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Verizon Galaxy S5 Now Receiving Build G900VVRU1ANE9, Here is the Full Changelog

Verizon approved an update today for their variant of the Galaxy S5 as build G900VVRU1ANE9, but leaves the phone at Android 4.4.2. The update looks like a massive bug fixer, as it includes improvements to performance, brings updates to bloatware, and addresses all sorts of issues.

In the update, users will find new versions of Caller Name ID, Message+, and Cloud. Once past the bloatware, issues like better connectivity when streaming music, Gear Manager stability, and Visual Voicemail working when a Samsung Flip Cover is closed have all been resolved. 

To view the full changelog, jump below. Again, there aren’t any new features, Verizon and Samsung seem to be using this update to improve the phone’s performance.

To check for the update, head into Settings>>Software update.

verizon galaxy s5 442

Via:  Verizon
  • bugaloo10

    I accidentally updated my phone and lost root… Really want to uninstall this software update. Is there any way?

  • Daniel WaitForit Brown

    We need towelroot back! If anyone knows how to contact geohot, now would be a great time.

  • PatricioSorto

    Do not update this will kill root access
    Towelroot will no longer work

  • Dave

    No fix for wifi connectivity issues or transition between 4G and wifi?

  • Since I rooted Xposed is my new OTA update.

  • shugaman

    this update killed my phone

  • Jack Holt

    Breaks towelroot and root.

    • Fred

      Boo. Thanks for the info though. been holding off until I heard.

    • Nate

      Yep. Will not be updating, already froze SMD in Titanium Backup. Nice try Verizon, how many “improvements” did you have to come up with to convince us to update and loose root!?

    • Thanks for the info. Definitely won’t be installing this until another rooting method is found.

  • kiwiruss

    I have towelroot already and am downloading and will install shortly.

  • kiwiruss

    Still stuck on 4.4.2 .downloading update but thought it would have had at lease 4.4.3 by now.

  • Mavericksfolife

    Will this update affect Foxfi?

  • Mike Aurin

    No but seriously guys…where is my Moto 360?

  • Fred

    Any idea if this updates the kernel? Anyone do it and willing to note what the kernel build date is? Thinking of towelroot…

  • AJ Ishaque

    I wish they’d push out an update that would give us the new feature test thing to uninstall all bloatware

  • AJ Ishaque

    I thought the VZW Galaxy S5 was already on 4.4.2?

    • jbegs

      It is. From the article “…but leaves the phone at Android 4.4.2.”

  • Danmheadache

    This phone didn’t come with 4.4.2 in the beginning?