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HTC Begins to Break Down Firmware, Releases Sense Keyboard to Google Play

Like Google and Motorola before it, HTC has uncoupled a system app from firmware. HTC Sense Input, the default keyboard on HTC devices, made its unceremonious debut on Google Play this morning.

Predictably, Sense Input is only compatible with the HTC One (M7), HTC One (M8), and the latest phones in the Desire series. Sense seems to be a requirement, too – the keyboard won’t install on Google Play Editions of either One. 

For those hoping that its uploading to Google Play would bring a huge list of improvements, you may be left feeling a bit disappointed. According to this changelog posted on Google Play, this update brings support for Google Extract View in landscape mode, as well as the ability to enable “handwriting manual submit mode.” Whatever that is.

What’s New

  • Support Google extract view in landscape mode.
  • Add the prompt when adding none word into personal dictionary.
  • Show .ru/.ro/.nl on Russian/Romanian/Dutch URL keyboard.
  • Enable Handwriting manual submit mode.
  • Fix Zhuyin “ㄦ” cannot be typed issue.

If you own a newer HTC smartphone, your keyboard should update automatically sometime today. Readers, notice any significant changes?

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  • Wesley Proctor

    It looks like when you want to add a word to your dictionary, instead of pressing it and it saving the word a bubble pops up and you have to press “add to dictionary”

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  • Come on…

    Started with Sense 6. The HTC Service Pack, Zoe, Blinkfeed…all updated through Play Store now.

    The keyboard is by far not the first….and this is definitely not new ground for HTC.


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  • Mickey A Valentine

    So can I finally uninstall it for my Android L and get rid of that stupid input choosing notification?

  • dk1golf

    I kinda like the HTC keyboard. More than Android L. I’ve been going back and forth between Sense 6 and GPE Android on my M7 and can’t decide…

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  • schoat333

    The only thing worse then Sense is….. Well, nothing when it comes to Android.

    • hkklife

      The old old MotoBlur (Devour style) was probably THE worst ever, followed closely by TouchWiz

    • Chris

      Old sense is bad. New is simple clean and great

  • ROR1997

    The sense keyboard blows is what I’m saying. It sucked on the tbolt and it sucks on the m8. Google keyboard is the best, g3 keyboard isn’t bad, yet.

    • LionStone

      Uh no… Google kb is finally just able to toggle quickly and easily between different languages. The cursor placement is a drag, needs refinement or option for arrows for better cursor placement. New mic key is in a bad spot, now gets hit accidentally next to the delete key and should be a long press. It is getting better, but I have none of these issues on Sense kb.

      • ROR1997

        I haven’t used an updated Google keyboard. Only a Jelly Bean version. I still can’t stand HTC keyboards.

      • Mickey A Valentine

        Your mic didn’t get moved to the top yet?

        • LionStone

          Yes, that’s what I’m saying, on my N7 stock kb, it is right above the delete/back key

  • ROR1997

    I thought this meant I could install the sense keyboard onto my G3 which I was so excited to not do.

  • Bryan Mills

    I hope more OEMs start doing this. Except Samsung. No need to flood the market with crap.

    • Mech_Engr_09

      They have their own shiittty app store for that 🙂

    • Carlos Lopez

      I wouldn’t mind the s5’s messaging app though, one of the few good things from when I had the s5

  • Pierito

    Jeez Kyle. Clean up that Notification Bar haha

  • Jaxon Wright

    That’s an amazing app icon, HTC

    • JSo

      And three screenshots of the same thing? They really allowed that to be released like that? lol

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    • niuguy

      *rubs eyes*

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    • HopeReedaga

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