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Images: Old Moto X vs. New Moto X+1


Thanks to a parting gift from @evleaks, we may have the cleanest look yet at the new Moto X (aka Moto X+1). The image he shared shows the Moto X on its way to Verizon in both black and white/wood variants, with big camera sensors and a possible button/sensor that also houses a Motorola logo on the back. The images also show a screen that may have even less bezel than last year’s model, at least on the top and bottom of the device, even with dual front-facing speakers.

Since we have such clean images that appear to be official press renders, we decided to match them up next to last year’s Moto X. 

We took both black and white press images from the 2013 model, scaled them to be the same height as the new one, and then set them side-by-side on canvasses. Now, we don’t know the exact dimensions of the new Moto X, so take these for what they are – a simple comparison for the sake of comparison (Edit: No, they are not to scale.). The new model could be taller and wider for all we know.

Overall, the design hasn’t changed much, but there are some differences. Here are some thoughts:

  • You can certainly see the obvious – dual front-facing speakers on the new model. What’s interesting, is that the new model almost seems to have less top and bottom bezel even with those speakers.
  • Speaking of speakers, with the dual front-facing speakers now featured, you won’t find a speaker on the rear.
  • On the back, at least for the black model, Motorola has gone with a change in texture for the new Moto X (smooth matte), though we could still see the dimply texture as a MotoMaker option.
  • The camera setup is obviously different as well, with the new model housing a dual-flash in a ring around the sensor, whereas the old model has a single LED flash located below.
  • The front of the white Moto X+1 is showing us what appear to be added sensors in all four corners. Are those there for some sort of gesture or are they decorative? I have a feeling Motorola may have a trick up its sleeve there. For those thinking one is an LED notification light, keep in mind that Motorola uses Active Display, so they don’t need a notification light.
  • Finally, the Motorola logo dimple is completely different, in a way that I don’t think any of us can explain.



  • Jeff Kang

    >The front of the white Moto X+1 is showing us what appear to be added sensors in all four corners. Are those there for some sort of gesture or are they decorative?

    There was a recent MIT article about the ability to use infrared LED lights and machine learning techniques to turn a single-lens camera into a 3-D one.


    Someone on my Google plus feed wrote this comment about it:

    >**MIT’s New Single-Lens 3D Camera Looks a Lot Like the Moto X+1’s**
    > Thinking of Google’s +Project Tango, which is using a dual-camera prototype mobile device to provide 3D mapping of objects and of spaces that you walk through, This development from MIT that uses a single traditional camera lens in conjunction with near-infrared LEDs, which essentially turn the camera into both a traditional camera and an infrared camera.
    > —
    > What’s particularly interesting about this new device is that it looks remarkably similar to the supposedly zero-flash camera being seen in early leaked photos that purport to show the upcoming Moto X+1 smartphone).
    > The alleged Moto photo shows only four small LED lamps of some kind surrounding the camera lens, while there are six near-infrared LED sensors in the MIT design, but the layout and the probable sizes is essentially identical.
    > —
    > My guess: Moto may be one of the first to get a single-lens 3D camera, probably not in the upcoming Moto X+1, but no doubt the multilateral brainstorming that’s a part of the +Google ATAP team’s product development may have inspired some further refinements at MIT – or vice versa.
    > At Google I/O next year the fruits of Project Tango in more production-ready form are likely to surface, and the form factor for Moto X+1-generation phones looks to be ready for the opportunity coming from Tango.


    > “turn the camera into both a traditional camera and an infrared camera”

    > “sensors are coming out that can switch between regular camera and infrared camera”


    Eye-tracking requires a camera that senses infrared.

    Maybe this is the kind of switching sensor that the Eye Tribe eye-tracking company is talking about?

    Or maybe I’m completely wrong.

  • Stephen Garriques

    Hey guys look! It’s a Bezel party. They’ve managed to make the logo dimple on the back a complete eye sore along with making the camera look comically oversized. We know it’s a Motorola phone. No need to make the logo on the back obnoxiously obvious. The original design for the back looks a lot better, cleaner, and modern. The new back looks like something from 2007. A step back in the wrong direction design wise.

  • InsomniacSinner

    With the two speakers of the exact size and shape, has anyone remembered the patent that Google applied for a phone that could be used right side up and upside down? With the loss of the soft keys, I imagine that you could pick up the phone and use the front of the phone in any orientation. Also could the 4 sensors be used to sense which way the user is looking at the phone similar to the Kindle Fire and have a 3D display similar to the Fire?

  • Tyler

    Anyone think that the circle on the back is a fingerprint scanner? It looks big enough to place your whole finger like the iPhone home button making it significantly better than Samsung’s design. Overall I think it will be a significantly better phone and while the circle on the back looks ugly compared to last gen ill take it if it is a fingerprint scanner.

  • Wider phone and bezels = fail. Why Motorola? You guys did such a great job with the X, but the X + 1 is definitely a step back.

  • Dom Giunta

    Does nobody remember the countless other leaks of the x+1? The phone can clearly be seen in the comparison leaks that its slightly bigger. And on the looks, the black does look way better than the white, because those multiple sensors are a tad ugly. I always get black phones anyways. And the back button most likely looks like a physical button for something. I really hope it’s not a camera button. I hope it’s a power button

  • Joe Fischer

    I dont think this is the new moto x. I think this is the new moto g. The side bezels are bigger than the previous model. Plus judging by the pictures it doesn’t look like its made out of the premium materials the previous model had. Can’t really say that without having the phone in hand though. We’ll see very soon what moto has planned though.

  • scale

    Don’t feel like doing it myself, but you could size the phones to scale or double check if they are. We know the supposed screen sizes and the aspect rations. Scale the phones based on the actual screen diagonals. Should be simple enough.

  • proparham

    DAT ugly front speaker and that hideous moto logo.
    but like that new round shaped flash (though it could be slimmer)

  • Granpa0

    No flash on the X+1? Or is the flash the little dots on the side of the camera?

  • chris_johns

    god that m logo looks terrible…very disapointed…like the front speakers but not the larger width…i feel this is going backwards in design nor forwards

  • Am79

    I really want the next moto x but if it’s as wide as it looks, I’ll have to look elsewhere. Don’t know why they didn’t go with the edge to edge display again.

  • BoFiS

    Even with active display, I hope and wish it still has an LED too…and also would be nice if it managed to be similar dimensions if not the same width ::crosses fingers::

  • frstsaxman

    It look like we will have the front facing speakers of the HTC One, the five front cameras of the Amazon fire phone, the rear (power?) button of the LG G3, with moto’s superior software, motos customization, and motos lower prices. It may not have been accomplished in the prettiest of ways, but I think this is Motos attempt to take all the best features of each competitors flagship phone and put it into one “superphone”.

    • chris_johns

      thats…a thought lol

  • KarloC.

    i dont like the look of the back of the new moto x. liked last years version. plus dont like the silver with the white. white & wood is perf.

  • yummy

    On first glance, this years
    is uglier than last years. How do you sell ugly as an improvement?

    • GJV

      Huh? It’s basically the same thing with updated specs. How do you see this as worse?

  • Silky Johnson

    Im just hoping for a good camera with ois, and possibly some type of water resistance (though thats not a big deal to me at all, it would just be nice). The camera was the only thing that kept me from ditching my g2 for a moto x.


    I like front facing speakers, but I just don’t like the way Moto designed these. And the back plate, or more of the over sized Moto M logo and camera… IDK, It looks cheap. This phone just isn’t for me.

  • Steve

    The sensors are visual sensors, much like what you see on the Amazon Fire Phone. I can only imagine what they’re for. They could be for depth, color, gestures, person recognition, security. Who knows.

    The modified dimple is a button of some sort. I remember a patent Google acquired a year or two ago about having a button on the back of a device. This might be related.

  • Charles Walker

    The body isn’t AS sexy as the G3, but when you figure in the excellent software, hardware optimizations, and Motorola’s magic, I’d still take this over the G3 in a heartbeat.