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Fleksy Jumps to v3.0 With “Major” Redesign, Adds Theme Store and New Languages

Fleksy, an innovative keyboard that at one time was my daily ‘board, received a major update today to version 3.0. In this latest build, we are seeing the introduction of a store that offers both premium themes and content, along with an evolutionary change on the minimal design of the Fleksy default minimal look. Users of the “award-winning” keyboard can choose from any of six new premium themes, including one free bonus theme for premium users.

The update also includes 17 new languages and improved accuracy for all 40 supported languages. Version 3.0 is live on Google Play. 

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fleksy 3.0

  • aevynn

    Y’all are just too lazy. I tried Fleksy and got used to it in 3 days. Now i can’t go back to swype because I’m used to swiping left to delete the whole word. Never liked SwiftKey and used swype for the swiping and cut/copy/paste/select all gestures mostly and that was awesome.

  • Jon Leach

    Been trying every version since the beta. Maybe I’ll give this one a shot

  • GJV

    Swype FTW. I’ve tried the rest and keep landing back on Swype. Xposed module that lets you use Google voice input instead of Dragon makes it that much better.

  • tonymweave


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  • frankyblike

    I liked Flesky but adding a dammm word is too much of a headache

    • Suicide_Note

      Dat duckface tho. Now there’s a headache inducer.

  • turdbogls

    I love the look of Flesky, and some of the features are pretty nice, but It has never been as accurate or fast as the google keyboard has been. But, like always, I WANT to love the keyboard, so I’ll give this update another go for a week or so and see what I think then.

  • Droid Ronin

    Will try it today. Hopefully it is not as laggy as SwiftKey is.

  • JSo

    I can’t go without my gesture typing. Google Keyboard is the best in my opinion.

    • d790

      I agree, I’m currently using the Android L Keyboard (updated Google keyboard) and in my opinion its the best one i’ve used.

      • JSo

        And I have tried other keyboards. And regardless if the keyboard works well or not, I havent found any others that LOOK good to me. Even keyboards with themes…they just don’t do it for me.

  • I wanted to like this keyboard so badly. I was never able to get used it, though.

  • xsoldier2000

    Installed, got aggrivated, uninstalled.

    • raazman

      It takes a bit to get used to, but once you have it down you’ll type faster.

      • SantaClausless

        Fleksy is good for those who likes to type with 2 hands. I prefer to use one hand — swiping on the Google keyboard works just fine for me.

        • Robert Paulson

          Yeah some of the gestures are definitely meant for 2 hands which is why I use swiftkey on my tablet and fleksy on my phone.

      • xsoldier2000

        I gave it a good try about 3 weeks ago for four days. Just didn’t like it. G3 (on my G2) has my heart. To be honest it was the swiping up (which never worked for me on the first attempt, or the second, or the third…) Though I did like the Tiny keyboard, but I can manually adjust the G3 to that size anyway. “It’s not you Fleksy, it’s me….”

  • creed

    Fleksy FTW!

    • Hope you didn’t type that with Flesky, your prediction is way off lol

      • raazman


        • ButThatsJustEveryone

          Hahahahahahahahaha. <3 you raazman, The Narrator Jr. needs some crow to snack on.

      • creed

        Hope you didn’t type that with SwiftKey. Your prediction is way off.

  • SwiftKey or nothing, I’ve tried to like Flesky several times. The themes are nice but the prediction and typing is horrible

    • Mech_Engr_09

      Yeah, I’ve tried them all at some point or another, but when it comes down to it, there’s no better keyboard than swiftkey.

      • El Big CHRIS

        This. I always come back to SwiftKey. The only thing I want is the ability to shrink it like miniuum keyboard. That’s it tho

        • Gaurav Mehta

          Already does.

    • butThanksThough

      I type much faster with Fleksy (not sure what the Flesky you mentioned is, maybe you DL’d a rip-off) than with Swiftkey. Swipe gestures on Fleksy are a lot better than the time it takes to save something to a dictionary or select a correction on Swiftkey

      • Zak

        OG Swype is still the best for me, swiping for punctuation plus not having to jump through hoops for it to curse make it my best option. The gestures are always spot-on.

    • tdurden64111

      Flesky is not related to Fleshlight (ignore the rumors).

      • stabone

        I work for a company that works with Fleshlight. I can confirm this.

        • harryballs

          Do you get free samples???

          • stabone

            We do not 🙁 haha

      • Lmfao.

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