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Google Granted New Patent for Glass Design, Looks a Bit Better Than Current Model

According to a newly granted patent, Google may have a new design for Google Glass. Let’s all say it together – thank goodness! Thanks to the filing being made available through the USPTO website, we get a pretty good look at what Google might do with upcoming renditions of the wearable hardware. 

As you can see, they almost look like real glasses, with the right side lens holding what appears to be the prism that houses the seeable information. To sum it up, if Google has been able to cut back on the footprint of the prism used, compressing it into a small space, then can somehow display it on the glass’ lens or somewhere in that vicinity, then the company’s engineers and designers should all get a massive bonus.

While Glass is fun to tinker around with, it is certainly an eye catcher, and not always in the best way. It’s easy to demand a lot of unwanted attention when it is on your head, so any type of redesign to make the glasses look more natural is greatly appreciated by all fans of Glass.

Google recently opened up the Explorer Program to anyone who wanted to enter, essentially trying to clear inventory of unused pairs of the prototype. Does that mean an unveiling of a new model could take place soon? Time will tell.

Are you a fan of the new basic look?

  • Brian S.

    Awwwwwwww, didn’t even think of using the space on the inner part of the glasses; I wonder if that obstructs vision though.

  • It looks better on the outside but I’m worried about how close that camera is on the inside of the glasses. Most people have their glasses sit pretty close to their face because that’s more comfortable. I feel like the camera being where it is in the picture above could be a problem and might block direct sight some.

  • Razma

    looks like the left side houses the camera. There is a small hole visible

  • Michael Hammond

    Better still be detachable to clip on to other glasses

  • jt O’Brien

    I’m getting so goddamned impatient with Glass. Say a release date or drop the program. I’ve been waiting for what, 3 years? C’mon this is like if Valve were to constantly release gameplay videos of Half-Life 3 over the course of 3 years, every so now and again without ever saying a release date or if the product would ever launch.

    • AbbyZFresh

      Release it now and see it fail? No thanks.

      Even the iPhone has been in development since 2004 and took 3 more years until it was perfect for release. Google is clearly taking the same route. That’s why it’s in beta for now.

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  • Great! The Future is Now! Google will rule the world!

    And Thank God I waited! I need subscription glasses so if I will wait for this design + my subscription to have the perfect match.

  • Hastekilled

    Not that I plan on buying one, because I don’t. But I’m still waiting to see them make one that works with the left eye instead of the right. If I did want one, I am partially blind in my right eye, so more than likely I’d never be able to use one. And I know I’m not alone with that issue.

  • Mickey A Valentine

    Clear inventory at blow out prices right? (Not)

  • EP_2012

    So future glasses will look like glasses from the 80’s? Got it.

  • tiev

    Looks like my glasses…. I guess that without a patent, someone will try and sue them like people are doing with android so better safe than sorry.

  • mcdonsco

    I am so sick of glass at this point…its like the mythical unicorn…sure, for $1,500 freaking dollars they open it up to get every now and then, but this “product” has been in open development for what, 2-3 YEARS now?

    WTF Google, finish it already and release it to the masses or ditch it. This is getting old.

    • Disqus_n00b

      This is Google, development is continuous

      • mcdonsco

        And with their other products, tablets, phones, OS’s, apps etc new development comes out in a NEW CONSUMER SOLD VERSION…with glass, we STILL have yet to see a “consumer” sold version.

        Maybe they are just continuing development and holding off on a consumer version because they are unsure what to expect in terms of consumer demand for this niche product? Waiting to see how an iGlass does at some point in the future maybe?

        I dont know…just tired of hearing about its “development” now 3 years in…release it or ditch it already.

        • John Davids

          You speak like Google somehow owes you or anyone an explanation for what they do or don’t do with their Alpha and Beta products. Get over yourself.

          • mcdonsco

            Gotta love the internet! Always room for another ahole that feels no one else should have opinions but them.

          • John Davids

            Waaahhhhh, im so sick of Glass. Waaahhhhh, its been in development for YEARS OMFG. Waaahhhhh, this is getting old. Waaaahhhhh, im tired of hearing about its development.

            “You cry a lot”

            Hey get a load of this guy! Am I not allowed to have an opinion? Clearly, you think I am not allowed to have an opinion. YOU SUCK!

          • mcdonsco

            It never ceases to amaze me how incredibly dumb people some people are; wow.

            How about you go ask mommy to help you with reading comprehension?

  • Justin W

    I’m wondering why they can’t make it so the glass acts as a “heads up display” like you would see in some higher-end cars. It would make more sense if they had a mini-projector utilizing a larger portion of the glass display vs. just having a mini display prism IMO.

  • TC Infantino

    Wow, This looks much better. I would have no problems wearing these, as long as they supported my perscription lenses. Now all they have to do is improve the user interface, and the price of course.

  • bboyairwreck

    I’m all for a better Glass design but why does this have to be a patent for it? There is plenty of prior art that takes this exact design. This is not a Google problem but our patent system that grants these things. Le sigh…. our USPTO….

    • koopadoop

      I’ve recently started watching Shark Tank and Mark Cuban got really mad at one guy trying to get them to go in on his IP for (basically) running a wire through your jacket so you can listen to your music. Basically said patents over stupid stuff like that were ruining innovation because everyone has to worry about lawyers suing you for basic ideas.

  • manuel

    This look will not only be a lot better but every one can wear it with out being judge on it and will not feel uncomfortable around it

  • JayMars84

    Still no.

  • moew


  • Justin Duncan

    Pocketnow Michael Fisher would love these

  • Thank Goodness.. Yes these look a whole lot better. I really want Glass to be successful. I would definitely buy these (I would’ve bought the last pair also) but not for $1500

    • koopadoop

      What about for the low, low price of 1499.99?

      • Marketing tactics 101 Lol.

        • Zack

          15 easy payments of $99.99!!

  • yummy

    Over it, drones are much more annoying to my fellow humans then g-ass.

    • koopadoop

      Could use glass feeds to locate targets for drones, sort of like a Skynet where all surveillance works together and then dispatches justice (sic) from FL30.

  • Suicide_Note

    These look a little chunky on the sides, but it’s still better than the original model’s design.

  • Cael

    Go get them hipsters Google

  • Damian

    Did they pass their timeline for public release of a consumer model?

  • BoFiS

    This look SO MUCH BETTER, and also might be able to contain batteries in both sides so it’s less unbalanced and also lasts longer

  • S.Ober

    Glad I opted to wait!

    • ddpacino

      Nothing wrong with early adopting, just for the sake of early adopting. If I had $1500 to throw around, I would’ve unquestionably gotten the initial pair just to have them.

  • Alan Paone

    Wow , that looks almost exactly like my nerd glasses that i wear in public sometimes. Hopefully they’ve also found a way to make a face computer useful for anything other than being a status symbol with a camera

  • teevirus

    Too bad the new design won’t ease privacy concerns.

    • mjmedstarved

      You can choose to stay home, out of the public eye..

      • koopadoop

        How does that help, less privacy in your own home these days than living outside away from the interwebs.

        • mjmedstarved

          Pretty sure he was concerned about folks recording him in public.. (I’ll let him clarify)

          If you’re worried about your privacy, you should be anywhere BUT the internet………..

          • teevirus

            I’m personally not worried about privacy in public spaces but I really want this technology to take off and was shocked at some people’s negative reaction to glass. That reaction may lead to new laws and regulations that could stifle innovation.

          • mjmedstarved

            Ahhhhh, so you WERE being sarcastic! I’ll digress.

          • teevirus

            Well not sarcastic so much as playing devils advocate. I think it is a valid for people to be concerned about their privacy with technology like this in the US. In places like Germany they are even more strict over individual privacy. If Google and others could do something to help ease peoples fear then I think that would help remove roadblocks to adoption of glass.

          • mjmedstarved


            Guess I’m not aware of these roadblocks you speak of?

          • koopadoop

            A lot of bars have banned the use of Google Glass, could be the more privacy groups cite concerns that the more banning (from private establishments) of Google Glass will be done. The more banning the less Glass can become common place (which would lower concerns as people get used to seeing them around, similarly to how OCing in Georgia doesn’t cause a stir but OCing in California will probably get a SWAT team called on you).

          • Disqus_n00b

            Good point, I just don’t trust Google to say no when the Feds come knocking for data because of “security concerns”

    • Cael

      People will probably barely notice

    • tiev

      These glasses will work wonders when it comes to holding the militarized police departments accountable.

      The old design was very distinct and in our face so hopefully this new design won’t scream punch me like the prior did.

  • 4n1m4L

    The Simpsons were right?

    • JSo

      Aren’t they always right eventually?