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Report: Verizon to Create Wireless Coalition Who Aims to Take on Google Play, Apple App Store (Updated)

In the wireless industry, apps are still a pretty big deal. I wouldn’t necessarily say that the app ecosystem is young, but you get the feeling that we are only scratching the surface when it comes to potential, not only for the types of tasks they accomplish, but also the amount of money they can make everyone involved. According to a report out of The Information, Verizon wants in (again) because it isn’t exactly thrilled that Google and Apple control the app industry by themselves. In other words, Big Red wants another revenue stream. 

This new report claims that Verizon is talking to industry friends about creating a “coalition” that would eventually launch a global online store for mobile applications. The goal here is to create an app store that would “balance the ecosystem” and hopefully, make them all lots of money outside of Google and Apple. According to this report, Apple currently takes home 30% of App Store profits, with 70% going to developers. Google, on the other hand, gives developers 70% and now takes home 15%, before distributing the rest of the pie to carriers and manufacturers. The Information states that Google used to give carriers 15%, but recently dropped them to 5%.

By creating their own app storefront, carriers could in theory allow developers to use their network technologies to potentially come up with new use cases for apps. They could also create new ways for developers’ apps to be discovered, like through incredibly intrusive measures involving your location, what your friends are downloading, and what time of day it is. Now, there are apps that already do this type of thing, but the idea that a carrier could do this whenever they like is a bit scary to me. Carrier billing could be another selling point. Finally, someone involved in the idea mentioned that “There are unique capabilities of the networks that aren’t being utilized,” that could be used through this coalition’s app store.

If you aren’t seeing any reason there for developers or you and I to jump on board with this new app store, I wouldn’t be shocked. Carriers, including Verizon, have tried a handful of times to create their own app stores. None of us care. We consider it bloatware and typically disable it.

On a related note, when I hear “Verizon” and “coalition” in the same sentence, the first thing that comes to mind is the failure that is Isis Mobile Wallet. Everyone remember the mobile wallet application that Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T were creating to take over mobile payments? You probably have it installed on your phone, yet you have probably never used it. The app failed to launch in a timely manner out of testing, but even since hasn’t given many a reason to switch over to it. Also, the name is now being associated with a militant group, so the company has tried to rebrand. Google Wallet is the mobile payment application of choice for most, even after the carriers in that coalition tried for years to block it, without actually “blocking” it.

Verizon has already failed at least once with their own app store, yet for some reason, I am not at all surprised by their need to get back into the game.

Update:  Verizon has denied that it is working on another app store.

Update 2:  Shortly after Verizon denied that they plan to launch a new app store, The Information came back to say that they stand by their report and have even heard from additional sources with knowledge of the plans.

Via:  The Information (subscription)
  • Cesar

    To quote the late, great Edna Krabappel:


  • Mickey A Valentine

    If they unlocked the phone completely then I could see this working, but with no incentive devs will stick to their non bloat life styles.

  • New to Android

    Is anyone familiar with a company called Mandalay Digital (MNDL is their stock symbol) that makes a product called DT Ignite? They just announced an expanded deal with Verizon for all their Android phones. They rolled out DT Ignite on the LG G3 in July, and according to their last earnings call, things went so well, they are rolling it out to all Verizon Android phones.

    Here is a link to the earnings conference call: http://www.nasdaq.com/aspx/call-transcript.aspx?StoryId=2425355&Title=mandalay-digital-group-s-mndl-q1-2015-results-earnings-call-transcript

    “Verizon has been very pleased with the performance of Ignite on the LG G3 smartphone which launched on July 17. Our Ignite software has performed as advertised with respect to installation rates, operational performance and other metrics all meeting or exceeding Verizon’s expectations. We anticipate doing some joint press with Verizon in the near future to provide additional public details and information on the benefits of Ignite to both consumers and advertisers.”

    Could this DT Ignite product be behind the new bloatware install? Is Verizon’s decision to roll out DT Ignite on all Android phones related to the story that broke on The Information?

    MNDL’s stock has gone up quite a bit since the Verizon deal was announced last week. As much as I’ve tried, I just don’t understand what DT Ignite does and how MNDL would make money from a deal like this with Verizon. They talk about getting paid $3 per slot for each phone. I assume this means bloatware that someone is paying them to install on the phone. But I just can’t believe that any more than a very small percentage of users would ever use the bloatware that gets preinstalled on the phones.

    If anyone has any insight into this, please let me know!

  • Davros

    Why in the hell would I subject myself to a verizon app store over Google?…………………..or even Amazon apps for that matter lol.

  • TC Infantino

    Just great. Another intrusive, worthless, Verizon app that can’t be uninstalled, will most likely charge for what Google Play provides for free, and extremely likely VZW will try to force on it’s customers somehow.

  • wmsco1

    Verizon failed and will fail again. They would not sale a app for. 99 cents or $4.50…..they would sell it for $7.99 a month!! Verizon you suck… FAIL FAIL FAIL

  • King Lo


  • Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahaaa. No.

  • I_shower_naked

    I can’t wait to NEVER buy an app from Verizon’s app store.

  • Kayonesoft

    1) You know this is going to come preinstalled and irremovable from all future Verizon phones.
    2) Verizon, first you need to make apps that people actually want to use.
    3) What’s the point of a Verizon app store if all Verizon apps already come preinstalled on all Verizon phones?
    4) Without developers to support you, your store is going to be worthless. Just look at the Windows 8 store.
    I literally cannot see anything good about this.

  • 213ninja

    dumbasshit. i hope it fails hard. i’m all about competition, but these ISP’s need to act more like ISP’s…

  • I don’t think this is something I would use. That being said, I’m all in favor of competition in the market. The worst case for consumers would be having a single “app store” across all platforms.

    • jimt

      Do you really want a non removable Verizon app store icon on your phone? Yes, competition is good, bloat is not. If it is removable no problem.

  • MacNificent

    This sucks so much that I almost thought about getting an i*hone for almost .5 seconds and then I woke up…

  • AngryBadger

    I wonder how that meeting went when news hit about that militant group sharing the same name… Sometimes you just aren’t destined to be in a certain market.

  • PhillipCBaum

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  • hoosiercub88

    Who cares.. so long as they don’t do what they did to the original Galaxy S on their network and relegate search to Bing only instead of Google. If they mandate this on new phones as the only app store installed.. that’s when this becomes a problem.

  • Colts5609

    I can see it now. 10% of the apps on the Play store, hard to navigate, and slow laggy UI to boot. They will probably have an “exclusive” Angry Birds game only for Verizon customers. It will be everything I image it will be.

  • lgreg64

  • Raven65


  • Rashad

    Pretty soon we are going to hear that Verizon wants their own OS. Paying for the app on your cell phone bill isn’t enough now they want you to visit their app store that will probably be only available on a phone that no one wants. They will want us to use it and it will probably be full of jank. Just a matter of time for this to fail. I can see it now, they only update the app through an OS update that will have to go through their update approval process and that will be longer. I see FAIL all over this.

  • mcdonsco

    Verizon –> Smoking Crack

  • WickedToby741

    This just reeks of all kinds of bad. Here’s a scary idea for you: apps downloaded from the Verizon app store don’t count towards your data cap.

  • yummy

    You can stick a pig in a vat of lipstick, but that don’t make it mud wrestling.

  • Gfame103

    Is this the beginning of apps in the Play store getting throttled and Verizon apps seeing full Xlte speeds?

  • schoat333

    Oh VZW, how full of fail you are. Their time is coming. They are soon going to anger enough people that they will begin losing money.

  • Mike C.

    I remember a coalition. It was during World War II. What was it called… oh yah… THE NAZI’S!!!

    I remember the various “APP” stores. There was the one for ringtones, ringback tones, etc wen you had “dumb” devices. I see references of V-Cast Music below. I saw their crappy Navigation that you paid for and didn’t work half the time. Oh yahh, those are great awesome apps. Even their apps now suck, like billing and payment, visual voicemail, etc.

    I really don’t see this working. I think the rest of the world is happy with what they have (itunes, google play, amazon, windows, etc). How bout they focus on customer satisfaction, device support and network integration. How about they start a coalition with the other carriersand come up with a common network in which we all can go from carrier to carrier without having to buy new phones and switch radios and so on.

  • Luxferro


    No one wants Verizon’s crap, or wants them in control of their apps. or wants to leave behind the stores they are already vested in

    Amazon gives paid apps away all the time and their store still sucks..

  • Brian Walz

    Like I said before, Verizon you need a Snickers

  • br_hermon

    F U Verizon. Sooo glad I left.

  • Juan Valenzuela

    Instead of V for Verizon it should be V for vampires or V for virus you choose!!

  • addicuss

    I want to laugh this off but being verizon it won’t simply be a matter of trying to compete with apple and google which I’m totally ok with. Verizon will block the play store, force their playstore to be installed and force app links to permanently default to the verizon app store instead of google play. They’ll throw their weight around to make this succeed even if people hate it and don’t want it.

    • Ian

      If by throw their weight around you mean create their own OS then maybe. Google has made the necessary protections to ensure certified android devices always get the Play Store.

      • addicuss

        Sure but that doesn’t mean that Verizon won’t do everything possible to skirt that. Look at google wallet. If it were as easy as Google simply demanding something than Google wallet wouldn’t have been blocked. Let’s not forget the Verizon phones that had Bing set as the default search with no way to change it. The bottom line is if Verizon tells OEMS they have to include Verizon Play and force it as a default the OEM’s will probably comply. Because it’s either that or don’t sell your phone on the biggest American carrier. Also if Verizon were smart they would work with Samsung to fork android remove the play store and use the verizon store. Google has 0 power here. If verizon puts enough pressure on OEM’s oems would potentially give up android before giving up verizon.

        • Ian

          Wallet was more of an app and barely integrated with the OS, therefore it was easy to play games with it. Bing was way back with the S, Android/Google has secured it’s position by leaps and bounds since. Oh and I’d like to see the largest wireless carrier in just the US say no to 80-85% market share.

          Also take into account Verizon is heavily restricted on what they can force on users software-wise since purchasing FCC Block C spectrum that all modern phones utilize.

          Working with Samsung to fork is probably their best bet, Samsung is already trying to do their own thing with Tizen and its not gaining much momentum as of late. Plus if you think the world revolves around one US wireless carrier then you have another thing coming.

          • addicuss

            They said no to apple and barely took a hit. They only budged because they realized they’d make more money carrying iphone. Verizon holds a virtual monopoly in a lot of places. If android wasn’t a choice on some carriers some people wouldn’t go with verizon, but a whole heap of other people wouldn’t care, especially the ones where Verizon is the only option. it boils down to who would budge first Verizon or Google. I love android but if Verizon didn’t carry anything but iphones I’d end up using an iphone as much as I hate them. AT&t has crap coverage here and so does sprint.
            Samsung has been trying to spin off android for awhile now and it’s by far the most popular android line. If verizon paid them to fork android and make the galaxy line exclusive to verizon with no play store google would kind of be screwed. Or verizon would just have them add the verizon app store to every phone and give it prominent placement without removing the play store.

            Verizon has more options and more power in virtually any scenario you could come up with here.

  • Bob G

    Why does USA still let Verizon live?

  • nosedive94

    This is a competitor to Apple as well as Google? How do they expect to override the App Store on iPhones…?

    • Finire

      Require it as bloatware pre installed on the phone or the carriers won’t carry it. If there are enough carriers doing it, and hold forcefully, Apple would have to cave and let them. No matter how successful the iPhone is, you can’t sell it without a market to sell it to.

      • jimt

        Apple would drop Verizon like a hot rock.

        • Finire

          That’s the point of a coalition though. If it’s Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, etc… that all force it together, Apple would be left with no choice, or they may as well just sell iTouch’s and not phones. As a sole carrier, Verizon couldn’t do this, it would take all or most of the carriers to join together in a unified move.

          • jimt

            Why would any carrier other than Verizon try to force people to use Verizon store app?

          • Finire

            Because, as the article stated above, this was to be a “coalition”. That means not Verizon as an individual company. So this wouldn’t be a “Verizon” app. If it had panned out, it would be an app shared by the coalition.

          • jimt

            Ok, I read the whole thing this time. I just don’t think anyone but AT&T would talk, and even then I don’t think Google or Apple would let this happen. Nobody would use it and this could force ROMing to happen by everyone in the worst case. There is no way even Evil Verizon will do this, let alone all the isps. Its about as likely as switching to Tizan, good luck.

  • ROR1997

    Why? So they can have millions of apps on their app store?

    So our phones vancomycin launched with every single one of those apps?

  • TheWenger

    Dumb pipe. Dumb pipe. Dumb pipe. Please, just dumb pipe.

  • cgalyon

    I agree with the sentiments and points in this post. We need a carrier-run app store like we need a hole in the head. Both are equally beneficial. Eager to see this fail, but I’m wary of the carriers’ willingness to harm consumers’ experience in an effort to push it through (e.g., throttling)

    • Tony Spencer

      Makes me wonder if data rates will apply?

  • DanWazz

    Great, now Verizon wants people to wait months for app updates too.

    • Tony Spencer

      That way they can add their own in app purchases!

    • jimt

      Sorry, that app is not Verizon approved.

  • SA_NYC

    There’s a fairly new, very senior guy heading up the Verizon technical group (the old wireless side) and he’s a software guy so his vision for Verizon is to be a software company. Ergo, this doesn’t surprise me. For whatever reason though, as everyone on this site knows, Verizon apps are almost always absolutely terrible; it’s really amazing how such a big, well-funded team can pump out such crap. I do think that the new My Verizon Mobile that came preinstalled on my LG G3 is less bad than it used to be, but it’s still slow as molasses even just to log in most of the time. The Message+ app that was the G3’s SMS default app has some promise but lacks basic functionality, like the ability to delete multiple messages within a thread at one time without deleting the whole thread. And of course we all know about VZW Navigator…It’s remarkable that this stuff ever sees the light of day. And it goes to show that it’s not might that makes right when it comes to app development, thankfully.

  • Just what the world needs…The return of the Verizon app store. Le sigh.

  • Scott

    If anyone has the following and a minimum amount of smarts to pull this off, it is Samsung. Verizon? please.

  • Peter Blanco

    Vuck Ferizon.

  • Great Idea. I really miss VZApp Zone…. Said no one ever!

  • archercc

    Good luck. For this to work you would need to jailbreak iphones (because Apple isnt just going to allow you to sideload apps to get around paying them) and allowing unknown sources on Android by default, which is the only real security hole that your average user can open up.

    “Verizon, we make your phones less secure so we can make more money off of you!”

  • DJyoSNOW

    Your drunk Verizon…

    • Ian

      It would appear that you are drunk as well…*you’re*

  • flosserelli

    Every day VZW has another announcement that makes me glad I dropped them.

  • Tony Spencer

    They want to compete with Sprint App Pass. (not that either will succeed)

  • Straylight

    I’m not worried, it takes more than just resources to open an app store -you need to curate, maintain and protect your customers. Otherwise you end up with a store like Microsofts app store. VZ’ll try to roll it out, charge ridiculous prices, maybe even give phone discounts – but in the end it’ll fail.

  • I would NEVER use a Verizon/Coalition app STORE just like ISIS was the first thing removed from my device despite the free $25 and a years worth of free smoothies or whatever. Google Play Store or nothing.
    What if they tried to start blocking certain Playstore apps??

  • Tony Spencer

    Kellen, thanks for the boost in the blood pressure this morning!

  • Irish Cream

    Can I please pay for ringtones again?

  • Travis Erickson

    And we shall call it…. Vcast!

  • MikeSaver

    Its like the people that make decisions at Verizon have no idea what the industry looks like

    • Scoitt

      It feels like that sometimes. Then again, they’re the ones with nice salaries.

  • Jim

    oh great, another appstore no one will care about and be considered bloat. the appstore probably is only on verizon phones too. So outdated, limited catalog of verizon curated apps. Just give us the access to the internet and phoen system and get out of the way.

  • Richard Yarrell

    More useless bloatware on Verizon handsets that are already filled with other disabling crappy applications as well as comically childish branding on smartphones products.

    It’s pretty plain and simple Verizon Wireless sucks MAJOR MONKEY BALLS PERIOD they always will. 

  • fritzo2162

    Yeah, good luck with that. Microsoft has more resources than Verizon, and their attempt isn’t exactly working.

  • Havoc70

    HAHAHAHAHA good luck with that VZ, You have already FAILED trying that one

  • jimt

    There is no limit to their GREED!!!!!

  • Tony Spencer

    What’s next? Verizon creating their own OS? Wow, let’s see, what would they name it?

    • jimt


    • archercc

      DROID! Said how it is spelled, you have to yell it every single time.

  • KyleWay

    Maybe this is just wishful thinking on my part but couldn’t this lead to having all Verizon bloatware being removed/removeable? That way, if you actually need one of the Verizon apps (and God only knows why you’d need one) you’d have to go to their app store to get it. Then, you might possibly be tempted by the apps they have to offer.

    Like I said, seems pretty far fetched. And, considering Verizon’s complete lack of awareness when it comes to customer issues I wouldn’t be surprised if this ends up being as bad as we’re all anticipating.

    • MotDetoyr

      They could still do this with playstore. if one need a app from verizon they could go to playstore and download it. yet they bloat it on all phones

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Google, amazon, apple.. VZW will be a failure for sure. It is all the same apps on Google and Amazon so what will they really bring to the table? Zero.

  • zoxxo

    Verizon doesn’t care about you, but they do care about your wallet. This will be another failure like their wallet (ISIS), Navigator, etc. I do like their coverage and reliability, they’re better than their competitors. But I’m tired of being gouged and told their plans make life better for me when financially they’re worse. I’m struggling to hold onto my unlimited data, but it looks like that will change and Verizon is going out of their way to make it disappear. Anyone want to bet that they’re legally obligated to allow us to keep the plan but their team of lawyers are scouring the contracts looking for loopholes to take it away from us! My wallet hurts…

  • jimt

    Epic fail!!!!

  • Tim

    Anybody remember the “BREW enabled phones” and Verizon Marketplace Apps? Yeah. What a horrible flaming turd foisted off on consumers. Verizon can go … well, you know.

  • Bruce

    more bloats by VZ

  • Brandon

    Yay more bloatware with on Verizon phones, luckily I’m on T-Mobile!

  • Kevin Liebler

    Verizon and apps in the same sentence makes me cringe. Take your bloatware and shove it.

  • whoa

    I’m gonna bash this appstore to the point where none of my friends or family will use it.

  • Mordecaidrake

    Screw everything about this.

  • Defenestratus

    I don’t know how they could do this with Apple since the only way to get apps on those infernal devices is through the Crapp store.

    WIth Android it would be easier but it would still force users to compromise the security on their phones by allowing sideloading.

    Really, what I’m saying is… F verizon.

  • Jason Downing

    Maybe Verizon is taking this route so they can reintroduce unlimited data and make their customers happy…. yeah right!

    • Lucky Armpit

      I know that was dripping with sarcasm, but yeah, that will never happen. The days of unlimited data are gone forever. Once carriers realized that people had their faces buried in social media, and social media channels use data, and people aren’t really talking/texting any more, unlimited data went the way of the dodo bird… never to return.

      • TC Infantino

        Actually, once technology comes along with another type of connection/use of cell connectivity, we may actually see unlimited data again. I can’t imagine, at this time, what that new technology will be. But just look at what happened to the carriers past main billing schemes. First you had tiered pricing for minutes, then they added text messages, now we have tiered pricing on data with unlimited minutes and unlimited texts. Once the next new thing comes out and the carriers decide that it is the best source of revenue, we might see them offer unlimited data, with whatever package of ‘X’ units of measure we are using by then.

  • Detonation

    “We consider it bloatware and typically disable it.”

    We are also very tech/android savvy. The non tech savvy consumer that buys a smartphone sees these pre-installed apps and just assumes that’s what they should use because they don’t know any better. We are definitely not their target market for this.

    • Lucky Armpit

      Exactly. We (the Android tech enthusiasts) are a very, very small subset of overall mobile userbase. Verizon is most definitely banking on those that don’t know any better, and don’t understand that Google has apps that do the same thing, for free. Those are also the kind of people that buy a Samsung GS5 and think that TouchWiz is Android and don’t know it’s a skin.

      Those kinds of customers are very valuable to Verizon. Us? Not so much. Cause we know better.

  • Colts5609

    I could see this easily happening (failing miserably) with Android Apps. Never gonna happen with iOS. Verizon provides yet another great reason for leaving in favor of T-Mobile.

  • DanSan
    • Justin Kos

      Lets all goto the vzw head quarters and burn a lower case ‘t’ on their front lawn.

      “T…Time to.. ?? leave? ..TIME TO LEAVE!”

  • Godzilla

    So in other words if you buy a droid turbo, you can only use the verizon app store.

    • Colts5609

      I don’t think that would technically be allowed if they use Google services. I think at best it would have to be an alternative like the Amazon app store. just what everyone wants and needs right?

  • geedee82


  • Kamesen

    Oh Lord… These people are so out of tune with their user base.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Not sure how Google will react…you can never tell with them……But I don’t think Apple wants to go poking at Apple with them having 100% of the leverage when it comes to the carriers.

    • koopadoop

      Might be reason enough to convert then, if Google doesn’t want to protect the ecosystem why should I invest in it?

  • T4rd

    What I would give to be in a corporate staff meeting at Verizon so I could be facepalming through the whole meeting. I would love to see their rational behind some of these idiotic ideas and how they expect to earn any money from them.

    • DanSan

      a guy I work with had $135 in data overages for this past month. trust me, they are making money hand over fist. i am counting the days until t-mobile has a solid network here in southeastern PA because I’ll be gone so fast.

      • koopadoop

        $100 this month for me.

      • T4rd

        Oh, I know data allowance overages are a nice revenue stream for them, but I was just talking about these dumb ideas where they think they can take on Google and Apple in payment and app markets.

        • turdbogls

          honestly, from people that dont know any better.
          my mother in law, back in the incredible 2 days, was using VZ navigator (and paying however much it was to use it) when google maps did the same thing, and did it better, for nothing. she just literally had no idea google maps could do that.

          so, IMO, they are praying on the “dumb” people out there. their sales people will get the phone up and running for the customer, and immediately replace the Play store with their VZW crap on the home screen…”and this is where you go to install games and apps”

          • guest

            well said

          • You’re exactly right.

          • DanSan

            exactly how it will go down. they prey on the clueless and use their lack of knowledge to their benefit to make lots of greenbacks.

          • T4rd

            Yeah, but I’d expect that to fall apart once that dumb person goes to install Facebook/Angry Birds/Kardashian’s HerpaDerp app/etc., from their Verizon store and doesn’t find it, so they’ll go back to the Play Store (where they used to get apps on their previous Android phone that they likely had) and get it there.

            Unless Verizon somehow gets all these devs to actually buy into their app store, which I find very unlikely.

          • michael arazan

            All Verizon has to do is block the Google play store on their phones and have a verizon only store and block side-loading, or make google pay for using their carrier’s network to transfer the data from googleplay apps to our phones for download

          • Cael

            Google would probably prohibit any new android devices with google services to be released on the carrier

          • michael arazan

            Google is partners with the OEM’s and the handset alliance on getting google services on phones, those OEM’s then have to take any amount of crap from Carriers to get them on their Carrier it seems from all the history I’ve read from the demands that carriers want to carry devices. I wouldn’t be surprised if Verizon could get away with it if they had something like the Android Market from 2010-11.

            But with Verizon, when their is greed their is a way with them, they make up their own rules anyway.

          • Cael

            Doesn’t matter. This isn’t google wallet. This is the play store. Its required if you want google apps.

            So no play store means no other google apps. If they want to release a phone then they basically have to do a fork.its not going to be a we don’t have the play store but we still have google maps.

          • Kayungjoo

            I know you’re just making a hypothetical situation, but this might be one of the dumbest things I have ever seen/heard of. Verizon might be greedy and they might like giving it to their customers without lube, but this would literally kill their business. Blocking Google Play is essentially blocking Android. No carrier is going to survive without android phones being offered.

          • RiceCake

            Oh they wont block it…just drop the download speeds to 2g instead of 4g or wifi.

          • Daistaar

            It would be illegal to as part of the C-block spectrum licensing agreement with the FCC. Carriers are not allowed to restrict competing apps, in case Google Play. It’s why people were pissed about Google Wallet being restricted but ISIS being promoted.

          • NorCalGuy

            Then they would not have one android phone and they would be left selling an iphone and a blackberry. Thats how google makes it money ads and the play store. The android operating system is free for phone manufactures to use as long as they include the gapps ( which includes the playstore). So if vz wants to block the playstore they will have to block any one who has android as an operating system.

          • Michael Quinlan

            For most customers, carriers control delivery of the device, which apps are on it (or at least which apps get added to it on their behalf) and, as a result, which apps are “in your face” and which apps aren’t. Invariably, apps that funnel users into the carrier’s revenue stream are “in your face”, and competition for those revenue streams are not. They’re preying on people who don’t know any better, who get all their support and usage info directly from the carrier. These people will go with the “in your face” virtually every time.

            Google should/could combat this by adding requirements for any device using or accessing Google services, like the Play Store, etc. These requirements could include an “in your face” tutorial that would appear a day or two after device setup (to prevent carriers from interfering with it during device setup), and could include all of the things the phone can do for FREE, such as Google Maps navigation.

            The biggest problem is that manufacturers don’t standup against bloatware, which can make their devices perform like crap.

          • TC Infantino

            I can see this happening. There are still people out there who have yet to get a smartphone, and are looking to get one soon. My parents and a couple of older coworkers are a perfect example. They will go into the store, not really knowing much about smartphones or Android, and trust the salesperson to lead them through the initial process of setting up their phone. It is up to Us to help these poor innocents. This is a rally cry to all my Geek/Nerd/Techno brothers and sisters. We must educate and defend the newbs from the evil ways of the carriers. Freedom!

          • NorCalGuy

            Exactly i just went in to the vz store with my pops to get him a new phone. Already knew exaclty which phone even told her just want the screen proctector and she came back with the whole basket. Tried selling him the ottor box case cuz she said no other cases fit witht eh screen protector, so i asked her about the $10 one that wad perfect on my g3, hadent see one like mine( clear ringkle case amazon) then came the speaker, watch, tablet, then she tried to hit him up for vz visual voice mail, i had to stop her and ask that if she know every app they offer is just a rip off compared to the free apps that google gives you and they all integrate into each other. Glad i went in there with him or he would have been a isis card holder and checking vz voice mail using vz navigation and floating down the river in an otter box.

        • archercc

          And they do it by straight-up blocking competitors, which should be illegal. The ISIS thing they did was BS and I would be they would try to disable the Play/App stores and cite “security concerns.”

      • nevermindhoser

        I don’t see it happening anytime soon in carlisle.

        • DanSan

          I’m right near West Chester/Downingtown and the coverage isn’t bad but not solid enough for me to jump ship just yet.

          • nevermindhoser

            If I lived and worked in Harrisburg I would be golden which is like 45 minutes from where I am

      • Brian Walz

        I’m sure your VW can go faster than T-mobile’s network in hanover…..

      • Michael Hammond

        Good thing numbers don’t end because you’re going to be counting for awhile

    • All_I_do_is_post_gifs
    • sc0rch3d

      can’t wait for the return of VCast Music

      • Justin Kos

        Out in the street, they call it V~~ CAST!!


      Most VzW customers are NOT tech savvy, and all they care about is a strong signal without dropped calls. Since VzW can deliver, people gladly give away their money.

      • Cael

        Most vzw customers do what the reps tell them.

        • Justin Kos

          looks like it pays to be edumacated

    • schoat333

      I’m really expecting them to sell some of their towers next. I mean, that would be the only thing dumber than creating their own app store.

      • Justin Kos

        Didn’t they do that recently? They sold them only to rent them back? Why is that sticking out in my head

        • schoat333

          I mean sell them to a competitor an lose coverage.

          It is actually probably saving them money to rent instead of own the tower sites that they use.

    • morgan boyle

      i think there rational is that even if they capture a small percentage of this market its a huge win. All they really need to do is get the eco-system in place and let it loose. Devs upload apps and they take a fee.

    • Tillmorn

      I have a feeling that if this does manage to come to fruition, it will only be for Android and Windows powered devices. This is where Apple has always had the leg up on the competition. As a unified company that creates both the software and the hardware for their product they have the ability to flat out say “no”, and have carriers listen to them for fear of losing their business. Whereas Moto, Samsung, LG, HTC, Nokia, etc. are more or less on their own, with a whole lot less bargaining power at the table.

      Unless Google were to step in again, I could easily see devices in the next year or two from Verizon having the “Play Store” app hidden somewhere in the app drawer while the portal to their app store is slapped right next to the call icon on the home screen (with the inability to remove it from said screen). In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the “new device” setup you run the first time you boot up a new phone is suddenly tethered to their app store/account instead of Google, forcing users to dig through tons of settings screens to activate the play store.

  • master94

    Yeah another app Ill never use. Thanks VZW. Will this app store be forced to rename because of a terrorist group too? (ISIS anyone?) :p

  • Droon

    Every time I read an article like this, I get so frustrated that Verizon has significantly better coverage in my area than other carriers. I left Verizon for AT&T, and now I am considering switching back. I don’t want to, but I am not sure what else to do.

    I really want Google to launch all of those satellites they talked about, and then offer data-only plans that use Google Voice to talk. If this were to be offered at an affordable price, I would switch instantly. I can dream that this will happen, can’t I?

    Until then, I am stuck between paying $60 for mediocre coverage with AT&T, or selling out and paying Verizon $60 for much better coverage (all of this is relative to my area, no intention of starting an AT&T vs Verizon flame war).

    🙁 🙁 🙁

    • Aaron C

      I hate Verizon as much as the next person (was with them for 12 years), but if I was in an area where T-Mobile didn’t have coverage, I’d have to go with Verizon just because of quality of coverage. I had an AT&T SIM for a while and their service was just terrible. Slow data, broken data connections even with full bars, etc…

    • ultravisitor

      If the cost is the same, why not go with the better coverage? What good is having a phone if you don’t have the coverage that allows you to use it?

      • Droon

        AT&T doesn’t have bad coverage in my area, it just isn’t as good as Verizon. But you hit the nail on the head. I might as well switch back to Verizon, assuming they get the phone that I want. If they don’t, I will just stick with AT&T.

        I rather have a Nexus phone than a phone with Verizon bloatware. If I had a choice, I wouldn’t go AT&T or Verizon. But I don’t.

        When Verizon announces stuff like this, which I know will be required on their future phones, I just want to facepalm.

  • Josh P.

    Didn’t Verizon just do a huge survey on bloatware? Fail.

    • Stephen

      By “Bloatware” Verizon just meant the Google play store!!! lol

  • GPier

    FAIL! Verizon ups prices for all customers and forces them to install only their crap.

  • Pratik Holla

    Looks like they learnt a lot from that survey they sent out a while back /s

  • David Caccavo

    “None of us care. We consider it bloatware and typically disable it.”

    AMEN! i find it hard to believe the # of downloads for VZN apps in the app store. i think it should more accurately state “# of preinstalled on phones”

  • Liquidretro

    ISIS wallet was a failure and this will be too. 9/10 places I tried ISIS wallet, it didn’t work but Google Wallet did. Not to mention how are they going to get a 3rd party app store loaded on the iPhone? Verizon should focus on building and maintaining their network, upgrading devices, etc and not worry about interfering with a mature market place that is working well as is.

  • Carlos Lopez

    This is gonna bite verizon on the ass so I say they should go for it

  • Disqus_n00b

    Perfect for their low-information users who pay for VZ Nav!

    • Colts5609

      And for those people who still use ringback tones. Is that still a thing on VZW?

    • ultravisitor

      Not to mention Verizon Visual Voicemail.

    • schoat333

      Basically 90% of their customer base.

    • It’s too bad for customers, but I’m sure the sales rep would say “Now do you want to use navigation on your phone?” If you say yes, they show you VZ Navigator and tell you it will cost $x.xx per month. Most people would think that’s the only way. Heck my mom didn’t even know she could download apps until I showed her.

  • T4rd

    Not sure how they plan on getting this on iOS. No way Apple will allow another app store on their devices and I don’t blame them. I would expect them to end Verizon iPhone support if Verizon tries to force this on them.

    • Liquidretro

      iphone is too big of market for verizon to not have Apples blessing. I agree Apple won’t cave nor should they.

  • Trent Russell

    Good. Maybe this will finally be the epic money-hemorrhaging exercise verizon needs to quell their ego a bit.

    • Suicide_Note

      Dream on, my friend. Even if/when this fails spectacularly, Verizon will just come up with a different scheme to try and rake in more cash.

  • hfoster52

    Unless they offer freemium for free who would use this?

  • Prince Campbell III

    Now they are going to force anyone on Verizon to accept this app along with the other bloatware they put on phones.

    • jimt

      And it will cut the speed of your phone in half on all apps in the tradition of amazon store thus limiting your unlimited bandwidth.