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Wednesday Poll: How Important is It to Have an SD Card Slot in Your Phone?

Back when the Galaxy Nexus was introduced, Google made it clear that they would rather not have to deal with micro SD cards in their Nexus devices or Android as a whole. Basically, they think the experience of dealing with one block of storage outweighs the experience of having removable storage.

Many manufacturers, outside of Samsung, adopted this philosophy shortly after Google made this known and removed micro SD slots from their phones for a couple of years. Then 2014 arrived and almost all major manufacturers have included a micro SD slot in their new phones, including HTC and LG. Both the LG G3 and HTC One (M8) have slots for expandable storage.

Our question to you is – how important is it that your phone have a micro SD slot? I think it’s safe to assume that manufacturers think you care or they wouldn’t have abandoned them only to bring them back as quickly. I can tell you that I appreciate the option to take storage with me from phone-to-phone, even with all of the cloud storage options available for free or little cost. But what about you? Would you pass on a phone if it didn’t have an SD card slot? Is it just an added bonus? Or does it even matter?

How important is it to have an SD card slot in your phone?

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  • failquail

    Important, but if the rest of the phone was excellent, i could do without it. (you can get little microUSB card readers if need be)

    Non-removable/expandable batteries however, are an instant no-sale at any cost for me…
    (My current and previous 2 phones have had 3rd-party fat XL batteries at more than double the stock capacities brought for them)

  • yorxs

    SD slot is great when the phone breaks/dies. You won’t loose pictures, music or downloads. I tried Google auto backup for photos, but I couldn’t stop the “ready to share” notifications and its worrying about data caps which pictures get shared and which don’t. The SD card it just less hassle and its cheap too.

  • Subarnoob

    Literally the only complaint I have with my Droid DNA and the only reason I am looking to upgrade. If it wasn’t for this fact I could probably go for a few more years, but 12.1 GB of usable storage space is like trying to use the Lexus LFA as anything more than a track car; you just don’t.

  • Donnie Creen

    would never consider a device without a micro sd slot. Have to use older Motorola phone, since they don’t have new phones with sd slot, and Samsung’s quality is terrible. Just got a 128gb card for $110 on Ebay. Been using 64gb cards for almost a year now. I have three phones, Motorola Droids, using the same card on different phones, very important to me. I had two Galaxies in the past 4 years and both developed charging issues, usually about 6 months after I get them. Great phones, but their quality is crappy. It’s like they used glue instead of solder. They have everything I need except they don’t last. Removable battery, sd card slot,but they just don’t last. So I am having to use droids

  • Spade Hackle

    Just filled a 64G chip with music for my LG G3!
    Easy peasy even for me!

  • duke69111

    I’m onboard with internal storage, but I do like the idea of being able to place my music, photos, videos, and TiBu and Nandroid backups on the sd card.

    It seams like you really need it though with LG and Samsung creating huge versions of their roms that take up a lot of space.

  • Vishal Khedkar

    I won’t ask for microSD only if the internal storage isn’t completely washed (I am talking about the music, images, etc stored on the phone) when doing stuff like unlocking boot loader, or coming back to stock ROM, etc.

    Thanks to an app I am saved from that data wipe when unlocking boot loader on my Nexus 5 but it is just my luck that I found it. Else I had never known about that.

  • nhizzat

    No longer care because Dual USB OTG sticks exist now.

  • Mike

    Ok if you can get a 64gb version like the OnePlus One, then that is enough storage for me. However, 32gb really isn’t. So for 32gb and under an sd card is a must have.

  • Vaughn Hochhalter

    For me it’s not about the cost or size of cloud storage but accessibility. I’m routinely in areas without any coverage and would like access to my music and other files. I like to have hard copies with me at all times. I learned my lesson the hard way when I dropped my phone down a hill it destroyed it. It had 136 pictures and 7 videos that hadn’t uploaded to the cloud on internal memory. I lost them all. A removable memory option has to be on any new phone I get now.

  • Kree Terry

    As long as I have at least a 32 gb phone im usually ok. My gnex was 32 gb and it was fine, my iphone 5 was 16 but i didnt need a lot of space bc i didnt keep videos or downloaded files on it, my moto x is 16 and its just not enough. My next phone will have at least 32, probably 64 if i can swing the extra monies.

  • JRomeo

    I Purchased the 32gb Nexus5 in november of last year, and it’s already nearly full capacity……….. Apparently i like to videotape and photograph life moments frequently… Thank goodness for Google’s Free Unlimited standard Photo auto backup.

  • John Whitehead

    I have a 128GB storage card in my HTC One and Samsung Tablet S. I have a lot of music and movies on each card. I do a lot of traveling and I can simply bring along my chromecast and watch movies or listen to music easily. Also great when on the road to entertain kids without using data through Verizon.

  • SD card? No thanks, my One+ One has 64gb.

  • arthuruscg

    I did not think it was important until I started using the Moto X. I miss the ability to swap SD cards that my previous VZ Droids had. It was nice when traveling to have SD cards loaded based on what I was doing, 1 with videos/ music, 1 with the kids videos, 1 with work files, ect. You don’t think about it until you don’t have internet connection on a plane, boat, ect. And if I ever loose Unlimited Data, it would be a hard requirement.

    • arthuruscg

      Also, VZ boat ware and OS takes up massive amounts of internal storage. so the 32gb is cut in half.

  • steveP

    With the amount of space required for high MP photos and 1080p video, small storage capacities really don’t do much. I’ve only had my Moto X 16 GB for 8 months and I am already clearing out my photos and videos for the 2nd time. A high capacity SD card would be nice as auto-backup features are only somewhat useful.

  • Chippah

    After having a gnex and G2 and now running out of space on the G2.

    YES – I need a goddam SDCARD!

  • yankeesusa

    So is part of the reason why the g3 is selling so well is because of the memory card slot? Besides from the phone being so awesome!

  • fabiocosta0305

    I like to use SD as a way to split things: internal memory for Apps and so, SD for my data (video, music, docs, etc)

  • wmsco1

    Tera byte of storage! For additional $500.00.

  • wmsco1

    It’s a business ploy, despite what Google says. The ideal is to cost you more.

  • pball_inuyasha

    Until 32gb or more is standard I’ll want an SD card slot. After that I doubt I’d use one since I don’t ever swap or remove the card I have in my S4 now.

  • schlanz

    even with 64gb or 128gb internal, I still want an SD card slot. its a convenience thing. and it’s not something that should add a lot to manufacturing costs… so why the hell not.

  • AndTheWorldMayNeverKnow

    If more phones came with higher storage capacity then it wouldn’t matter as much but personally I like to keep lots of high quality pictures, music and videos/movies on my phone and that takes up space. Cameras are pushing 10 mp and beyond, plus apps and games are starting to push 1 gb + so it should be a no brainer for manufacturers.

    64 gbs of memory is good, I honestly feel like they shouldn’t even make phones with 16 gbs anymore it doesn’t even make sense based on current trends but hopefully that changes soon. I personally just upgraded from a 32 gb card to a 64 gb because I had little to no room left but that’s based on my personal usage.

  • Jon George

    Big deciding factor..I wanted a Nexus 5 but ended up with the Note 3..thought 32gb plus external would be good until I made my first nandroid and realized I just used 6gb for it! Damn.Lol Thank aliens I switched to AOSP (Will’s SlimKat) because I couldn’t fit anymore ROMs or backups on my internal… I think 64gb should be the minimum if no external is offered… Hope “Shamu” comes with 64 + external but we all know it won’t :'(

  • Jim Foskett

    I love my Nexus devices but I really wish they had SD slots.I’ve had to delete lesser used programs from my Nexus 5 (for some reasonT-Mobile only had the 16gb model) and I’d love to be able to store more movies etc on my Nexus 7 for when I don’t have WiFi.

    • Jon George

      I agree…I’m still thinking of grabbing one(N5) for T-Mobile but for $400 & only 16gb its ridiculous… I scour Swappa every day looking for a 32gb N5 because its cheaper just to buy used…same way I got my Note3..got it half a year ago for 400 used but spotless AND with 2 Otterbox Defenders + 2 Spigen Slim Armor Views…good deal

  • Braden Abbott

    Having SD cards make no sense to me when I have multiple devices. I want ALL of my content, synced instantly, ALL of the time, no matter if I’m on my phone, tablet, or PC. Why would I carry around a backpack full of personal and priceless things if I had the ability to duplicate them automatically and keep them completely safe in a remote location? The real benefit of an SD card is the ability to move storage from device to device, which makes sense for devices that you only need to have one of, like a digital camera. But when you have multiple screens that serve up the exact same content in different form factors it makes most sense to have everything synced across devices without any user input…and user input is exactly what SD cards require. From knowing you need one, to putting it in, and copying content back and forth from device storage to SD card, having one is nothing but work! Not saying we can’t handle it here on DL, but the other 99% is in way over their heads and we all know it. Now the real issue is phones that don’t have enough built-in storage, then again, I have an 8GB Moto G and still have 1GB space left over after all my content, albeit with no games installed but that’s why I have a 32GB tablet.

  • briman0094

    I find it vital to have an SD card slot mainly so I can load files easier to and from the phone. I can download media using my phone and put it on my 3DS or take pictures from a camera and put them on my phone with a micro SD. I have found myself wishing my Nexus 4 had an SD card slot a number of times especially since it only has 8GB internal storage.

  • Gary Astorino

    I think more the better. I download my music and videos to my phone card and watch when traveling or working out. Remember Bill Gates once said 640 k is enough for anyone. I don’t like how google has stop programs from using the SD cards effectively after last update.

  • BoFiS

    Being able to keep music, photos, videos, app backups, etc on my SD card and then move it to a new device, or replacement phone, immediately, and have limitless storage as SD cards keep getting larger, all make a microSD card essential to me, otherwise I’d have bought a MotoX last year. Now if only someone, besides Sony, would make a decent, SMALL phone with one…

  • deskjob

    To be honest, external SD card can be somewhat annoying with the new kit kat policy, and the fact that we have to deal with internal and external “SD” partitions. It’s 2014. 64GB should be minimum, 128GB the next up and hopefully 256GB just around the corner. Alas, I am stuck with 32GB myself and while I make do, it definitely limits what I can do.

  • ksavai

    I am happy with 32gb internal storage. that should be default minimum. I am sure there is not much actual price difference between 16 and 32

  • Ethan T

    The problem with the move away from expandable memory is that it coincided with the move away from unlimited data plans. Users either need ample storage for local content, or they need unlimited data (and fast speeds) to get it from the cloud … it’s really hard to have neither.

    Another issue is that upgrades for built-in memory tend to be much more expensive than microSD cards of the same capacity. Users perceive that built-in memory is overpriced and want the ability to choose a cheaper, but equally useful, alternative.

    Expandable memory also allows people to defer an extra cost until they need it. 16GB might be fine when I first get my phone, but I can’t tell until I have it for a while. If I need more, I can buy it then. Upgradeability is a great feature.

    I think the biggest issue is this: the physical form-factor and software needed to support microSD cards is already mostly worked out, and it’s a feature we got used to. Taking it away seems like more of a money grab than a customer-friendly decision. Putting microSD card slots back in the latest models is a positive reaction to customers who have told these companies that they want ’em. Yay!


    Don’t need sad card now that I have my 64gb OPO.

    Ian b

  • Brenden Keene

    I agree with Google on this one, but I know most people don’t. I just use the cloud when I need to and that has worked great so far.

  • I definitely need the extra space. Living in NYC, I can’t use streaming/cloud music services underground. Also, it’s very convenient when I need to transfer files to PC without a cable.

  • renGek

    When I got the galaxy nexus I bought the 32gig version. Never went above 9 gigs usage in its 2 years so I effectively spent an extra $50 on that phone for no reason at all. Got the n5 now with 16gigs and I use even less. I just don’t have the need to store massive amount of stuff on my phone for long durations. It’s like digital hoarding.

  • Brandon Sweetness

    When 64gb of storage becomes the internal standard/minimum I will be done with SD card slots.

    • dizel123

      No you won’t

      • Brandon Sweetness

        yes I will…

      • Brandon Sweetness

        Oh yeah my storage needs can be predicted by dizel123. Good call…

  • fizdog

    Idc if a phone had much internal storage as it Can get I’d rather have a SD card with maxed cap. Storage. So if I get a new phone all I have to do is swap out the card put in new phone not transfer all files to computer then to new phone


    I’ve embraced the cloud. I’m normally in an area where my coverage is good, or I’m on wifi. And if not, the 16 GB’s on my Nexus 5 are enough for me to survive on until I get back to a connection.

    It doesn’t matter to me, but I certainly understand why people need, and want more storage. Fortunately, there are many fantastic options available to choose from.

  • JoeTi

    Manufacturers, please just give us 32-64 and above options in this day and age. You can afford it. 16mb is a joke. More options to delete bloat, while I’m at it. And unless its a tablet and you need space for a movie, delete some photos people. If your phone already has 32 or 64mb, its not too hard to clean out the closet every now and then. Okay, I’m done.

    • David Dudovitz


    • dizel123

      You do realize there are phones with 32 and 64GB options, right?
      And there are plenty of people who have 16 GB of storage or less and are absolutely fine with it, so no its not a joke.
      But this is an Android site and you wouldn’t fit in without complaining about either storage or bezels

      • JoeTi

        Um, okay? A little ironic with the hating on an Android site since you’re here….but. Yes, i am aware of current storage options and using a 32gb phone now but if you have the standard starting min of 8/16mb (without an SD card to be clear), its a joke.

        • dizel123

          There are millions and millions and millions and millions of people with phones with 16GB of storage or less that get by just fine, meanwhile you pay extra to get a phone with more storage so I guess if there’s a joke then the joke’s on you.
          And I’m not hating on Android, I love Android. I’m hating on the sheep that use it.

          • JoeTi

            Wow. I didnt realize how personally upset my comment would make you. I must have cut you deep with my statement. It’ll be okay. Remember, its just my opinion on a subject about a product feature and not a personal attack on your world. The comments section can be a scary place but you will recover and be better for it, I’m sure. 🙂 We’re not all out to get you and if you think we’re sheep, then there’s no reason to be hostile to such a non ferocious animal. Right? Remember, the comments section can be a fun place too so good luck and I know you will have a better time in the future.

          • dizel123

            Nope, you didn’t upset me in the least. I’ve made it a point in my life to never let those with mental deficiencies to upset me so nothing you could say is going to upset me. But I appreciate your concern and I am having fun.

  • jamaall

    I’ve been fine with 32GB on the droid maxx. But I could make do with even 16gb. I don’t use up too much space

  • Cael

    I had to give up the SD slot for my moto x but I’m managing.

    Next phone idk…

  • Dudesef

    thats how I store my music and photos: I like the system storage for apps (what smartphones are made for).

  • Josep Reyes

    for me it really depends on the devices fixed storage. I dont take many pics/vids so 8/16GB is enough for me.

  • Christopher Robert

    Now that you can buy 120 gb SD card for about $100 it is very important. The on board storage power GB is much more expensive.

    Also if you have ever rooted your phone having non internal removal storage can be a life saver.

  • The fact is if you’re not going to put a slot in you need to have more storage in the base phone. I will never go below 32gb. Thankfully moto started offering 64gb phones like the iPhone. Maybe we will see 128gb phones soon.

    • dizel123

      No, its not a fact and you don’t “need to have more storage” My phone came with 16Gb and I have almost half of it still available. Maybe you use that much, but for many people its certainly not a need.

      • ok, by “you” i was referring to the manufacturer for making a phone for me. maybe you know your always going to have a connection but i don’t. i fly from time to time.

  • Trysta

    I can sympathize with those who are annoyed by Google’s decision to remove the SD card slot. I don’t like every decision google makes either but in this case I find NOT having an SD card slot makes things a lot simpler (for me). I’ve accidentally permanently corrupted an SD card slot before and honestly I’d rather have more internal (fast and stable) storage than an SD card slot. But I also don’t store much media on my phone. 16gb has worked fine for me the entire time I’ve owned a smartphone (since 2011).

    I do think it is about time that OEMs made 32gb the default minimum storage but I can kind of understand why they haven’t. I consider myself pretty invested in my phone (I’m posting on droid life after all and I love tech) but if even I have trouble filling 16gb on a phone I have to assume it is a non-issue for the average user (unless they are a photo buff).

  • Jim Jordan

    At least 64 GB internal memory needed if no SD card slot. Even so, I have an SD card from my previous phone – what am I going to do with it if my new phone can’t hold it? There’s an objection to wastefulness.

  • Natty Bee

    For me, the sdcard slot is extremely important, but for the market, I think the answer is pretty clear…the manufacturers wouldn’t have began putting them back if they weren’t in demand.

  • miri

    I manage my storage well and keep most everything in the cloud. SD cards tend to make for a messy experience and I prefer not to even have the extra components.

  • Shawn Parks

    Haven’t needed one in almost three years with the GNex and G2

  • rahlquist

    Until manufacturers quit being so bloody stingy with free space, its a must have. For crying out loud they are still selling 8gb devces! 16GB with 9gb free wth?

    And googles one block of storage reason is BS. Its friggin linux, instead of mounting it as a seperate file system GROW the sdcard partition. Make the warning clear to the end user that removing the card afterward will wipe the entire sdcard partition.

  • jaylanPHNX

    I chose very important, though I have and likely will again buy phones without it (Nexus). I have a separate GS3 just for offline music play, but if I could get a Nexus with an SD slot, I wouldn’t need it anymore.

  • moelsen8

    The polls a little restrictive. How about those in 2014 that have lived without that are starting to come back around to the idea of an sdcard? I’ve been without since gnex. I want back in. May not entirely drive my decision but knowing everyone’s starting to do it again does add weight to it.

  • B!

    Looks like I’m in that 41%. No SD slot is why I went from the Droid Maxx to the Note 3. I really miss Motos UI though. I’m glad they added one on the G3.

    • JLIT99

      Lenovo seems to have SD cards in all of its major phones. I think that phones produced after the deal goes through will probably have removable battery and SD options. Why Google doesn’t like these is beyond me.

      I’m not getting unlimited data just to access my own files on the Cloud.

      • B!

        Before a career change a month ago, when I sold phones one of the advantages I used to sell android vs Apple, or answer ‘Which is better between Android & the iPhone…?’ was that when buying an iPhone you have to decide on the spot is you want to spend $200, $300 or $400 whereas with (most) androids you get a phone for $200 & the spend $60 on a high end SD card.

  • Disqus_n00b

    Removable battery > SD card

    • B!


    • JLIT99

      Both are really useful for me. But I compromised on the battery in order to get the Moto G 4G. It is a real shame that only Samsung is making an effort with batteries but their bloat is unbearable. I couldn’t stand another TW-laden phone.

  • EP_2012

    The only Android phone that I had without an SD card was the Galaxy Nexus and I regretted it every day.

    Backups, Google Music storage, photo/video storage, moving game data, etc.

    Using my phone without an SD card makes me sad.

  • Obviously

    I like having multiple micro cards that I can pop into computer without having to transfer with a cable. Plus I can get cards a lot cheaper that the price for the upgrade size price.

  • Nick

    Every phone I’ve ever had has had an SD card, going all the way back to the LG chocolate slider phone. I just copy over my photos and music to the next bigger sized SD card I buy. I’ve got pics that are damn near 8 years old still on my phone because of SD cards…. Wouldn’t buy a phone without one….

    • Legobricke

      Couldn’t agree more….. SD cards have save me on numerous occasions when the phone has needed a factory reset…. I just pop the card out and do the reset.. I have just about every photo taken with my phone in over 6 years….

  • seanharman01

    The Galaxy S4 16GB is horrible. Either 6 or 8 gigs are already taken up when the phone is stock. I have one game that is 1GB and won’t let me move to the SD card. I constantly have to uninstall/reinstall the app just for it to update. Honestly I don’t keep a lot of media on my phone, but I do have about 40 apps and about 100 pictures that take up about 4-5 gigs.

  • ImmaDroid

    @kellex You should have added “Unimportant as long as the phone has enough built in storage”. Phones like The S4 & S5 that have 16GB and your lucky to get 9GB usable before you even download a damn app. Then yes most definitely! If the phone came with 64GB of storage, I would feel comfortable with not having a MicroSD card slot.

  • The question that needs to be asked is if wireless providers are going to allow users to use a certain amount of data before being charged, are more people still wanting to store data locally instead of in the cloud? I am lucky that I kept my Verizon Unlimited Data plan for so long, but if I had to buy a certain allowance and pay for overages, I probably would start saving music and pictures to my phone more often so I am not constantly streaming data back and forth.

  • Justin Kos

    Where’s the option for.. Yes because my fcking phone has only 16gb storage

  • Rodeojones000

    My last two phones – Galaxy Nexus and G2 – were both 32GB and have been fine. I don’t take many pictures with my phone, use cloud-based music services, and I rarely use my phone to play games. If a game stays on my phone for more than a week it’s a surprise. Availability of an SD card slot, while nice, is very low on my list of must-haves.

  • Me

    Not really a need. 32 GB is good for me but wouldn’t mind 64/128 GB

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Not having it has not reduced prices of phones, but making 32gb and 64gb phones costs way more than their smaller brothers, funny how that works. So put in a friggen SD card slot. Why would a manufacturer not want to put in something so simple that allows their device to be expandable.

    I have not yet bought a phone or tablet that did not have an SD slot and I don’t, at this time, plan to.

  • Alan Paone

    After my One M8, I’d prefer to never buy a phone without adequate internal storage again. Sd cards are stupid and anti-consumer and Id rather it wasnt there at all.

  • DanWazz

    I’m happy with 32GB of storage. Worked with my GNex and is going fine with my N5. I remember the SD card being a hassle on my OG DInc and haven’t missed it at all. I wouldn’t mind 64 GB of storage though.

    • Josh A

      removable with onboard storage u mean!

  • Depends entirely on the amount of built-in memory. Personally, I seem to do just fine with 32GB. Less than that and it’s hard. It was worth it on the Nexus 4, but I’m much happier with my 32GB Nexus 5.

    That said, I don’t think microSD cards are an excuse for minimal available storage anyway, so I’m not even sure my answer is a good one. 16GB with stock Android, plus microSD? Sure, I think I could do that. 16GB with 8GB taken up by TouchWiz, pus microSD? No. Not good enough.

  • Colts5609

    4th option: Not important because you already have adequate storage, like the 64GB OnePlus One.

  • Mudokon83

    I have 32.6gb of music I love to listen to. I don’t have unlimited data. I want my music at every computer and tablet and phone I own, ready to play.

    So my 64gb micro SD is very important to me as is the phone I put it in.

    If I wasn’t big into music or was just a unlimited data guy, I think I’d be fine with no SD.

  • David

    We’re not apple now, sd cards are needed and always will. Ide rather have removable storage then on board any day.

  • Arty McBert

    Extremely important. If you don’t want it, don’t use it then but leave us who need it with the option.

  • Droid Ronin

    Having an SD card option is nice. But I always get confused when I’m trying to hack phones with SD card slots using TWRP or ADB and trying to find the proper partitions where I moved my ROM or TiBu files…lol

  • markgbe

    zero importance. Granted, i don’t keep crazy amounts of things on my phone. 16gb suffices for me easy.

    I tend to use that thing they call the “cloud”.

  • Johnny Evans

    There are so many different storage options.. I doesn’t affect my life at all..I have storage everywhere that I can’t come up with enough stuff to fill them ..I have a 32 gig thumb drive on my keychain that I have my mp3 on and a terabyte click that I use at the house for everything. The only thing I do with my phone is making calls ,texting, GPS ,and surfing the web when bored.

  • M3D1T8R

    Until 128GB internal is a thing, I won’t buy another phone without SD slot.
    Even with 128 internal, I would still like the SD slot for flexibility.

  • skinja

    The issue is not SD slots alone. There is no reason that modern phones should not have 128GB+ of memory at a minimum. If phones had enough memory, having an Sd slot wouldn’t matter as much.

  • RoadsterHD1

    Not sure if you streamers know this or not but if your 32 gigs of space seems to be disappearing and the files on your phone get smaller cause you think you delete them think again. Go to your file manager and go to > Android folder>data>com.google.android.apps.docs>files>pinned_docs_files_do_not_edit> and delete the pinned movies, videos etc… in there. You do not need them, they just copies. This will clear up a ton of space depending how many files are in there. You should not have any.

  • ApplesNAndroids

    Couldn’t care any less. It’s more of a hassle to me personally. Haven’t used one in years.

  • jmsbwmn

    Haha, you need a 4th option. I’m in between #1 and #2. I currently have a Nexus 5, but I frequently wish I still had an external SD card.

  • blix247

    I’m surprised that even for a tech community like Droidlife that the lack of an SD Card is a deal breaker for 40% of phone buyers. I thought it was just a very vocal but small minority, I guess you learn something new every day.

  • NationGuettaTR

    If they plannin to no sd card slot its NAND memory must be at least 32 GB and they must be modify pricing for it. I will never gonna buy 16 GB without card slot. At least 32 can make me buy it.

  • Tomek G

    From my personal experience, there is nothing worse than dead phone and will ALL data stored on internal memory. You may say that most can be backed up to “cloud”, I find SD card so more convenient. I just got a phone that doesn’t have one and it is fine (64GB storage), but I if it dies, I will cry

  • RoadsterHD1

    It just makes more sense to cloud base your important pix. This way if your phone gets lost or stolen your pix won’t. However if you are a gamer, you need the extra space. I’m not but I do watch movies and their pretty big files. 800 to 1.8 gigs each. But once you watch a movie you can delete it. Games are different.

  • Sanchez19

    I have a 16GB Moto X and I keep having to delete photos and such in order to update my applications from the Play Store. It’s frustratingly annoying. I definitely should’ve gotten the 32GB variant. This is one of the reasons that I plan on making sure that my next phone has expandable storage included. The cloud is awesome and I use it every day, but if all I had to do was swap out a memory card and still have my internal phone storage space for just the OS… I would prefer that option. Seeing that crucial apps have updates, but then not being able to update them until I can find the time to go through my gallery and sort out which things I want to delete is awful. It takes so much time. All of my iPhone friends have this problem and I always made fun of them for it…now I completely understand their pain.

  • monkeybutts

    I don’t need the storage, but it would be nice for a standard 32 GB or more because these 4K video cameras take up a bunch of space.

    Apple is the worst about storage. 5 years and the standard is still 16 GB, since the iPhone 3GS June 19 2009.

  • Jeremy Gross

    4th option: sd cards are only important if the phone has little storage (less than 64 gb)

  • NyReynolds

    You need better options for your poll. I think they’re necessary but if I don’t like my options I may end up with amoto x but still want the SD card

  • StargateNH

    Need a 4th option in the poll. “SD card is very important but nest phone I buy I will probably have to suffer without a SD card.”

    • calculatorwatch

      Moto X and Nexus buyers gotta suffer somehow…

      • StargateNH

        LOL. Im thinking I might get the next Moto X.

        • Kevin

          Nest phone? That actually sounds really good.

          • StargateNH

            Crap, Consider it fixed and edited, LOL

  • Neil Fujiwara

    Having a SD card or super large storage capacity is similar to getting a house with lots of storage. It is nice to have, but you end up keeping a lot of stuff you don’t need. Granted I have unlimited streaming from Google Play, but I download a few playlists when I am going on a flight and that is fine. My friends who have SD cards end up running out of space because they want to keep all the movies they downloaded. As long as the OS doesn’t take up too much space than it isn’t necessary.

  • Gregg Hettel

    I think an extra option to choose here would be, “Not needed as long as the phone has a large enough storage on it” or “I must have this as long as half of the 16gb storage is being used by crap Samsung keeps putting on my phone!”

  • SomeDooD

    Can’t live without. Unless the standard size is 32GB.

  • mcdonsco

    Don’t recall voting on this, but won’t let me…weird…anywho…as long as I can get a 32gb or higher phone, no need for SD cards for me. Between not playing games on my phone and using google photos for everything, no need…I’d rather see that real estate in the phone used for wireless charging on ALL phones (and that would be Qi AT&T!).

    With that said though, the 16gb standard storage for most phones NEEDS TO STOP. 32GB should be the minimum with a 64GB option (and though I wouldn’t need it, a 128gb option would be good too).

  • paul_cus

    Don’t care at all.

  • Spotify and dropbox killed my need for an SD slot. I only keep ~100 songs on my phone at a time as a backup.

  • ckeegan

    If a phone has no slot, it should have 64GB and 128GB options at launch. (period)

  • crazed_z06


  • TSK

    The passed three phones I’ve owned and used (DNA, Moto X, Nexus 5) have not had SD cards and i have made it through just fine. That being said, I do think there is a need to up the standard storage to 32 or 64GB or include SD card support especially with the way gaming is taking off on Android. With Android TV having a focus on gaming, Google needs to find a way to include good native SD support so the platform can have larger, better games. Phones and tablets too!

  • CaptainHowdy13

    If the internal is 32GB minimum I’m okay without SD, otherwise there had better be one!

    • Buddy Friedel


      • Alan Burnstine

        I would need at least 64g internal to not have an SD card. Too much music.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    I just ordered the OnePlus One with 64GB… I don’t even know if it has an SD slot…. It’s really something I don’t think about anymore…. UNLESSS a device has 16GB…then I need an SD card to cache my Google Music and for other media… Though if a a device is at least 32GB I don’t care.

  • Marcellus1

    There should be an option in the survey for it being very important when the internal storage is small. For 16GB internal storage, lack of it is a dealbreaker. 32GB, it’s a toss-up. 64GB or larger, it’s not important at all.

    • Brent Cooper

      100% agree

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      True. For 32GB I don’t need an SD card. Won’t miss it at all.

      • JMonkeYJ

        I’m the same right now, but I can foresee within a couple years 64GB being the minimum acceptable (for me). By then the OEMs will probably finally be limping in with 32GB default.

        • ImmaDroid

          I thought that 2 yrs ago. And manufacturers started bumping the 16GB up to 32GB. Now back down to 16GB again! They feel if they put an SD card slot then they don’t even have to offer higher memory. I want the option to get a 64GB, even with an card slot

  • Not to mention with newer the technology like 2k screens and 4k recording app sizes with grow as developers start looking to take advantage of the resolution, the video and pic sizes will grow. I shot a 30 second 4k video with my G3, 80mbs. So just imagine a 5 minute video or a full length movie. And don’t even mention backing it up to the cloud, Google compressed the hell out of that 4k video making it look pixelated like it was shot in 720 or whatever. And yes I pay for extra storage so everything I backup should stay in full resolution, not 4k

  • Stephen Cox

    I have a long commute (1 hr+ each way) through a lot of rural areas and while I usually have data, sometimes I don’t, so I prefer to keep my music collection on-device, as well has someplace to download ISOs and other large files over LTE before I move them to my computer.

  • interstellarmind

    It is much more efficient and safer to store one’s data in the cloud – streaming music, Google Drive, etc (and I believe cloud-to-device accessiblity will only get more optimized over time).

    The ONLY thing an SD card would be beneficial for, would be to be able to save apps on them (without Rooting).

  • I’d be more concerned with having a removable battery than storage, but it is a nice bonus on my GS4

  • sirmipsalot

    For me, it depends entirely on the phone. On the Moto G LTE, your only option is 8GB. So in that case, yes, it’s a must-have. Without a micro-sd slot, I wouldn’t consider such a phone. If I could buy a 32 GB option, though… I might feel differently about whether I “need” the expandable storage.

  • Orion

    As long as it has 32GB, I’m good. I wouldn’t turn down 64GB that’s for sure.

  • Art Holguin

    They need to make atleast 32 standard. we are now seeing that more but having to deal with 16 and 1/3 of that being used right out of the box doesn’t work well.

    • skinja

      I think 32GB should have been the standard 2 years ago. Now it should be 128GB.

      Onboard memory is one of the few specs that hasn’t increased at the same rate as screens, processor, etc. Because lack of onboard memory forces you to use BS data plans and online services, and the cloud more.

      • 128GB is WAY overkill to make standard. I’m a power user, and I rarely come close to filling my 32GB. The average user doesn’t even do that. It’s unnecessary extra cost that will bite us in the ass elsewhere. I think 32GB is a perfectly reasonable base model.

        • moelsen8

          Let’s cut them no slack and say 64gb, and then I’d agree with you.

          • Yeah, but do we want to force people to pay for may more storage than they need? Seems like that would hurt the market more than help. Give us lower starting prices or spend the money on better components and then let the few people who actually NEED more space pay for more.

  • Ryan Gullett

    It is a really nice feature to have. Personally, I don’t keep much music or movies on my device. If I really like a phone (hardware, software, features, battery, etc) it won’t be something that is a deal breaker. The Moto X is a perfect example of this. The features of the phone outweigh the storage for me. However, if I was trying to decide on my next phone, a Micro SD slot is a feature that would tip the scale very easily.

  • jimt

    I would like it for music and maybe movies when I have no data available. This happens while traveling on Tmo.

  • If OEM’s want to stop putting SD slots on phones they need to include 64gb and 128gb memory options and stop the 16/32gb (especially 16gb with all the bloat and space for the OS) bs it’s 2014.

    • LiterofCola

      Thiiiiis. My need for a SD card would disappear if I had 64gb of onboard storage.

    • morteum

      Not if they’re going to charge an extra $50 per storage option. That doesn’t seem to be a fair alternative to me.

      • JMonkeYJ

        I agree that they way over-price the ones with extra storage. If 32 or 64GB were the standard or the cost of the extra storage followed the cost of materials (with a reasonable but not 200% profit margin) that would be ideal.

      • Jason B

        Definitely not. eMMCs aren’t expensive in bulk, and are usually pin compatible with existing solutions. It’s just standard business practice to increase profit margins.

        Still the efficiency of an embedded solution can’t be matched by SD cards, but having the option, esp. for those who take thousands of pictures and a bit of high-res video, is quite nice.

    • Dave

      Only problem is they’ll charge an extra $50 for each 16gb like Apple.

    • NexusPhan

      Totally agree. My question is what costs more – hardware support and additional space/manufacturing support, software support for a SD card slot or 64GB of internal storage? I feel like it might be cheaper to include 64GB internal storage on the main board than support an SD card! With the cost of memory today (at volume) there is zero reason for any manufacturer to not include 64GB. Sure they lose some margins for the upgrades (is different storage upgrades even offered in high end Android phones outside of one or two examples???) but it will put the OEM at a big advantage over it’s competition. Come on mainstream OEMs get with the times!

    • eroshelios

      I wish I could like this more than once. It’s even worse when some phones have 8GB on board memory.

    • Lucky Armpit

      Couldn’t have said it better. Don’t want cloud storage, don’t need cloud storage. I want local storage and 32GB as the maximum ain’t cutting it. Good to see that the industry is (hopefully) heading back in the right direction.

    • Tillmorn

      Well said. I wouldn’t need a Micro SD slot if manufacturers offered reasonable storage amounts. 32GB should be the bare minimum these days, especially after the fiasco with the 16GB version of the Galaxy S4 when it was released. Give me 64GB and 128GB options, please. Just don’t charge a premium when the extra cost for building the phone with higher storage is negligible. $50-100 more between the 16GB and 32GB models has got to stop.

      Granted, even if we can get manufacturers on board, I highly doubt that wireless providers, especially here in the states, will ever play fairly. They’ll simply see any new higher storage standards as a reason to bump the price. “Oh, this device has 64GB of storage on board. It was released almost a year ago. It’s priced at $299. The 32GB? $199. The 16GB? Free with a new 2 year contract.”

    • Ray

      Yep, this! Really depends on the internal storage for me. In the year 2014, considering how cheap storage is, there really isn’t any need to skimp – 64Gb should just be the standard I think.

    • Corporations are too Greedy

      If every carrier offered unlimited data as they did 4 years ago, then yes, we would not need SD cards and all would be blissfully using cloud storage for everything. But with tiered price gouging plans, and throttled unlimited plans, we have to have SD memory.

      But telecomm’s are greedy, beyond just making a buck and staying solvent, they want to fleece customers as much as they possibly can.

      How much is enough?

  • Paul

    A screen size of 5.0″ or less, unlocked hardware, dev community, updates are all much more critical in my decision making.

  • VERY IMPORTANT!!!! And no I wouldn’t buy a phone without one. Here’s to hoping “Shamu” has one.

    • It won’t.

      • JLIT99

        Why not? Moto E and Moto G 4G have SD slots, and were produced under Google’s influence..

        • There’s a massive difference between being mildly influenced by Google (they made a huge effort to allow Motorola to operate as its own entity), and being a Nexus phone, designed by and for Google’s needs and planned directions. Apples and oranges.

        • mrjayviper

          But we are talking about about nexus here

  • faganm24

    I really want an SD card and feel like it is silly to not include it, however I still purchased the Moto X DE. I’m glad I got the DE, because 32GB filled up quickly with photos that I liked to keep on my phone. Especially since Moto Migrate helped get the old photos from my previous phone. Just wish I could throw in a cheap SD card to keep them on forever since I use Muzei to put photos on my wallpaper.

  • Rigoberto Cabrera

    Not important right now that I have a 64GB Oneplus One in my possession.

    • eroshelios

      Unfortunately, not everyone is privy to the Oneplus One. I think that all OEM’s should have at least 32GB native on board memory. Especially with how large some apps can be.

  • sj0808


  • bagheadinc

    Personally I don’t really care one way or the other; I don’t use a ton of local storage on my mobile devices. I can, however, understand that it’s important to others.