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NVIDIA Pushing OTA Update to SHIELD Tablet, Improves WiFi Stability and More

Today, NVIDIA is pushing out an OTA update to owners of the SHIELD Tablet. In the update, NVIDIA includes WiFi stability improvements, improved camera performance, an NVIDIA Prism toggle, and much more. 

Also included are ShadowPlay performance optimizations, stability improvements to SHIELD Hub and Gamestream, followed by audio optimizations and other misc. stability improvements. That is a whole lot of optimizations and improvements.

See full changelog below.


  • Improved WiFi stability in certain scenarios
  • Improved camera performance
  • NVIDIA PRISM feature toggle
  • Stability improvements to SHIELD Hub and Gamestream
  • ShadowPlay performance optimizations
  • Localization improvements
  • Audio optimizations
  • Misc. stability improvements

Own a SHIELD? Head into your Settings menu to begin the install process if you have not yet been prompted to do so.

  • BigRed4X15

    I’ve owned the tablet for a couple of days. Amazing tablet! Games look amazing, basically console level, and I can use it for business as well!

  • NickA

    I’m not a gamer, but this tablet makes me want to be one.