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Blur is a Fully Featured New Launcher From the Klinkers – Introduces App “Pages” Where Google Now Would Be

There are countless third party launchers available on Android. So many, in fact, that I’m not sure how you can decide which is the best for you. I tend to find one, get it setup properly, and then stick with it for years on end because familiarity with a launcher is something that makes life with an Android device much easier. But then every so often a new player comes along that may end up causing me to consider a switch. That new player is called Blur, an app from the Klinkers, who are known for apps like Talon, EvolveSMS, and Sliding Messaging. 

Why Blur? What’s unique about it? Well, first off, Blur does most of the things that almost any other launcher can do. I’m talking about custom icon pack support, grid size changes, Android L styling, icon scaling, scroll effects, “OK, Google” hot word detection, resizing of all widgets, and more. It is by all means, fully featured. But it’s the new “Pages” idea that has been included that may make this a new launcher to truly consider.

With Blur, the Klinkers have built upon the Google Now idea that we all love so much from the Google Now Launcher. With a swipe from the left side of your screen, you can access a series of “Pages,” which could be pages for your favorite apps. For example, the Klinkers have created a Page for their Talon app, bringing you a fully-featured Twitter experience that is just a swipe away from your home screen, yet doesn’t require that you load up the actual Talon app. They also have one for EvolveSMS, should you use it as your SMS app of choice.

You can load up multiple pages of these, including one that mimics Google Now in a way. In theory, a couple of swipes from your main home screen could bring you all sorts of information from your favorite apps.

They created an API for other developers to use to create pages of their own as well. We won’t know for some time if any other developers decide to build out Pages for Blur, and that may be the key to this app’s success. Pages make Blur have all sorts of potential, but if the only apps that can take advantage are those from the Klinkers, then is it really worth looking at? That’s a good question, which only time can answer.

The app is completely free with no ads at this time. To get a better feel for how Pages work, check out the video below.

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Via:  +Luke Klinker
Cheers Adam!
  • Michael Collins

    I dislike this. I tried it and wished it had more app support. Google Now launcher is better to me :/

  • Tony Baloney

    instead of Blur, call it Blah! Just because its awesome. I love Evolve, and this looks great.

  • Ugh…the ghost of Sanjay Jha’s poor leadership still haunts us. {{>_<}}

  • antonio

    What Icon pack is he using in the video ?????????????

  • jim

    I unlistalled this fast, crashed and froze more than it worked

  • RaptorOO7

    Seems like a nice idea, I would like a way to have a page actually be Google Now, I realize Google won’t allow them access, but why not have a page open up the actual app or have the app in the background. Not a dev so likely there are issues I don’t know about. I will give this a try though when the GN4 arrives.

  • What an AWFUL name. I have horrible flashbacks reading this title.

  • drathos

    Blur?! *twitch*

  • Brian Eagen

    Icons look like Naxos. Is that built in?

  • Hothfox

    Eh. There are only 4 pages I can add right now (I understand it will take time for other developers to use their API, if at all), and the Google Now-ish page is very information-starved. Nice idea, hopefully it takes off a bit more.

  • br_hermon

    “Deev” just about drives me nuts.

  • jerflash

    i just tried this. added the pages and apps. added an icon pack. it is super super laggy on my lg g3. i think its trying to render all the pixels for 1440p instead of 1080p. it looks nice but its not optimized at all

  • MacNificent

    Too many swipes and usage of the word Deevs…
    No thanks! I’ll stick with Google Now Launcher

  • yummy

    I have just finished paying off my shrink for what motoblur did to me. Its still yoo soon to laugh

  • @1MPitts

    This has potential like all of their past apps but they never seem to polish efficiently

    • give em time, it’s new. Their messaging app, Evolve, is awesome. I keep going back to it and have tried everything.

      • @1MPitts

        I agree. Evolve is one of a kind as far as features/appearance but I’ll take the efficiency and stability of 8sms over the esthetics.

      • evolve is awesome. but always go back to hangouts. evolve never seems to get MMS and group texting right for me

  • Johnny Steele

    I will say first, I am kind of a Klinker Fanboy…I use EvolveSMS, Talon, and I have used Sliding in the past as well. Their apps are just pretty, follow the Android way, and have a ton of functionality.

    I love this launcher, and I will be using it instead of Nova Launcher on my HTC M8. ;D

  • Amblin

    What is a “deev”? This is really close to just a full page widget.

  • rfranken

    Luv Talon, but this Blur launcher seems laggy to me. I think i’m too ocd to switch away from Nova prime.

  • Dave

    Not compatible with the 2013 nexus 7…. what gives?

    • Rob

      looks like they haven’t made it tablet-compatible yet(?)

  • Jackson Emch

    To be honest, I only saw the developer name Klinkers, and I had to see it. I love Talon and EvolveSMS.

  • p_droid

    Does anybody know how to get that popup notification that came up during the Talon demo in the video?

    • Jason13L

      For non-L phones, you can get it with xposed framework, must be rooted.

      • p_droid

        Ah, okay thanks. What’s the module called? I’m running the L preview at the moment but may switch back.

        • Jason13L

          I am using it from the awesome Wanam Xposed module; however, there is also a dedicated one with a few more notification-specific features called “Heads Up Notifications”.

          • p_droid

            Thank you, Jason!

  • Suicide_Note

    Nova Prime for lyfe, yo!

    But seriously, this looks interesting. I’ll have to give it a shot on my N7 and see how I like it.

  • NickA

    Pretty cool, I will give it a try. I normally stick with the stock launcher on my phones, but this looks interesting. Currently using the M8, and I’m not a big fan of the vertical scrolling of the app drawer.

  • Shane Redman

    It would be nice if they can keep Now there as the first page

    • TheDave1022

      It’s not the real google now. Just a develop one they made. I prefer the real now, so ill stick with GEL and see how this develops.

      • Shane Redman

        Yeah, that’s what I meant…if I could have the real “Now” and this functionality, it would most certainly be my launcher of choice.

  • MistaButters

    They probably should have picked a name that didn’t remind people of the worst launcher ever produced in the history of Android…

    …just sayin

    • Hah, would have to agree. Laughed a little at that myself.

    • Eric R.

      I liked Moro Blur Ninja for some reason

    • Bryan Mills

      Blur was a launcher?

      • MistaButters

        *updated* (but technically a skin contains a launcher, so I wouldn’t say it was 100% wrong)

        • Bryan Mills

          Right? Too bad Touchwiz isn’t just a launcher you could delete forever and be done with it.

          • MistaButters

            Yeah, it’s unfortunately that skins go deeper than launchers.

            I always hate when people say “you can always download a new launcher” to defend TouchWiz, because a new launcher won’t touch all the system changes and clumsy menus that Samsung put in.

          • Bryan Mills

            Yep, also won’t delete all that useless space taken up when installing a launcher either.

          • PoisonApple31

            The clumsy part of the Touchwiz UI is always the homescreens and app drawer. That is why people say “you can always download a new launcher.” For those that are especially anal, spending so much time in the notfication area and other menus, I understand how this is not a solution for them.

    • creed

      That is exactly what I was going to say!

    • MotoRulz

      Ahhh the sad memories of Blur.. Oh well I’m over it.

    • Droid Ronin

      Technically, Blur is still a skin on the latest Moto devices. It’s just evolved to be very very close to stock Android with a few Moto features/looks.

      • MistaButters

        Hasn’t been called Blur in Years. They changed it to “Moto UI” shortly before the Google purchase completed, and I don’t think it’s had a name since last summer.

        • Droid Ronin

          The internal Moto firmware images still reference it as “blur”.

          • MistaButters

            Well I’ll be. Good to know. Thanks!

    • Clift

      Wait I thought it was called Blur, not Touchwiz

      • MistaButters

        MotoBlur back in the day was absolutely atrocious. Definitely worse than TouchWiz today.

    • RaptorOO7

      Agree, using Blur as in MotoBlur the most hated UI before everyone got on the Anti-TW bandwagon.