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Square Enix Publishes Dragon Quest IV to Google Play, Priced at $14.99

Square Enix, publishers of the Final Fantasy franchise, released Dragon Quest IV to Google Play this week, coupling it with a premium price tag of $14.99.

The price shouldn’t shock you, as many of the Final Fantasy games the company makes available on Android share the same price. These are full ports, so users can expect nothing but the best RPG gameplay when investing in a Square Enix title. 

In Dragon Quest IV, there are five chapters containing five separate characters that you will play as. Each has their own story, meaning you shouldn’t get too attached to any single character. Throughout the game, there are countless quests, as well as AI battles. From what I can see in the game’s description, there is no chance you will find yourself bored with this game if you are familiar with the franchise.

To get an exact idea of how this game will play on your Android device, check out the gameplay video below which was posted back in April.

Play Link ($14.99)

  • Dial zOMG for mobile gaming

    Maya/Dancer never looked much more better on mobile devices than on the original NES version/Nintendo DS remake.
    Have your Google Play credit ready – and you android device. The games you know that never existed on mobile devices are taking over your mobile device.
    Thanks, Square.

  • Peter Tirrell

    Is this Dragon Warrior IV from the origin NES?

  • JMonkeYJ

    All the characters from the first 4 chapters join up in the 5th chapter with the hero (“you”).

  • Travis Walls


  • 213ninja

    banger, i’d love to see all of the DQ’s…even the original.

  • tiev

    I’d rather pay 14 bucks for a game like this than get siphoned by free IAP games.

  • HarvesterX

    Arch just bought Chaos Ring 2 so gotta finish through that one first. Surprised I never bought it til now.

  • Adrian

    I’ve played too many versions of this!!! Quit “making” me re buy it by putting it on more and more convenient devices, or by adding new features, or better gameplay experience!!! Lolz, love this game.