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“Moto X+1” Under Model XT1097 Shows Up in Benchmark, Outs More Specs

moto x yellow

When it comes to leaks or information about unreleased devices, benchmarks are almost always hit or miss. In fact, you should almost never fully buy into the data that they provide because from one day to the next, they could show off completely different information for what they claim is the exact same device. With that said, they do often open the bucket of paint to help manufacturers go all Picasso during a press event, so we still like to see them, especially when we are only a couple of weeks away from an unveiling.

And that’s why we are taking a quick look this morning at yet another purported benchmark for the next Moto X, which was long ago dubbed unofficially as the Moto X+1

The benchmark, spotted by one of our readers over at GFXBench, shows a Motorola device under the model number XT1097, which is close to a model number we saw on a Verizon test box (XT1096) a couple of weeks back. We also saw this number in a benchmark last week that shows identical information to today’s benchmark.

In this new test, we are seeing  a device that sports a 5.2-inch FHD display (1920×1080), 2.45 or 2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, Adreno 330 GPU, 2GB RAM, 10GB available storage (likely 16GB total), 12MP rear camera, 2MP front camera, Android 4.4.4, and all of your standard sensors.

That all sounds pretty good to me. You are looking at a device that is similar in specs to the HTC One (M8) and Samsung Galaxy S5, however, we know Motorola will optimize the hell out of the chipset and also toss in a handful of amazing features, like Active Display. If the new Moto X looks like this and has a spec list like this benchmark suggests, plus may be customizable through MotoMaker, are you in?

Everything becomes official on September 4.

moto x1 benchmark

Via:  GFXBench
Cheers Justin!
  • Name

    Glad I got the G3 and didnt wait around for Moto.

  • Droidrazr

    Cloud storage is a JOKE. Give us at least 32/64gb or an SD card slot. Heck I’d even take another 720p display if they made 64gb standard (I know it’s unpopular opinion but oh well.) Switched from HTC one M7 to a Droid maxx and I can barely tell the difference in screens.

  • itsdmise

    I’d get it once it’s time to upgrade. Maybe wood this customization time around?

  • AbbyZFresh

    Now it’s just another boring high-end android phone. The only thing Moto about this phone is just the name. The only thing saving this is the X8 chip currently used in the original Moto X for the Active Display and Touchless Control.

  • Cesar

    What, no barometer?

  • Jeremy Gross

    dat storage…. quite possibly a moto g just saying its possible know how radical motorola is becoming

  • droidrazredge

    I’ve been using a Moto-X since last December and hands down it has been the best phone I’ve ever owned from the speedy and timely updates to the custom X8 architecture with Active Display, Touch-less Controls, and Moto Assist. I could not have asked for anything more in a phone. My next phone will be the X+1 or perhaps the new Nexus (wishful thinking on Verizon >.<) ONLY because I want to get in one last phone to extend my UDP contract before my upgrade loopholes are closed on Verizon

  • haroldhendu

    you know how you can differentiate your android site from the several other Android sites out there? good writing.

    this is not good writing: “When it comes to leaks or information about unreleased devices, benchmarks are almost always hit or miss.”

  • droidrazredge

    hmmm comparing these specs to those questionable Nexus 6 specs from http://www.droid-life.com/2014/08/13/motorola-shamu-nexus-allegedly-shows-up-in-questionable-benchmarks-outing-specs/ makes you wonder even if those specs were true why is there a big jump in memory from 1.8 GB – 2.9 GB and a bit jump in the GPU from an Arduino 330 – Arduino 420 , and a slight 200 MHz jump in ARM clock speed if they are both running near stock versions of Android. Why is the extra horsepower needed ? is it because the X10 Architecture would not be included ? I doubt that, so my guess would be as good as anyone else’s as to why such a drastic change in specs with them both being 5.2″ screens but with different screen resolutions. Anyone’s thoughts ?

  • Fooer

    Dat phablet size … 🙁

  • B Brad

    Add wireless charging and a battery door and I’m in.

    • NBMTX

      I don’t think LG’s curved battery tech is replaceable. The design benefits are worth more, imo.

      • B Brad

        What does “LG curved battery tech” have to do with the motorola x+1?

        • NBMTX

          Quite a bit. One of the great things about the Moto X is it’s ergonomic curvature, which is achieved using LG Chem produced stepped batteries. I’m assuming LG’s now curved (as opposed to stepped) batteries are going to be used in the X+1 to achieve similar [awesome] ergonomics.

          • B Brad

            Ah, interesting, I didn’t know that. Doesn’t look that curved, kinda similar to my GNex. Should be interesting to see.

        • NBMTX

          it’s probably inside of the Motorola X+1 like it was the X… which allowed the fantastic curvature of the device. Hopefully we get more of that well thought out design in the X+1.
          (I thought I posted an answer already, but maybe not?)

  • RoadsterHD1

    This is going to blow the competition out of the water. X10 computing optimized, I’m thinking 45000 plus on AnTuTu.

  • sparty569

    This looks to be awesome. The question I have is, do we know if the Nexus 6 will have the X8 operation sub system? If it does, why get the X+1 over the Nexus 6? If not, it is obvious that the X+1 is the way to go.

  • RGiskard

    No barometer? No sale…

  • Vanquishgc

    Had me until 16 gb storage. Damn, no go for me now. Would have been just fine with 32, but 16 with no SD…….come on man….. 🙁

    • sirmeili

      Its a benchmark, so it is the specs for that very specific phone (not the model). So just because the phone tested had 16GB of storage, does not mean there will not be other options (they currently offer 16, 32 and 64).

      Also the benchmark used does not indicate if the phone has an SD card, so you have no way of knowing if it will have one or not.

      • Vanquishgc

        Well two things: first, Google is all about no SD storage so I have no hope of that. And yes, there probably will be other options for storage. Problem is, carriers only get the 16 gb models, so if you want a 32 or 64 gb model, you have to order online and pay retail. That part is going to be an issue with many folks who don’t have that kind of cash to spend.

        • sirmeili

          And yet Motorola has a phone with an SD slot. So my statement holds true: You have no way of knowing right now if it will or will not have an SD slot.

          As to the storage, I did not know that, so I’ll give you that. I guess the thing is, if you want to have that feature, pay for it. Not saying it’s “right” or “Fair”, but not everything in life is unfortunately.

        • cns2007

          “Problem is, carriers only get the 16 gb models, so if you want a 32 or 64 gb model, you have to order online and pay retail. ”

          Don’t know where you are getting that from. I purchased a Verizon 32GB for my son.

          • Vanquishgc

            Was it in store, or ordered though? Because generally stores won’t keep a stock of the higher storage models. For instance, my store never has any 32 gb iPhones, because there’s just no demand thanks to the pricing. So if someone wants one, we gotta order it. In the case of the X though, we’ve never been able to order a 32 gb to have delivered to the store. I realize I’m comparing 2 very different phones, I’m just trying to give an example is all.

          • cns2007

            I see what you are saying. It was online through Motomaker and shipped to my home, but I was referring more to the part where you said “retail”. Did you mean full “retail” price there? Because that wasn’t the case for me.

          • Vanquishgc

            Generally yes, I did, but I get that there’s been deals on the X from time to time. So yeah, you can order one, but you’re not gonna walk into a store and get one cheaper on contract. That’s where 16 gb thing sucks.

  • donnydon

    The 801 is the Exact same as the 800 just tuned differently. Either way its 805 or nothing. The iPhone 5s STILL has the fastest processor and beat GPU and it came out last year. Android still hasn’t caught up in that dept.It looks like I might ditch android for iPhone this time.

  • Frankiie

    I call it “GARBAGE”