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Firefox Nightly App for Android Updated, Receives Chromecast Support

Users of Firefox have something to be happy about, as the nightly build for the web browsing application has received Chromecast support. Since it is a nightly build, users of the official release build in Google Play can’t access the feature, but with it being baked into test builds, it is undoubtedly coming soon to all users. 

Much like on Chrome, when you begin playback of a video, a Cast button will appear in the bottom corner of the video. From there, you simply select which Chromecast you want to send the video to, and boom, it’s casting.

To check out casting through Firefox in action, hit up Mozilla’s test site here on your mobile device with the Firefox nightly build installed.

Firefox Nightly Download Link

Via: +Lucas Rocha
  • بشار العسولي

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  • OtisJay

    Now Twitch need it.

  • droidrazredge

    This is good to know! Thanks for posting this. I’m going to download the nightly build now instead of using FireFox Beta

    • Kevin

      Why do you choose to use Firefox beta over Chrome beta?

      • picaso86

        Chrome Beta is better in my opinion, they just implemented the Material Design as well.

        • I have a problem blocking ads in Chrome beta, loved the look but had to stop using it.

          • Derrick Jefferson

            What ad-blocker do you use in firefox? I have never tried it, but I’m tired of ads. If there is a way to block them I’m game to try.

          • droidrazredge

            This is the Firefox Add-on that I use to block add-ons and is the best one on Firefox :https://adblockplus.org/en/firefox

          • I have a host file that I use on my device. I also use the AdFree app

      • droidrazredge

        I use it because of the similar add-ons and ad blocking capabilities that I use with desktop version of Firefo that they do not have in Chrome yet. I also just started using Chrome beta recently when they implemented the material design. Before that I used the regular version of chrome and I had trouble viewing certain websites and videos that I did not have with Firefox.