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Madfinger Teases “Monzo” Model Building App, Coming to Android Soon

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Madfinger Games, the creators and publishers of the Dead Trigger franchise, released a teaser trailer for an upcoming app this morning, but it is not the usual zombie-slaying title this time. Instead, Madfinger will release a model building app called Monzo, perfect for all of us who dream of building a motorcycle in our living room. 

Inside the app, the player/user can select a project to work on. After what I assume is a lot of time put in on the project, such as the actual building of cars, motorcycles, crane trailers, or even Jeeps, the player can customize their creation with paint jobs, then finally share their work across the Internet for friends to enjoy.

Madfinger has yet to give specific availability information and pricing, but when we know, we will share.

Does a legit modeling app interest you? Does that seem like too much time to put into a “fake” project? Share your thoughts.

  • Humberto Hernandez

    So, he used that app, and suddenly, everybody is interested in how EPIC is his accomplishment. (in FB)

  • This just in: IKEA is also coming out with an app that let’s you virtually out together that bedroom set you’ve always wanted.

    • Could be nice though if you could place IKEAs stuff in a picture taken in your house to see if a certain bed or closet would look nice in your house and then order it via the app 🙂

  • redbar0n11

    NOPE. (Seriously, though, really? WTF is this? There’s no real sense of “building” it. I can appreciate seeing all the internals and different parts… but, no.)

  • turdbogls

    its interesting for sure.
    but the title got me excited for a 3D modeling app.

    I’m a drafter/designer during the day time hours, having something where I could fiddle around with a Pro-E type thing would be awesome.

    bu this does bring back memories of winter in michigan as a child…I would build model cars constantly. I’m interested for sure….just not sure how much I could use it now as it would be really time consuming.