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Kapsula Speeds Onto Google Play for $1, Awesome 3D Racer

A new racer game is available on Google Play, titled Kapsula, bringing with it fiery fast driving gameplay. The game, however artistic it may seem, is apparently set it in retro-futuristic soviet space colonies, with little pods zooming down freeways at high speeds. 

As you make your way down a road, dodging traffic and collecting tokens to upgrade your pod, you can’t help but ride alongside other pods. Once you drive past one, it attaches to you, which you then must get off of you. You do this by crashing it into another pod of the same color, or by running into a wall of the same color, which is not easy by any means. On the difficulty scale, I would give it a solid 8-8.5 out of 10.

The game brings other titles to mind, movies and games included. To me, its essence feels somewhat rooted in TRON, with hints of Impossible Road tied in. As the road twists and curves, your head almost feels forced to move along with it, dodging traffic and taking in the darkened cityscape. It’s a very enjoyable racing experience.

The game is priced at just $0.99, with no IAPs. Go grab it immediately.

Play Link ($0.99)

  • HarvesterX

    Just installed this to give MC5 a break (especially after finishing first in world in last head shot competition with 2537 headshots … Lol. Thanks for the tip. And people bashing this game, can you link to better games of the genre instead of just saying this is worse then other similar games out (so I can download those 🙂 )

    • HarvesterX

      Meh…addicting sort of but hit much to it. Too few upgrades and is the hard if if your goal is simply getting as far as you can. Once you start focusing on gems as well it gets harder as your attention lapses. What’s fun though is racking up your multiplier by crashing other pods. It feels good to have 4 or 5 pods stuck to you at once and you end up shaking them all off.

      Russia’s idea of fururistic racing though is a bit sad lol.

  • shakins

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  • Michael

    This looks like a crappy version of Audiosurf.

    • NeilGeorge

      well its only .99

    • Need for Speed

      I’ve see better Tron light cycle games out there.

  • Tron vibes are good vibes.

  • M3D1T8R

    Bought. For only a buck I’ll gladly support a developer making games the right way, no IAP garbage. Also the Wipeout series going back to PS1 is one of my favorite all time. That game had a heckuva high learning curve, but was amazing. Haven’t tried this yet but looks fun.

    • Brady Wassam

      Heckuva, lol. Had to read the word 4 times.

      • EvanTheGamer

        Folks still use heckuva? Interesting.

  • NeilGeorge

    Looks fun….