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Wednesday Poll: How Important is It to Have an SD Card Slot in Your Phone?

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Back when the Galaxy Nexus was introduced, Google made it clear that they would rather not have to deal with micro SD cards in their Nexus devices or Android as a whole. Basically, they think the experience of dealing with one block of storage outweighs the experience of having removable storage.

Many manufacturers, outside of Samsung, adopted this philosophy shortly after Google made this known and removed micro SD slots from their phones for a couple of years. Then 2014 arrived and almost all major manufacturers have included a micro SD slot in their new phones, including HTC and LG. Both the LG G3 and HTC One (M8) have slots for expandable storage.

Our question to you is – how important is it that your phone have a micro SD slot? I think it’s safe to assume that manufacturers think you care or they wouldn’t have abandoned them only to bring them back as quickly. I can tell you that I appreciate the option to take storage with me from phone-to-phone, even with all of the cloud storage options available for free or little cost. But what about you? Would you pass on a phone if it didn’t have an SD card slot? Is it just an added bonus? Or does it even matter?

How important is it to have an SD card slot in your phone?

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  • failquail

    Important, but if the rest of the phone was excellent, i could do without it. (you can get little microUSB card readers if need be)

    Non-removable/expandable batteries however, are an instant no-sale at any cost for me…
    (My current and previous 2 phones have had 3rd-party fat XL batteries at more than double the stock capacities brought for them)

  • yorxs

    SD slot is great when the phone breaks/dies. You won’t loose pictures, music or downloads. I tried Google auto backup for photos, but I couldn’t stop the “ready to share” notifications and its worrying about data caps which pictures get shared and which don’t. The SD card it just less hassle and its cheap too.

  • Subarnoob

    Literally the only complaint I have with my Droid DNA and the only reason I am looking to upgrade. If it wasn’t for this fact I could probably go for a few more years, but 12.1 GB of usable storage space is like trying to use the Lexus LFA as anything more than a track car; you just don’t.

  • Donnie Creen

    would never consider a device without a micro sd slot. Have to use older Motorola phone, since they don’t have new phones with sd slot, and Samsung’s quality is terrible. Just got a 128gb card for $110 on Ebay. Been using 64gb cards for almost a year now. I have three phones, Motorola Droids, using the same card on different phones, very important to me. I had two Galaxies in the past 4 years and both developed charging issues, usually about 6 months after I get them. Great phones, but their quality is crappy. It’s like they used glue instead of solder. They have everything I need except they don’t last. Removable battery, sd card slot,but they just don’t last. So I am having to use droids

  • Spade Hackle

    Just filled a 64G chip with music for my LG G3!
    Easy peasy even for me!

  • duke69111

    I’m onboard with internal storage, but I do like the idea of being able to place my music, photos, videos, and TiBu and Nandroid backups on the sd card.

    It seams like you really need it though with LG and Samsung creating huge versions of their roms that take up a lot of space.

  • Vishal Khedkar

    I won’t ask for microSD only if the internal storage isn’t completely washed (I am talking about the music, images, etc stored on the phone) when doing stuff like unlocking boot loader, or coming back to stock ROM, etc.

    Thanks to an app I am saved from that data wipe when unlocking boot loader on my Nexus 5 but it is just my luck that I found it. Else I had never known about that.

  • nhizzat

    No longer care because Dual USB OTG sticks exist now.

  • Mike

    Ok if you can get a 64gb version like the OnePlus One, then that is enough storage for me. However, 32gb really isn’t. So for 32gb and under an sd card is a must have.

  • Vaughn Hochhalter

    For me it’s not about the cost or size of cloud storage but accessibility. I’m routinely in areas without any coverage and would like access to my music and other files. I like to have hard copies with me at all times. I learned my lesson the hard way when I dropped my phone down a hill it destroyed it. It had 136 pictures and 7 videos that hadn’t uploaded to the cloud on internal memory. I lost them all. A removable memory option has to be on any new phone I get now.

  • Kree Terry

    As long as I have at least a 32 gb phone im usually ok. My gnex was 32 gb and it was fine, my iphone 5 was 16 but i didnt need a lot of space bc i didnt keep videos or downloaded files on it, my moto x is 16 and its just not enough. My next phone will have at least 32, probably 64 if i can swing the extra monies.

  • JRomeo

    I Purchased the 32gb Nexus5 in november of last year, and it’s already nearly full capacity……….. Apparently i like to videotape and photograph life moments frequently… Thank goodness for Google’s Free Unlimited standard Photo auto backup.

  • John Whitehead

    I have a 128GB storage card in my HTC One and Samsung Tablet S. I have a lot of music and movies on each card. I do a lot of traveling and I can simply bring along my chromecast and watch movies or listen to music easily. Also great when on the road to entertain kids without using data through Verizon.

  • SD card? No thanks, my One+ One has 64gb.

  • arthuruscg

    I did not think it was important until I started using the Moto X. I miss the ability to swap SD cards that my previous VZ Droids had. It was nice when traveling to have SD cards loaded based on what I was doing, 1 with videos/ music, 1 with the kids videos, 1 with work files, ect. You don’t think about it until you don’t have internet connection on a plane, boat, ect. And if I ever loose Unlimited Data, it would be a hard requirement.

    • arthuruscg

      Also, VZ boat ware and OS takes up massive amounts of internal storage. so the 32gb is cut in half.

  • steveP

    With the amount of space required for high MP photos and 1080p video, small storage capacities really don’t do much. I’ve only had my Moto X 16 GB for 8 months and I am already clearing out my photos and videos for the 2nd time. A high capacity SD card would be nice as auto-backup features are only somewhat useful.

  • Chippah

    After having a gnex and G2 and now running out of space on the G2.

    YES – I need a goddam SDCARD!

  • yankeesusa

    So is part of the reason why the g3 is selling so well is because of the memory card slot? Besides from the phone being so awesome!

  • fabiocosta0305

    I like to use SD as a way to split things: internal memory for Apps and so, SD for my data (video, music, docs, etc)