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Run Forrest Run, an Endless Runner Based on Forrest Gump

Finally, an endless runner based on a story I know and love. If we have any fans of Forrest Gump here – everyone should raise their hand – you might want to check out a new game on Google Play called Run Forrest Run.

In the game, which will remind you of any other endless runner game available, you play as Forrest Gump as he runs his way through Alabama and Route 66. Collecting coins while running helps you upgrade Forrest, which will allow you to run further in the game. 

It is definitely a cartoony type of runner, but should bring a smile to anyone who loves that classic film.

Run Forrest Run is free to download from Google Play.

Play Link

  • Simon Belmont

    That game needs some pretty crazy permissions. Access to list of running apps, camera, and microphone?

    Looks fun. But I think I’ll wait for them to (hopefully) prune some of those unnecessary permissions.

  • Chris Hughes

    How much was DL paid to post about this? Why write up an article on a ho-hum game that you clearly don’t even like?

  • Jam

    Just watched the movie yesterday on TV! I should check this out.

  • vgergo

    Is this article an ad?

  • bizaro57

    my wife just got an in app suggested purchase in this game… 1500 chocolates for $69.99……wow…. time to uninstall

  • creed

    It’s just like subway surfer except its awful.

  • ted

    quite possibly the dumbest thing i’ve ever seen

  • Michael

    Can I run as Lt. Dan?

    • JMonkeYJ

      Magic legs!

      • Thomas

        Why am I craving peas & carrots 😉

  • Thomas

    Momma says this is a good game 😉

  • Jonathan Williams

    He runs like he got shot in to buttocks…

  • NexusMan

    Surprised it took this long.

  • David Foggia

    Finally, a game where I can hone my skills as a handicap

    • NexusMan

      Not quite sure you used that term properly.

      • Box O Fudge

        Exactly,the proper term is “retard”

        • NexusMan

          I said nothing of the term, I actually commented on the use of the term. But I understand reading comprehension is not everyone’s strong point. Having said that, I don’t think your term is the correct one.

  • Tony Byatt

    I bet they won’t have the Vietnam scenes…

    • Aaron

      I gotta find Bubba!!!

      • Noelani Lois

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    • La2da

      Something bit me!