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Google Search Can Now Understand Queries Spoken in Multiple Languages

Anyone here that can speak multiple languages, Google Search has received the perfect update for you. Starting this week, the voice-powered search feature of the Search app can now understand multiple spoken languages, without the need for switching between supported dictionaries in the settings menu.

To give you an idea of how this works, imagine yourself asking Google what the weather is like in San Francisco using English. Google will then relay those results to you. Then, imagine you asked the same question, but this time, in one of 50 supported languages. These languages include Spanish, Italian, German, French, and many more. 

Once you have the updated app, you can select up to five different languages to be supported all at the same time. Five should be enough for even the most advanced linguists among us.

To use this feature, make sure you have the latest update available for Google Search from Google Play.

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Via: Inside Search
  • laheelahee

    아싸!! finally 이 어플을 쓸수있겠네 ㅋ

  • Keith Taylor

    Now if it could only do what I ask in English…..I am a huge Google user and fan however Google now does not seem very backed in. Hopefully in the next 18 months after my LG G2 comes off contract they will have fixed this.

  • Does that include Igbo? {{-_-}}

  • jimt

    No Tongan ;-[

  • willl03

    This is one of the biggest droid news of the year to me. I used to change language for gnow voice countless times in a day, no more. It works perfectly

  • mcdonsco


  • FortitudineVincimus

    So if you live in SoCal, it can understand Spanglish?

    • El Big CHRIS

      The most important question of course 😉

  • Rorix

    Holy Burrito! – finally

    • Fitzgerald King Xuffi


  • Mark

    Ottimo! Finalmente 🙂

  • Justin Kos

    Google now is gonna get so huge its gonna consume android and chrome, Google now only phones INC

  • 213ninja

    here’s a test query for you: ¿por qué chupar samsung tan malo

    • T4rd

      Debido a que Samsung es el DIABLO! =p

      • That’s cool. I habla a little espanol myself.

  • Croq

    That’s very cool.