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Google Maps Introduces Explore Button to Help You Discover New Places

This week, Google is introducing a new “Explore” button through Google Maps that will help all of us discover new places nearby. The button will appear in the bottom right corner of Google Maps, likely next to the location/compass button, “where available.” In other words, it should just show up if you are in an area that is ready to help you explore. 

By “explore,” Google means that it will show you new places to checkout depending on the area or moment of the day. You can even browse around the map to different cities to help plan your next vacation using Explore. The results you get could change based on the time of day or weather, so expecting to find a breakfast spot to show in the evening isn’t likely. Google notes that you have to be signed in with location reporting and history on in order for this new feature to work.

Google didn’t mention in today’s announcement if Explore will come through an update or if this is a server-side switch that can happen. If you notice a new button, let us know. Otherwise, we will be on the lookout for the update.

Edit: It is a server-side switch. You are waiting for Google to give you the goods.

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Via:  Google Lat-Long Blog
  • Jay Ward

    Still no ability to show items in current route… Awesome

  • Phil Wilson

    That’s what their app Field Trip does.

  • Maui

    Still no ability to search along the route?! WTF Google, it’s 2014!

    • Yeah I agree. I always want to see if there’s like a McDonalds or something right off the exit. Takes too much work

  • Dan

    Does this replace the “Explore” recommendations that appear when I click in the search box on google maps? If so, i approve of the new button. This makes much more intuitive than clicking in a search box to activate the Explore feature.

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  • kanuj

    Can we list our business on google locations will it show on it


  • Tyler

    All this and they still revise to bring back the zoom button option. Assholes.

    • Pratik Holla

      Double tap and slide up/down. Does the same thing without a need for another button on the screen.

  • Self

    Note to self….uninstall google maps.

    • RockMarz


  • e_droid

    Is this like the Local app they used to have on Android?

  • Joshua Jones

    Has there always been a Google maps trivia game built in?

    • miri

      came in the last update.

  • Ben Murphy


    • laracraftmili

      Start working at home with Google! It’s by-far the>>CLICK NEXT TAB FOR MORE INFO AND HELP

    • Arnold

      I think I can see my house! ….why is it starred…?

      • Ben Murphy

        Lol, I know who you are and I know where you live

  • Ben Murphy

    It’s there. I just got a job transfer to San Diego and noticed the Explore button when navigating around the city.

  • Moses

    I had the new interface but I cleared my maps data because it was really laggy and now I’m back to the old interface