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Changes to Google Glass TOS Suggest Progress Toward Price Reduction, Official Launch

Android Wear devices may have stolen the spotlight for now, but that does not mean Google Glass, the search giant’s other platform based around glance-able information, is not inching closer towards a palatable price and retail launch. Evidence of progress comes in the form of recently made changes to the Google Glass Terms of Service (TOS), which Glass Almanac astutely observed and highlighted.

Specifically, the newer TOS adds a “Prices and Taxes” section, which mentions a mechanism for requesting a refund on the difference should Google discount Glass within 30 days of a customer’s purchase. It also mentions “promotional offers,” indicating sales on the hardware are within the realm of possibility.

Somewhat revealingly, any and all references to “beta” have been purged, a measure of Glass’ maturity. That does not necessarily mean a release is around the corner – 2014 seems like a stretch this late in the year – but it is a good indicator that Glass is nearing finalization.

Can’t wait to buy your very own face computer? There’s hope for sometime next year, for sure.

Via: Glass Almanac
  • Mujibur rahman

    In sha allah i will by this glass

  • Ironfist Johnson

    Douchebag junk. Looking forward to busting a pair while on someone’s face.

  • Finire

    I paid thousands of dollars to stop wearing glasses. I don’t want to be paying more to put glasses back on my face now.

    • Kevin

      pay all that money and dont even update your pic

      • Mickey A Valentine

        No the money he spent jus didn’t work for him

  • miri

    I wonder how much of a reduction they’re talking about. Can’t imagine it’d be too much. Fingers crossed it gets as low as $400~$500, but I doubt it.

  • Shane Redman

    I just used mine at my brother’s wedding this past weekend. Got a great shot of the entire ceremony as the best man. And as an added bonus as an up & coming event/wedding photographer, I let people rent them for their functions. Trying to get some of that money back, haha

    • Jorge

      isn’t that against Google’s TaC to rent them out?…just curious..

      I can only imagine seeing the video from Best Man’s PoV 😀

      • Shane Redman

        It might be, but at $1500 for what only cost them $80 to build, I’m not in a hurry to check lol. Can’t fault me for finding more use out of a niche piece of hardware.

  • Miguel

    Just put glass on some Ray-bans around $300 and I’m all over it.

  • Suicide_Note

    I’ll wait for the redesigned model that looks more like traditional specs before I seriously consider buying this.

    • Nick

      I hope this was only a proof of concept/workable prototype. Just as the Moto 360 will look like a normal watch, they need to do the best they can to make these look like normal glasses. If that means losing the camera, I’d be ok with a pair like that.

  • El Big CHRIS

    I’d take the moto 360 (or any nie round smartwatch running wear) over the glasses. But then if it’s cheap enough, maybe…

  • epps720

    This is what I think of the ‘face computer’

  • ITGuy11


    • Suicide_Note

      At that price I’d buy two.

    • Mathew Colburn

      I think even $400 would be more than worth it. Considering a regular price of glasses can be that expensive. At $250 I’d suspect many people would buy about 3 of these things.

      • Justin W

        Disclaimer: These aren’t meant to replace your regular prescription glasses.

        Side note: it’s not the frames on the glasses that are expensive, it’s the two lens (lenses?).

        • Mathew Colburn

          I don’t believe I said they were meant to replace your prescription lenses. I stated if prescription lenses cost $400 with frames then $400 for wearing a computer on your face is worth it. I said this because the original commenter questioned if $250 would be a good price for the consumer edition.

          In case you couldn’t comprehend my first comment after reading it again I thought I might break it down better for you. 🙂

        • ZxyLady

          I went to my eye doctor and found that they absolutely will put my prescription into the Google Glass, they can and will replace prescription glasses