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Sprint Calls It a “New Day for Unlimited Data,” Announces $60 Unlimited Plan

Many thought that Sprint was going to kill off unlimited data after announcing their new double-data share plans on Monday. In an announcement this morning, claiming today as a “new day for unlimited data,” it’s clear that they still believe in an unlimited way of life. Starting tomorrow, new and existing Sprint customers can sign-up for their new unlimited data plan, which includes unlimited talk and text as well, for $60 per month

In order to qualify for this new $60 unlimited plan, Sprint customers “must purchase their device through Sprint Easy Pay, pay full retail price or bring their own compatible device.”

For those new, Sprint Easy Pay is a monthly payment program for phones that requires a down payment which varies by device (most are showing right now as $0 down). You are essentially paying the full price of the phone, though the cost has been broken up into 24-monthly payments. The other two options for qualifying should be self-explanatory.

For comparison sake, Sprint is pointing out that T-Mobile’s unlimited data plan runs $80, $20 more than this new unlimited option. They also make it clear to everyone that AT&T and Verizon do not offer unlimited data plans.

Of course, even at these prices, being a part of Sprint’s network means you are a part of the worst in the country, according to this report.

sprint unlimited

Via:  Sprint
  • William Kister

    To bad their coverage sucks. In this area I think you might have 30 square feet of good reception with them. Here it’s either AT&T or Verizon and Verizon has the best coverage.

  • Benjamin Reyes

    It has to start somewhere. Sprint lowers the price gets more customers and can make some money to put back into the network. Verizon already has good coverage but there are plenty of people already jumping ship for cheaper prices won’t be long til verizon gets the picture!

    • jimt

      Nice thought but Verizon won’t get the picture, they are blind.

  • Matt

    Even if there coverage isn’t the best it’d be tempting to go back to Sprint if they didn’t limit the off network roaming. I was kicked off them for excessive roaming and that’s why I’m now on Verizon. If they were to allow off network roaming they’d have at least me back as a customer. I was typically only using between 3-5gb a month roaming over a 3 month time span they told me, the limit is I think like only 300mb a month of off network data allowed.

  • enigmaco

    I hate sprint like sheldon hates will wheton (before they became friends)

  • skillz360

    Switched to Sprint from Verizon after 10 years with them about 2 months ago and no issues first month on unlimited data hit 17 GB no throttling. I also live in a rural area no issues as of so far with service. Paying a lot less then when I was in Verizon.

  • big

    Sorry sprint too little too late for me I left for T-Mobile and I’m happy !

  • mcdonsco

    I have some friends that switched over to sprint here a while back and say they haven’t had issues…of course niether of them use their phone even remotely as much as I use mine nor do they travel all over the region with theirs regularly as I do and neither of them require solid coverage/service, its 100% personal use for them, so…

    $60/unlimited everything though…wow, that’s half of what I pay now with big red. But, I have solid coverage.

  • mcdonsco

    20gb for $100 or unlimited for $60? Huh?

    I guess the 20gb/$100 is a family plan?

    • socarwolverine

      The 20gb is a family plan, unlimited is a single line plan.

      • mcdonsco

        That’d what I figured…

    • technobri

      Yes it is

  • Finire

    Sprint: we’ll give you unlimited data, but you’ll never be able to use more than 2GB because you just won’t have enough signal.

    • Kevin

      Been on Sprint for a year since believe it or not Verizon did not have coverage where our son was going to college. We live in KC and have no issues using between 5 to 10 GB each a month on our phones. I admit we switch to Wifi at home because Sprint can not compete with Google Fiber……but what carrier can?

  • I love when I see real competition. Now if only AT&T or Verizon would start competing more with each other.

    • duke69111

      No doubt. The monkey see monkey do deals they are offering are getting old.

  • Tony Spencer

    Always read the fine print.
    Just chatted with Sprint.

    Megan: Thank you for visiting Sprint. What questions can I answer for you today?
    You: On the new $60 mo. unlimited plan, it shows only on Sprint network. Does this mean roaming charges will apply or there won’t be coverage?
    Megan: Please wait while a secure chat connection is established.
    Megan: Thank you for your patience. I will be with you shortly.
    Megan: I would be glad to provide you with the information on Sprint network and coverage.
    Megan: Yes, if the location is not under Sprint network coverage then the roaming will apply.
    Megan: While there’s never a charge for roaming for voice and data services on your Sprint phone, excessive roaming can be a cause for concern.
    Megan: Excessive roaming on our current plans is defined as 800 minutes for voice and 100MB for data, or a majority of the monthly use for either.
    Megan: Should you experience excessive roaming for 3 consecutive months, Sprint would contact you about the amount of roaming that is taking place. Should the excessive roaming continue, an agent would reach out to you to determine if staying with Sprint is your best option at that time.
    Megan: ‘On Our Network’ refers to services provided within Sprints coverage area.
    You: Ok, that means connecting to roaming partners will result in roaming charges under this plan.
    Megan: Yes, that is correct.
    You: OK, thank you.

    • duke69111

      My understanding from the conversation was that if you excessively roam for 3 months consecutively then they would likely drop you. That’s the way most of the carriers work.

      • Tony Spencer

        This applies to connecting to their roaming partners. This means if you normally use a tower that they have an agreement with to use you will have roaming charges under this plan. This shrinks the coverage area that you can use to Sprint network only, without having to pay roaming charges. Other carriers aren’t going to let Sprint customers have unlimited access to their network.

        • TornadoRex

          You can roam for free. There won’t be any charges. Just if you get over those limits for 3 consecutive months they’ll kick you off just like any other carrier. This is the same on any of their plans. There’s no “charges” though in terms of money. Honestly though if you’re roaming that much you shouldn’t be on that carrier anyway. Roaming is for temporary coverage while traveling not for long-term use.

          • Tony Spencer

            You: Ok, that means connecting to roaming partners will result in roaming charges under this plan.
            Megan: Yes, that is correct.

            Maybe Megan didn’t know what she was talking about, I’m just pointing out what I was told. I’m on Verizon, looking at other carriers, I know when I talk with VZW reps I can get 3 different answers to a question.

          • TornadoRex

            Megan: While there’s never a charge for roaming for voice and data services on your Sprint phone, excessive roaming can be a cause for concern.

            It just means you don’t get Unlimited roaming. If you would have asked if there would be a monetary charge she would have said no.

    • Billy Sweeney

      Here is a conversation I just had…. /facepalm.

      Amanda: Thank you for visiting Sprint. What questions can I answer for you today?
      You: I am curious about your unlimited data plan
      Amanda: I’d be happy to review the plan features and pricing with you.
      Amanda: Which data plan are you referring?
      You: The one that was recently announced, Unlimited Talk, Text, Data for $60 per month?
      Amanda: Sorry, regarding this plan we do not have any information online at this time.
      You: so if i wanted to take advantage of it, how would I get into that plan?
      Amanda: The plan detail information will be available from tomorrow.
      You: ok. I will check back tomorrow then.
      Amanda: YOu have an option to check at the newsroom for this plan at this time.
      You: OK. Thanks.

  • GPier

    Unlimited should be free when you have no service.

  • Dave

    Rumor is that Verizon is going to announce the same deal Monday. LoL!

    • Jeremy Gross

      yah over my dead body

    • monkeybutts

      but at $59 a month, got to take all the customers.

  • Shawn John

    Sprint, your late to the party, just sell your remaining infrastructure to T-Mo and be done with it, you cannot compete with T-Mo, knock it off. If it wasn’t for T-Mo Sprint wouldn’t even be concerned with lowering prices, their just trying to stay afloat now, lol.

  • Bruce

    unlimited because it takes forever to download anything large.

  • Michael

    Maybe this means the other carriers will bring it back!

  • T_Dizzle

    Look at Sprint making moves to become a major player again. I’m liking this new CEO so far.

    • jimt

      Competition is Good.

  • Droid Ronin

    What good is unlimited data if your speed is ~3 Mbps?

    • master94

      If only it was that fast

    • jimt

      Sounds better than capped at 1 gig.

  • yummy

    Umlimited is like organic

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Love it.. keep attacking the big guys. Hit them where it hurts.

    And, further proof that the data prices are just an utter arbitrary scam price they (all carriers) make up as they go along.

  • PoisonApple31

    This plan is great for people that have no friends; they don’t have to recruit like on T-Mobile.

    • None of the other carriers do either, so T-Mobile is the odd man out. Sprint is basically saying, we’ll give you an even better deal and you don’t have to rely on convincing someone to switch and stay.

  • Here’s all the data you want! … Oh, you wanted network coverage to back it up? Well, you’re going to have to wait on that.

    • andrew

      I could say the same for T-Mobile for where I live.

      • PoisonApple31

        It’s 2014, 2G speeds aren’t the norm?

        • turdbogls

          its 2014, why aren’t wifi hotspots EVERYWHERE???

          • DanielMena9

            I see Xfinity Wifi EVERYWHERE X_X

          • jimt

            That would be sweet if it happens.

    • akazerotime

      Whoa.. an Eric sighting. I thought you retired 😉

    • Joe O

      These new plans are just the first step in improving their network. To improve their network, they must first generate revenue. To generate revenue, they must first gain customers. Their service sucks today, but give it 1-2 years and things could very easily turn around.

    • JP

      This is why the T-Mobile deal should have gone through. They would’ve have a crapload of LTE infrastructure to work with and T-mobile’s rockstar ceo to lead them.

      • gujupmp88

        And less competition, meaning less innovation, higher prices, worse overall experience for customers.

        Less major companies is never better. See the airline industry and cable industry.

        • jimt

          But more competition for the death star and red.

      • enigmaco

        Yeah it worked well with nextel….

  • Erstam

    But doesn’t Sprint throttle the top 5 percent of data users, which was over 5gb? Seems pointless to offer unlimited of that’s the case.

    • TornadoRex

      Top 5% if they’re on a congested tower. Same as all the other carriers.

  • bkosh84

    And tomorrow John Legere will announce something even better than this for new/existing T-Mobile Customers.

    • turdbogls

      I really hope so, but damn, thats a pretty good deal. unlimited EVERYTHING for $60? they would have to change their entire price model.

      • enigmaco

        If you can take advantage of their network its so spotty. I have friends with the service and they complain about it all the time.

  • schoat333

    So they offer Unlimited LTE, but their LTE speeds are as slow as T-Mobiles throttled data?

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    How about they announce a new network? . . . Sprint’s data is completely useless

    • steve-o

      completely useless? i’m no sprint fan, but hyperbole is just stupid. sure its slow, and spotty, i;d even go as far as saying it sucks. but completely useless? you sound like a high school girl using hyperbole like that.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Oh lord.

      • Hyperbolically Confused

        So only high school girls are allowed to use a hyperbole? Or is that statement a hyperbole?

    • RadicalPie

      Their DATA is as good as anyone’s. Their data speeds are crapola.

  • xsirxx

    They will have to pay me to go back. All these so called LTE 4G upgrades actually made my area worse.

  • Michael Sahaid

    They’re trying. I’m just waiting to get Spark where I live.

    • master94

      Spark is okay. Its nothing special. I received speeds of 45mbps but than by the next month their network max became 8

      • Adam Bublitz

        spark really isn’t that special. When i first got spark i was pretty impressed, and now its kinda the same as the rest of their LTE. It’s definitely a step in the right direction though.

  • 213ninja

    hopefully they all follow suit. F U VZW.

  • tiev

    YAY! If only the signal was better… and then again I have a 30 dollar unlimited plan on verizon so I’ll look into it if I lose my unlimited.

  • Bryan Mills

    Their service still sucks. But it’s good for everybody else when T-Mobile attacks back.

    • schoat333

      True, lets just hope these two companies don’t attack each other into non existence before VZW and AT&T respond.

      • jimt

        Maybe Sprint will be having a blue light special soon of itself.

    • Joe O

      These new plans are the first step in improving their network. To improve their network, they must first generate revenue. To generate revenue, they must first gain customers. Their service sucks today, but give it 1-2 years and things could very easily turn around.

      • Cael

        Its already been a year since Softbank bought them…

        • Joe O

          Yeah, but has it been a year since they’ve made a real effort at new subscribers? No, it’s only been a couple of weeks since then.

        • NigelTark

          They have been making an investment to upgrade their network. It takes time because they were so invested in wimax.

          • Cael

            They could have been made a greater investment but Mr. Softbank CEO said they needed T-Mobile to do so.

  • Greg Morgan

    I feel a war brewing…and it can only mean good things for us.

    • richkoos

      So now we got t-mo vs at&t, vs sprint. When’s my man Verizon getting in this fight?

      • Christopher Moore

        The moment we all leave them.

        • Trusstopher

          Which is the moment they force me off my grandfathered unlimited data.

          • mcdonsco

            My problem is I require solid coverage just as much as I require high data usage (20+gb’s/month)…if they forced me off unlimited, I’d likely give T-Mobile another shot to see if the network had improved enough yo get me by, if not, well, I’d be screwed.

          • Sal

            Was down south on my way back thru Virginia T-Mobile was spotty to say the least zero coverage in some areas. I understand some areas on the 77th are void of coverage but it was not pretty

          • michael arazan

            They can’t force 22 million off unlimited data, their stock would take a hit, plus they need to make up all that money they gave to vodaphone 120 Billion in cash

      • Cael

        When they all go for Verizon.

      • master94

        Never. Vzw said they will never compete on price and believe in charging premium price during their share holder meeting

    • Justin Kos

      When banks.. errr wireless companies compete, you win!

    • Ihavenewnike

      Also, I wonder if they will throttle after say 10gb.

      • Heath James Cadriel

        Flash a custom recovery and change the throttle trigger code

        • derk p

          where is this code? ive never heard of such a thing but am interested for sure

          • Heath James Cadriel

            I used a zip file I found on xda to dethrottle my galaxy rush for boost mobile