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Here is the New Moto X for Verizon in Two Press Renders

new moto x or moto g

As a retirement gift, @evleaks just Tweeted the image above, which is likely a set of press renders for the new Moto X (or Moto X+1) that is headed for Verizon.

Two variants of the device are shown, one as an all-black base model, the other as a white and wood combo, something that you would see on the original Moto X if it were made through MotoMaker. It looks exactly like the last leak we saw, which showed a device with a wood back, centered Motorola logo/button, big camera housing, and metal trim. 

The device looks a lot like the original Moto X, but takes on the front speakers from the Moto E, plus as I just mentioned, has a new Motorola logo in the center that looks as if it doubles as a button or sensor of some type. The display remains mostly edge-to-edge and is rumored at this time to weigh in at 5.2-inches.

Evan didn’t include any other details with the image, so we are left with questions about the specs. Also, what are those bottom dot-like sensors that can be seen on the white version?

This is the Verizon model, though, which is quite obvious thanks to the lower-level rear branding.

UPDATE:  Here is a side-by-side comparison of the old Moto X to this new model.

What do you think?

Via:  @evleaks
  • Vanquishgc

    It doesn’t have the same curves that made the original X so attractive. I’m pretty sure the big ass Motorola logo on the back will serve some purpose. Those speakers though…..yikes. Obviously I love the idea, and on the black model it’s not too bad, they really should have taken some cues from HTC to make them look more integrated. I’m actually fine with the crazy camera look on the back. Not sure why, I guess just because it looks different. Plus the flash is integrated and not off to the side, so that’s a bit of design I really like.

  • picaso86

    No camera flash?

  • Yep. Sell it to me now.

  • Rob

    What’s that bar on the chin? At least there’s no Verizon logo on the front (of course I’m not counting the 4GLTE logo in the notification bar).

    Edit: is that a speaker? Looks identical to the earpiece grill, would be nice if it had forward facing speakers! Might be my next if that’s the case. Especially considering how quick Moto has been with updates lately.