

      I always miss the app categorization on Aviate and try to switch back sometimes. I think it looks really nice now with the transparent theme, but I like using live wallpapers too much to stick with it long term.

  • japenharox

    I see now, “it requires android 4.1 ~ 4.4″… So, it does not run on Kit Kat 4.4.4 nor Lollipop 5.0…

    • Keith

      It’s running on my Moto X on 4.4.4 just fine. Ok, uninstalling it now…

      Edit: oops, it installed fine, but I get this:

      “SORRY: Activation failed. Please retry after we open up new activations”

    • Me

      Yeah my N4 is on 4.4.4 & its working fine.

  • japenharox

    It’s not compatible with Moto X 2nd gen either… I’m currently running kit kat

  • NoneOfYourBizzness

    Looks interesting. Not moving from Action launcher tho.

  • belsonc

    Looks like it requires activation, and there aren’t any available (source: app comments)…

  • God no. It’s Nova, Touchwiz or nothing..

    • Mike Aurin

      Wasn’t a huge fan of the Touchwiz skin on my S4 but I loved the hell out of that launcher.

  • Eric J.

    So uh, it turns out it’s not compatible with my Nexus 5 (running Lollipop)…

    EDIT: But it installs on my Sony Z Ultra GPe?