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NVIDIA SHIELD Portable Update Rolling Out, Features SHIELD Controller Support and SHIELD Hub App

A major update is rolling out to owners of the SHIELD aka SHIELD Portable from NVIDIA. In the update, which is available now as OTA 5 Release 82, users can instantly hook up a SHIELD Controller through newly-implemented compatibility, as well as manage Controller settings through the official SHIELD Controller application.

In addition to that added support, the SHIELD Hub application has been included in the update, allowing users to browse compatible games, which replaces the previously installed TegraZone application. To top it off, improvements for GameStream have been added in, Netflix HD streaming support is included, and users can wirelessly stream audio to a headset connected to the controller.

That doesn’t scratch the surface of this update, though. Take a look at the full changelog below.

What’s New

  • SHIELD wireless controller support
  • Adds SHIELD wireless controller app for quick pairing to SHIELD portable
  • Wirelessly stream audio to a headset connected to the controller
  • New SHIELD Hub app
  • Improves and replaces existing TegraZone app
  • Adds My Media Apps for quick launch access to installed entertainment apps
  • GameStream improvements
  • Quality of service and security improvements
  • New onscreen controls for GameStream. Access by long holding Start
  • Remote GameStream – required router settings changes for manual port forwarding (Learn More)
  • Netflix HD support for up to 1080p streaming in Console Mode
  • Ethernet indicator is now displayed in top-right Android notification bar when connected to Ethernet
Via: GeForce Forums
  • jean Herv

    this update broke my damn nvidia portable!!!! noting works, fans running all the time like crazy and playstore crashes, games crashes, and it runs slow as Hell now!!!! im yesterday past pissed!!!!!

  • Wait? How do you connect Ethernet to the shield portable?

    • synplex

      USB adapter

  • TheDrunkenClam

    Will you guys be doing a review and overview on the new shield tablet?

    • synplex

      They already have. It received greatmarks

  • Gytole

    I…i own both the shield portable and shield tablet…and theyre both incredible. The tablet really blows the portable out of the water graphics wise and in console mode playing like crash team racing psone with 4 360 controllers via the wireless dongle, but the portable paired with the ar drone 2.0 is a whole hella lotta fun…
    But my friends come over and we’ll get down on some multiplayer old school gaming on the shield. Who doesnt like mario kart 64 in 1080p….

  • mcdonsco

    Does anyone actually own one of these?

    I get the whole hobby gamer thing (okay, I really dont…I have a friend that is a hardcore hobby gamer…I’ve never understood it)…but portable gaming?

    What’s the point? Your away from your xbox, play station and $4,000 gaming PC and you need your fix? WTF?

    To me it just seems like you’re lighting hundred dollar bills on fire for the hell of it.

    • PoisonApple31

      I had the visit the GeForce forums to answer that questions. There are people that do.

    • gambit07

      That may be part of it, but the other part is it’s a great powerful stand alone tablet alongside the fact that it’s great at gaming, for a reasonable price. That’s why people are attracted to it.

    • ManBearPig618

      Personally, I just picked up the Shield Tablet because I wanted an 8″ form factor and thought it was great value considering the hardware (really psyched about the K1). I’ll play games on it, and will probably pick up the shield controller at some point, but gaming wasn’t the only reason I got it.

    • synplex

      I also Picked one up on Launch Date with the cover, but until I receive the Controller in the mail can really judge it on Gaming but for now its a Fantastic 8 inch tablet with great build quality for its price. Also love the front speakers and stylus =-D

    • I own one (portable). I bought a 3DS because of FOMO but then i realized that im not 12 and pokemon actually sucks as a game (imo). Having it sit in my closet and also wishing i was playing Skyrim (while not home) i realized that I could sell my 3ds and pretty much make a linear trade to the SHIELD. I do not regret it at all.
      It plays better, and more graphics heavy games natively, has all my purchases i made on the playstore (lots of games + humble bundle games), I can play N64 emulators, and the icing on the cake is that it can stream my $1500 desktop games on the go.
      The downside is that tap games kind of fail. EX: Clash of Clans. You can play them but its a bit awkward since its so bottom heavy. This is where the tablet would excel, but im not really into having to carry around a tablet AND a controller but i assume its an awesome tablet if youre looking for one.

  • T4rd

    Yo dawg, I herd you like controllers, so we got you a controller to play your controller with, just in case you didn’t like your controller.

    • RiotingPanda

      You beat me to it by 3 minutes. Lame

      • OhHai

        It is ok, Xzibit beat him by a decade. This bread isn’t even stale, its petrified.

    • JP

      I’m a controller playing a controller disguised as another controller!


  • KleenDroid